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Becky, as she preferred to be called took a good selection of the range and we discussed the terms. I filled in the application and we were up and running. She was a very pleasant woman, friendly with a rather earthy sense of humour, She was pretty, but well built. Her husband's name was Tom and he worked shifts, so he was there for some of the time. I got on well with him, although I did detect some acidity in things they said to each other. Not my problem, I did my job and eventually took off to my next call.

For the next couple years I would see Becky about four times a year, Two of the calls were to show her new ranges, and the other calls were purely customer courtesy calls. Over this time we became quite good friends, and the call time became longer, and more frequent. With the business over we would sit and chat, and I learned quite a lot about her, and she was also interested in me. Again over that time I noticed that Becky who had been a well rounded girl was losing weight. I mentioned this and she told me that she had started going to the Gym, and had taken up riding again. I knew from previous conversations that she had once rode frequently, going to gymkhana's and even taking part in national trials. As she once said to me.

"Riding a horse is not just about sitting on top of it. You certainly work all the muscles and you sweat, almost as much as the horse." I also gathered that she and Tom were not getting along too well. Now coming on to customers is not a sensible thing to do. So I never, ever gave Becky any reason to think that I was interested in her sexually, a fact she noticed. As she had lost weight, the great figure that had been hidden for years re-emerged, and she got come-ons from quite a few men. She mentioned this one day, and then went on to say.

"That's why I like you, Jack. I think we are good friends, and one reason for that is that you have never done or said anything that could be suggestive. I don't have to be on my guard with you, and that's great. We can just talk about anything." Which we did.

Now don't get the idea that I didn't find Becky attractive. She was. However as I said she was a customer, and secondly married. I knew the marriage was shaky, but that is absolutely the worst time to make moves on a woman. So our friendly customer relationship went on. My calls with her got longer, and I learned more about her background.

The relationship changed when on one call I told Becky of my determination to learn to dance, Ballroom that is. I was one of those who got bitten by the bug after the first season of 'Strictly come Dancing', the programme is called 'Dancing with the Stars' in the states. All those gorgeous girls set the pulse racing. She asked me if I had a partner.

"No. But the bloke who runs the classes said that there were plenty of single women there, and getting a partner would be no trouble, he said I may get killed in the rush!" Becky laughed. Then floored me.

"Jack, would you consider me to partner you?" I was stuck for a reply for a while.

"Well I would be happy, but what about Tom. Wouldn't he mind?" Becky was shaking her head.

"No, not at all, but let's ask him. He's in his workshop out the back." Becky went out. Then called from the kitchen. "Do you want another coffee while I'm here?"

"Thanks, Becky." Five minutes later Tom came in.

"Hello Mate." He clapped me on the shoulder. "Becky. Told me about your going to dancing lessons, and that your worried that I would be iffy about her going with you. No, mate. No trouble. Get her out a bit more. It'll be good for her." I did get the idea that it could be good for him as well.

We discussed what evenings would be best.

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