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Adventure in being married to a great woman.

I blushed.

"You're blushing, that's so cute," Shelly added

Sophie poured some drinks and passed them out.

We began with the chit chat as we sipped our Gin and tonics, which seemed a little surreal considering the way we were dressed. It was as though it was all so normal. Kallie caught up on the gossip and the conversation continued.

"Are you going to the next party at Steve's," Sophie enquired. "We still haven't met him yet, we only know him from what you have told us."

Kallie assured them we would be going and Shelly poured another round of large gin and tonics. After handing the drinks out Shelly sat down next to me.

"I love your skirt," she said as she ran her hands over the material. "I like the way it restricts your movement, makes for a sexier walk."

her hands moved to the zip. She clasped the zip and pulled up slowly, revealing more and more of my black stockings.

"I adore black seamed stockings," she continued. "It makes you feels so sexy, and 5 inch heels, my you've learnt very quickly."

"I wish I could wear 6 inch heels like you," I replied

"It takes a lot of practice and it helps if you do a lot of stretching."

Shelly's hands were now feeling along my legs and up to the bare flesh above my stocking top.

"I love wearing high heels. The higher the better. I know I look SOooo hot," Shelly added, my skirt now fully undone and the belt removed.

Her hand pulled aside my black thong and she grasped my erection.

"I love cock too," she said straddling me and wasting no time getting my tool up inside her, helped by the fact that she wore no panties. I looked across at Kallie for that, 'is it alright' look, but I needn't have bothered. Kallie had already taken her top off and Sophie had her tongue down her throat and was groping for her cunt. I redirected my attention.

As my cock slipped inside Shelly's shaved cunt for the first ime, she gave a high pitched "Ah." She ground down, her clit getting as much action on my skin as possible. Keeping her motion going she began to undo my blouse until she had it fully off. Her hands cupped my breasts and she dropped her head to suck on my nipples.

"I Love your tits they're superb," she complimented, taking the time to feel them properly and then undoing my __ cup bra.

"Change round," Shelly said flipping over on the sofa and raising her legs so I could fuck her on top. I admired her 6 inch high heels and ankle socks close up and licked along the length of the stiletto heel, taking it into my mouth so as to simulate sucking a cock. I forced my cock hard back into her cunt and kept on banging.

In the changeover I noticed that Kallie and Sophie had found the toys and were attaching strap-on dildos. Sophie had soon moved in behind me and was applying lube to my anal passage. I felt the cock edge its way into my arse causing me to slow down my fucking action.

"If you're going to slow down get it into my arse and bang a dildo in my cunt," Shelly disappointingly demanded.

Her arse seemed already nicely lubed and I took the precaution of using my fingers to open her up. My red nails edged their way in. one, two, three, fingers.

"Fucking all of them you bitch, I need them all."

Shelly was in ecstatic pleasure and needing more. I spat on her arse to give her more lubricant, but I'm not sure it needed it. Soon my entire fist was in her arse and I began to speed up the in/out motion. Sophie was driving the cock in and out of my arse and I too was feeling the need for more.

Kallie was waiting with a double pronged dildo.

"Let me do her," Kallie said

I flipped onto the floor and onto my back with my legs raised, giving Sophie a better opportunity to drive her dildo all the way into my arse.

Kallie banged the double pronged dildo into Shellie's cunt and arse and she bucked and writhed until she came with a scream, shouting obscenities.

"Fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKK," Shelly shuddered with her first orgasm.

Kallie pulled out and offered the double dildo up to my lips.

"Lick the cream slut," she commanded.

I did as I was told, licking all the cunt juice off a

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