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Charity needs to practice for her Cunnilingus Class.

The thongs separated their arse cheeks nicely and the material rode up into their rosebuds, again heightening their horniness.

Sophie put on her tight red leather mini-skirt. This covered her stocking tops, but only just. Any real movement would certainly be revealing. The skirt had a large zip at the front which ran the entire length of the skirt (up & down). This meant it could be removed quickly or could be adjusted to give a revealing split. The tightness of the skirt also meant that the bulge of her suspenders showed through the thin shiny red leather material.

But she knew what she was doing.

Skirt in place she put on her black low cut blouse. This had short loose fit arms and was made of a fine semi-transparent material. The top showed off her lacy __ cup bra and perfectly formed breasts superbly. The effect enhanced with a great cleavage and the display of her red nipples pushing up and out through the flimsy material.

She joined the skirt and blouse together using a broad elasticated black belt that had a series of press studs at the front (so as to attach the two ends together). This added to her already superb figure.

Shelly got into her black lace mini dress. It had __ arms and hung from her shoulders. The skirt section flared out with a large amount of material so it would swirl when she twisted. Like her sister it just covered her stocking tops (except when bending over). The upper lace section of the dress was semi-transparent and had a plunging neck line. Again you could clearly see her tits through the transparent material. Shelly's nipples, like Sophie's, also stood out, aided by her __ cup bra

Their hands ran down the material of their outfits in a kind of smoothing action. They knew how incredibly sexy and slutty they were looking.

Time to put on shoes.

Shelly slipped on her shiny 6 inch, black patent pumps and stood erect, almost standing on tip toe, her calf muscles straining. The shoes, however, gave the perfect shape to her legs, arse, and breasts. She walked around confidently, the six inch heels click clacking on the hard floor.

Sophie put on her 6 __ inch, red patent, high heeled shoes and stood up. Her arch wildly exaggerated in the very high heels, which only the trained could confidently wear. The tightness of the skirt slightly restricted her movement, but she walked with that sexy wiggle only very high heels and a tight skirt can give you.

She joked "Do I look fat in this?" knowing the answer.

"No, just really horny." replied her sister in her middle class English accent.

They both stood in front of the full length mirror.

"Nearly finished, now for the final touches." said Shelly, "black lace gloves."

Sophie's had little cut down lace fingers and the flared arm of the gloves went just beyond her wrists. Shelly's lace gloves were shorter and had no fingers, the front part of the glove ending at her knuckles. Both admired the gloves and the long red finger nails they displayed.

Standing in front of the mirror again, they reviewed themselves. From their trounced blond hair, their sluttish black eye makeup and cherry red lips. To their gorgeously shaped tanned bodies, their clothes displaying their ample 36' size C breasts and pert nipples, their skirts showing off their stockinged legs. They turned to look at their seams and 6 inch plus high heels. They looked so tall and their legs looked so great. They were both of model stature.

"We've forgotten the bling." said Sophie.

They each raided their jewelry box, attaching multiple short gold coloured necklaces around their necks, with gold coloured braclets , a bangle and gold ear rings to match. They applied more perfume for good measure.

"God we look like sluts." said Shelly.

"We are going to get SO fucked." replied Sophie.

"Every hole." retorted Shelly.

9:30pm; The Girls picked up their bags and as they walked to the door they began to sing.

Shelly: "I'm in the mood for cum."

Sophie: "Simply because I love it."


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