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"What?" she asked.

"Your pussy got tighter when the cold air blew in.....that was amazing." I got off the bed and went over to the little fridge that was next to the desk and TV. It had a miny bar, and I had felt that I would never need it.

Now was the time to use it, I though to myself. I took the key from next to the TV, and inserted it into the opening on the fridge, unlocking it. I opened the door and looked at what was inside. Tiny bottles of booze was lined up on the door, and in a small compartment of the fridge, was an ice tray with tiny ice cubes. I took the tray out and a few bottles. I went back to the bed, grabbing a towel from the table by the window and laid it on the bed next to her.

I twisted the tray and popped out a few ice cubes onto the towel. I picked up a cube, and crossed over to her. I slide the ice from her knee down towards her foot. She moaned. "That's cold, Nick....and come on, I really must go." She started to get up.

"Lay down, please," I said. "I want to get to say good bye." I put the ice down on the towel, and went to my closet. I took out a few of my ties that were a tie hanger in the closet. I crossed back over to her, "Put your hands above your head, my dear."

She wasn't for sure if she should, then slowly raised her hands. I quickly tired her hands together so she couldn't refuse. She smiled up at me, and then I tied another tie around her wrists, and tied the slack to a reading lamp attached to the wall above the bed. She looked up, and realized that she couldn't move. I kissed down her chest, licking in circles around her breasts. Then I sat up, and with the final tie, wrapped it around her eyes, blindfolding her.

She was a little unsure of the situation, and I could tell by her movements as I touched her body. "Shhhhhhhh," I whispered to her as she moaned. "You are just fine." I took an ice cube and slide it around her inner thighs. She moaned again, only quieter. I slide the ice cube up towards her pussy lips, they instantly tightened at the coldness and grew red. I leaned my face down and licked up and down her slit, warming her up. Then I grabbed onto two more ice cubes on the towel.

With out her knowing what I was about to do, I licked around her clit, flicking it with my tongue. Then, I slide the two ice cubes quickly into her pussy. Her body jolted and she screamed out in pain and pleasure as the ice began to melt in her hot cave. She moaned and told me to take them out. I laid on my stomach on the bed, and watched her pussy up close as it jolted around. Her lips were red and cold to the touch, I could only imagine how her inner walls were feeling. I moved my face to her pussy, and with my fingers, opened her lips. The cubes slid out, much smaller than they had been going in.

I leaned my head forward and licked her pussy lips. Her body reacted to my warm touch and she did her best to envelope my mouth with her cunt. I pulled away, leaving her wanting more of my warm tongue. I grabbed another ice cube and put in my mouth. I leaned back down and began to lick at her pussy. She moaned and took the licking, bucking her hips as she began to cum. As her pussy spasmed, I slid my tongue around and got the ice cube on my tongue. I pushed the cube into her pussy as I licked her and screamed out as I pushed the cube farther into her pussy, her cunt gripping my tongue as she came hard.

The cube was melting fast, sending her juices and the water out in a nice flood, oozing out of her pussy, dripping over her upturned ass, dribbling down over her little ass hole and onto the bed. She moaned as I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy faster and faster. I moved my fingers over her cunt, rubbing her clit and stroking it as I wiggled my tongue in deeper in her tight, wet, cold opening.

She screamed out again, and her pussy flooded my mouth.

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