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or how I became an exhibitionist.

"Owh! Owh! Owh!" he grunted.

Alice slowly lifted her heel up from deep into his navel, he heaved and began begging again.

"Please, no more! Please no more!"

"Please what?" Alice asked with a smirk on her face.

Marcus looked confused for a moment before he realized what she meant.

"Oh no!" he uttered under drawn breath, "Please princess...I meant to say 'please princess'!"

"Well you DIDN'T!" she shouted happily and plunged her heel deep into his navel again with all her force.

Marcus screamed in pain and involuntarily bent forward, in doing so he caused Alice to lose her footing, she fell backwards and landed right in between his legs, straight on her butt. Her tiny butt landing on the floor made a soft thumbing sound.

There was a moment of silence, Marcus looked like he had just accidentally desecrated the statue of liberty and Alice was temporarily to shocked to realize what had just happened, she grabbed her butt and groaned in pain.

"Owwh!" she said.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry princess." Marcus pleaded desperately.

"Please princess I didn't mean to make you fall, I'm so sorry princess." he continued, begging as Alice with much effort stood back on her feet. Unsurprisingly she looked none too pleased with him.

"Is that the first thing that comes to your mind?" she asked, visibly hurt, "How sorry you are? How about asking me if I'm okay first? Or maybe you don't care about that?"

"I...I...how are you princess?" Marcus asked with a sheepish look on his face.

"Arrgh!" Alice fumed as she eyed Marcus angrily, "You selfish bastard! You only think about yourself don't you?"

"No princess! I love you princess...I hope you're not too hurt...I...I will gladly take whatever punishment you deem appropriate for me princess."

Alice eyed him suspiciously but was somewhat soothed by Marcus promise, she was still upset however and massaged her sore butt persistently.

"You will!" she promised, "Safe word or no safe word there's no way I'd let you get away with this!" she said decisively, her brown eyes peering into his blue.

Marcus gulped and looked down towards his chest to avoid eye contact.

Alice sighed loudly and shook her head.

"You really messed up this time, I'm going to have to teach you a hard lesson!"

"I'll take whatever punishment you give me princess." Marcus promised solemnly with his head still tucked low.

"You will! And you will be thankful for it!" Alice said as she eyed him disapprovingly.

"Yes princess. I'll be very thankful princess."

"Good!" Alice said with a slightly more satisfied look on her face.

She bent over and began taking off her high heels. After she had taken off the first one, she decided to throw it at his chest, it bounced off his muscular chest and onto the floor. Marcus was taken aback and flinched, he looked at her worryingly.

"Don't act like that hurt!" Alice said dismissively, "I'll do a lot worse to you than that!"

He gulped and looked even more worried.

Alice took off the other heel and threw it emphatically at his chest again, this time he didn't flinch or complain, he just took it. She walked up on his chest, it was much easier to balance on without high heels, her petite bare feet dug comfortably into his muscular chest. Just like before Marcus didn't seem to have any problem breathing underneath her weight, he lifted her up with each inhaled breath and brought her down every time he exhaled. Alice felt like she had a powerful animal underneath her, a sexy beast heaving her up and down with each breath, it was making her more than a little bit excited. She knew she was going to enjoy this.

"Making your princess fall on her butt?" Alice said disapprovingly as she shook her head, "Unacceptable!"

She lifted her left foot up as high as she could and rammed it down on his chest, the impact made a deep thumbing sound and sent a vibration back up through her body.

"Not caring how I feel afterwards?" she continued, this time a little higher pitched, "Unacceptable!"

Alice brought her right fo

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