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A game of strip mini golf leads to public nudity and sex.

As he collated it all, he thought how lucky it was that he had kept it.

He knocked at Siobhan's front door at 7 o'clock, and she was surprised to see him.

"And how did you get through the gates?" she asked sternly.

Mike grinned, "First thing you need to do is change the gate code. I just tried last year's, and it let me in. I can show you how to do that, if you like."

He noticed that Siobhan was again wearing a baggy sweat shirt - this time bearing the logo of a well known New York dry cleaner - and he made a mental note to look out for her there, as he used the same establishment. They sat down at the kitchen table, and Mike ran through his notes. He explained the phone, security and all the various other household systems.

"No sense in reinventing the wheel" he said when Siobhan began to thank him.

"OK, then, the least I can do is but you dinner."

Christina's eyes opened a little wider as Mike and Siobhan entered the restaurant together, and she gave a broad grin as they asked for a table for two.

"You don't waste any time" she whispered to Mike as she showed them to their table.

Siobhan turned round, and said, "It's a business arrangement!"

"Well!" said Christina, "I never took you for that kind of girl." and with a broad grin, she returned to her post by the door.

Siobhan was aghast.

"Did she just say what I think she said?"

"Don't worry, she doesn't mean anything by it."

The meal passed pleasantly, and Mike spent most of the time answering Siobhan's questions about the house. As they left, they paused in the parking lot. Mike gave her has business card, and said she shouldn't hesitate to call him if she had a problem. Siobhan looked at him, smiled gently, and said, "You're very kind. Thank you." Leaning forward, she gave him a peck on the cheek, and hopped into her car and drove away. Mike watched her tail lights disappear down the road, mounted his motorcycle and rode home. His thoughts were in more of a turmoil that night, and it took him longer to get to sleep as the images of Siobhan's face lingered in his mind.

The next afternoon, Mike was just leaving K Mart when his cell phone rang. It was Siobhan.

"Mike? I'm sorry to bother you, but I've got a couple of wee problems. I can't get the pool controls to work at all, and there's a major problem with the air-conditioning in the master suite. Is there any chance that you could pop round and have a look?"

"No problem, I'll be there in 10 minutes."

Again, Siobhan looked surprised to see him when he presented himself at the door.

"But I changed the gate code!"

"I know. But you use the same garbage collectors, and I just punched in the last four digits of their phone number. That'll get you in almost anywhere." He grinned. This time, Siobhan had obviously been working. The sweat shirt and cargo pants were missing, and in their place was a loose fitting tee shirt and jeans. Her long, red gold hair was still tied back in a pony tail, though a few wisps of hair had escaped, and there was a smudge of dirt on her face. He suggested that he check out the pool controls first, as that was nearer. It took Mike about 10 minutes to work out what the problem was, and less than two to explain it to Siobhan, who was very quick on the uptake. They made their way down to the basement where the air conditioning units were. Mike checked everything, and reached behind.

"As I thought, the safety cutout has operated. You need to feel for it and push it to reset."

Siobhan reached round, and fumbled. Seeing that she was obviously unable to find it, Mike stood close behind her, and, taking her hand, he guided it to the switch. As Siobhan pressed it, the satisfying sound of the unit coming to life met their ears as the vibration of the machinery shuddered through both their bodies.

Mike let go of her hand, and stepped back. Siobhan turned slowly and looked at him.

"Thanks" was all she said, as they turned and made their way out of the basement.

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