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David has fun with his 3 sisters, Sam, Sarah and Isabelle.

Soon she was climaxing imagining Chris was there with her. She drifted-off to sleep, panties on the floor, nightshirt disheveled and a smile on her face, for the first time in a long time!

The next morning slutty Heather was put away and Heather the Soccer Mom busied herself with getting her children ready for and off to school, running around in her sweats and driving her Chevy Tahoe she had almost forgotten about her lunch date. She was at the store when she realized the time; hurriedly she paid for her groceries and rushed home. A short while later she once again found herself dripping in front of the mirror in her bathroom looking at herself, only this time she decided the forest had to go. She shaved her pussy for the first time in at least two years then ran the razor along her legs just for good measure. This time though she went with a more risqu__ outfit, black skirt which ended a little north of her knees. She added black stockings with a garter belt and a tight top which showed-off her ample cleavage. Almost as an after-thought as she was leaving her house she made arrangements for her children to be picked-up by a neighbor, giving her some line about having a late dental appointment.

Heather began to have second thoughts on her way to the restaurant where they were supposed to meet. Just as she was about to call Chris and cancel her cell phone rang, it was Chris. He apologized but stated that he had worked very late the previous night due to some un-foreseen problems and because of that he had only gotten a couple of hours sleep. On account of that he asked if she'd mind meeting at his Hotel room and ordering-in lunch from a local deli. Heather hesitated for a moment, after all she didn't want to give her new friend the wrong idea however then she decided to (for once) just live in the moment and not only agreed to meet him at the Hotel, she insisted on picking-up lunch on the way.

A few minutes later Heather's Tahoe made its way past rows of empty parking spots as she wound her way to the wing of the roadside hotel in the back. Chris had told her earlier that since he was gone all night and generally slept much of the day he requested a room where there wouldn't be a lot of foot or vehicle traffic. Soon she saw the same work truck which had filled her driveway the evening before parked in an end spot. She parked her Tahoe next to it then looked-up to see Chris waving to her from the banister of the second story of the small hotel. Despite having a long night the previous night he was again dressed in a pair of crisp Levi's and another button-up shirt. His hair had a hint of hair gel in it, though he stood there wearing a pair of sandals.

Heather made her way up the stairs to where Chris was waiting. Any thoughts she had of this being an innocent visit were soon washed away as she and Chris engaged in a passionate kiss which left their tongues exchanging pleasantries as the moved as one into the room Chris kicked the door closed behind them.

Heather took a look around the basic hotel room as the two ate their sandwiches and talked about nothing in particular. It was a nice room with large bed in the center, a small desk off to one side and a small refrigerator next to that. Chris had a lap top set-up on the desk streaming music from a 90's rock station he liked on the Internet and a small back pack stowed beneath the desk.

There was no question about what was to come, as soon as they finished their lunch Chris swept their wrappers off the table and into a waiting trash can Heather stood-up and nervously straightened her purse on the small desk.

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