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Sharon faces her worst nightmare.

I got my suite all fixed and ready and got everything I needed all setup and ready to roll. Then I heard the front door open, and I thought to myself 'Who is in here this early with me?' and then I saw the shadow of Jessica.

She was silhouetted by my opaque mirrors, and I saw her movements as she made her way to her desk and sat down, I was super nervous and was a little on edge about the prior day's events. I looked down at my desk sat back in my chair and waited for what seemed like an eternity for my phone's com to click on.

"Good morning Jethro" she started off very sweet and almost to endearing.

"Good morning Jessica" I responded "Ready for the long day ahead of us?"

"Absolutely" she chimed in "I've got an extra magazine today to keep me occupied tonight while you burn thru those meetings... did you need anything this morning?"

I told Jessica that all was going to be fine and that I better start the day off with a big bang and headed out to the board meeting room. What I didn't know was that she was at the front desk in a skin tight white button up shirt, a pencil thin black skirt that barely hid anything. I didn't notice this but I slowly caught on throughout the day. I would pass by some of the guys on the teams as I need to grab reports for the dozen or so meetings I had all day. I would pick up little snippets.

Have you seen Jessica today?

Yeah man she's really flaunting her shit today!

I heard Tom from IT was going to see about getting her number!

No way? He's going for it?

The conversation was almost endlessly like that and I could only imagine what she was actually wearing. I had missed my chance to see it early this morning, but tonight I was sure to catch a nice glimpse of what she was wearing. I was after all spending the evening shift alone with her again tonight. I almost seemed too excited about the night, I felt this primal urge to want her, and I felt like I could shake it.

I found myself day dreaming about her in the meetings and being very distracted during the day and throughout basically all of lunch I was just nonstop on her. I usually wasn't this distracted by something and I found myself in almost a haze of Jessica. I was thinking of these things and I couldn't put my finger on it but I felt almost as if I was in her trance or in a trap or something. I even called Sydney to see about her day and all I could do was think about Jessica and everything she had shown me last night.
Once the thoughts and the meetings had ended it was finally my turn to head back into my office and wind down for the day. I got up out of my chair in the board room and made the journey back to my desk. I looked at my phone and it was already 6:34 pm almost time to punch out in another hour or two after I get thru the endless emails. As I made it to the front desk I didn't see Jessica at her post and I could only assume she was in the bathroom or getting dinner. I shrugged off missing the shot at seeing her in the sexiest outfit ever and then went into my cave.

I opened my door to see my chair turned around, not at all how I left it. I closed the door, as I did the person in my chair turned out to be Jessica... wearing nothing but her white lace underwear in my chair. She had one hand on the arm rest and one hand down in her panties, furiously playing with herself. Her eyes connected to mine and she wouldn't let me look away. I felt her pulling me in with them and I was powerless to stop her from taking advantage of me. I was in a trance being pulled in by her as she guided me over to her with just her beautiful blue eyes.

I stood tall before her, with what must've looked like a massive hard-on protruding from my pants and her eyes grew very wide and interested in it, for a split moment. She asked "Are you really that excited to see me Jethro?"

I just couldn't help but smile and giggle as she looked thru me already knowing the answer.

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