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He gets incentive to switch companies.

He was 6'0'', short black hair, tan and was ripped like a body builder and he got all his muscles I think from constantly fucking my mom. Three times a day that's their minimum and that's only happened one time I could remember. We were out all day. Now that I think of it my parents have gotten dirty in public a few times.

One time, we were in the car and my mom asked my father what was wrong, he flat out said, "I got a hard on". So my mom giggled and very casually pulled out his cock and began to suck him off. She must be talented because, he came in less than a minute. Also, I know my moms a pro she took his whole load and swallowed it. They thought I was sleeping in the back worn out from cheerleading competition. HA! I watched every minute of it acting like I was sleeping.

Anyways, now that I'm done fantasizing about my fathers fat cock and got my pussy all hot and bothered. Now I'm going to fuck myself with my moms dildo she keeps in the cabinet. I reached out of the shower and opened up my moms drawer in the vanity set and sure enough they was her hot pink dildo which I'm sure she washed off. I licked it to taste and wait!!! Oh fuck yes, I can still taste her pussy on her toy. So instead of fucking myself with it because, I don't want to waste this rare opportunity. I'll suck all her pussy juice off of it while I play with my clit. I loved the way my moms pussy tasted. I slowly licked it all off as my finger stayed on my clit and worked it at light speed.

Within minutes I came and my sweet juices ran down my leg and into the drain. Good way to start the day off. I glanced over to see my mother looking in the shower. I let out a quick yelp and said, "Mother, how long have you been standing there." She said, "Long enough," with a big smile on her face. I was speechless but, she wasn't. She said, "How does my pussy taste," and with a giggle like a school girl she left the bathroom. I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do. After standing in the shower for a while I dried off with my towel and normally I go straight into my room to get dressed but, I thought I'd ease drop and see what was being said about me so... I acted like I ran up the stairs to my room but, really I crept around the corner to the kitchen and listened to what my parents were saying.

"What was she doing?" my father said kind of excited. My mother responded, "She was sucking on my dildo."

"The one I fuck your ass with?"


"That's fucking hot," my father said. "What?!!" My mom said shocked.

"What our daughter is just a younger you. Look (sigh) you're more experienced but, I wouldn't mind having a crack at our daughters sweet ass. I caught her staring at my dick in the shower so... I know she thinks the same. Face it. Our daughters not a little girl anymore. She's a teenage fuck doll."

My mother paused. "I guess you're right. Well if you're that confident she wants to fuck you, you better run upstairs and seduce her before she gets dressed to go to school."

"Really!!" My dad said ecstatic.

"Yes, go on you horn dog go get your dick wet."

I ran up the stairs half scared and all horny. I hurried up and got in my room quickly but quietly slammed the door and stripped the towel off and bent over the drawer acting like I was looking for my underwear (even though it wasn't even my underwear drawer, hehe) I heard him slowly stepping up the stairs and immediately my pussy was soaked and well exposed for when he came in. He knocked on my door and I tried to sound sexy, "come in," I said with as much seduction as I could. He opened my door and seen my pussy, "Woah!" He shouted.

"No it's ok daddy I want you to see my pussy!!" I yelled.


"Yah daddy please come in and fuck me, I want your big long cock in me."

Without hesitation he barged in my room, unbuttoned his pants and stuck his cock in me quicker than any guy has ever stuck his dick inside me. I loved it.

"Oh yeah, you want daddy to fuck you baby, huh?"

"yeah daddy fuck your baby girl, COME ON, fuck me like you fuck mommy."


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