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Teasing interrogation ends in her orgasm.

"Sarah stop! Get off me, I just woke up!" The younger sister was relentless. "You're so beautiful sis..." The girl's tone was as if she was talking to herself more than to her sibling, she just leaned her head on Kristanna's breasts and rubbed her cheeks on them, The older girl couldn't do much but hug her sister. That moment was so confusing, Sarah was never physical, never complimented or demanded affection, the family was very formal. Kristanna felt bad for being aroused in such situation, but at the same time it seemed as if she could not control her body after Sarah had stimulated it. "Oh hum... what's wrong Sarah? Why is this a big deal to you now?"

"Nothing... I just wanna be with you for a while..."

Kristanna felt her heart warm, no one had ever displayed such affection to her before. She hugged the girl and smiled as she closed her eyes. They got cozy on the bed, lying there for a few minutes. Kristanna felt the arousal from before slowly slipping away as she comforted her sister, this was certainly the closest moment they had together since her adoption. As the minutes passed she finally tried to rise up, but Sarah didn't let her mumbling "No..." and hugging tighter. Her sister just giggled and lied back again caressing the girl's hair a little more. Suddenly she felt it again, Sarah was not just lying on her breasts anymore, she was slowly rolling her shirt up and now one of her breasts was pretty much exposed. The girl kissed Kristanna's boson near the nipple making her skin crawl, the redhead tried to push her away. "Sarah what the fuck... are you doing?"

But the girl was determined and simply ignored Kristanna's attempts to push her away, sticking to that chest. She kissed it softly with her lips, her warm breath touched Kristanna's skin and the feeling of that situation was hard to describe, given the nature of it all. But if Kristanna could honestly pick a word it would be "soothing". She had never experienced someone so close, so intimate, caring for her so much. Her sensitive body absorbed the new sensations, even if they were just soft kisses on the breast and a tight hug. She wanted to remove Sarah from there and just stop this; it was so wrong and weird. Nevertheless, her body seemed to want more, the sensations contradicting reason and common sense.

Sarah continued with the kissing, noticing that her sister was no longer trying to repel her. She got bolder and used a hand grabbing her other breast and massaging it over the blouse, slowly exposing it as well. Her lips now moved to Kristanna's nipple and licked it softly making the redhead moan with the touch. This felt too good; she literally couldn't stop now, driven by all these new sensations she didn't know how to handle yet. A rush of lust took her entire body, a shiver went up her spine making her arch her back. In an instant Kristanna turned over her sister, taking the upper position and pinning the younger girl on the bed. She grabbed Sarah's chin approaching slowly, planting a kiss on the girl's lips. Just a soft kiss initially, but in the next seconds it grew into a passionate tongue french that completely sent both girls over the edge. Kristanna's hand caressed Sarah's leg and belly softly as they made out.

What the redhead had not realized was that Sarah's hand was about to explore her body. And the first place it went was her crotch. At this point Kristanna was bearing a massive erection under her pajamas, and as the girl touched the hard member her eyes opened wide in surprise. It was impossible to mistake such massive and steel hard piece of meat with anything else but what it was in fact: a huge and throbbing cock. Before anything could be said or done, the door of the room opened suddenly, accompanied by a female shout. It was their mother, Amanda. She entered the room to see the scene of Kristanna over Sarah kissing her and caressing her body. Fortunately, because of the angle she could not see the bulge in her daughter's pants. However, she had seen all she needed to see.

"W-WHAT is this! Get

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