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Wife swapping between friends.

Hours later he got a picture of Danny, using a selfie stick, sitting in the middle of four other guys, all naked. It was captioned: the gang.

And so it happened that with just a little more gentle nagging, Douglas found himself driving to a party through the snowy, silent streets, feeling again like he was entering some new dimension.

The apartment was in the basement of a three storey walk-up in Dinkytown. He walked down. He knocked, expecting the worst, or not knowing what to expect at all. A young man opened the door. He introduced himself as Patrick; he was slender and sunken cheeked, not unlike Douglas, but with a tousled mop of curly hair, where Douglas' was cut short. He was dressed comfortably in a t-shirt and black track pants. His feet were bare.

Douglas felt his heart rate decrease slightly. The round of introductions began. Anthony: tall, dark, and handsome, a cliche of sorts, smiling, but shyly; Ethan: louder, lanky, but with serious dark eyes; and Ryan: big, broad chested, in a Twins cap, he was older, he'd brought the beer. And then, of course, there was Danny, inviting him in, telling him to sit.

They sat and talked for a while, there were beers passed around and to Douglas, the room seemed to be getting hotter. And then it was time.

"We're going to hotbox the bathroom," said Patrick. He'd just returned from blocking the vents and turning on the shower as hot as it would go. "Should be ready in a minute or two."

Drugs were produced. Two joints. Douglas had smoked before, on a camping trip with his cousins, but he hadn't expected to tonight, and he was thrown slightly. His eyes met Danny's who gave him a look of reassurance.

"Onward," Anthony said, pulling his shirt over his head.

"We get naked now," said Danny. "It makes it better. Trust me."

Onward, Douglas thought, pulling off his shirt, unzipping his pants, pushing them off awkwardly, and then, at the last minute, after he saw that everyone else was already naked, lowering his briefs and following the others to the bathroom.

The bathroom was filled was a dense steam and as the joints were lit and the six boys piled in, the heat and the smell assaulted Douglas' senses in a way that seared the memory into his brain. He felt, with no small rush of exhilaration, the press of other bodies against his; he felt himself start to sweat, the beads forming at his spinal column, the humidity in his armpits; he felt his own cock become hard and he shoved it up against the mash of bodies; as he smoked, he felt the worries in his brain subside and he felt, acutely, all the joyful possibilities of life and how they were already his without him having to do a thing; he felt, now, a hard cock pressed into his ass crack, rubbing itself against him as if it were preparing to nest; at the same time, Danny was in front of him, putting his hands on his hips, drawing him closer and pushing their cocks together.

"Having fun yet?" asked Danny.

"I am, I really am."

And then someone opened the bathroom door and they all spilled out into the relative coolness of the apartment. It felt to Douglas that he was seeing it all over again for the first time.

Douglas, Danny, and Anthony collapsed together onto a leather couch. Ryan, whose apartment it was, put porn on the tv. Patrick brought out lotions and tissues, and everyone settled in, stroking their cocks and watching everyone else. Douglas had to be careful. He didn't want to cum yet, but every time he touched his cock, it felt like he was about to explode.

Danny noticed and said: "Hey man, don't worry. There's a round two. I'm about to go in like three seconds."

Ethan, from the easy chair across the room said: "Hey, are we still doing 'Come on the New Guy'?"

They all looked to Douglas. He said: "I don't see why not."

With that invitation, Ethan got up, cock in hand, and when he was in position, with a few strokes, he fired a splash of warm cum across Douglas' chest.

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