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A young man find himself being feminized.

He pushed his erection down so it pointed at the floor and managed to pull his underpants and trousers up around it. Reluctantly the swollen member softened, and Andrew left the room with a comfortable bulge of flesh swinging in his crotch.

It was a balmy summer evening and the last rays of the setting sun illuminated the alleyway behind the house which led to the communal stable block. The stable block itself was half in darkness, and entering through the service door Andrew picked his way between shadows and the warm, hazy rays of sunset.

The strong smell of animals and hay was comforting and homely. He could hear the odd contended grunt and bluster of the couple of horses which remained in the block that evening. The building was quiet, empty and private.

Picking his way towards one of the more remote corners of the block Andrew felt a familiar stirring in his groin. He wasn't afforded much privacy amongst the busy staff of the house, and missed those opportunities he had once enjoyed for a long afternoon alone, naked and exploring his body. Leaning against the wall he began to fondle the full bulge between his legs, contemplating a couple of hours alone in the warm, shadowy stable block. Button by button he slowly began to unfasten his trousers.

Suddenly he paused, listening alertly. In the evening quiet, he could distinctly hear a soft, wet, repetitive fap fap fap emanating from a shadowy corner. Silently he followed the sound, tiptoeing towards an empty, disused stall. Rounding the corner, he discreetly peered in.

There, in a corner of the stall, framed by a golden shaft of evening sunlight, he beheld the figure of Sam on hands and knees, face pressed up against the wooden partition, overalls in a pile on the ground, undershirt pulled up around his waist and naked arse in the air facing Andrew not two feet away. Picked out by the sun, two soft, white arse cheeks framed a darkly ringed puckered arsehole below which swung a full, firm, pink ball sack above an obscenely large cock. The long, pale member swung pendulously between Sam's thighs, his hand gently caressing the huge purple helmet and producing the soft fapping sound that had alerted Andrew to the stablehand's presence.

Sam pressed his face closer to the partition, and the rhythm of his stroking increased. Andrew studied the dusting of downy blond hairs that ringed the stablehand's darker arsehole, and watched with fascination as the generous ball sack tightened and contracted. Releasing the last of his buttons, Andrew allowed his now almost fully erect penis to flop into the fresh air, where it nodded and released a glistening string of juices.

As if suddenly conscious of the intrusion Sam's head flashed round and he froze, one hand round his member, one hand on the ground holding him up. Blood rushed to his face and he blushed scarlet from ear to ear with a fearful look on his face. Andrew smiled warmly. He opened his mouth to speak, but Sam urgently put a finger to his lips. Relaxing slightly, he smiled warily and gestured to the wooden partition. Andrew walked towards him, his member bouncing and bobbing in front of him.

Sam seemed mesmerised by the thick penis, watching it closely as Andrew approached. Kneeling silently beside Sam, Andrew inspected the wooden partition. There was a crack between two boards, and bending towards it Andrew peered through.

There, in the further corner of the next stall, sat Margaret the scullery maid. Propped against a pile of dry hay, she had pulled up her skirts around her waist. Her booted feet were wide apart, stockings rolled down around around her calves. Her slim thighs were bared, and she had pulled the gusset of her undergarments to one side to reveal a pink, shining mound of moist flesh in a patch of brown curls. Eyes closed, head back, she was gently massaging the mound with one hand, her cheeks flushed pink. She was obviously oblivious to the presence of Sam, and now Andrew, lost in a lazy haze of lustful self pleasure.

On top of the lustful afternoon he had already spe

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