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Clementine earns a place in Uncle's special album.

"Sue what are you...oooh!" Tandy moaned. She clasped Sue's head and drew her closer. Sue's tongue slid over Tandy's quarter-sized areolas. Her mouth nursed the swollen nipple. "Mmmm," Sue hummed as white milk flowed down her throat.

Tandy stroked Sue's damp hair with one hand and her other milk laden breast with the other. Cream squirted out onto both girls. "Unnngh! Oooo! Unnmm!" Tandy moaned, but in an uncharacteristically subdued ululation. The girls were too preoccupied to notice the subtle change.

When Sue finished, Tandy sucked Sue's breast. Sue's areolas were larger half dollars. She seemed to have more milk than Tandy. White cream flooded into Tandy's mouth and cascaded down the girls' bodies.

The girls indulged in this milk fest, sucking and spraying milk, fingering each other into orgasms until, drenched in sweat, cream, and cum, they collapsed to the floor, gasping.

"Well, it beats that stuff they were feeding us," Tandy gasped.

The girls subsisted on a diet of liquid protein and breast milk while their bellies grew. Soon the girls grew so large, they were forced to sit.

"How long do you think it will take?" Sue asked.

"Not much longer, I think," Tandy replied.

It happened sooner than expected. The girls were across from each other, rubbing their bellies together, when a warm heat bloomed in Tandy's womb. Her belly began to spasm; water gushed from Tandy's pussy, some splashed onto Sue's lap.

"Uh, Tandy?"

"Huff! Huff! Ugh! I...I...know, Sue!"

Instead of backing away, Sue moved to help her friend, only to experience a similar flow from her belly.

"Oh no! Oh! Huff! Huff! Ugh! Tandy!"

"I know, Sue!"

The girls lay back, legs spread, bellies throbbing, gasping and grunting as water poured from their wide open flowers. The water mingled on the glowing white floor.

Tandy and Sue were joined in fluid, ecstatic pain. The young women's bellies throbbed in unison. Hot, wetness was everywhere, from their sweat glistened skin to the spreading puddle beneath them.

The girls birthed their alien progeny as heaving chests, wobbling breasts, spasming bellies, arching backs, and twitching legs blended into a natal ballet.

"Aaaahh! Arg! Uuughh! Uuughhnn!" howled Tandy.

"Oh! Oh! Oh no! Huff! Huff! Ugh!" gasped Sue.

Tandy and Sue, unable to see each other because of their large bellies, ran their hands over the curves. Tandy felt it first.

"Uugh! Uhhn! Arrg! It's coming Sue! I can feel it in my cunt! Ohhh! Uhnn! It's...It's on my clit! Aaah! It's making me cum!"

"Huff! Huff! Urg! Oh! It's happening to me too, Tandy!"

The girls grunted and strained and moved along the wet floor in pain and pleasure. Sue's hand moved to her breast and squeezed and fondled while the other hand stroked her belly.

Tandy's body clenched in orgasm. "Aaaow!" she howled. Her pink rose opened in the dark brown muff. A gray-brown chitinous head appeared. There was a wet 'gweeench!' and the creature spilled out of Tandy's cunt in a splash of water, mucus, and cum.

A short time later it was Sue's turn as a crustazoid exited her honey crowned rose. The creatures lay still for a few moments before scuttling off with chirps and chitters. It was just the beginning.

Hours passed as the gasping, moaning young women gave birth to a succession of chittering young crustazoids. As their bellies shrunk, Tandy and Sue were finally able to peer over their breasts.

Tandy had screamed herself hoarse, while Sue was reduced to faint expirations. The girls lay quietly gasping, watching a steady stream of creatures issue forth from their bodies.

The young crustazoids lingered, occasionally scuttling over the women's bodies. The creatures scampered off to the heating ducts, leaving the exhausted women to drift to sleep.

Uncounted hours later, Tandy and Sue woke, drenched with moisture. Their torsos throbbed with a dull ache, stretching from belly to pussy. The two women helped each other to their feet. They staggered to the bulkhead and leaned against it, watching the stars out the window.

"That was crazy," Sue said.

"Weird," Tandy repl

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