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Alice confronts the Duchess.

"You know, Lee, I don't completely remember everything that happened after I was hurt. My friend Kim told me that she watched you check me over. She said you had plenty of chances to cop a cheap feel, but you didn't. She said you were all business and intent on helping me.

There was a long pause before she continued. "She told me something else. She said that I would be an idiot if I didn't find out for myself if your hands were as gentle when you were making love to a woman."

Her directness left me momentarily speechless. I must admit to being physically attracted to her, and it was clear she was not teasing me. Perhaps she could detect the growing desire in my eyes.

She arose from the couch and walked to me, her eyes never leaving mine. The wood fire warmed the room.

Becky wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me briefly, but long enough that my cock started to harden. Clearly she felt it pressing against her. I looked deeply into her eyes. They revealed both sincerity and sexuality. But I was tentative, somewhat uneasy.

"Becky, how do you know I'm not married?"

"I checked. Actually, a friend of mine told me you are married but that your wife took off to be with some young stud in California. Lee, I think you are more concerned about our age difference than your wife. Why does age even matter? Are you worried that somehow you might be taking advantage of me? I am old enough to make my own life's decisions. You didn't lure me here to try and seduce me. You didn't even know I was coming until I showed up at your door. You're not some sexual predator trying to entice some na__ve teenager on the internet. You're a very attractive mature man with very gentle hands. I hope you find me sexy enough to want to touch me, excite me, and to ..."

I could resist this beautiful young woman no longer. While she spoke, I wrapped my arms around her narrow waist and pulled her to me, so wanting our bodies to finish her sentence.

We kissed again. It began as a gentle kiss that evolved into a mutual expression of passion. My reluctance dissolved into arousal as her lips and tongue worked their youthful magic on me. While my own tongue sought hers as a prelude to even more intimacy, my hands began to roam her body, dropping first to her ass.

She murmured approval at my surrender to her overtures.

We continued kissing, probably for several minutes. Though the intensity of our physical need for each other was increasing, neither of us wanted to rush. I began to let my kisses find their way over her lips, chin, and neck. She rewarded my exploration with vocal encouragement that heightened my desire for her. I found a warm spot at the base of her neck at the shoulder. The instant she felt my lips there, she tightened her arms around my neck to pull me even closer. Then she moved astraddle my upper left thigh. I felt her begin to rub her still-clothed vulva against it. My continued oral attention to this hotspot only intensified her frottage. The sounds from deep inside her affirmed her pleasure and heightened my own.

Unable and now unwilling to contain my own lust, I allowed my hands to seek the warm eroticism of her skin. I began to pull the tight sweater from beneath the waistband of her slacks. When my warm hands found the skin of her lower back and began to travel upward, she gasped audibly. She entangled her hands in my hair and forcibly pulled my mouth from her neck. Her mouth sought mine and upon finding it, she thrust her tongue deeply into me. I allowed my hands to continue their upward excursion to her shoulders, unimpeded by any brassiere.

Her bare skin was a tactile aphrodisiac. Its allure sent the electricity of arousal to all parts of my body.

We continued kissing with nearly violent sexuality.

Any hesitation I might have had, any concerns about making love to this much younger woman, vaporized.

She released her grip on my hair and broke our kiss so that I could slowly move my hands upward, along her now-upwardly outstretched arms, and pull the sweater off over her head.

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