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How it started.

She had previously told me that the sensations from having that nipple sucked and licked traveled down to her groin area and could make her cum without being touched by anything else.

I slid over on the bed and pulled her with me. We lay side by side just gazing at each other. I tentatively lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her lightly, but that wasn't enough. We started to devour each other with our mouths, our tongues dueling frantically. She was groaning with a hunger that we both felt. We had missed a night together and is was more that we could stand. I felt that I belonged in her bed every night, without fail. I think that she was beginning to realize this as well.

I lowered my head to her tummy and licked her navel, which made her giggle and squirm. I then continued on to rest my cheek against her shaven mound and flicked her mons with my tongue and teased her until she cried out that she wanted me to suck her.

"Suck me my darling boy, suck your mommy's cunt," she begged.

So I did. I let my lips and tongue do an exploratory journey all around those full, fleshy lips, and then my tongue found the hood that was protecting her whole sexual being. I lifted the hood with my tongue and began sucking and licking it like a small penis. This drove her crazy and she writhed and wriggled round the bed, moaning and crying out to me.

"Dan, I need you to fuck me darling, make love to you Momma baby. I am so hungry for you."

I slid upwards over her body and as I French kissed her, slipped my cock into her warm, wet cunt. This felt as close to Heaven as I was ever going to get. As I worked my hard rod in and out of her cunt, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and dragged me in to her love hole.

"Faster my darling, faster," she cried.

I started to fuck her faster and harder, pulling my dick out of her cunt until only the head was inside and then plunging back into her depths. I could feel her cervix every time I plunged into her. It felt so good and so right.

"Dan baby, I'm cumming..........I'm cummmmmmiinnnnggg," she screamed.

"Mom, wait for me, I'm cumming too....and I want to plant my seed in you so deeply."

We both climaxed at the same time and I collapsed on top of her. I lay there for a couple of minutes and then rolled over beside her.

We looked at each other with so much love it just seemed to light up both our faces.

I don't think that either of us had thought about the effects of the past couple of days. I had just realized that my Mother was still young and as she didn't have a boyfriend, it was unlikely that she was on the pill. We had not taken any precautions, and then it came to me that she could already be pregnant, with my baby. My baby!!!!

I turned to her and asked her straight out. "Mom, do you realize that we could have made a baby. You're not on the pill, are you?"

"No Dan, I'm not. Not to worry though. I am sure we could work it out. I would love to have your baby. A brother or sister for you who would also be your child. You would make a great Daddy. She added, at least we wouldn't have to worry about a baby sitter. Nan would be here during the day and we would both be here at night."

"Oh Mom, that would be so wonderful. I would love to see you pregnant and to know it was my baby inside your belly. I would make sure that I kissed and rubbed it every night. Maybe even after the baby is born, I can watch as you feed him or her as she feeds from your beautiful breasts, and then drink any excess milk. The way I used to when I was young."

Whilst we were discussing this, Mom had her hand on my cock rubbing it up and down. Of course what happened was natural and a little penis grew into a rampant horn. She then lowered her head and swirled her tongue around the head of my rigid fuck stick, lifting the mushroom and licking and sucking it furiously, as though she was trying to suck my balls the eye of my cock. Mom had a suck like a vacuum cleaner.

I had to stop her in the end as I was getting so sensitive and close to the edge.

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