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Lovers try different ways to wake each other up.

Riyan, her boyfriend was one year senior to her in school and now he was doing BTech. Neha hope to join BTech with him in another six months. They were good friends since childhood and as they grew up the opposite sex had some sparks. She had never allowed him to go any further than kissing and a bit of petting, although he had been insisting for sex. Tonight Neha decided that she will give him what he wanted; she wanted to lose her virginity tonight. Riyan seems to be the perfect guy to her for giving her most valuable treasure.

Neha was nervous about tonight, she had not told Riyan about it and wanted to let the things take its own shape without her planning for it. She had talked to her few experienced friends and also searched on the internet about first time sex, but whatever she learned didn't gave her much confidence. Finally the mobile rang and she talked quickly in hushed tone. Priya noticed her sister's behaviour and was suspicious when she quietly opened the front door. Riyan was already waiting outside, he hesitantly slipped in. Priya's eyes widened but Neha shushed her by putting a finger on her lips. She giggled as she knew about them while Neha begged her to be discrete.


Ravi played a good host and served drinks while Kavita took only soft drinks, Ravi was happy as he needed a strong drink to calm his nerves. They had drinks and food which he has ordered from a restaurant and continued to talk while Ravi mostly kept to him. Narang managed to bring the topic back again and again on the night spent in the train. He showered her with praises, how bold she is, how beautiful she is. Kavita seem to enjoy the compliments and slowly started to open up.

"It would be really exciting for you," suddenly he spoke to Ravi, "how do you feel that now you are a cuckold."

Ravi was abashed by such a direct question and was not ready for it, he glanced at Kavita who was blushing. He didn't know what to say his face turned red with embarrassment.

"But I must say it's very unfair to me," he spoke, "while the two of you know what was happening I was in the dark thinking that I am a big stud who is able to seduce a married beauty," he spoke in such a voice as if he was the victim.

"Are you complaining," Kavita asked.

"How can I complain," he smiled, "It was a night I can never forget," he moved beside Kavita.

"I must say I have never seen such a beautiful and adventurous woman," he held her hand. Ravi felt hurt as he was half expecting that Kavita may push his hands away but she did nothing. What is he thinking, this is the reason they are here... she is here to fuck him. He found her glowing in excitement and looked heavenly. But all of it is for this man. He breathed hard and took a big gulp of the drink.


Riyan could not believe his luck that he was alone with Neha in her bedroom, the door was locked from inside and she was in his arms. He kissed her full lips and caressed her curves; his hand slowly reached inside the small tshirt onto the heavenly globs. He was half expecting that she will stop him but he was pleasantly surprised when she didn't object and he cupped a handful of her tits. The flesh felt so soft and cushy, the erect nipple brushed against his palm. He greedily sucked on the lips and pumped the boobs.

"Ouch..." she groaned as he pressed hard.

"Ah... sorry... I am really sorry," he released his grip and was fearful that he has hurt her.

"Stupid," she giggled loud while Riyan looked at her foolishly. She quickly pulled off her tshirt and her firm young breasts were on display as she wore no bra. Riyan's eyes went wide as he saw her topless, the white globs with pinkish areolas and very erect nipples. She held both his hands and put them on her breasts.

"Not too hard.

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