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He makes her an offer she shouldn't refuse.

The effort I'd given to set everything up, to move around my life to accommodate her. The trust I'd allowed her. The love that I'd imagined to be mutual. All thrown away so she could feed her self-esteem and go into a cycle of self-inflicted wounds. Push me away, beg for me back.

Well, here I am.

"Daddy? Is it okay?"

Breathe. Breathe. Walk. It was time.

I motion over behind her, to her right, so that I was visible in the mirror.

"You really better hurry up. There should be about 30 minutes before the guests start arri--," her mouth stood open as she saw me. As she turned around and make overly dramatic eye-rubs with her pink gloves. She was just as gorgeous as I remembered her. Blonde hair, green eyes, lips arranged as if she was permanently pouting. Her tight pink wedding dress showing off the well-endowed chest that she was so sensitive about that I'd never seen it bare. That pristine hourglass figure hidden underneath the many folds of her dress. If she'd had a crown on her head instead of a veil, she could've passed for Princess Peach. And she would've liked it that way.

"Hello to you too, goosh," my old pet name for her.

"I...I never thought I'd see you." She stammered and turned back around in guilt. "I would've invited you...I thought it might be awkward."

"I know." I crept up behind her, and put my hands on either side of her waist. She put her right hand on mine and gave a small tug to no avail.

"You can't change anything," she said.

"I don't want to. From what I remember when we were still talking, you've given this man the same run around. He just has less spine than me. Good for him."

Her eyes narrowed and her nostrils clenched. "So you came here to insult me. Typical you. Never could let yourself be anything but the victim. Jealous?"

"Not in the slightest," I ignored her argument attempt, we'd be fighting for minutes if I hadn't. "I'm just here to thank you."

"Oh? Well you could start by kindly getting your hands off me. I'm not your property anymore." She fake smiled. Her killer fake smile.

I crept my hands down lower on her gown. She relaxed a little. "Remember how you always used to dream about the perfect wedding? How we used to talk about it for hours into the night?"

She lit up again. "And it's coming true! Isn't it wonderful? I even got a man who had the courage to love me to stand in for you."

"Right, the poor misguided fool. Well, I'm not here to do anything about that. I'm just here..."

I yanked up her dress quickly, pushing her by her hips down into the mirror stand so that her pink polka dot covered butt was prominently exposed. "...to make of your dream what you made of the dream I had with you." I spanked her right butt cheek as hard as I could and waited for the eruption.

Her legs kicking, churning, swimming away from the scenario. Her heels flung off in the distance as I used my leverage to keep her down, forcing myself between her legs so her kicks were useless, and continuing to pepper her ass with hard spanks. The sort of spanks that, from experience, I knew were her weakness.

Oh sure, there were screams for help. For mercy, even. But my ears were, quite obviously, deaf. The window led on to a balcony, but the music was so loud outside that nobody could hear them. The room itself was so isolated that nobody could pass by it on chance, and I'd taken the liberty of starting a small car fire that would require the attention of most of the main wedding party.

The cries gradually became less loud, morphing into moans. Her panties were sopping wet as I laid a big spank on her pussy that led to her first orgasm. Her legs went limp, then tried to circle me from behind as her pussy pushed into my hand, begging for more friction. I tore her soaked undergarment aside and gawked at her dripping pink pussy. My pussy.

I teased the sides slowly with my tongue, lapping up the mess I'd caused. My pants and underwear hit the ground with a thud as my heavy belt buckle weighed them down, and I turned her around so she could see her fate.

"You always did say m

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