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Debbie does a follow up to her Christmas Gang Bang.

Once in place, she released my cock and placed her hands on my ass cheeks using them to pull me forward, driving my cock into her mouth and throat. A sloppy, gurgling sound filled the room as her saliva coated my member and dripped down it.

Instinctively, I wrapped my hands in her hair as I pumped in and out of her. Several times she seemed to gag yet she never stopped. When she did finally pull away, she quickly replaced her mouth with her hand as she pleaded, "More ... more cock ... treat me like the slut you think I am."

Pulling from her grasp, my cock now hard and pointing directly at her, I replied, "Do you remember what you said about being teased ... how much you hated it but that in the end you won?"

Her only response was a glazed look in her eyes and a slight nod of her head.

"Stand up," I commanded.

As she stood, I grabbed the front of her blouse and yanked it. Buttons flew everywhere as they gave way exposing her bra. My cock jerked at the sight. Unable to go without at least something to hold her massive breasts in place she wore a black, lace half-cup bra which revealed her nipples. Even more enticing was the sight of a blue rose tattoo on her right breast.
"Interesting," I murmured.

"It's only temporary," she replied. "I put on a different one a couple of times a month depending on my mood."

"So what does this one mean," I enquired as I ran my finger tip over it.

"That my love life is cold," she answered.

Cupping the entire breast, I whispered as I leaned forward placing my lips against her ear. "Then maybe we should do like my dad suggested and see if we can't get you warmed up."

Her groans and the feel of her nipple hardening under my hand were all the answer I needed.

Leaning over, I latched onto a nipple, sucking it deep into my mouth. I used my tongue to lash and tickle the sensitive nub before switching and using my teeth to nip and scrape across it. Instantly, I felt her body quiver as goosebumps formed around the areola of the nipple and the delicate, heady aroma of her arousal wafted up to my nostrils.

"More," she groaned as she guided my hand to her other breast.

Grasping her breast in my hand, I began to squeeze and kneed it, catching her nipple between my index finger and middle finger.

"Yessssssss," she sighed.

Stepping forward, I guided and forced her to turn and step backwards until her buttocks were pressed against the table.

Instantly, she knew what I wanted. Looking over her shoulder, she pushed the dishes out of the way and with a slight hop, sat on the edge of the table.

It was if some primal need had taken over me as I tried to move between her legs yet the tightness of her dress stopped me. I grabbed her hips, dragged her off the table, and spun her around. Fumbling for a few seconds, I finally found the zipper tab and pulled it down. The skirt fell to the floor.

Stepping back, I once again stood in awe of the sight. Her blouse hung loosely from her shoulders while her hair flowed across the table hiding her face. Her breasts hung below her, the nipples just barely touching the table top. Around her waist she wore a black garter-belt that matched her half-bra.

"You're not wearing ...," I stammered at the sight of her bare pussy and the womanly fluids that were covering it and her inner thighs.

"I was hoping ...," she said sensuously.

I tore my eyes from the vision before me and looked up. She had moved her hair from across her face and was looking over her shoulder at me ... and there was that impish grin again. All hesitation or doubt evaporated as I moved towards her. Again grabbing her hips, I pulled her away from the table and spun her around before lifting her back onto it.

Her legs spread as I stepped between them. "Hoping for what? For this?" I snarled as I took my cock at the root and slapped it against her pussy.

A yelp escaped her lips as I continued. "Is this what you wanted ... my cock?" I teased as I slid it up and down the furrow between her pussy lips.

Bracing herself on her elbows, she lay back to press her arouse

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