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I have been watching you for weeks.

This is what I asked for, after all. There's no reason for me to say no. He gave me a soft kiss as he bent down to put the collar on me. The inside was lined and comfortable and the black leather on the outside held a delicate, silver O-ring to which a lead, or anything else, might be attached. He buckled it snugly and it made my neck stand straighter. I was already feeling very submissive and I'm sure he could tell.

After I was collared, he attached the leash. Upon giving it a good yank, I fell onto my hands and he said, "Stay like that. Now crawl."

I had never crawled like this before. It was the strangest sensation I've yet felt with him. There's something so animalistic about being forced to do such an act, but then again, I felt that the only reason I would ever submit to anybody is to let go of my humanity and just be a pet, a toy, an object...something that someone I trusted and loved could use for their pleasure without any regard to my wants. I knew I'd be rewarded if I was a good slave. There was no reason for me to beg or ask for anything.

He led me into the living room and tied my leash to one of the legs of his coffee table so that I was sitting right beside his chair. He procured a gag harness and put it on me. As he commanded to "open," I opened my mouth wide enough so the red ball could fit inside tightly. He tightened the chin, head and neck strap enough so the ball couldn't move. He knew I loved to be gagged but he never indulged my wants before now...perhaps he was trying to please me and make me more comfortable.

"I don't wish to hear you speak, slave. You are to be absolutely silent. Do you understand me?"

I nodded. I didn't let out so much as a moan, but the hot moisture between my thighs was growing. It was definitely proving to be a challenge.

Next, he attached leather restraints to my wrists and ankles and bound me with soft black rope in a sort of kneeling hog tie. He removed my corset, exposing my breasts...thus came the nipple clamps. My left nipple is pierced, so before clamping me, he removed the jewelry. He teased my nipples a little bit with his fingers...squeezing and pinching them until they were erect. My commanded silence was proving to be a major difficulty, but I persisted. He tightened them enough so I would feel a little pain...enough to notice but not enough to be unbearable. He took a step back and looked me over.

"Spread your knees as wide as you can," he said.

In the position I was in, this was very difficult but I tried my hardest and spread my knees as wide open as the ropes would allow. He lifted the front of my skirt up and started stroking my pussy. "Why are you so wet, slut? Are you excited to be abused and tortured for your Master's pleasure?" I tried to be quiet but his hands felt so good I let out a soft moan.

"Be silent, little girl," he whispered as he continued. Suddenly, I felt two fingers go inside me and I moaned even louder. I couldn't hold back anymore. He started fucking me with his fingers. He was going faster and harder every second. The chain between my breasts was moving...pulling the clamps on my nipples. I was overwhelmed with feeling and I was very close to coming. "Don't you dare come unless you're told to do so. Do you understand?" I wanted to scream!

Just as I was about to orgasm, he removed his hand. I looked at him and whimpered. "This is your first lesson, slut. You must learn to control your orgasms. They are not yours this time. They are mine. You will come when I tell you to and hold off otherwise. Is that clear?" I nodded. "Good girl," he said and left me there to compose myself.

There I was...bound, helpless and feeling totally used. For some reason, those feelings were coming through stronger now. On the other hand, I could feel myself finally letting go. I could feel Cora slipping away and Kyle's---excuse me---Master's slave coming into focus. It was a scary yet delightful feeling and I was getting more and more excited to see what else he had in store for me.

I drifted back to reality---the burning b

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