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Emily and Michael have a talk and Michael meets a new girl.

"Jessica, how could you do this to me?" Erin cried out as she dropped the bowl of popcorn and ran down the hallway to the girl's room. Before she slammed the door, she shouted "Jessica, you can sleep with your new boyfriend tonight! Don't even think of trying to come in here!" She threw Jessica's packed bags out of the room and slammed the door.

"Tony, I..."

"Save it Rick." Turning towards Jessica, he spoke, "Jess, it's okay. Stop crying. I, like you, am in love with someone else too."

"You are?"

"Yes, I am, and tonight I hope to prove my love to her." With that, he turned his back to the couple, who resumed their previous activity, and he walked the hallway to the girl's bedroom.


"Erin?" Tony knocked. "Erin? It's me, Tony. C'mon Erin, let me in."


"Why not?"

"I'm to embarrassed. I look hideous."

"Aww, c'mon Erin. I've seen you worse and you know that. I saw you when you threw up after you drunk those 10 beers at Maggie's party. Vomit in your hair, on your clothes, on your shoes, on MY shoes..."

The door opened, "OK, shut up and get in here."

Erin's eyes were still a bit red and puffy from the crying, but other then that, she looked fine, but Tony knew that inside she was still hurting. He held out his arms to her and Erin greatfully hugged him. She began to cry again and he said, "It's okay, baby, shhhh, it's okay," as he rubbed her back. Due to the fact that he was at last holding the girl of his dreams, his cock stiffened. In embarrassment, Tony broke the hug.If Erin had notice what his penis had done, she didn't show it on her face.

"Tony, could you please get my eye drops? I think they are on the top of my dresser or they are in my desk drawer." Erin asked.Tony surveyed the room. He had seen it's interior many times, as he knew Rick had also. He came in here to talk to the girls and, well, do more then "talk" with Jessica, but they hadn't got that far. The room was probably 20 X 24 feet. It's walls were painted light blue and had scuffed hardwood floors from many years of use. The girls had tried to hide the floors with a rug, but it didn't cover it all. Jessica's side of the room was the left. She had white fluffy covers and on top was a quilt her Grandma had made for her. Her wall was covered in various boy band posters, but there were a lot of Justin Timberlake ones, who Jessica had a "celebrity crush" on. In contrast, Erin's side of the room (right) had a patchwork denim cover made by her mother and laying atop it was her black discman and CD holder. Her wall was covered by various alternative rock band posters and many featured Linkin Park, her favourite band. Both girls kept their sides of the room relatively clean, and it was easy for Tony to spot the eyedrops on the floor beside the desk.

'Here you go," he said as he handed her the drops.

"Come sit beside me," she said patting the bed beside her, as she moved the discman and CD's. He sat down beside her, glad to see that the beginnings of his hard-on had vanished.

"You don't need him, Er. I just can't believe any guy would pass on you."

"What do you mean, pass on me?"

"Erin, you're extremely beautiful. Rick must be legally blind or insane, because any man would love you and know not to let you go."

"You think I'm beautiful?" She hoped that he did, and wasn't just saying that because they were best friends and he felt sorry for her.

"Does this answer your question?" He leaned in and kissed her softly, and she didn't try to hold him back.


Erin's tongue licked at Tony's outer lips, as if saying, "Let me in!" His lips parted and their tongues began to dance together for the first time, but not the last.

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