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He wouldn't waste any more time. One hand on his cock he used the other to part her left cheek, her ass now obscenely spread for his perusal. Leaning in, he first pressed his nose to her puckered hole and inhaled deeply the aroma he'd only had hints of from her underwear as a teen. I have to taste it, he thought and opened his mouth to encircle his mother's anus. His tongue flattened against her wrinkled skin and licked across the hole. His hand gripped his cock, already harder than he reasoned it could get. He heard his mother sigh as he attempted to poke his tongue inside her tight sphincter. She loosened her anus and his access was granted, allowing his tongue to dig deep inside her rectum, his mouth sealed to her butt.

Douglas kissed the insides of his mother's glistening parted thighs. Her shaved smooth pussy was literally dripping onto his face and he sucked at her moisture like a man dying of thirst. When his tongue slid between the folds of her labia he had to cease masturbating his own cock for fear the excitement would cause a premature ejaculation. Doug's chin bumped up against his brothers as he buried his tongue further into his mother as if seeking the womb from whence it originated.

Carol could hardly contain herself. She released hold of her ass and pussy and clutched her breasts, pinching and pulling on her engorged nipples. Never had she felt such pleasure. A tongue in her asshole and another in her cunt. Not just any tongues, the loving mouths of her adult sons. It was all too much, her climax was beginning. She began moving her pelvis back and forth upon her son's upturned faces. With their chins touching she found she could almost rest her weight on them, sliding her cunt and ass over nose, then mouth, mouth, then nose and back again. Their faces became a slip and slide, slick with her vaginal juice and saliva. A tongue would enter her anus and then her cunt and repeat. She became light headed with the exhilaration and her orgasm came with a wave relief. Her cunt stopped on Douglas' mouth and she reached down and pulled the back of his head into her. William took the opportunity to bury his tongue back inside her anus as a rush of fluid gushed forth from her vagina and into Douglas' mouth. Her asshole tightened around the tongue inside it and her legs became weak as Carol realized she had just cum in her son's mouth.

Douglas would give his wife oral regularly but never had she cum in his mouth. Not to this extent where he had to swallow the fluid. Carol lifted herself off William's tongue and Douglas' mouth and with a flushed red face looked down at him, he thought, almost apologetically. "Oh darling I'm sorry, I didn't know that would happen." She offered. "Sorry? What for? I loved it." Douglas pointed down to his erect penis. "Look how hard you've made me." Carol did look where he directed, she also noticed Williams hard cock, his hand still manipulating his organ. "Well, let mommy do something about them then."

William sat on his mother's satin robe on the couch. The material felt good beneath his ass, cold and silky. His cock stood erect and waiting as Carol climbed upon his lap. First sliding her greased pussy along his length she took hold of his shaft and guided the head to her opening. And then he was inside her. Deep inside. Further than her husband was ever able to penetrate, kissing her cervix.

Douglas watched from behind and waited until his brother was fully inside before acting. His mother's anus beckoned his attention, her hands reached behind, separating her ass cheeks wider, further emphasizing her need for more cock. If his mother was unsure whether she could accommodate his larger size (and anally), she didn't show it. He pressed the bulbous head of his member to her anus and gently pushed. Her lubricated sphincter opened and swallowed his glans, drawing him inside her, begging for further intrusion.

William could feel his brother's cock sliding against his own through his mother's vaginal wall.

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