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Chinese student seduces black man in Toronto.

When she struggled and coughed, he let her up momentarily and then pushed her back down his shaft. Each time she struggled and coughed he let her up and repeated the push down pressure until her lips were in contact with her left fist at the base of his shaft.

"You're doing so well Mrs. Wilson." He looked at me as he spoke, "she really is Bob. You should be proud of her."

"This is awesome," I said. I was clearly stroking my cock through my pants and feeling the euphoria that comes with it.

Master Black pulled Donna's hair and had her withdraw her mouth entirely from his cock. Her saliva coated about 9 inches of it. He held the back of her head so she was facing me as she sat upright. "Look at her face Bob. Her lipstick is already smeared. This is just the beginning of her transformation into my personal slut and I want you to know that I intend to use her all night long."

Then Master Black said to Donna "Put your left hand on my belly. This time you're going to take my big black cock all the way down your tight little throat."

Donna moved her hand and yielded to the pressure he applied. As she got to the last three inches, Master Black emphasized his physical pressure by moving his shoulder forward and grunting as he pushed. Donna choked and struggled but Master Black's strength was greater and he made her take his entire shaft all the way to the base. That wasn't the end of it though. He held her in place for several seconds while looking at me.

When I started to speak up, he shook his head no and said "stay right there Bob. She needs experience this without you getting in the way." And, then just like that she stopped fighting it and Master Black let go of her head.

Donna inhaled sharply and deeply after she sat upright again. Thick strands of saliva clung to her chin and hung down to her chest. She looked messy and sexy at the same time. The glassy look in her eyes was the dead giveaway though. It was pure lust.

Master Black got up off the sofa and moved to the far end and sat down again. "Lay down and stretch out here, slut," he patted the cushion next to him, "lower your face to my lap and ask me permission to finish the job you started."

Donna smiled and lay down as requested. She lay her face down on his lap and looked up at him as best she could. "May I please finish the job I started sir?"

"You said, sir, I like that. It's respectful. A slut should always respect her man. Are you my slut now?

"Yes, Master Black, I am your slut now."

"Then finish the job my slut." Donna lowered her mouth onto his hard cock and swallowed him whole. At the same time Master Black reached over her back and grasped one of her ass cheeks and squeezed it. Then he moved his fingers into the crack and investigated her sex with his fingertips only to announce "she's very wet, a good sign of things to come."

For ten more minutes, Master Black alternates fingering Donna, bringing her close to orgasm and then stopping. He alternates her pleasure stimulation with hard slaps on her bare ass cheeks. I was watching her face as she swallowed his cock for the umpteenth time when he started with the first hard slap on her ass. She winced terribly under the blow and Master Black laughed as he announced that she took him deeper that time.

I laughed too. It was a funny joke. Donna rose up and turned to me, "why are you laughing ass hole, do you ...."

"That's enough my slut, get back to work. Suck my big black dick until I tell you to stop." Then he slapped her ass hard ten times.

"If you cuss out your husband again I'll punish you beyond belief bitch. Don't make me do it cause I'd hate to mark up that pretty white ass of your's but I will. Make no mistake. You are the hoe now honey. You might as well get used to men laughing at you Mrs. Wilson. Because that's what a slut like you needs." He paused and then continued.

"How's that pussy back there.

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