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Husband gets some but loses own wife in the process.

Little did I know my life would get much lower in the days to come.

A few days later, I woke up to hear a knocking on my door. Thinking it was my roommate without his key I stumbled out to open the door dressed only in my boxers. It was not my roommate but the counselor; I apologized for my attire and then excused myself to go put on my robe. I went to my room and then noticed the man had followed me.

"I came to ask how desperate you are to get your mother's visa."

I told him that I was afraid my mother would die if we didn't get her to a doctor in this country. I said I would do anything to achieve this goal.

"Would you be willing to allow a lonely man some liberties with you?"

I was confused and started to ask just what he was talking about, but the question went unasked as he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I was too much in shock to resist and that only encouraged him as he forced his tongue in my mouth. I finally pulled away, my head spinning as the realization of what he expected of me dawned on me.

"But, sir I've never none this sort of thing, I, I know nothing of it. Please I..."

He cut me off with another kiss and then another, he sat me on the bed,

"I am offering you a way to get your mother here, I am not forcing you, and you will be giving yourself to me of your own freewill. You do this for me and I will do that for you, a Quid Pro Quo"

What could I do? I was helpless, and I could see no other way to help my mother. I said nothing but merely nodded my head. He smiled an evil smile, then opened his trousers and let them drop to the floor. No words were exchanged as he pointed to the floor. I surrendered and meekly got down on my knees in front of him, humiliated by the feeling of helplessness. I reached inside his silk boxers to grasp my first penis other than my own. I felt it grow firm in my hand and it was a strangely erotic sensation. I released him to pull his underwear down to expose him, and then he took his member in his hand presenting it to my lips. I was now past the point of no return so I meekly opened my mouth awaiting my first taste of cock. I glanced up to see a look of lust in his eyes as he grabbed me by the hair to begin his assault. He fucked my mouth like a wild man until he started his climax. His first shot went down my throat and I remember thinking 'that wasn't so bad'. His next spasm was in my mouth as he was pulling himself out, I almost gagged and then he was free and the next two ropes of sperm were in my face. Still holding me by hair, he turned my head up to look in my eyes and as I felt his filthy slime slide down my face, I saw his mouth turn into an evil grin.

On my knees in front of my molester, I felt thoroughly abused and debased and yet through my shame I kept thinking that I was all right and now at least my mother would get the medical care she needed. When I asked when I would get the visa, he laughed,

"This was merely an audition, next week you will be my treat at a soir__e I will be attending, and if you can perform to my satisfaction, only then you will get what you want."

Once again, he put his cock in my face expecting me to clean it for him, next he just pulled up his pants and left.

The next day my sister called, her despair hurt me so much it was then I knew I was doing what had to be done. I told her not to worry I had a plan but that I couldn't explain it to her at that time. How could I tell my sister I was to become an unpaid male prostitute even if it was to save my mother, so I told her nothing. It was a week of hell, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep as I couldn't kept my upcoming night of unwanted debauchery out of my thoughts. I was soon to find out my worst nightmares were nothing compared to what I was to go through.

He picked me up just before midnight, dressed regally in a dinner jacket and I was wearing what all the peasants wore back in my country.

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