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Redhead assists an elderly neighbor in need.

I was so excited now.

I changed myself in a dress that made me look very feminine. I was given black panties and with that skin tight leather jeans with very low waist. My top was a backless top and I had to wear a thick gold chain with it. I had no bra and flat chest and one could definitely tell that I wasn't a girl. Kandy started working on my face and applied a few things: foundation, blusher, ruby red lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara with a silver eye shadow. Then he started working on my hair and after brushing and styling it for a few minutes, he asked me to go in front of the mirror. OMG! The change was amazing. I was completely transformed into a beautiful trap. The only thing that would give it away was my chest and the now protruding penis. I was hard looking at myself. My hair was left open and styled beautifully. I was so happy with my decision to go ahead just by looking at my hair.

James knocked and entered the room and was left agape after looking at me. He couldn't believe it himself. I could see the lust in his eyes and an erection growing in his pants. I couldn't blame him for it, even I wanted to fuck myself. For the first time in my life, I felt desirable and the feeling was amazing. He said and I quote, "You look so beautiful that I would marry you in a second" and that didn't go down so well with Kandy as he left the room without saying anything. Were they more than just friends or ex-lovers? Hell who cared, I was beautiful and it was my day but now I had a task to fulfill. We went inside the club. James ordered me a drink and I could see a lot of the gay men staring at me. A few even complemented me for my looks. James wanted me to dance with him and I couldn't say no. We were dancing on a song with my back pressing his stomach and I could feel him press his bulge. It was all so natural to be submissive to this man. I was dancing like a girl now and James was leading me. After a few minutes, he turned me around and now we were facing each other and he kissed me and that was the first kiss of my life and I felt wonderful. We kissed for a long time and even tongues were involved. We were now rubbing our dicks through our pants and it was a sensation very new for me and if James wasn't holding me, I couldn't have stayed on my feet.

After a few mins, he took me to a table. He said he had no clue that I was gay and It would be so much easier for him. He thought he would have to convince me to do such things and he was proud of his vision to pick boys like me. I replied that it was my first time being with a man and even I hadn't thought about being gay but it all seemed very natural to me. Probably Kandy's work made me want to do everything that I did tonight. James meanwhile, had a plan. He pointed towards a middle aged man who had his back towards us. He explained that he wanted to test if I looked beautiful to others or was it just him. Also he needed me to play a bit with this man and let him explore my body a bit. Doing this with a stranger would test my boldness to do any job. If I pass this test, the 10k and a very well paying job was mine.

I was a bit nervous but didn't want to show this to James, so I got up and went to the table where this man was sat.

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