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Dinner with hubby gives great pleasure.

Your body shakes, and a moan escapes you mouth. My lips lightly touch your neck, to let you know it is me. "Good morning My Love," I whisper. "Happy anniversary."

I can feel the smile on your face. You show your appreciation for your wake-up call with a squeeze around my cock. Slowly, I begin to slide back out of you, until just my head is inside of you. Having just woke up, you are still tight. I can feel you close up behind me as I come out. The resistance is too much to push in lightly, and so I again must slam it home. A moan escapes your mouth. You reach down, and hold your leg up. I take the hint, and let go, freeing my hand to reach around, and cup your breasts in my hand. I hear you try to tell me you love me, but your voice trails off as I begin to pull out again. I know how you love to have your pussy stretched out. The feel of it closing up as I pull back helps you to feel how stretched you really were.

As I continue fucking you, your body begins to wake up more and more. You get wetter and wetter, and just loose enough that I can slow down to the pace I am looking for. We always fuck so fast, and so hard. Today you are going to see how much fun making love can be. Today you are going to learn how amazing it feels to go slow. I have slowed down to a crawl at this point. Sliding out inch by inch, and going back in even slower. Each time I move just a little bit more into you, you are amazed at the length. Each time you think you are full, you feel another half an inch being pushed in. You've always known how long I was, but nothing drives that point home like a good slow fuck.

By now, you are wide awake. My hands are playing with your nipples. You keep trying to push back against me. Trying to speed it up just a little. You have been woken up in a way you never thought possible, and you are ready to cum. But I resist. Each time you try to speed things up, I slow things down even more. It is driving you crazy, and I can tell. Your occasional moans have turned into one long, never-ending moan. You begin to tense up, and know that you are close. Again you try to push back against me, wanting to push yourself over that edge, but again I pull back. This time, I pull all the way out. I roll you over on your back, and kiss you passionately.

You try to reach down to your love whole to finish yourself off, but I get to your hand first, and pull it away. "Let me take care of this baby. You just enjoy." I whisper to you. I kiss you again, as I slowly slide my hand down your body. You stop resisting, when you realize what my intentions are. I stare into your eyes, letting you read my thoughts, as my hand slowly makes its way closer to where you want it. When I feel your wetness, I stop, and just hold my hand there, just above your pussy. I can see it in yours eyes. They are begging me to continue my hand's journey. Begging me to do what you have wanted to do since you woke. Begging for release.

You sigh with relief when you feel my hand finally continue, my fingers slipping within the folds of your lips, spreading them apart.

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