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Making love before he leaves.

" Gary said. I looked at my watch and he was right it was just about to be 8 at night.

"Lets just get some brews going to start and get a game going." Mark suggested.

"Yeahhh that sounds like a plan lets do that. Who's the dealer?" Steve asked.

"Let Rich have that duty, he was always better with cards and all that shit." Gary said.

"Alright shit man, get me stuck with the hard part." Rich joked.

"Hey Frank," Gary called out to me, "you want a brew?" He asked.

"The fuck kind of question is that Gary?" Rich barked at him.

"Hey cut him some slack rich, every group has a dumb one." Mark joked, getting a laugh from the whole group including myself.

"Man fuck all of ya'll, just trying to be polite." Gary said as he grabbed another beer and brought them all to the table, handing one to each guy.

With that the drinking began. We all had a rotation of beers going, joking around and playing hand after hand of poker. A couple hours passed, and before we knew it, we were each about size beers in and starting to slur our words and laugh uncontrollably. We stopped playing and moved to the couch. Gary turned off the music so that we didn't have to yell over it and Rich got up and with the help of Steve, brought over a bottle of Jack Daniels, Coca Cola and glasses with ice.

"Damn we all trying to get fucked up tonight aren't we." Laughed Mark.

"Hey no work tomorrow, right?" I said

"Speaking of which, Frank there is actually another reason why we invited you over." Gary said.

"What do you mean?"

"Okay, before anyone beats around the bush, I will be straight up and honest with you." Steve said. "We have all been curious about being with other guys. We have watched gay porn together and even jerked off in front of each other, but never anything more then that. With Gary being really the only bachelor, this is the only place where we can really talk about that stuff."

"So why bring me over?" I asked.

"We wanted to see if you could answer some questions. We want to know more about what it feels like." Gary said.

I don't know what was talking more, the alcohol or the idea of talking about gay sex with other men, but I ran with it and said, "Of course, ask away. I am open about it all."

Mark went first and asked what it felt to suck a cock, and have it in your mouth.

"It's the most erotic thing you can do as a guy. The feeling of a cock growing in your mouth, the salty and sweet pre-cum. There is nothing like it, I love it."

Steve was next, asking about what it felt like to get fucked in the ass.

"It hurts at first, but if you have a guy that knows what hes doing and he can lick and finger your ass to stretch you out and loosen you up, it feels so much better and makes you moan no matter how much you try to fight it."

Rich then asked about my experiences.

"I have sucked about 4 different cocks, each with different levels of quantity and I had been fucked by two different cocks, also ranging in levels of times they fucked me."

Mark then asked what I preferred.

"I don't mind really, I would fuck a guy in the ass and force my cock down his throat but I also wouldn't mind getting the same thing."

All five of us finished our glassed of Jack and coke and poured ourselves another.

"Listen, Frank, we don't know how you would feel about this, but you are the only one with real experience. We were wondering if you can help us get out of our shells and break us open." Gary said.

"So you want me to fuck, suck and get fucked by all you guys?" I asked, half turned on by the idea and half scared by it.

"No not at all," Mark laughed," we want to all fuck, suck and get fucked by each other. We all want to experience it all."

This was amazing. My once bullies, were asking me to turn them into a bunch of gay sluts. They wanted to have a gay orgy, they wanted me to lead them in fucking and sucking, I could not miss out on such an erotic change. I happily accepted and began by having each one strip, one by one. First, went Rich.

He stood up in front of the couches so that we can all see h

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