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Sisters show their brother the love family members can give

Her back arched and she felt pain shoot through her breasts as her nipples stretched them out. The woman laughed cruelly.

While this was going on, the merc had dropped back into a crouch. His eyes flared and death looked out.

"Stop!" he shouted. His voice was hard. "What are you hoping to find out? What kind of interrogation is this?"

Pulling out his pistol, the Commander pointed it at him. "Whatever I want it to be! We paid for your services. I thought that included your loyalty!" Sarcasm dripped from his voice. "Get up against the wall. If I see you even twitch, I will shoot you."

A look of disdain crossed the merc's face. "I always knew you were a little prick. God ruined a perfectly good dick when he gave you ears!" he snarled.

The Commander's face went white, then crimson. "She'll pay for your bravado! Lt. Ivanova! Do whatever you want to her!"

Dominique did not like the sound of that. She fought against Ivanova, pushing her hands off of her nipples. The Lt. stepped back and jerked her wrists loose from Dominique's grasp. Dominique fell off balance, part way out of the bunk. Before she could regain her balance, Ivanova grabbed her hair and jerked her head back against the wall. Stars flashed before Dominique's eyes. Her body went limp, as she was effectively stunned.

Ivanova grabbed Dominique's limp form and spun her sideways on the bunk. Her feet and half off her ass were now off of the bunk. The feel of leather being strapped tight on her wrists started to bring Dominique around. She felt her legs being pulled roughly apart and more leather being tied tight to her ankles. She felt her face flush as she realized her wet pussy was wide open to everyone's view. Knowing this caused a fresh wave of her love juice to gush onto her outer labia. She heard the Lt. laugh.

"Look at this," the Lt. said, reaching down and spreading Dominique's pussy lips apart. "She's fucking wet! I always heard these Imperials were decadent whores, now I know it's true!"

The merc looked at Dominique. He shook his head slightly at her and mouthed the words, "Relax. Trust me."

Dominique closed her eyes and willed herself to relax. Hell, she thought. How bad could it be? I was just wishing for a little action, and here it is! Who am I to look a gift fuck in the mouth? Dominique opened her eyes and saw the female Lt. stripping off her own clothes. Soon, she was standing nude. Her eyes were glazed with lust and she was panting. Her breasts were small and capped with large pink aureoles. Her nipples were at least an inch long and standing straight out. Her body was smooth and hairless. Love juice glistened on the inside of her thighs as she ran a hand down to her crotch.

Dominique could only watch as Ivanova played with herself. Ivanova leaned back slightly and pulled her labia apart. Dominique's eyes grew wide as she saw Ivanova erect clitoris it was huge! It could have almost been a small penis. It was easily three inches long and almost as wide! Ivanova saw her reaction. Smiling widely, she stroked her clit and moaned loudly. Dominique felt her pussy gush in response to her moans.

Like a flash of lightning, Ivanova leaped up onto the bunk. Her small tits jiggled as she leaned over Dominique. Ivanova's eyes flashed as she leaned down to Dominique's face. Leaning close to Dominique's ear, she placed one hand on her soaked pussy. She started stroking Dominique's cunt as she whispered in her ear.

"Just go along with me." her voice was no longer cold, but husky with desire. "We have a plan to get you out of here, but we have to get the Commander to let his guard down. So just enjoy yourself. I know I will!"

Ivanova stuck her tongue out and traced Dominique's ear and down her neck.

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