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Her first sucking of black cock; intro to girl on girl.

It was the first time she had ever cheated on Hiro, and although she had few regrets, and the rendezvous had been everything she had hoped it would be, she wondered how she would ever be able to tolerate the tofu blandness of the sexual relationship she shared with Hiro.

Before long, Hiro moved in closer to Tina. Without saying a word, he placed a clammy, limp palm on her bare shoulder. He began to rub her neck in a way he probably thought was a caress. Tina repressed the urge to shudder, but she tried to get into it, and moan and whimper according to his expectations. Soon, Hiro's hands moved to her breasts where he rubber her breasts and pinched her nipples too hard. After fifteen seconds or so with the tits, Hiro went on for the kill. He shoved her legs apart and plopped his hand between Tina's legs. He rolled over onto his back, and began to move his fingers lazily and aimlessly at the top of Tina's thighs, stopping occasionally as if he were tired.

Tina knew this was going to go nowhere if she didn't provide some guidance, so she gently lifted his hand and repositioned it higher in the silky but still dry softness of her pussy, exactly where she wanted to be touched. Hiro pulled his hand away in disgust. "I don't like it when you do that", he said. Tina ignored him, and put her own hand between her legs to continue what Hiro had started. She thought if she could just have a moment in her fantasy world, she would be able to get turned on enough to tolerate Hiro's attention. Her mind drifted to the times with her lover in the US, and it was no time at all until she shuddered in orgasm, and felt ready for Hiro.

Hiro was lying on his back in the dark. Silently, he slowly took Tina's hand and laid it over his groin. His tiny little cock was shriveled down to the size of a walnut, and felt to Tina like lukewarm gelatin. Knowing what was expected of her, Tina began attempting to stroke and tease his sticky flesh into manhood. She leaned over him and took him into her mouth. Because Hiro thought oral sex was totally disgusting (unless Tina was going down on him), she hated his expectation and unspoken command for her to service him in that way, but did her job in spite of her resentment. Soon, Hiro responded, and grew hard, although he never would be huge.

Hiro pushed Tina out of his lap and pushed her back onto her back, flopping down on top of her and pushing her knees apart with his. He brushed his body against hers, but couldn't find her heavenly gate. He grasped at himself with his hand and tried to ram between Tina's open legs, but he was soft once again, so he rolled off of her and began to stoke himself with renewed energy. This time, Tina's deep sigh escaped her, but she felt guilty, because after all, she had helped herself earlier. She waited patiently for him to come back.

Still saying nothing at all, Hiro continued to grasp and grope at himself until finally he erupted, grabbed a tissue from the box near his head and began to clean himself up.

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