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A Parody of the 1944 film noire classic 'LAURA'.

I needed something I could lose myself, in, something I could sit there and look at, enjoy a much needed jerk off, and then hopefully after that, be relaxed enough to go to sleep.

Maybe it was fate, Karma, or whatever, but wouldn't you know it? When the movie came on that was well under way, the first thing I saw was an older man, older than I was...but still older. Especially when you saw the very young looking woman who was currently riding his cock, her large breasts bouncing wildly as she looked into the camera. Her eyes had this sultry, wanton, decadent look to them. She was obviously enjoying the guy's dick inside her as she rode it. For a millisecond, I thought about finding something else to watch, it was too close to home. But then as I'd already paid for it, it didn't make much sense to go looking for something else. Besides, I didn't plan on being here all that long. At least the young woman had blonde hair and didn't look at all like my daughter. The problem was, watching them, reminded me of that, and I found myself thinking about that, seeing Stacy, even though I was staring at the TV.

I poured a liberal dose of baby-oil into the palm of my hand and then wrapped that around my hard stiff cock. It felt good...once again reminding me of Stacy's sweet slick pussy. Though I was staring at the young blonde's cunt as the older gentleman filled it with his thick fat cock, I was again seeing Stacy's and not hers. I tried shaking the thought from my head, but the feel of my own hand sliding up and down my shaft, was too similar of a reminder to the way my daughter's pussy had felt as I'd slid in and out of her, fucking there on the couch. Which I now looked at instead of the TV, once again lost in the memories of the previous night.

It was at that moment I caught a shadow of movement out of my peripheral vision. I thought in that instant that perhaps Maxine had gotten up out of bed and come down stairs for some reason. Already my hands moving towards the folds on my robe in order to close it, which is when I then heard the all too familiar giggle.

"Oh for heaven's sakes daddy, don't bother. Who'd you think it was? Mom?"

"Jesus Stacy!" I said once again, as this trick of hers, showing up out of nowhere was starting to get a bit spooky. "I wish you'd quit doing that!" I added though I let go of my robe and the effort to close it. After all, what was the point?

She laughed, now coming over to stand in front of the TV, effectively blocking my view though it wasn't the TV I was worried about. At least she was dressed this time.

"Saw the flickering light from the TV through the window. Figured you were down here, and then figured what you were most likely doing this time of night too," she added still giggling.

"Aren't you still supposed to be at work?" I asked. I glanced over at the clock next to the TV, it read just a little past midnight.

"Got off early tonight. Thought I'd come home, see if I couldn't get off early here too," she grinned. Her hands were already busy unbuttoning her blouse.

Suddenly it was de'ja'vu all over again. "Stacy..."

"Shhh...unless you want to wake mom," she told me as her blouse came away in her hands.

"That's the point," I said unable to take my eyes off her as she now reached around behind herself as she began to undo her bra. A new one I noticed, black with delicate wisps of white lace around the cups. It looked sexy as hell on her, and she noticed my looking at it. She held off removing the bra, and now smiled.

"Like it? It's one of the new one's I got at Victoria Secret last weekend."

"It's very pretty," I said coming to my senses. "But..."

Her hands went back behind herself.

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