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Two women, two thongs, lotion & him.

She moved into the room meekly and waited as I locked the locks on the door. I turned to her and as I was about to say something she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

As we kissed I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against me and embraced her as we kissed. She walked me backwards until my back was up against the wall. I pulled her shirt out from her jeans as she pushed my shirt up over my head. In a flash she made her way to her knees and pulled down my shorts exposing my penis to her for the first time. I was already semi hard but went immediately rigid when she wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly stroked me to full hardness. She moved her hand down my cock and held it against the base of my shaft as she gave light little kisses over my cock first starting along the top middle of my shaft then moving to the head and then kissing along the sides.

I let out a slight moan and she slowly returned to stroking me. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and smiled before looking back at my cock.

I started to leak precum which she noticed and taking her other hand swirled it around the tip of my penis. My cock twitched in response. Moving forward, she then took me into her mouth, slowly, drawing me in slowly and teasingly, inch by inch, until I was about half way into her mouth. She reached behind me grabbing a hold of my hips pulling me deeper into her.

I don't know if it was the excitement of the situation, who I was with or how great of a job she was doing with her mouth and hands but I could already feel myself getting close and warned her, not wanting to spoil the moment, but she seemed to have the situation under control as she took her hands off my hips and reached for my cock again and her other hand started to fondle my balls. She sucked me into her mouth as deeply as she could and holding before pulling back off of me. Again and again she repeated sucking as much of me into her mouth as she can which did nothing to help me hold off from nearly cumming.

Without warning she quickly began to stroke and suck me and massage my nuts which caused me to erupt into her mouth with my cum which she heartily swallowed as much of as she could. When I was done with my orgasm I collapsed back against the wall as my softening dick escaped from between her lips.

With a finger, she cleaned the corners of her mouth where some of my juices had leaked out. She looked so wonderful, so beautiful, so sexy, kneeling at my feet and yet still completely clothed. There was something sexy about her there in my room clothed while I was completely naked before her.

I reached down for her hands and pulled her up to her feet and guided her to the bed. I slid her sandals off her feet and grabbing her ankles I pulled her to the edge of the bed. I stood over her as I worked to remove her top and her bra. I paused to admire the top portion of her body. Her nipples were hard and stuck out proudly from her chest. She wasn't huge by any means but she did have a nice handful.

It was now my turn to go to my knees as I leaned in to worship her breasts. I kissed her lips, momentarily tasting my cum, still slightly on her lips, before working my way down her neck while softly cupping in my hand her breasts. I felt her hands move through my hair and across my shoulders while also holding me close to her body. I moved across the base of her neck and across her shoulders laying little kisses on her. Her nipples were between my fingers and I rolled them between my finger and thumb and gently pulling on them. Finally, my mouth moved over her breast, first her right one and then the left. My tongue traced a circular pattern around her areola before sucking her nipple into my mouth. Her hands roamed through my hair and then tightened into a strong grip as a moan escaped her lips.

After spending time teasing her tits I kissed a trail down to the top of her pants.

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