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"I think we should go find this Franco and leave this poor fella alone." Giovanni snorts and nods, then pats the fella on the shoulder.

"You are not in trouble and this is good information. Will pass up that you perhaps could stand a promotion."

We leave him there smiling, also relieved since he is not dead or something. Giovanni seems to be well known among the people in the outfit. We are heading into the warehouse proper now, apparently there is only the one guard outside. Makes sense in a way, only one big exit so anyone taking boxes has to go that way, bottles on the other hand can be carried over the fence.

Inside there are a number of fellas, and a lot of boxes so there is more than just the hooch. At least I hope so because there are at least a thousand boxes in here. Also don't go and find Franco first, instead we head for the lockers. Which are inside a room so I am a little leery of this, I mean a skirt in the fella locker room, I've heard stories.

"I'm not sure I want to go in, it is a fella locker room and am a skirt." Fred and Giovanni look at me, both grin too.

"Won't be any of that, we are simply going to inspect his locker, chances are even he has hooch in the locker." Ponder that and shake my head.
"I'd think elsewhere, take a bunch of belts to end up wobbly when you leave. He has the hooch in the warehouse." Fred nods after a moment.

"Good thinking, but still checking in the locker. There would only be one bottle in the warehouse, extra would be in the locker. So if he swiped the bottles of brown plaid we are shy one is in the locker."

Makes sense to me, then Giovanni is taking my arm and into the locker room with us. At least the lockers are labeled so finding the right one is easy. Opening it up we don't find any hooch bottles, do find a really nice suit. It is not purple with gold striping though, this one is all grey, also gets me to squeak since I know the suit.

"I know this fella, at least the suit anyway." Giovanni frowns for a moment then asks.

"What do you mean?"

"I go around to speakeasies most every night, most nights I give out nookie, though half the time I go back to his place so it is the morning after on the nookie. A fella wearing this suit I have seen around, he is always going on about being high ranking and made."

"So he puts on airs to get nookie out of you?"

"Not just me, he is after skirts all the time. I don't know if he always manages but doesn't want to go home, the last time I ran into him I wanted to go to his place for nookie and sleep. Was tired and just wanted to get to bed when he asked. He didn't take me home, just said check and went after another skirt."

"So it was late when you ran into him last?" Fred asks so nod.

"Yeah, it was close to closing time."

"Had he gotten nookie with a skirt earlier when he asked you?" Giovanni asks this, and it is a good question so have to think about it.

"I'm not sure, I would think no. I mean he talks about being high ranking but never takes a skirt home with him, and then he is always alone. Sort of get the feeling he is a drugstore cowboy, which is fine enough since he does buy you drinks. First time I gave him nookie I was hungry and unsure on having the dough for a diner, he took me and paid for burgers."

"He had a car then?" Shake my head since we ankled.

"No we ankled, it was a short ankle so he let on as how since it is so close to a diner we will just ankle. This was six months ago so I would expect he got the jalopy recently." Giovanni is frowning now, so perhaps bad news for Franco.

"If he is simply putting on airs for nookie that is no problem, if he is taking hooch that is a problem, if he is getting money to be a pigeon that is a big problem, but then also gives us a line into them. We need to speak to Franco, and I need to know if it is the same fella you know." I am nodding then Fred asks a question.

"What did he tell you his name was?" Sigh and look down to turn red since this is a little embarrassing.

"I didn't ask.

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