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Two girls fulfill his anal fantasy.

Her kisses grew harder, wetter and more torrid with each passing second. Martha found herself lapping at Kathy's face with her long, pointed tongue.

Kathy near to boiling over with excitement starts to return the kisses, licking and sucking on Martha's lips, first the upper and then the lower with a burst of passion.

Martha uses her strong arms on the younger girl's shoulders to direct her downward to her breasts, which Kathy happily feasts upon, again licking, sucking and biting gently on her areola before nipping at her swollen, engorged, strawberry tipped buds as Martha murmurs her approval and closes her eyes to heighten the intensity of her pleasure...

"Ohhhhhh, Kathy . . . "

"Sweet, sweet little Kathy."

The teen's nimble fingers try stretching Martha's nipple, causing the older woman to moan.

"Yes! Yes! I can't believe you get me so hot!"

"You like this?" Kathy asks, although she needs no reassurance as to how well things are moving along.

"Ohhh. . . You're so young, so fine," Martha murmured and began touching herself; running her fingers back and forth across her silky-clad cunt.

Kathy moved her face several inches so that it was nestled between Martha's breasts and started a series of long licks up and down the valley separating Martha's tits. As much as she found herself enjoying this demonstration of the girl's affection, Martha desperately needed her elsewhere, and, placing her hands on the sides of Kathy's head, she forced the girls head lower and lower.

Kathy accepted it, perhaps she even expected it. Opening her eyes, she breathed in the sexy musk emanating from Martha's sex before she actually reached it. But with the first flick of her tongue on Martha's labia, Kathy's head was forced even closer.

Wresting her head free for a brief moment, Kathy located Martha's clit and gave it a hard suck.

"Ahhh, yes!" Martha screeched, and pulled Kathy away from her overly sensitive clit.

Both women were breathing hard, excited by the anticipation of feasting on each other. Martha began kissing Kathy's neck, throat, ear, cheek and then her nectar sweet mouth.

Kathy's hand delved its way downward and into Martha's silken lingerie and through the wisp of light pubic hair already matted with that special dampness. Up and down her fingers crept, lightly caressing Martha's vagina. This caused Martha to suck hard on Kathy's swirling tongue and that signaled Kathy it was time to stick a finger or two inside her lover; and she did so, causing Martha to sever the kiss and moan as she came for the first time.
Kathy pushed the older woman into an easy chair, spread her legs wide and thrust several fingers into her. Martha's juices gushed around Kathy's fingers causing a squishy sound each time she withdrew them. Martha had her hand in her mouth biting down, so wonderful was the renting pleasure the fingers brought as they surged through the fissure that she knew as her cunt.

"Am I as good as Peggy?" she asked, anxious to know, for she considered Peggy a rival for Martha's affection.

"Ugh . . . Ahaa, yes!"


"Ahaaa, oh yeah, oh yeah . . . better . . . don't stop that . . . It's . . . . Mmmm, I'm coming!"

Kathy held Martha for a minute or so, then finished undressing and sat next to Martha. "Want to take the rest of those things off, Martha?"

"Mmmm," she sighed, clearly still in the throes of her climatic state. Kathy helped her, Martha offered no help, but didn't resist; she was putty in the youngster's hands.

Eventually Martha recovered and signaled Kathy by cupping the firm round moons of Kathy's ass and squeezing them. Kathy kissed her and said, "Ahaa, that feels good."

Martha laid a series of wet kisses along Kathy's neck and shoulders, still squeezing the full moons of her ass. "I want to kiss those cheeks of yours, they're so scrumptious!" And she moved downward and left a series of soft, sucking kisses on each cheek.

"You have a delicious bottom that I am going to kiss and kiss," she said, pulling Kathy up and bending her over the chair.

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