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More members of the family come together to feed the Masters.

"Maybe not as good as Cal's, but he's a pro." James said casually.

"I'm sure he's got nothing on you in any department, James." I said, feeling a bit foolish at this bit of hyperbole.

"I like the way you think." James said, seating himself opposite me.

"I feel that way too, sir." I said, excited to hear the word "sir" come so easily to my lips.

"I know you do, Jack", James said, sipping his drink. "And I like that about you, too. But let me ask you something. Did I invite you to call me "sir"?

I sat there speechless. Clearly I had taken a liberty that I should not have.

"Jack! I asked you a question. Well?

"No, James. I'm sorry. It was wrong of me." I could feel emotion creep inexorably into my voice. "And I was so hoping to do well this evening. Please forgive me, James. Won't you?"

"Drink your drink and take the glasses to the kitchen", James instructed, handing me his empty glass and indicating the direction I was to go in. I immediately rose and quickly left the room. When I returned, James was standing in the center of the room with his arms crossed and a stern look in his eyes.

"Follow me", he said, and I moved behind him down a long hall, silently berating myself for being such an ass.

At the end of the carpeted hall, a door opened into q sparcely appointed room. Prominent in the center of the room was an ornate wood chair. It had a latticed back and a carved floral design along the top. The seat was sumptuously upholstered with gold and maroon fabric. James walked to the chair and seated himself. There were no other chairs.

"Remove your clothes, Jack," he said matter-of-factly.

I stood halfway between the door and James. My fingers trembling, I began to loosen my tie.

"Come over here. Stand before me," was the next directive. I hurried to the spot he indicated. Holding my tie in one hand, I clumsily began to unbutton my shirt.

"Isn't that a bit awkward, boy?" James asked, laughing at my strict compliance to his words. He had not, you see, given instruction on what I was to do with the clothes, once removed.

"Yes, sir. A little. But I can manage," I said smiling warmly at him, feeling I'd be delighted to undress for him standing on one foot.

"Let me make it easier for you," James said. "Though I am enjoying watching you. Usually you have to pay to see a comedy act."

"I'm glad to make you laugh, sir," I said with sincerity.

"Look, Jack. When you take off something, fold it neatly and place it beside you. When you're done, I want to see a tidy little stack of your clothing there. I'll be inspecting it," he said, a tone of severity now in his voice.

"Thank you for helping me, sir," I said,folding my shirt and tie carefully, and laying them by my feet. Next I removed my shoes and socks. As I did, James looked on, his legs apart and his arms draped lazily along the arms of the chair. As I continued, I chanced quick looks at the sweet curve James's cock made against his pants.

I began stuffing my socks into my shoes, but caught my self in time. I took each sock and folded it, then placed them atop my shoes.

"Good boy, Jack," James said, and my heart warmed to his encouraging words. Good boy. Yes, I wanted to be a good boy for this man.

I was soon down to my briefs. My cock was as hard as stone as I removed each article.

"Off with those shorts, boy," James instructed. Standing before him, I lowered my briefs, pulling the band forward to accommodate my modest but very stiff erection.

"I want you to wear those over your head, Jack. Pull it over your head, and look at me through one of the leg holes."

This command caught me by surprise, yet what a pleasant one! I at once donned the underwear in this unconventional style and arranged them so that I could look at James as he had instructed.

"How does that feel, boy?" James asked, barely repressing a chortle. "Would you like to see yourself? You're quite a sight!"

"Yes, sir, I would," I replied with real enthusiasm.

"Fetch the hand mirror from the table and bring it back to your place here

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