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Seraphelle's recklessness got her into a sticky situation.

ou today?

Brenda said, "We can work with them next time I "cum" to visit.

We agreed we would like to see her again.

She looked at me as she hugged mother and cupped mom right breasts and licked its nipple.

Mother took Brenda's hand and placed it in her crotch and said, "You are going have to play with BOTH of us on Wednesday when you bring the "toys."

Brenda kissed mother and agreed as she left that she would push the company for quick delivery.

Tuesday morning I got a call from the freshman dean for the school in Prescott asking if I had time to go over my upcoming class schedule and what books were going to be required.

I must have been on the phone for over an hour with her getting all correct and in place.

She asked about housing and I told her I would be staying with my grandmother who lives about fifteen miles from the school.

She asked the address and phone number so the school would have it on record for emergency reasons.

After lunch I went over to see if I could get to get copy of my medical records as the school had requests these also for their file on me.

My doctor's nurse told me that if I signed the proper paperwork she would see that a set of my file would be sent to the school.

As I was filling out the paperwork the doctor walked by and seeing me asked if my leg was healing properly.

I say it was, but she asked me to come into the examine room so she could double check.

Once I was back in the examine room, she asked me to remove my jeans so she could look at the scar and make sure it had healed properly.

I was a little embarrassed to remove my jeans as I was not wearing and underwear.

She said that was ok as she had already seen my manhood and maybe wanted to check it out again also.

With that statement my cock started to get hard and grow down my pant leg.

She notices that and walked over to me and opened my belt and jeans and pulled them down.

As she did my cock flopped out and hit her on the side of the face and leaked a little precum onto her cheek.

She was just going to lower her mouth to my rock hard cock as her nurses knocked on the door and opening it said that the hospital had just called and Mrs. Z was going into labor and she was need to assist in the delivery of the twins.

I looked down at her and said, "Maybe next visit."

She stood up and said my leg looked great and to stop by in a couple of weeks for her to check it out again.

As she waked out the door the nurse smiled at me and closed the door and leaned against it, pressing the lock button behind her back.

She walked over to me and started to unbutton her blouse.

She looked at what me and my cock and just keep taking off her blouse and then her bra.

She had a great set on her and her nipples were two inches across at the areola.

I reached out and cupped her breasts and bent down to suck on those beautiful nipples.

She hoped up on the examining table and placed her legs in the metal stirrups they used when doing ladies virginal inspections.

Her panties were soaking wet and smelled wonderful even from this distance.

I lowered my face to her crouch and sniffed. She said to open the drawer on the side of the table and get a pair of scissors out and cut the crouch of the panties so I could lick that wet pussy.

As I cut the material I noticed that she was playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples.

I stood up and leaned forward to get my lips on her nipples and as I did my cock head brushed pushed against her pussy and entered it as I keep leaning forward.

She let out a moan and said, "YES! YES! That's it slide that monster in me all the way and make me feel wonderful.

I pushed further into her and as I did I looked at her face and saw a smile and a look of "OH that feels like heaven."

As I started to pull out she screamed, "NO! Leave him buried in me for a minute before you pump me to an organism."

I stopped and pushed back in to its fullest and just reached up and played with her nipples for what seemed like forever before she said, "Pump me and fill me full of your cum."

After we had both

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