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An older gardener awakens passion in a young woman.

Em was now lying on her back, hands on the pillow above her head, with her bra pulled up around her neck, exposing her small mounds with their small pink nipples, and her legs spread wide and bent at the knees, like a frog.

I picked up the toy, and turned it on low, and began circling her pink Hershey's kisses with the tip, first one, then the other, watching as Em's little pink buds became hard, poking out from their small firm mounds.

Emily took in a deep breath, heaving her chest, and let out a long sigh as I laid the length of her toy between the valley of her small breasts, and slowly began my journey down over her firm six pack abs, circling around her cute little navel before inserting the tip inside and began probing gently.

I pulled the toy from Emily's navel as she began gently rocking her hips, and traced the thin line of peach fuzz that ran down from her belly button and disappeared when it reached the lacy waistband of her delicate panties.

I laid the buzzing probe flat as I slowly rubbed it across her soft pubic mound and down the sides of her plump camel toe.

Soft whimpers escaped her parted lips as Em's hips started to gyrate, pressing forward against the vibrating toy as I probed between the puffy mounds of her swollen wet crevice, watching her slippery wet juices seeping through the thin fabric...

I put down the toy, and slowly peeled off my little sister's wet panties, exposing Emily's tight little teen pussy, with her puffy pink lips splayed open, and her creamy girl goo flowing from the tight little hole, and drooling down between the round cheeks of her firm little ass.

Picking up the vibrator once again, I turned it to the highest setting, and pressed the length of the chrome shaft between Em's dripping wet folds, resting the tip against the stiff pink nub of her sensitive little clit, poking out of its protective hood.

Emily's hips began thrusting, driving her sopping wet hole up and down the buzzing toy, and her eyes began to open as I slipped it into her tight pink hole, stretching her lips as the smooth chrome taper slowly disappeared into her quivering depths, her horny teen snatch engulfing the thick bulb and swallowing it whole.

I watched Em's face as she peered through her sleepy eye lids, expecting to see signs of horror and fear, but the pleasure from the probing being administered deep between her wide spread legs overcame her senses as I began thrusting rapidly in and out of her hot little tunnel, and her pink lips wrapped tightly around the smooth chrome.


Loud moans filled the air as my baby sister's little round ass lifted from the bed as she began thrusting her hips, fucking the toy, and making slurping sounds as the bulb pushed and pulled rapidly in and out of her tightly clenched pussy.

I moved my face between Emily's legs, and sucked her hard throbbing button into my mouth, and slid my middle finger into the tight little pink pucker of her well lubed asshole.

"OhOhOhOh Aaaaiiiieeee!!"

Loud moans and little screams of pleasure escaped Em's open mouth as I finger fucked her tight gripping anus, and tongue lashed her hard tingling clit, while the chrome vibrator buzzed away, fully engulfed in her quivering quim.

Emily's body shook as her muscles tensed, with her hips thrust high in the air, as her orgasm rocked her world.



I pulled the toy from Em's spasming hole and withdrew my finger from her twitching pink ring, leaving her holes void and empty, and licked and sucked the hot sweet nectar from her smooth pink pussy.

As I pulled my sucking lips from hers,

her firm little body dropped to the mattress, as if someone had flipped on a gravity switch, her energy spent and her open mouth panting.

I kicked off my sneakers and removed my shirt, dropping it to the floor.

My hard cock was throbbing, and my big full testicles were aching for release as I freed them from the confines of my shorts.

Climbing onto the bed, I rolled Em

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