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She's tricked into signing a pony girl contract.

My illusion was ruined, for now, so I unlocked the car, climbed back in, removed the heels and drove off.

I headed down the road a few miles to check out the other video store, but it was apparently out of business, and the sleazy strip club in the same strip mall had a huge crowd, so I kept on driving.

I reached into my bag and pulled out outfit number two -- my short denim miniskirt and my Naughty Kitty t-shirt. I also found my white bra to wear over the breast forms, and headed back to the video store.

Once in the lot again, I parked closer to the entrance, then got out and proceeded to change my clothes right there in the lot. (I love showing off like this :)

I pulled the little blue shorts down my legs, leaving only a tiny thong hiding my boy parts. Then I threw the shorts into the back seat and grabbed the miniskirt. I stepped into the skirt and pulled it up my legs, wiggling my hips to get it all the way up, then pulling the zipper snug. The skirt is only about six inches tall, so it just covers my bottom, and shows off my sexy long legs.

I turned my back to the door and slipped the sports bra over my head. From the back it looks like I am just changing tops, since the breast forms aren't visible from there. Then I tossed the sports bra in the car and put on the white bra, settling it carefully over the breast forms. It didn't quite cover them, but under a t-shirt they would look perky and bimbo-ish -- just the look I wanted!

Now I pulled the Naughty Kitty t-shirt over my head. It fit around my boobs snugly, and when pulled into place leaves about 4 inches of my tanned tummy showing. I can't wait to get a clip-on belly button ring, but that's a story for another time :)

I once again grabbed some cash, my keys, and being optimistic I grabbed a bunch of condoms, shoved it all into the two front pockets on the mini, and headed into the store.

It was pretty well lit, with three walls covered with sex toys of all types. I browsed the selection for a few minutes (especially the butt plugs, as I wanted to get one), then headed to the cage to meet the theater attendant. I handed him a $20, and he gave me my change. Another customer walked up right behind me, and the clerk buzzed us both in.

That's about where the fun part ends, actually. All of my expectations and fantasies were about to be erased by the reality of what I saw behind that crappy door.

I walked into a very dark hallway. It reminded me of a Halloween haunted house, with just a few black lights illuminating black-painted walls and floors. I was obviously a new sight in these parts, being nearly seven feet tall in my heels, wearing a vary short skirt and bright blonde hair, and everyone watched me as I explored the area.

I heard the sounds of love coming from a back room. I followed and found a few rows of movie-style seats facing a large screen, showing a large black woman getting pounded from behind by a large black man. There were no customers watching the film, and I wasn't in any way attracted to anyone on the screen, so I turned to walk back out and nearly bumped into a few of the other customers.

They had all come to see what I was going to do, I guess, and as soon as they saw me, they all looked away. It reminded me of middle school boys daring each other to go and talk to the new girl!

I walked around a bit more and found a total of about 15 little cubby holes, some with movies playing, most just dark and empty. It didn't smell bad, but the cigarette smoke was overpowering in a few corners. (My clothes still smell like that the next day!) I didn't see anyone doing anything remotely sexual with anyone else, or even stroking themselves off, so I wandered back to the theater.

I walked all the way around the back perimeter this time, and then made my way back to the entrance. I leaned one shoulder against the wall and attempted to watch the video on the screen (same scene apparently).

A black man walked in just after me and passed between me and the rows of chairs.

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