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Details of graduating students at an unusual institution.

Cindy's jaw dropped as she witnessed the bed's creation from Hannah's magical fingertips. Cindy stared at the bed and saw that it was as real as the rooftop she stood on. As Cindy quickly turned back to Hannah to see her magical face, Cindy saw that she was no longer standing there. Cindy then turned her gaze back to the bed, and saw Hannah had already teleported her body on top of the bed. There she lie before Cindy, now without her tiny pink bikini over her body. Her large oily breasts glistened as the sun poured down through the sheer fabric ceiling of her magical bed. She ran her fingertips over her nude tantalizing figure, stroking her own curves and waiting for Cindy to join her as she folded her large butterfly wings folded behind her.

"Whatever we want, whenever we want." Cindy heard Hannah's voice say as it echoed in her mind. Cindy carried the package and was becoming eager to join her friend. Hannah just lie on her own bed, with her wings folded back and her hand caressing her oily breasts. Her lips didn't move, but Cindy could hear Hannah talking to her. "I told you before, when you are as powerful as I am, the only thing you really want anymore is pleasure and amazing sex. I hope you will come to the same conclusion after you learn how to hone your own magical abilities."

"This is ... amazing." Cindy said, soaking in the fact that her dreams were not dreams. She carried the package to the foot of the magical bed and looked down over Hannah's nude body. Hannah brushed the sheets of her bed with her hand and looked up at Cindy who stood before her. Hannah rose her hand towards Cindy, and the package she carried opened up. The double-sided dildo that surprised Cindy in the mail floated up out of the box and in front of Cindy's face. It them floated towards Hannah's extended hand. The moment Hannah placed the dildo in her hand with her thoughts, she took one end of it, and placed it in her own mouth.

"Mmm..." Hannah moaned as she lovingly sucked on her dildo as if it was a cock. Her beautiful pink and black butterfly wings fluttered ever so softly as Hannah quickly became aroused by the sensation of sucking on the large toy cock. Cindy bit her upper lip as she watched Hannah lick up and down the extra-long shaft. The pins that held up Hannah's blonde hair suddenly fell out and landed on the bed. Hannah quickly shook her hair out, and revealed that her cute blonde hair was much longer than her previous shorter haircuts. As her hair fell down around her shoulders, Hannah gave Cindy a sexy and desirable look.

"Let's get you out of those clothes." Cindy heard Hannah say in her head. With those words, a button on Cindy's shirt popped off. One by one, the buttons on Cindy's shirt popped off, and Hannah giggled as Cindy watched in minor shock. Hannah was disrobing Cindy with her thoughts; without even a gesture and hardly even a look. Hannah let go of the toy that was firmly in her hand, and placed her hand over her own breasts, massaging her own body. Even though she wasn't holding it, the dildo moved in and out of her mouth, floating around by Hannah's thoughts as well.

With a quick rip, Cindy's black skirt was pulled to her knees by Hannah's invisible magic, revealing her tiny black thong between her ass-cheeks. Cindy quickly covered herself up, but as Hannah continued to play with her nude body and suck on the floating double-sided dildo, she grabbed onto Cindy's wrists with her thoughts, and pulled them to her sides. Cindy was held firmly by Hannah's magic as her shirt was pulled over her shoulders, leaving her in nothing more than her black bra and panties.

"Calm down.

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