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We then hung up.

I texted Lisa and told her I spoke to Jessie and said I would set everything up.

Lisa texted back and asked me if I told her how I got her to do her first gang bang. I told her yes, that I offered you a $1,000. Then Lisa said, "Now my daughter knows I would do anything for money," as she sent me a big smiley face.

I got in touch with my friend Tom and asked him to do the video and he agreed.

I then went over to a nearby motel and spoke to the manager, a young guy named Don. We had a private chat and I told him I needed at least a double room or suite and I told him why. He said he had a big suite that I could use but it had a couple of conditions. He wanted to be a part of the gang bang. And, that he wanted to do both Jessie and Lisa at the same time. I told him that would be fine.

He then showed me the suite. It was perfect...a huge round bed, mirrored ceiling over the bed, hot tub, a huge shower and a wall of mirrors. There was an alcove with another bed which was semi private.

I started receiving responses from my ad. Guys sent in their pictures and stats. After a few days, I had at least six guys, including the motel manager. I needed four more.

I put in another ad and finally got the final four guys.

I gave them all the details as to the date, place, time, rules, the code "JLJ" and that it was an event, from 10:00 p.m. on and that they will all be filmed.

Everything was now set.

I texted Lisa and told her it was a go. She texted back "Great job. You will be rewarded."

I replied, "Had to offer up you and Jessie together to the motel manager for a one time."

Lisa responded, "Looking forward to it, wink, wink."

The day finally arrived. I picked up Lisa and Jessie at the airport and both women were naked underneath their dresses as I require.

We drove to the motel and checked in. Don was on duty and welcomed us to his motel. He took us to the suite and I told him that our guests would be arriving around 10:00 p. m., using the code "JLJ" and to send them right up.

Both Lisa and Jessie gave him a kiss and told him they would be seeing him later and tomorrow.

I told him the photographer, Tom, will be arriving around 9:00 p.m. and to send him right up.

I told Don that he can have Lisa and Jessie tomorrow, before we checked out. Don said we could stay as long as needed and didn't have to check out early.

Now, we just rested and set things up. We planned on an early dinner then back to the room to prepare.

When we got back from dinner, the women picked out the outfits Jessie was going to wear. Extra towels were placed around, as well.

Jessie asked her mom if she was going to participate. Lisa said that this was for her and she would just watch and help out and be here for her, unless she wanted me to.

Jessie told her mom she would like her to join in as it will be fun the two of them doing this together. Lisa said she would join in then.

As we waited, Lisa and I prepared Jessie for what she could expect tonight.

First, we told her that she would only do what she wants to do.

Then we told her that no, meant no.

We said that she is always in control and we will be here to make sure she is safe.

Lastly, we told her to enjoy the experience.

By this time, Don brought up Tom. I introduced Tom to Lisa and Jessie.

He went about setting up his lights and placing his cameras and tripods. He then asked to see what Jessie would be initially wearing.

I told him that Lisa would also be participating and he asked to see what she will be wearing.

The women showed him their outfits and he was pleased they didn't clash.

In the meantime, Don brought up some refreshments and snacks for us and our guests.

Now, we just waited.

It was now 9:45 p.m. and the first two men arrived. They gave me the code and I let them in.

I introduced them to Jessie and Lisa. I went over the rules for the time that they were there. Neither one had a problem. I told them that we would start when everyone arrived or by 10:30, whichever came first.

I also told them that Jessie's mom might participate,

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