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A clear cut case of cuckoldry?

Big round posts at the corners and some kind of wrought iron rails going not just between the posts top to bottom and left to right, but also from corner to corner. I wasn't sure, but it seemed like some of the decorative touches on the bottom of the rails looked suspiciously like hooks. Hmmmm.

They each walked to the opposite sides of the bed and laid down on it. Betty patted the space in between them and asked, "Why are you still standing there?"

I knelt on the foot of the bed and crawled up a little, then rolled down to lay on my back between them.

They began kissing each other, faces just above my head so I had a beautiful view of them. I was so engrossed in that sight that I didn't realize they had started lowering their heads until they had included me in their kiss. Now I love to French-kiss a woman, but that is nothing compared to French-kissing with two women at the same time.

Having two sets of lips on mine was amazing, but nowhere near as amazing as the feel of two tongues on my lips. I opened my mouth and tried to play too, but had to give that up.

I had to give it up because I couldn't get my tongue out of my mouth. As soon as Bobbi Jo's tongue would slide out of my mouth, Betty's would slide right in. Bobbi Jo's tongue was wider than Betty's, but Betty's was amazingly long and thin and she explored my mouth with much more detail.

Now I've had oral sex with women before and even met a few that said they loved the feel of a cock sliding in and out of their mouths. I have no desire to try that with a cock, but if it feels anything like the way these two tongues felt fucking my mouth, I definitely understood what those women meant.

I groaned as they broke off kissing me, then moaned as they began to work their way down my neck, lapping up drops of water as they slid down my body.

They worked their way down to my chest and then their mouths found my nipples. They began to lick and lightly suck and gently bite on my nipples. I found myself groaning again as they found the rhythm Betty and I had used on Bobbi Jo a while ago, suck, suck, suck, bite.

My hips began to push up off the bed unconsciously in time with their rhythm. Then they changed it a little and I groaned even louder as it became suck, suck, suck, bite, pull, release.

They finally tired of that and continued their journey down my body, licking or sucking up drops of water and letting the tips of their tongues linger in my belly button a while on the way.

They finally reached the base of my swollen shaft and their tongues reached out and touched each other across the bottom of it as their mouths gently closed over it.

They slid their closed mouths up the opposite sides of my cock slowly until they reached the tip.

When their tongues slid up the sensitive skin on the underside of my head, my hips bucked upward reflexively.

I don't know if it startled them or what, but their reactions were to move to where they were laying with their torsos on my thighs with their tits resting on either side, kind of the way they had washed my arms earlier.

They continued to work on my cock and I'm still not sure if they were kissing and just happened to have my cock in their mouths or if they were giving me a blowjob and just happened to be making out at the same time.

Either way, it was absolutely fantastic.

At least it was until they shifted lower. Then it became fucking AWESOME! You know how sexy it is when you look into the eyes of woman as she takes the head of your cock into her mouth? Double it. No, it's more than that. It's like the math was wrong and one plus one equals fucking FIVE!!

Now take THAT and double it as your cock slides first all the way down one throat and she swallows once or twice, then she pulls up and the head of it disappears into a smaller mouth that has a tentacle or something in it. Betty's tongue swirled around the head of my cock and I could swear she wrapped that long tongue completely around the base of my head and pulled up on it a time or two every time it was in her mouth.

Bobbi Jo started sli

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