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Feminist seduces African-American at Ottawa University.


'So what did you do?'

'I got my camera and I got to work,' said Cathy. 'What I hadn't appreciated was that Jen wanted the pictures to show Mike - her ex - what he was missing. So that's what we took: pictures to show Mike what he was missing.'

'And did they?' I asked.

'Oh, I think so,' Cathy said, laughing. 'We took some seriously dirty pictures.'

'How serious?' I asked, getting more and more interested all the time.

'Oh, serious,' Cathy said. 'In the trade I believe the term is "showing pink". In fact, I was a little worried that we might have gone a bit too far. I thought the magazine that Jen wanted to send them to might find them a bit too strong. But no, Jen sent them in and they ran six of them as a double page spread. And, of course, Jen got a copy of the magazine and sent it to Mike and his new girlfriend.'

'And how did you feel about it all,' I asked, '- shooting porn to order, as it were?'

Cathy took a big sip of her wine. 'To be honest, I found it all a bit of a turn on,' she said, '- especially when Jen abandoned her knickers and started giving herself a good seeing to.'

'While you were still photographing,' I said, wanting to make sure I understood.

'While I was still snapping, as they say,' Cathy said

'Blimey,' I said.

'And what made it even more interesting,' Cathy continued, 'was that Jen turned out to be a bit of a gusher. When she cums, she sprays everywhere.'

'Blimey,' I said again.

'Is that the only thing you can say?' Cathy asked. 'Blimey.'

'Well, you must admit ...,' I said. 'Were you perhaps, well, tempted to join in?' I asked, hoping that I hadn't overstepped the mark with Cathy.

'But of course,' Cathy said. 'Who wouldn't be? After about 20 minutes of watching Jen do her thing through the lens, my own knickers were sopping. So I took them off and joined the party. I don't mean with Jen,' she said hurriedly. 'I just mean that I gave myself a bit of a seeing to, enjoyed my own orgasm.'

'Blimey,' I said for at least the third time.

'There you go again,' Cathy said. And then, after a bit of a pause, she asked: 'Would you like to see some of my photographs?'

'You mean of Jennifer?' I asked incredulously.

'Well, yes, I've got some of Jen. I've also got some other stuff I've done. I figured if Jen wanted X-rated stuff of herself, there were probably other women who might also like the idea - and it seems there are.'

'And you've got some of these photographs with you now?' I asked.

'Up in my room,' she said, smiling. 'We can go and have a look now if you've nothing better to do. Given that the pictures are supposed to be erotic and arousing, I'd appreciate your opinion. We can take the rest of the wine with us if you like.'

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. 'Well, yeah. Why not?' I said.

Cathy's room - like my own - was quite spacious. Aside from the king-sized bed, there was a good sized desk, a couple of armchairs and coffee table.

'Why don't you put the wine on the desk there,' Cathy said, 'and then I can put my laptop on the coffee table.'

I did as she suggested, topped up our wine glasses and then sat myself in one of the armchairs.

'Let me see,' Cathy said, returning from the closet with her laptop and a black-leather art folio. 'Most of my stuff is on here, but I printed off some of the better ones and mounted them.' She unzipped the folio and lifted out a stack of mounted prints which she started to spread out, face down, on the coffee table.

Cathy turned over one of the prints.

'Jennifer,' she said.

Her friend Jennifer was as Cathy had described her. Curvaceous but not overweight, her body was the body of a mature woman who kept in shape. Her ash blonde hair was cut in a stylish bob, and she had a generous mouth and bright smiling eyes.

'That was one of the early shots,' Cathy said.

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