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He willingly gave up his one love to make her happy.

She stepped back from me, that teasing smile on her face.

She took something from the table and returned to me with a cloth strip. As she stepped behind me I thought she was going to tie my wrists, but she instead surprised me by placing it over my eyes and tying it firmly behind my head. Next I felt her hands at my fly, opening my pants and lowering them along with my briefs. I stood there passively, wanting to cover my mostly erect cock, but knowing she would not approve. I felt even more awkward by having my pants pooled around my ankles.

I could hear her drag a chair away from the wall and felt it press against the back of my legs. Her hands on my shoulders pushed me down onto the seat. There was more rummaging on the table behind me, and I was not surprised when she came back with a pair of handcuffs. She pulled my hands behind my back before securing them with the cuffs. She kissed me, one of her deep, slow, lingering kisses. After our lip contact was broken, her tongue remained, teasing and dueling with my own. I was panting by the time she pulled away.

She walked away, and I could again hear more rummaging. She returned to me, though, without additional restraints. I could feel her breath on my skin as she whispered into my ear. "Sorry, love, I need to run out to the car. I'll be right back."

I listened as she walked away; I could hear the front door open, and after a long moment it closed again. She was gone for several minutes, and I began to grow nervous. All of my insecurities surfaced as I thought of how badly things could go awry from this point. I thought I might go crazy, my wait seemed endless. Then, to my immense relief, I heard the door again, and knew she hadn't abandoned me.

As I sat, naked and bound, blindfolded and waiting in anticipation, I felt rather than heard her draw near. I felt her warmth next to my body, could smell her deliciously sweet and musky scent, and then - suddenly - I could taste her as well. Her lips pressed against mine in what started as a slow, sensual kiss before quickly building in intensity. Her lips were so soft, but they were nothing compared to the contrast of her tongue. Her warm, moist tongue was so soft and skillful, but also held three amazing tongue rings to tease and torture me.

Before I had had my fill, she broke the kiss and pulled away, though I could still feel her nearby. The next sensation I felt was enough to make me gasp as her mouth encircled my cock head and sucked gently. She licked, kissed and caressed my glans for an incredible few minutes, before breaking off. I longed for her to take me into her throat, but dared not voice my request.

She kissed me again, but it was much more intense this time, as our mouths attempted to devour each other. Her tongue thrust against mine, her hand wrapped around my head, forcing my mouth against hers. Her breath was hot on my cheek, as mine was no doubt against hers. This kiss lasted longer than the first, but again she broke it off before I would have liked.

This time she went down on my cock in a much different fashion. She was done with the licking and kissing. This time she swiftly swallowed my cock down to the base, stroking up and down, sucking me deeply before pulling almost all of the way off. The way she was switching between my mouth and my cock, between gentle teasing and intense sucking, was driving me mad. I moaned out loud, unable to control myself even if I had wanted to.

She startled me then, enough that my whole body gave a jerk. My cock was still experiencing the great sucking pleasure, when suddenly and simultaneously her mouth was again on mine. I know it was her I was kissing, I could tell by the tongue rings. Who then was on my cock??

I tried to protest, but with her mouth on mine it came out merely as muffled grunts.

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