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Adam warns Jane.

While I'm gone, I want you to masturbate yourself until you're ready to cum and then stop. You are to do this five times. I will leave you the times you are to start and call you. I want to hear you fucking yourself for me. Use the dildo. Make sure it's a deep build up - not just your clit."

I melt in your arms, grinning up at you. You are fulfilling my fantasies and I am so fucking hot right now that I don't think I can hold out another minute if you keep up. You withdraw your hands from my body and straighten my clothes, kissing me harder this time.

"Finish the dishes. For your first session, I want to watch. I want to make sure you don't cum." You head back towards the bedroom, clearly expecting me to follow you, and I don't dare disappoint you now. Not again. I'm aching to feel you inside me.

You get your clothes out and slowly start to get ready. I remove my clothes and lay down on the bed, where you can see me easily. I spread my legs wide for you, my pussy facing you so you can see everything, including the pink swelling and super aroused state that I'm already in. You comment on this.

"It won't take long, I see. You will fuck yourself until I am ready to leave. That includes waiting for the car to warm up." I start to panic a little now. I don't think I can hold out for 20 full minutes! But you haven't given me a choice. I don't know what you'll do if I don't obey, but I don't think I want to find out. You hand me the dildo, a medium sized piece that is filling but not huge.

"Roll over on your stomach. Put your ass in the air. Pretend I'm fucking you doggie style. I want you to make sure to get your G-Spot and rub your clit. I want you to beg for me to let you cum by the time I leave."


I do what you say and roll over, my tits mashed into the bed, one hand far underneath me and inserting the fake cock into my waiting pussy. I go slowly, not being able to help enjoying ever slow inch. It does occur to me that this could little tactic could keep me from going over the edge. Once it's all the way inside, my cunt grasping and begging for more, I put my other hand under me and start to rub my clit, moving the dildo slowly in and out of my cunt. It only takes a few strokes for me to start to feel my stomach tie in knots, wanting to release with a screaming orgasm. I go more slowly, trying to hold off what seems to be the inevitable. I wonder how long it's been. Involuntarily, I start to write and groan beneath my own self-fucking. My pussy tightens around the dildo and I'm struggling to keep my fingers from going to fast, pushing me beyond the point of no return. How the fuck am I going to do this four more times tonight???

"Fuck.. please.. please ... I can't do this. Let me cum... I'm so fucking close... please!" Already I'm begging. There's no answer. Frantically, I glance around and discover you're not even in the room. I sigh with relief and start to slow down even more, starting to remove my fingers from my clit. My ass up in the air, my pussy spread, I know if you're standing right behind me, you can see all the way down to my tits, squished into the comforter. I hear your footsteps coming back. Damnit! I start pumping at the same pace again... slow!

I feel a mild breeze behind me and a sudden THWACK! On my ass.. I cry out, right on the very edge of my climax. If you do that again, I'm going to cum.. I'm certain of it.. I beg again..

"Please baby... let me... I can't ... I'm going to cum...!!!"

"You better not." You say sternly. THWACK! You hit the other cheek, making my whole body shake and tremble. "You're going to slow, dear." You slap my hand controlling the dildo away and grab it with your fingers and start to stroke my pussy with it, moving it in and out faster, deeper and harder than I was.

"Ungh! P-p-l-eea! FuckFUCK FUCKME!! GOD PLEASE!" and with that, you pull out the cock, grab my legs and force me onto my back.

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