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He finds perfection in the night.

I introduced myself to the two mid-20 something black men and told them of my yard troubles. I also explained I probably couldn't pay them as much cash as they wanted. They asked me to wait a moment, turned their backs to me and spoke with each other. They turned back to face me and informed me they would do the work for me once they finished at the gas station, with the understanding that 'I' was going to be payment in full. I quickly agreed.

It was about noon when my two black studs (whose names were Josh and Dev) arrived and started to work on the yard. Once they were about half way done with the yard, I changed into a medium-length yellow sundress with platform wood-soled flip-flops (no bra or panties) and took some drinks out to them. They complimented me on my outfit and then went back to work. An hour or so later, they were done with the yard work. I invited Josh and Dev in and directed them to my guest room, as my kids were getting off the school bus. Once my kids got in the house, I got them playing video games in the living room. I explained to them that some men were helping me look into redoing the guest room and that they needed to behave, be quiet, and stay in the living room playing. They agreed to this, so I headed back to the guest room and shut the door before locking it behind me.

When I entered the room, both Josh and Dev were nude. They had moved the bed in the guest room into a corner. Dev sat down on the bed, leaned his back against the wall and started waving his cock back and forth at me. I laid down length wise on the bed and began rolling my tongue around his cockhead, before starting to work my married white lips up and down his black cock. Dev pulled down the top of my sundress (which was just a bunch of layers of elastic with material over it), freeing my small but fat tits, which he began to fondle with his large black hands. Josh hiked the bottom of my dress up to my waist and began to finger fuck me. I swear his finger alone felt as long and as thick as my white hubby's wimpy dick. I continued sucking on Josh's cock, while Dev finger fucked my pussy - using as many as two fingers at one point, for about five minutes before the guys wanted a change of pace.

Still dressed, sat up and but my back up against the wall as they had instructed me too. Josh then stood on the bed, turned my head towards him and began to fuck my mouth. Dev pressed my long white legs up onto the bed with his dark black hands, far enough to give him access to both my pussy and ass. He then went to work eating my pussy and finger fucking my ass. Dev's hot tongue and thick fingers brought me to an orgasm within a few minutes, as my hips and waist bucked wildly up off the bed. Dev placed his hands on my round belly to help ride out my orgasm, as Josh simply held my head in place with both of his hands and continued to pummel his black torpedo into my waiting and wanting married white mouth.

As my orgasm subsided, the guys laid me down on the bed and had me roll up onto my side. Josh immediately stuck his cock back into my mouth and started fucking it faster as he fondled my tits. Dev - holding one of creamy white my legs straight up with a dark black hand - began pounding away at my pussy. This went on for 5 -10 minutes, with them Josh driving his cock deeper into my mouth and Dev slamming his cock harder and faster into my pussy with each stroke. I could feel my second orgasm building, when Josh began to yank and pull on my nipples. My tits are VERY sensitive during sex and this was all it took for me to go over the edge. I again found my body gyrating and bucking wildly as I orgasmed a second time for my black lovers. As I came down from this orgasm, I could tell by their breathing that Dev and Josh were getting close to cumming.

I yanked Josh's big black snake out of my married white mouth and begged them both to blow their loads in m

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