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A friend gets talked into putting on a show.

Lauren was a great kisser, but it was hard for me to concentrate on that once I felt Melanie's hands playing with my nipples, before sliding them along my stomach. She continued to slide her right hand lower and lower until it was under my pants. Right before she got to my cock, she removed her hand and placed it on top of my jeans. She slid her hand all over my thighs before finally settling right over my crotch. She preceded to give me an over the pants handjob while Lauren sucked on my neck. "Does it feel good, baby?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah."

"Now tell me how this feels," she said while sliding her hand down my pants.

"Ohhh," I moaned. "I like that."

She ran her slender fingers up and down my shaft. Lauren even took off her blouse, to reveal a leopard print bra holding her gravity-defying tits. This move surprised both me and Melanie. "Well, if Lauren's stripping down, I guess it's time to get naked."

I assumed she meant that she was going to get nude, but instead of doing that, she undid my belt and shimmied my pants down my legs. My dick literally came springing out. "You need to be more careful with that thing," Melanie joked.

As she lovingly stroked my penis, Melanie planted a trail of kisses up my body until she reached my ear. She licked the inside of it, and nibbled on the lobe before whispering, "Do you like the way I touch you?"

I had to stop making out with Lauren for a second to answer. "I love it."

"I want you in my mouth. Would you like a blowjob?"

"Um...yeah," I croaked.

I resumed necking with Lauren, as Melanie went all the way back down my body, planting kisses on all the most sensitive parts until she reached my balls. She playfully tugged on my sack with her teeth, and then started kissing them gingerly. She did this for several seconds before focusing her attention on my penis, gently massaging it with her luscious, wet lips. She spent a full minute popping my helmet in and out of her soft lips, sweetly coating it with her saliva. My hand found my way to her head, and as soon as it did, she took the length of my shaft into her mouth. This got Lauren't attention. "Damn girl! Looks like you've given head a few times before."

It turned out Melanie hadn't even brought on her A game yet. Lauren's comment spurred her to start rapidly going up and down my penis, like she was bobbing for apples. Lauren got in on the action too, by cupping my balls and helping feed my dick to Melanie. I knew it was something most girls couldn't stand, but I couldn't help but start thrusting my hips to fuck Melanie's pretty face. Whenever I do this, I thrust gently so the woman pleasuring me can swallow my large cock without too much trouble, and yet most girls still have trouble handling my thickness. Melanie, on the other hand, had no problem fully engulfing the mother fucker.

After sucking my dick like a true champion, Melanie finally paused to catch her breath. "Most guys can't handle my head. I'm surprised you haven't cum."

"I guess I'm just lucky."

"Of course you're lucky! You're getting your dick sucked by two girls."

"That's not true," said Lauren. "Now he's getting his dick sucked by two girls," she said right before climbing off the couch and down onto her knees.

Lauren obviously didn't have as much experience fellatiating guys as Melanie, but she still knew what she was doing.

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