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Kim finds pleasure everywhere.

Her nipples tightened, the damned machine doing more to stimulate her arousal. She broke her perusal of Alpha to glance down and what she saw made her heart drop into her stomach.

She'd been connected to a milking machine. True to his damned words, Alpha indeed planned on milking her. God, how she wished her pussy didn't pulse at the thought of that, but her breasts were swelling, her insides twisting as she accepted her fate. The shackles held her in place and Alpha's expression brooked no disobedience. He was determined to have his way and she knew there'd be no way out of it until he was done. Maybe later she could escape, but for now...She would do as he said willingly. Based on her body's dripping response, she'd probably enjoy it.

"What happens now?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"I give you the protein and with a little time, you'll begin to produce. Your offering will be given to members of the Pack and our sickness will gradually fade away."

"Do what you need to, I guess." Get this whole thing over with.

Alpha's gaze dropped to her lips again. "Good," he said. Then his mouth lowered to hers.

There was a brief moment when Jenna feared he might bite her. Hell, maybe even wanted it, but then she crushed that fear and fell into the heat of the kiss. As she'd suspected he would, Alpha took from her. She moaned into his mouth, breathing a thing of distant importance. He stole it with the demanding movement of his lips against hers. And when his tongue thrust into her mouth, she whimpered from the force of it.

At once, a bitter taste flooded her and she tried to back away. Alpha's hands shot up, gripped her head, and held her in place. She realized then that he was the cause, that he inundated her with this foul-tasting protein through a kiss. Despite herself, she found herself rocking her hips because despite the bitterness, this gorgeous man, full of power and dominance, incited something primal in her.

She didn't want just to be kissed by him. She wanted him inside her. She wanted to see his cock. To taste the pre-cum beaded at the tip of it. She wanted to stroke her tongue over the veiny bulges along his length. To smell the musk of his skin. Taste the brine of his balls. She wanted it all.

When he pulled away from their heated exchange, Alpha cupped her breasts and to her surprise, she realized they were tingling. They felt full, ready to burst. He gave each a gentle squeeze, his brow furrowing when nothing seemed to happen. He continued to massage them, his sight intent on the cups still rhythmically pulling at her skin. "More," he muttered.

Dawning horror blanketed Jenna when she realized that the tips of her nipples grew moist. "Oh my God," she cried. "What did you do to me?"

She watched with him as a droplet of white liquid formed at the ends of her breasts.

"It's a start, but not enough. You're not ready for more protein yet, but I can't wait for you to get there." He tore his gaze away from the cups and looked her in the eyes. She didn't like what she saw there. "If we had more time, I would wait. I'd let you get accustomed to the idea and could slowly introduce the protein. But we're dying and I have to hasten the timetable. I'll have to raise your hormone levels to get this to work faster. Do you understand? We're desperate."

Surprisingly, she did understand. And on some level, she wanted to help him. "Untie me, please."

"I can't do that."

"You don't have to let me go, but can you please untie me? My arms are going numb."

That's all it took. Alpha reached into a back pocket, withdrew a small key and removed the shackle from the bolt holding it. Instead of letting her go though, he had her place her hands together in front of her. While he hadn't released her, at least her arms didn't feel like pins and needles anymore. "Better?" he asked as he engaged the lock once again.

"Yes, thank you." She was afraid to ask, but said it anyway. "Now what?"

"Hold still.

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