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When they did appear in public, they didn't seem to have a very high opinion of your mother. Isaiah didn't seem to care what they thought."

"Wait," I asked, "I have grandparents? My father's parents... are they still alive?"

"Let me tell the whole story, Jeremiah. I promise you I'll answer all your questions when I finished. You have to let me finish." Thomas said earnestly.

I sat back in my chair. Slumping down my mind ablaze with irritation, and frustration. Alyssa soothed me, then in her way she pushed her own thoughts towards me. I felt her soothing presence and became calmer and leaned forward to listen carefully. Seeing me return my attention to him, Thomas continued.

"Katie and Isaiah were together constantly. Through the summer between their junior and senior year, Katie became pregnant with you. Isaiah's parents were not happy, they practically demanded that Katie have an abortion. At least that's how Katie explained it to me years later. Isaiah wouldn't hear it. He had turned eighteen in July and moved into his own apartment. He proposed to Katie and surprisingly her parents gave consent. They were married in August. Isaiah's parents moved away in September."

"Where did they move too?" I asked a bit too eagerly.

Thomas regarded me with a raised eyebrow, and I sank back into silence.

"I think to Montana, where they'd moved from the previous year. I really didn't know much about them, most of what I know I found out from Katie over the years. Katie dropped out of school and tried her best to become a housewife. Isaiah dropped out too and took a job as an auto-mechanic garage downtown. They gave it their best shot, and worked hard to build a home for you. You were born the following February. Your parents loved you very much they were so proud of you."

"With most relationships that start so young, and burn so brightly. They also burn quickly. When you turned two your mother began to want to work again. She finished her requirements for a high school diploma and started taking classes to become a nurse. Isaiah was making good money as a mechanic, he had a good mind for repairing things that seemed totally broken. With Katie so busy, they hired a young college girl to help with the baby. That's when the trouble started."

"Trouble?" I asked sharply, then settled back into my chair nodding. I'd let Thomas finish his story.

"Wasn't horrible, just odd. In this small town in the early seventies people noticed things differently. Isaiah started to pay a lot of attention to your housekeeper. Katie was madly jealous at first, then oddly became almost best friends with her. The three were soon inseparable. Like a family of three, which was causing a lot of gossip in those days. Your mother would brush it off as just gossip when I asked her about it. Her eyes told a different story though. I could tell she was in love with both Isaiah and the other girl... I can't recall her name."

"It was also when the fighting started," Thomas said with a frown. "The fights were normal, your father never harmed your mother. From what Katie told me though is they started arguing over her place in the house. She had really taken to nursing, but Isaiah wanted her to stay at home and not spend so much time at the hospital. Katie had regained a taste of the independence she had before she met Isaiah and didn't want to be just a housewife anymore."

"Katie said that her place in the house soon was taken by the other girl. She found them together without her more and more. When she tried to talk about it with Isaiah, he explained that she was never around. Your mother really struggled. Isaiah struggled too, he loved your mother very much. My recollection of the time was strange, I was in college here in town, but caught up in my own world. All I knew is that suddenly Katie and you were back living with her parents and Isaiah and the other girl were gone."

"Katie took it hard," Thomas said with a frown, "Talking to her years later, she said that the both of them agreed it would be best to separate.

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