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He came back unexpected and was very glad he did.

He watched her chin begin to quiver as she watched him. A small trickle of drool escaped her mouth as a low moan rolled from deep in her chest.

"Awwww ... you want THIS, darlin?" he squeezed his cock and pointed at her. "You're gonna have to beg. Tell me what you want, little girl."

Dinah's body was betraying her, for whatever moral stand she had thought she was going to take had now left her completely. All that mattered was the dull throbbing in her pussy that was begging to be quieted by Ian's cock. Every fiber in her being wanted Ian's seed.

"I want you"

Ian eyed her carefully. "You want me? Is that all you have to say? I have this hot, throbbing cock to push into you and all you can say is that you want me?!?"

"Yes ... please, Iannnnn..."

Ian stepped close to her - close enough for her to feel his heat. He leaned and kissed her neck, her jawline. He kissed her mouth lightly, but pulled back as she began to open her mouth in response.

"Please, Ian ..." she whispered, her eyes pleading with him to continue.

Ian kissed her throat and down to her left tit, now swollen with milk. He licked the nipple until Dinah gasped and the nipple hardened. He took it into his mouth and suckled, drinking from her. Ian bit her nipple gently, causing her to moan and writhe within her bonds.

"What do you want, Dinah? TELL ME!"

The stimulant drug was now at its peak in her body and Dinah was on fire.


Ian bent down, but instead of immediately complying with her wishes, he buried his face in her pussy. Her sweet juices were running freely now; her clit stood at perfect attention. Ian's tongue found her clit and began strumming it with precision and he listened to her cries and chuffing to monitor how close he brought her to the brink. He didn't want to push Dinah over just yet, but wanted her body screaming when he finally took her. Ian plunged a finger into her cunt, feeling the tube spasm around the digit as he wiggled it inside her. He brought it from her body, his hand completely covered in her juice.

"WATCH ME!" he commanded and she opened her green eyes, watching as he savored her nectar. His eyes were locked on hers as he wiped the last of her essence on his body. He now reeked of pussy - of HER pussy.

"Ian," she said piteously, "please, I beg of you. Release my legs"

He knelt down and disengaged the shackles at Dinah's feet. He rose and stepped to her, and as he did, he lifted her legs at the knees and tucked them under his arms.

Dinah felt Ian's cock nudge at her entrance, and she began to undulate against him in the hopes that his warm cockhead would rock against her clit. She was so close! She needed to cum so badly!

Ian felt her need and wrapped his arms under her ass and hips, aligning his cock perfectly. With one huge lunge, he was buried balls-deep inside her.

"AAAAGGGGGGG OOOOMMMYYY GGGOOODDD!!" Dinah screamed as she was suddenly filled to the brim with male meat. "YESSSSS!! YESSSS!!!!"

Immediately, she began to cum on his cock. The inside of her pussy was swollen and hot, and it massaged Ian so perfectly. He began to slide almost imperceptibly against the convolutions of her, his cockhead massaging her G-spot.

"Fuck me, Ian! Give me your hard cocccckkkkkk..... ahhhhgggggg!" Again, Dinah came. Her fuckjuice ran down his cock and dripped from his balls. He held her against his hips, hardly moving. He didn't need to: her body was grinding and spasming against him in the most delicious way.

He leaned close: "yeesssssssss, that's right, little one. Suck that cum right from my balls. I have a huge ...ahhhhhh ... load ... yessss... to give to your pussy ..."

Ian pulled and pushed Dinah on his cock. He watched her pussy lips cling to his flesh as he began to fuck her in earnest. He was giving her the whole length of himself with each stroke, and he watched her clit jump every time she came against him. Her wails could be heard across the complex as he set about impregnating her.

Milk leaked profusely from her tits.

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