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As Donna slid her hands up and down over Cory's Breasts, she leaned her head close to Cory. Cory could feel Donna's warm breath on her lips.

"Ok my little pet, time to pay your debt," said Donna, as she pushed Cory back onto the bed. She grabbed Cory's skirt at the hem, and pulled it off, and threw it across the room. Donna quickly got onto the bed, and laid on top her. Donna supported her upper body with her elbows. Her nipples where hard, and as she adjusted her body to be comfortable on top of Cory, Cory could feel Donna's hard nipples caressing over her own. The sensation felt strange, feeling another woman warm breasts against her own.

"Please stop, I've never done this before," pleaded Cory.

"Like I said sweetie, I really don't care," said Donna.

She then placed her hands on each side of Cory's face, and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. Cory pressed her lips together tightly as Donna's tongue tried to enter her mouth.

"Stop resisting me! you're gonna give it up to me, whether you like it or not!" said Donna.

Donna pushed Cory's head to the side and began ravishly kissing and licking her neck. Donna suddenly tilted Cory's head the other way, and continued fiercely kissing and licking the other side of her neck. She reached down with her hand, and began groping at Cory's breast. Cory was very nervous and scared. Oh God, get me out of this, thought Cory.

Donna put her lips to Cory's ear. "Some girls like it just relax, and enjoy it!" Then drove her wet tongue deep into Cory's ear canal.

The sensation caused Cory to suddenly arch her back, as she let out a quick "aah". Cory was nervous and scared, yet, the feeling of Donna's lips and tongue on her neck was sending shivers up her spine. Donna licked Cory from her throat to her earlobe, then sucked and nibbled at it. Donna again thrusted her tongue into Cory's ear canal, causing another shiver, followed by goose bumps all over her body.

Cory was in dazed confusion, feeling like she was in a hypnotic state. Feeling another woman's soft lips and tongue felt nothing like she ever felt with a guy. Donna's ravishment was frightening, yet pleasurable, creating sensations she never experienced. Cory let out stifled moans as the licks and kisses continued. Donna then slid her tongue across Cory's lips, then kissed her. Again, Cory blocked Donna's tongue from entering her mouth. Donna grabbed and yanked Cory's hair telling her to stop resisting, or she would call the cops right now.

Cory hesitantly complied as Donna again kissed her, forcing her tongue past Cory's lips and deep into her mouth. Cory could feel Donna's warm wet tongue pressing against her own. Cory felt a warm tingle run up her back, she felt dizzy, and her head was spinning by the sensation of feeling another woman's tongue in her mouth. Cory tried to move her tongue away, avoiding contact with Donna's.

Donna broke off her kiss and raised her head. "Look at me," she said. Cory opened her eyes to see Donna's face. Donna looked to be like animal enraged. "Stop trying to hide your tongue, I want you to kiss me back, kiss me like you would a guy."

"I can't," said Cory.

"Ok, fine, let me get my phone," said Donna.

"Alright, Alright," Said Cory

Donna then pressed her lips To Cory hard and rammed her tongue deep into her mouth. Cory clinched her eyes closed tightly as she allowed Donna's tongue to swirl around her own. Donna rolled off Cory, and laid on her side close to her. She grabbed Cory's wrists and stretched her arms out over her head, pinning them down with one hand, and with the other hand, pulled Cory's left leg up and over her own. Cory laid with her legs partially spread open and her left leg draped over Donna's waist. Donna began rubbing Cory's breast, and continued kissing her.

Donna felt Cory's nipples become erect, and began squeezing and pinching them.

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