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to the pantyhosed lesbian action on screen, 'What is it with guys and lezzers? And what is it with you and tights?'

'I suppose I like they way they feel.'

'You put them on your cock?'

'Yes,' I smiled at the inquisition.

'Show me,' she demanded again,' Put them on your cock.'

I glanced at the door and Naomi assured me, 'You know what they're like. They'll be talking for hours. They're already on the sherry so they won't be going anywhere. Come on! I want to see your cock. I'll show you my tits.'

At this she whipped up her T-shirt to reveal two perfect globes with pale bud like nipples. They were really lovely and I said so.

She smiled brightly at the compliment and told me, 'My boyfriend likes them too. he likes to put his cock between them and I squeeze them around it like this,' she demonstrated by pushing her breasts together. 'When I'm on my period and he can't fuck me I suck him and let him do that. He cums on my neck usually. I like that, it's all hot and it runs down my tits, it sort of tickles, but it's really sexy,' then she caught my eye, 'I bet you want to put your cock here,' she indicated with her finger, 'I bet I can make you cum.'

I found my voice and said, 'I bet you could, Naomi. You're very beautiful.'

'Do you want to fuck me?'


'I knew it,' she giggled like she was Sherlock Holmes cracking an impossible case.

'Aren't you the fucking genius then,' I walked over to stand between her knees and bent down to kiss her. As I came up again I loosened my joggers and slid them and my boxers down to my thighs. My cock bounced free just 18 inches or so from my pretty niece's face.

She stared at it. I was very hard and my foreskin was already stretched back to reveal the large head of my penis.

'It's big,' she whispered her confidence ebbing again.

'Bigger than your boyfriend's?'

This time she just nodded slowly and looked up into my eyes. I felt in charge of the situation now. 'Stroke it Naomi!'

Her hand quickly moved up to clasp my shaft. her grip was firm and confident and she stroked like she clearly knew what she was doing.

'Nice,' was all I could say.

'You gonna cum?' obviously her boyfriend was quick to finish.

'No. keep doing that.'

Naomi wanked me for a few minutes. She was surprisingly adept at giving a handjob, for a young girl. She varied her pace and frequently made eye contact with me and smiled.

'You like doing that, don't you?' I asked.

'Yes, I want to make you cum.'

'I will, just let me enjoy it,' I reached out and clasped her perfect breast in my right hand. I gently squeezed her pert bosom and then pinched her nipple between my fingers. It made her gasp. I moved her up to sit on the edge of my desk so I could bend down to suck her nipples while she continued to play with me. Now my cock was in contact with her naked belly and she obviously knew it would excite me to feel my cock head pressing into her flesh.

'You've done this before,' I observed.

'Lots and lots. Get between my tits.'

She shuffled down and pressed her boobs to me and enveloped my shaft between her pert globes. It felt nice. Especially when my cock came up and brushed her chin. I was already leaking pre-cum and I commented, 'Now you've really got my cum on your face.'

Without a word she ducked her head and took my cock in her mouth. As her succulent lips closed around my dick I nearly came but somehow managed to keep control. She sucked strongly, like a vacuum, then released me.

'Better now? It was all messy.' She'd just lapped up the pre-cum from my dick.

'Christ you're amazing.'.

'Want to cum in my mouth?'

'Gawd yes'

Immediately Naomi wanked me more quickly and instructed, 'Tell me when.'

I thought 'what the fuck' and let her wank me hard. The sensations were building and I knew it would be a big release, would it be too much for her? I thought 'fuck the little tart. She asked for it.'

I was about to explode and I grunted, 'Shit, now.'

Naomi's mouth closed around my cock head and seemed to seal shut.

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