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Fem justice is harsh.

She couldn't be sure but whatever drug had been given to her, while slowing her reflexes seemed to be heightening her senses. Every push of the woman's slender yet firm fingers was causing little bursts of electric bliss beneath her skin.

Her situation truly was surreal. Kidnapped and locked away in a dark dank cave for who knew how long by god alone knew who and here she was experiencing the most unbelievably pleasurable massage. Her numbed mind returned to the present as Denise realized that the woman was now kneading her breasts with equal gusto. Denise should have been shocked out of her skin. All her life she had maintained a healthy disdain for lesbians, but now she only purred in pleasure.

She slowly opened her eyes which she had shut without realizing and found two large breasts swaying inches above her nose. Her tongue snaked out of its own accord and licked the erect dark nipple hovering above her nose. It tasted salty and sweet at the same time. Her nostrils were filled with an aroma that she could not place but knew instantly that it was natural and not created in a factory. Denise raised herself slightly and suckled the large tit with a loud slurp as the woman above her smiled knowingly as if she had expected nothing less. With a fluid motion she climbed over Denise into the bathtub and crouched over her. She looked almost feline with her large brown eyes and muscled torso.

She knelt close and planted a wet kiss on the blonde's eager mouth. Denise responded hungrily as she began devouring the woman's lips with increasing fervor. She felt strong arms reach around her in an embrace that was neither soft nor harsh. It was an embrace of lust. And lust was all Denise could think of as the two women began writhing together like a pair of intertwining snakes. With her hands she groped in the dark and pulled the woman's ass towards her. They were firm and taught with tension but what she felt just then caused her eyes to grow wide with shock.

A Cock! A stiff hard cock had just grazed her own pelvis. And although she could not see it, the cock felt a foot long! The woman was not a woman but a shemale!

Denise obviously knew of them but had never before met one and before her recent experience would have had nothing to do with one. She had considered even the very idea of them disgusting.

The woman sensing her shock had pulled back for an instant and looked deep into Denise's eyes. Slowly snaking out her magnificent tongue like a cobra anticipating its prey she lapped up the rivulets of saliva mouth dangling from her mouth to Denise's. She slowly grasped the blonde's head by her hair, and with a curling smile leant in close and began licking Denise's quivering lips and chin with long slow strokes, all the while staring into her captive's eyes.

The green stone on her forehead was mesmerizing and the vision felt almost primal and Denise soon responded by reaching out with her own tongue and using her hands to pull the woman towards herself.

As their kissing and writhing grew more feverish, the shemale began massaging her cock over Denise's cunt and belly with slow confident strokes. The sensation soon caused Denise to begin emanating moans muffled only by the lips suckling her savagely and she started pushing her pelvis onto the thick log of meat trying to match its rhythm. Her cunt was soon sopping wet not just from the water but her own juices leaking out of her eager cunt.

Having lost all sense of herself, the world around her had ceased to exist. Her body which had for so long been shackled by civilization and morals was now moving purely on primal impulse. As her prudishness and morality dissolved in a whirlpool of heightening pleasure, Denise's body burned with the need for that cock. She wanted that writhing piece of stiff flesh to bury itself inside of her.

Almost as soon as she acknowledged this in her mind Denise knew that she wasn't being entirely truthful.

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