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She wanted a lover and her mother told her how.

Her cleavage was very visible. So, was her stomach. She was wearing a half-saree (thaavaani). I could also see her pubic mound very clearly. Her underskirt (paavadai) was to her knee on one of the legs. Just a glance at her made my penis erect. I looked around. There was no one around. Chithi was probably taking a nap in her room upstairs as usual. It was too tempting for me not to explore Selvi akka given the opportunity.

I approached Selvi akka very slowly and without making any noise. I observed her closely and realized that my heart was pumping very fast to get all the blood to my penis which became rock hard and started throbbing. I knelt down slowly and put my hands between Selvi akka's legs. They were open and offered no resistance to my forward movement. My hand advanced easily and found her pubic hair. She was not wearing any underwear. It was the first pubic hair of a female I was touching and I thought the whole house could hear the loud heartbeats of mine. After touching the area, I paused for a few seconds. Realizing that Selvi akka was still asleep, I got bolder and rested my palm on her pubic mound and started to slowly massage the area. I was probably doing that for a few minutes reveling in the fact how nicely it felt on my palm. At this time, Selvi akka woke up suddenly. She could not understand what was going on immediately. It took her a few seconds by which time I had removed my hands fast. I was very scared at that time and quickly ran away.

I ran to my room and locked the room. My heart was still racing, but it was due to fright. I cursed myself for laying my hands on my sister. I feared that she might tell her mother and that would be the biggest disgrace for me and my family. I could not do anything for an hour or two which seemed like an eternity.

After gathering some boldness, I came out of my room. Selvi akka was in the hall leading to my room having her evening coffee. Hearing me coming out of the room, she looked at me a second and then looked away. She did not seem to be angry or upset. She just seemed to be avoiding eye contact. I also did not look her in the eye and walked towards the kitchen. Selvi akka said "Your coffee is ready on the table." I had my coffee. By that time, chithi had come down after her evening bath. She was as usual: kind and smiling. So, I realized that Selvi akka had not talked to her about the afternoon incident.

I left for a walk to the fields by myself after the coffee. Returning from the field, I went to the local library for reading the day's newspapers and magazines. I returned home at about 8 in the evening. My chithi welcomed me as usual. I felt completely relieved that Selvi akka had kept our afternoon incident to herself. Akka had also become normal. There was a faint smile when she saw me. But, she remained silent except for courtesy words and comments. We had our supper. We talked for a little while about matters of no importance. As usual we went to sleep at 9:30 pm. Predictably I masturbated thinking about akka. I thought of the way her cunt hair felt on my fingers and palm. I visualized the dark, curly hair on her white skinned, plumb triangular mound. I fantasized about her big boobs and how I would suck on it like a hungry child. I ejaculated within a few minutes and went to sleep deeply satisfied.

I did not know what time it was.

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