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A simple childhood game turns into much more.

"I really wanted her, but I couldn't bid above 4,000. A colonel got her instead."

Some of the men commented on Trish's lack of pubic hair. Eve ordered her servant to describe, in detail, the depilation treatments she had received in the US. She had to raise her arms to show that she had the hair in her armpits removed as well.

One of the policemen brought a camera and asked to take some pictures of Officer Bousquet's new purchase. Eve responded "of course". So, for the next several minutes, Trish posed for a bunch of pictures in the hallway, by herself: with Eve, and with each of the other cops. One cop commented:

"You know, Bousquet, if you find the right photographer, I bet you could recoup some of your investment. The girl's photogenic and you ought to take advantage of that."

Trish could tell that her Mistress liked the suggestion and was thinking it over.

Eve's co-workers told her they were going out to dinner and suggested she go with them. The group walked five blocks to one of the downtown's better-known restaurants. Trish had to lug the heavy market sacks. No one offered to help her.

Once inside, the group sat at a large table, with the exception of Trish, who had to kneel by Eve's chair. While the group ate and indulged themselves with rum, she was given a glass of fruit juice. When everyone was finished, Eve scraped the leftovers onto a single plate and set it on the floor in front of her servant. She handed her a fork and told her to eat. It was yet another humiliation for Trish, to be on her knees in a crowded restaurant, eating a plate of leftovers as though she were a dog. However, she did eat. She was hungry and knew, because her Mistress already had eaten, there would be nothing to eat at home. She also knew that if she rejected the food in front of Eve's friends, later in the evening she'd face a vicious whipping.

It was dark by the time the two women left the restaurant. Eve called a rickshaw and returned to her house. She ordered Trish to put away the groceries. Trish then had to undress her Mistress, which consisted of nothing more than pulling off a light dress and removing her shoes.

As soon as she was naked, Eve pushed her to the wall and pinned her hands. She passionately kissed her servant and sensuously moved her pussy against her body. Her hands moved from Trish's wrists to her bottom. She grabbed and fondled the slave's ass as she continued kiss her and keep her pinned to the wall. She moved a hand to her ward's crotch and moved her lips to her breasts. Trish was scared by the sudden assault, but she knew she needed to cooperate and do what was necessary to please her owner. Now that her hands were free, she moved them up and down Eve's back.

Precisely because Eve already was so worked up, the night's round of sex was over quickly. Eve lay on her bed and Trish took her usual position between her legs. The policewoman climaxed the moment Trish's tongue touched her clit.


The following day, Sunday, Eve decided to take Trish to the Island's second-largest city, which was called Gannet Cove and was located at the south end of Santa Eduviges. So, instead of ordering the rickshaw driver to turn north at the airport, Eve ordered him to turn south. The road went through some pineapple plantations and then through a stretch of forest. On the other side of the forest there was a wide beach and several recently-built hotels. There also was a dock with several excursion boats that would take tourists out to nearby reefs. Even from a distance, Trish could tell that everyone on the beaches was naked. She later learned that, because most of the visitors were from Danubia, a country where swimsuits were illegal, in the tourist area swimsuits also were prohibited. Beyond the hotels, the road passed through a small town that was full of Eastern Europeans, then through another stretch of forest. Finally, Trish and her owner arrived at Gannet Cove.

Gannet Cove was different from the capitol.

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