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Things get hotter for fireman & his daughter.

I called my husband from the bed and told him what we had done that day. He reminded me that I needed to write him all about it for his pleasure. I told him not to worry and then hung up and continued to watch TV and talk as we sipped a glass of wine.

I was actually a bit excited about having an overnight guest. I've spent a few nights here and there with other men, but it was actually more of an all-night sex marathon with very little sleeping. This was going to be a quiet, normal evening in the scheme of things. We were in bed watching TV, talking, and sipping wine just as I might do with my husband. Chuck and I then would have sex, and then go to sleep. We weren't planning on waking up in the middle of the night and going at it again. But the most important thing was that I was going to go to sleep that night with a belly full of sperm and the man who put it there sleeping by my side protecting me. That in itself was a wonderful feeling to have.

We started out holding hands while we watched TV. Chuck soon took my bare feet into his hands and began to massage them while watching TV. Just having my feet rubbed was almost good enough for me. So here I was in bed with another man with my feet in his lap getting my toes rubbed and soon, very soon his penis was going to be inside of me. I was in heaven.

When the TV program was over we got ourselves ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and then climbed into bed and waited for Chuck who was brushing his teeth. When he was finished he climbed into bed with me and turned off the light. He opened the curtains so the natural moonlight would light the room. It was so romantic. He turned to me after opening the curtains and took a look at me in the moonlight. He then got into bed and held me in his arms and told me he was really happy to be here. We kissed.

The foreplay was good. He knew all my sensitive spots and what I liked and proceeding to do it all. The kissing went on for a long time since I love to be deep kissed as it is almost as intimate as intercourse itself. His hands found their way to the places I liked touched but he kept things going slowly. I just put myself in his hands and enjoyed myself.

My first orgasm through oral sex was particularly intense that night. I don't know if it was just the anticipation of sex all day with Chuck or something else. Whatever it was it took my breathe away and I broke one of my habits by crying out in pleasure fairly loudly. By nature I like to make lots of sex noises but I've had to train myself over the years to be quiet because of my daughters. No matter how open I might be to them about the facts of life, I didn't want them to hear their mother moaning in passion, even with their own father, so I learned to suppress my noises until I was able to bring the noises down to a soft whisper or moan.

Since my daughters have moved away I've been trying to relax myself a bit. Of course I don't want to totally untrain myself as one day I will have my grandchildren staying for overnight visits and don't want them to hear grandma making sex noises.

But tonight I couldn't help myself and I gave a loud cry as my orgasm swept through me. Chuck continued licking and kissing between my legs for several moments as my pleasure subsided. He then pulled himself back next to me and held me for a little while putting his hand over my vagina hair and rubbing softly.

I took hold of his penis and put my hands around it, or tried to at least.

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