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Father Damian and Emily drown in sin.

She's nearly as beautiful as your own wife, Kira, isn't she? It's a pity watching such a pretty girl married to a useless wimp!

- Just a precision : Peter is far from being a useless wimp. He has just pussy fucked our four girls until they climaxed before spending himself in her mouths. Be sure they didn't spare him! He has been a university boxing champion and competed in judo for England. He is still practicing. Better be polite with him!

- Then why is he acting like a wimp?

- He just loves to be humiliated!

- Then propose him to come back with his pretty slut-wife. I promise him plenty of humiliations, some of them he never dreamed of!

- I'll tell him!

Peter slept in the car. He was so exhausted that Kyrhan and Dan had to carry him into his bedroom and let him rest.

Dan, Kyrhan and Jean were perfectly able to fulfill all the four girls' wishes. They had changed into thongs and none of them had put on even a bikini bra. The three men watched with delight the four pairs of proud breasts defying gravity. They had sat in pairs, except Kyrhan who had grabbed Brigitte and Virginia. He had his arms around their shoulders and he was actively mauling their breasts. The domineering Brigitte was making fast progress as she was moaning and mewing, just like Virginia. She acted the perfect slut as she had taken her breasts in her hands, had squeezed them pretty hard to make them jut forward and was pressing them into Kyrhan's hands and mouth, when he turned his face toward her. She seemed hot enough to be ready to entertain Kira's team of Dalits like any other girl of Kyrhan's harem. It had become the ultimate rite of passage in their group.

Dan went to the fridge for some refreshments. He came back heavily loaded with Coke, orange juices, Boga (a local lemonade) bottles and a few beer cans. He nearly came into his pants when he discovered that Jean had taken off Kira's red thongs, made her on her back on the table in the center of the room. He had placed wooden pegs on her breasts and on her belly. He was fucking her with everyone watching, making lewd comments or suggestions in circle around her navel and nipples. Kira seemed to enjoy her new situation, being openly dominated by him! She pressed her breasts against his chest. The pegs must be hurting terribly but she seemed not to care.

Jean's movements became wilder and wilder while Kira moaned more and more urgently. She climaxed wildly and collapsed on the table. Jean had not cummed. He carried her in his arms to a mattress near the swimming pool. He left the pegs torturing her breasts and even added two more to close her cunt lips. To prevent her from taking them off, he tied her four limbs to nearby trees. She would remain as she was until she was untied, whether she liked it or not.

Jean then turned to Leena. She offered no resistance when he took her in his arms to deposit her on the table. He took off her blue thong and used it as a gag, blocking it into position with Kira's thong. She threw her head back on the table, sporting an enraptured face with her eyes tightly closed as Dan and Jean were sucking both her breasts and Kyrhan was eating her pussy and nibbling at her clit. She had such an angelic view. Brigitte pushed her crotch against her lips to silence her.

As Leena was known to be the more submissive girl of the group, she was given no mercy and she asked for none. Jean started to grope her swollen tits. Having delivered her twin babies just a few months ago, she had been kept in milk for the pleasure of Peter and her greengrocer. Gupta was now selling in his shop fresh milk, direct from her udders, pretending it was produced by a mare. Its taste was unmistakably different from cow milk being less rich in fat or goat milk, having a sweeter taste. He made her squat above a pail and hand milked her with great pleasure for him and some soreness for her.

During these vacations, she had taken a breast pump to relieve herself and continue the production for Gupta's benefit but she had discovered

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