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Young woman seduced by a charmingly perverse neighbour.

"I thought I had talked you out of it last night."

"You didn't, but there will be some rules. We need to make the business look legitimate. Escort businesses are legal here. That's what we should do. We need to get a post office box and an answering service. We can advertise in those little throw-away magazines, I've seen around. There is one other thing...I don't do anything I don't want to do...ever."

"Been thinking about this, ain't you?" he said looking at me from over the raised cup. "What won't you do, Keylee?"

"I don't know," I answered honestly. "I'm sure something will come up. You have to understand I'm not one of your whores, Bull. I'm a partner."

"Working partner?"

"If necessary, yes. I can do this, Bull and you're going to let me. Hurry up the day is half gone."

"It's eight o'clock in the fuckin' morning," he growled. He stared hard at me a moment then laughed. "You don't have the foggiest idea what you're in for, but it's damned sure going to be interesting watching you get educated."

"So educate me, partner." ***

"The trick is to go slow and get the right women," Bull said. We had just left Big Al Smithson's office which was in the same seedy bar and the same table he was at the first time we saw him.

Bull had negotiated with Al getting the fine points established. Basically it was little more than Al agreeing to leave us alone, but it took a lot of talk to get it understood. Al, apparently, was paying off some vice cops and we would come under that protection, such as it was. Another thing Al insisted on was the right to use any of our staff at a sharp discount. He also gave us the name of a woman who was interested in working the interracial trade.

"How do you know if they are the right women?" I asked Bull.

"Easy enough," he said grinning at me. "I interview them. I don't want any old skag that wants to fuck or wants to make some money. I want women who like to fuck and the money's secondary. Bored housewives make the best girls for us. Of course at first we might have to take whatever we can get. When did the lady say our ad would come out?"

"Next week, so you better get cracking, partner. They'll be installing the phone tomorrow." We decided to cut down the overhead as much as possible by using my house as a base of operation. We also had an answering service that specialized in the trade. Our ladies would each have a cell phone to get their assignments. "Are you going to contact Molly?" Molly was the name of the woman Al had supplied.

"Yes I am. She might be a dog. Al said she was nice looking, but I'm not sure what he considers nice. They don't have to be a supermodel, but they should look decent."

"Are you going to interview me?' I teased. He smiled and shook his head.

"Naw, already done that," He glanced over at me. "You sure, Keylee? Are you really sure you want to do this?"

"I'm sure," I said with confidence I didn't actually feel.

"Is that why you invited Albert Smithson over this evening?" Bull asked me. "lookin' to see what another black cock is like?"

"No..Yes...I guess. It seemed like the thing to do at the time." Actually I didn't know why I invited Al. He certainly didn't have a lot of sex appeal for me. I suppose it was just taking the plunge. While we were talking to him he put his hand on my leg and stroked me. I'll admit it was a little exciting to be touched by a black man in public. Al certainly didn't make any effort to hide the fact he was interested in me. He nearly fell out of his chair when I asked him to come over so we could get better acquainted.

"I hope you know that Al is expecting to get some pussy tonight," Bull said. "In fact you better get it into your head that from now on every man we deal with is going to want a piece of your ass." I had already figured that out. "If up to you if he get's any or not." ***

My backyard had a six foot privacy fence around it. The back of the house and patio is completely cut off from any of the neighbors. That was where we were with Al.

"Nice place you got here

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