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After feisty play - a couple takes a road trip.

I loved looking into her deep brown eyes.

I went from stroking her hair to slowly guiding her head down, closer to the base of my cock. She just left as much of my cock in her mouth as she could without moving so I guided her back and forth. She took it out of her mouth for a moment and asked if that made it feel any better. I asked her to look at it and she said, "It's gotten big again!" "That's because you make me feel much better when you do that. Just be careful not to touch it with your teeth." Fortunately Marlyn had extremely full lips so she mastered that her first night with me.

Her cheeks swelled as a happy smile spread across her face. She immediately put it back in her mouth and proceeded to go down on it further and further. Half the time looking up into my eyes and the other half looking at my cock like it was a separate entity. She took it out and looked right at it and asked my cock (not me) "are you feeling any better?"

I looked down and told her if she kept sucking it for another minute she would know for sure. She went back to giving me a blowjob like she was on a mission! I warned her I was about to cum (as I actually cared for her already and didn't want to scare her). I could feel her body jump as I came in her mouth, I could tell she was startled. She snapped back and asked what she should do and I said just swallow it. She asked are you sure it is OK to do so and I said that the girls who cared about me seemed to like it so she immediately swallowed and went back kept sucking until it was completely clean. She looked up at me with a huge smile on her face and said "did you enjoy that?" "HELL, YES!" I said. Marlyn bounced about like a kid on Christmas morning. She was so happy she had made me cum that way.

I had never met anyone like her before in my life. She wasn't in the least bit shy about anything. She'd walk around the apartment naked as long as the shades were drawn. She could tell how much I liked her naked body so I think she did it partly to make me happy. She was so comfortable about being naked that just made her that much sexier as it wasn't a game.

Over the next week every time we finished having sex, she immediately gave me a blowjob. She learned to open her throat somehow so she could get my entire cock in her mouth. Every time she gave me a blowjob I would tell her how beautiful, sexy and naughty she was which only made her try harder to please me. Strangely she'd give me a big smile when I called her a good girl when she sucked my cock but I noticed she would almost immediately get wetter when I called her a naughty girl.

One night we were just watching TV and she rested her head on my chest and her hand was on my crotch. I'll admit just her gentle touch got me a little excited. She then looked at the TV and then at me then back at the TV and asked me if I thought the girl on TV was pretty while grabbing my cock through my pants like it was some sort of lie detector. "Sure, I suppose" I said without thinking that she was wondering if I'd rather be with the girl on TV. She let out a sound to let me know she was upset. I then tried to correct myself and say I'd rather be with you Marlyn but her mind was already racing as she is very quick with the emotions.

She said "then why is your friend getting excited" as she rubbed my crotch. This only made it harder and she again let out her frustration sound. She then ignored me as if I was lying and pulled down my exercise shorts and pulled out my cock and proceeded to study it and asked it why I liked that girl on the show so much. She soon kissed it and said she could make it happier than that slut on TV.

She then proceeded to give me one hell of a blowjob and kept asking if I was enjoying myself.

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