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Young office assistant ignites a forgotten fire.


Late Wednesday afternoon Val and I were in Captain Winston's office. The captain had excused herself to go into her private bathroom, and soon reappeared, dressed in comfortable slacks and a loose sweatshirt. She pulled her desk chair around the end of the desk so she could sit without any furniture coming between us. This was a nice touch, and showed that she wanted us to be on the same social level for our conversation. What in the world would be this important? Val and I were holding hands, and she gave me a squeeze as we waited for the other shoe to drop.

"I envy you two, obviously so much in love, your whole lives ahead of you. I vaguely remember what life was like when I was your age, and it was marvelous. It was a time when I had everything going for me, and the full weight of responsibility hadn't come down on me yet. I was in touch with the world on a personal level, seeing how everything and everybody functioned and interacted, and feeling a part of it all. It was a glorious feeling.

"Now I have to shoulder the responsibility for a whole precinct of policemen and women and the maintenance of law and order in a large area of the city, plus all our interactions with other parts of the city government and other law enforcement agencies, plus the prosecutors and the courts. It's true that I love every minute of it, but I'm so busy running everything from the inside out, that I don't have the luxury of seeing how it looks from the outside looking in. Do you see what I mean?"
We nodded and made little affirmative noises, still wondering what was coming and glad to be a part of it but cautious about what this was going to cost us.

"When I got here and met all the people in this command, I was surprised to find that they were all middle aged. The reason is simple. That idiot Mueller had made it so hard for everybody that all the younger guys who had their careers ahead of them took off like rats leaving a sinking ship, and went where they could work under a commander who would do their careers some good. Mueller should never have been put in a position of command. Now I've got to unscramble it all, fix it up so this is a functional precinct again.

"A big priority for me is to get in touch with the kids, high school age and younger. If we don't make a positive impression on them now, we'll never have their cooperation when they get older, running businesses, owning property, joining civic organizations, raising kids of their own. Normally it's a snap to get kids interested in the police department, but they tend to trust people younger than their parents, and all my people are older than their parents, maybe even the age of their grandparents.

"Now because of the way Mueller screwed this place up, and you don't know the half of it, I've got a free hand to make almost every change I want to make. In fact, my bosses are holding their breaths waiting for me to tell them the wonderful, way out things that I want to do to fix the place. And the people who work here feel the same way. I've never been in this sort of a situation before, with so many people eager to hear what I want to change. But I can't do it alone. I have lieutenants who are wonderful, and sergeants who can't do enough for me, but I need to know what the world looks like from the eyes of younger people who live around here.

"So I want to offer you both jobs in the police department.

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