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Sam gives herself a wedgie.

" William had meant for his words to sound funny, but he knew they sounded harsh from the look on Vicki's face. "Sorry, honey."

Vicki kissed him and said, "It's okay. Let's get you a shirt. There are some in the closet."

They walked into the storage closet and hunted for a dry t-shirt. "Got one." Vicki yelled. "Come here, baby."

William grinned, "Baby? So I'm Baby now?" He leaned and kissed Vicki softly on the lips, "And tell me, Vicki, are you going to be my mommy?"

"Damn William." Vicki looked up at him, stunned. "Can't you just turn it off?"

"No." William took Vicki's arm and pulled her close to him. "I can't. Damn it, Vicki. Do you know how badly I want you?"

Vicki could feel the hot bulge in his pants as he spoke to her. "God, William. You're crazy." She gently pushed him away. "This isn't really the right place. I mean, damn, we're in the storage closet. Anyone could walk in."

"Who?" William knew that no one ever went in that closet. Hell, this was only the third time he'd been in there and he'd worked at the center for almost two years. "Come on, Vicki. You said you were sorry about last night. So, why don't you show me how sorry you." He pulled her close to him and slipped his tongue between her lips. She seemed to quiver under his touch, but not the 'oh, yes, let's fuck right here, right now kind of quiver.' It was a 'please, let's not do this' type of reaction. He let her go, "What is wrong with you?"

She could hear confusion in William's voice. Vicki looked around and shook her head, "Nothing's wrong with me. Nothing really, William. I'm just...well, I guess I'm in a bad mood that's all." {Bad mood? Shit, Victoria, you seriously fucked up. God, what am I going to do?} She looked up into his beautiful eyes and felt a lump in her throat, "I mean, that last case, she was a doozy. I've never seen anyone so pessimistic. It was like pulling teeth just to get her to learn the exercises."

{Last case? She's talking about Erin. Just don't ask about her. That's all William...just don't ask.} "What're you talking about or rather, who? Do you mean Erin Durant?" {Some fucking good will power, Will!}

"Yeah, she's the one. Forgot her last name. Jesus, baby, she's got it in her head that she'll never walk. It felt like she was really saying, 'why live'. I hate cases like that."

He nodded his head in agreement, even though he'd not really heard what she said. All William could do was think about the sad, alone look on Erin's face as she left the parking lot just ten minutes earlier. And Vicki's words simply helped to reiterate the intense desire to hug Erin even more. But he knew that he wouldn't want to stop at hugging her. Erin Durant needed someone to love her.

William felt a strange pang, an almost stabbing sensation deep in his chest. The thought of 'loving' Erin drove him crazy. And having Vicki there, so close to him and needing to feel the touch of a woman was suddenly overwhelming. "Come here." He grabbed Vicki and pulled her so closely against him, there was no way she could mistake what he wanted from her.

Vicki inhaled sharply as she felt William's hand grasp her arm. "William, wait, stop." But he wasn't listening to her. She felt William's hands tug at the clasp of her shorts. Before she had a chance to argue with him, he'd unfastened her pants and they fell to the floor, revealing her small pink thong.

He spun Vicki around so that her back rested against his rain soaked shirt and slipped his hands between her legs. William wanted her, but he knew she wasn't ready. However, he knew how to remedy that and quite quickly, too. He slid his fingers between the soft folds of skin that sheltered the spot he claimed as his and gently started to move them back and forth against her, feeling her grow hotter, wetter, and more in need with each stroke.

In about a minute, William could feel Vicki relaxing beneath his touch.

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