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A handy story with a fistful of action.

They held her hands and they rubbed against her, and at times they hugged her in a sandwich with all three laughing boisterously the while. I was close by in a corner watching them with interest. Not just interest but also with excitement-I was sexually stimulated. I was surprised that I should be sexually aroused under circumstances that, as one understood these things, I should have been thinking of murder and mayhem. Yes, I sensed, and by touching confirmed, that I was having an erection of some size. It was happening after a long, long time.

Suddenly I was aware that even as she was having fun with her colleagues Monica was darting glances at me, and such was my preoccupation with my penis that I thought that she was aware that I was having an erection. My first impulse was to hide it, but with an effort of will I allowed the bulge to be visible for her to notice it. I had faint hopes that it was to be my night of nights, but I was to be disappointed. Preliminary skirmishing that night did not yield the desired results-my penis had gone back to sleep. It was then that I decided that I had to release Monica from the ordeal I had got her into.

A few days later after supper we were on the portico enjoying the cool evening breeze.

"Monica." She looked up. "The time has come for us to take some hard decisions."

"About what?"

"Our family life."

"What about our family life."

"There is no point in pretending that there is no problem Monica. We must recognize it and find a solution one way or the other. I am impotent, Monica, no one has been able to help me one bit. I have tried everything, but with no success. I will come to the point straightaway. I see no reason why you should suffer with me. We will part, Monica. We will part as friends. "

"You mean a divorce?"

"Annulment rather, for our marriage has not been consummated" I said. Monica smiled.

"I will also come to the point straightaway," she said quite unemotionally. "If my presence round the house is reminding you of your problem you can get rid of it by doing what you suggest."

"No, that's not the reason."

"In that case I do not see why we must part. We are friends aren't we? We have many common tastes and expect for this sex thing we are pretty much a made-for-each-other pair. Am I missing having sex? Not by much. It is something I can do without. In your researches you might have read that for women sex is not the central purpose of life. I can assure you that it is true."


"We will do what countless childless couples do-adopt, or maybe try therapeutic insemination, after a while though," she added hurriedly.

"I may broach this topic again some time later, but now I have to tell you one more thing. I just want you to listen, but you should not reply now or later. It might hurt your feelings, but please believe me it is not with any intention of hurting you that I'm speaking.

"You are being mysterious, Bala. Give me time to digest you instructions. I should listen and not say anything about it now or ever afterwards."

"That's correct." Monica sat pondering and then nodded.


"Quite ready."

"I have no objection at all to your having discrete affairs with other men." I got up and walked swiftly away.

It was shortly after this that Dharm came into her life.

Monica and some of her friends got it into their heads to have a reunion of their schoolmates. Monica and another classmate Saritha appointed themselves as the organisers. They called those who were in the city, wrote letters to those in the districts and e-mails to those abroad. She gave me detailed account of the arrangements she was making.

"Bala we have solved the matter of hotel arrangements."


"We are leaving it to Dharman, Saritha's brother who is a bank manager. He is such a wonderful organiser. Tomorrow we are having a meeting in which we will finalise the arrangements."

The next day Monica started

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