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William's showers, Vicki's tension, Erin's release.


I took the blade from my hand and laid it down beside the slices. Then moved the same hand over to the bread and brought up a slice.

As soon as I began to feed it into her still open mouth she slipped her hands down to her waistband and let the scrap of cloth slip over her hips to the floor. I started to massage the front of her breast - the one which was not already touching me. She had to use such a heavy bra that I couldn't be sure if she would feel me.

I watched her tear off a mouthful of bread with her teeth and place the remainder beside the knife. Then she found my waist, brought both her hands to the front and quickly slipped one down over my shorts to my crotch.

She saw me breathing in - I was going to remind her she was not to touch yet - and she swung in to face me.

"I'm not," she said through the bread. "Just cloth. I need to know if you are big enough to be worth it."

I certainly am and the next I knew my shorts were about my ankles and she was craning her neck over her huge breasts to see my third eye looking up at her. I was stunned for a moment. We had, all our set had, dreamt about this.

Then I shuffled the pair of us round till we were away from the work top but not so far that I couldn't pick up the butter. I stepped round behind her and told her to grab the edge of the wood. I had judged right - she had to bend so much that her back was nearly flat so I laid the butter on it and pulled her buttocks apart.

"Perfect," I said, stepping in close so I could jam them apart with one thigh as I reached forward for a knob of butter. She jumped as the soft cold mess touched her ass-crack but the tub was safe between her hips. I took another knob on my thumb and held it to her pretty little exit hole.

She realised where I was going and jerked in some breath.

"If you're careful, you'll get in. But you're bigger than him."

I just kept pressing my thumb, shrugged and said, "Have another bit of bread." We both knew we didn't have all the time in the world.

She snorted and reached up towards the bread. When her fingers came on to the knife blade she got a sudden shock and her ring relaxed for an instant.

My thumb slipped up her a bit. Her ring was greasy with the butter and it knew it had been defeated. I could have forced my thumb right up without any trouble. She knew it too.

"Just hold it in John. Hold it a minute."

She tried to stop herself quivering and began to crush my thumb. I pushed harder and twisted slowly. While I waited for this unequal tussle to end in my favor I got some more butter and blessed my penis with it.

Her ring was getting slacker and her breath made a slight moan each time she let it out. It was time to spread her properly.

I pulled out my thumb and she made a little gasp. The small dam of melted butter which had been held up by my thumb flowed inside her.

Then I put my penis to the little oily gap that was still there and held it steady. It was going to be tight. Dreaming about having her this way was over. This was real.

She drew in her breath sharply as I began to increase the pressure then she steadied herself and seemed to make an effort to relax. She was giving herself to me. I checked she has no hair in the area which could be caught and dragged in. The tight force holding me back needed to be relieved and I was going to let her do that for me. I backed off a quarter of an inch, she rested and I promptly pushed another three quarters of an inch back in. It made the gap a lot bigger because I was still getting my head in.

I grabbed her by the hips and just leaned on her. Slowly, inexorably, she expanded herself to accommodate me and for every little she opened more of the head of my penis buried itself in her.

Then it came to the widest part. The rim at the base of my glans: my widest part so far and the most sensitive. Again I withdrew a little and went straight back in. Plop. She shuddered. I held still.

"Are you ready for the rest?" She didn't speak but one of her hands was now curled around the handle of the breadknife.

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