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Phillip takes their relationship to the next level.

It didn't help my situation as most talked about sex, getting your dick sucked or making a quick $20 or $75 for a fuck. God I knew I needed to get off when the usual bathroom writings were getting me hard. I finished and ripped off some toilet paper. I was shocked to find a limp cock hiding behind it, sticking through a hole in the wall. This was not helping...I cleaned up and stared at the cock, noticing a rubber band around the shaft and balls, holding a $20 bill. I flushed, pulled my shorts up and grabbed the cock, slowly taking the money.

As if my touch was magic, instantly his dick grew and hardened. I stroked it more and as I felt my own straining to get the same treatment. The hole was at an odd height and the stall was very narrow so I had to bend over to suck it, with half of me sticking out of the stall. I licked the head and worked up and down the shaft, sucking on the balls every few licks. I swirled the head with my tongue before it passed my lips and dive deep into my throat. I pulled off and stroked it as the head bounces around lips and tongue before shoving it back past my tonsils. As in rhythm the cock is now trying to fuck. I hold my head as close to the hole and moan as it face fucks me hard. My mind drifts from the task at hand to wishing it was my cock in the hole. By god, when I get him off I'm sure going to try to get my dick sucked.

I pull away and play with his tight balls and continue bathing him with my tongue. Doing everything that gets me off, hoping he would soon cum as precum started to leak from the tip.

Hands wrap around my waist and grabbed hold of my cock. I instinctively turned my head but was stopped and shoved back on the cock in front of me. I know I locked the door what the hell is going on here...this worry quickly passed as my cock was getting the attention it had waited all week for. I started sucking and stroking harder, loving the attention my dick was getting as hands had now worked their way up my shorts and grazed the head. That's when he started to cum. I wrapped my lips on it and sucked down each pulse of cum.

The cock was quickly pulled away and a $20 was pushed into my face. I turned but again the person behind me held my head to the hole and another cock met my lips. My shorts were unbuckled, pulled down and off as each leg was raised. The hands reached between my spread legs and grabbed my balls while the other rubbed on my prostate. I found my hips grinding against the hand and my mouth going to work on the new cock. My own dick was rock solid and was begging to be touched, driving me into a whirl wind of horniness.

The hand rubbing my prostate slid upwards to my asshole as spit fell onto my hole and a finger quickly worked its way in and the grip tightened on my balls. Lifting the cock in front of me and I sucked on his balls wishing the same for mine. This didn't happen, as a two more fingers worked into my ass and the hand on my balls let go and helped spread me open. The fingers worked their way to my "g-spot" and my cock felt like it was going to burst from being so hard before I got to cum.

The fingers were removed and my head was pushed with my lips against the wall as the cock face fucked me slow and steady. Without further ado, a cock was pushed through my ass and buried to the hilt. I screamed and gagged on the cock that continued to fuck my mouth. Coughing with a cock in my mouth, the cock in my ass slid out and back in. I got back into rhythm when hands gripped my hips and I was rocked back and forth.

I felt amazing and as much I as felt that I was cuming, I knew I had not hit a true orgasm. The fucking got harder and faster as my cum dripping cock wet my stomach with each bounce. With a mighty pull, the cock in my ass drove deeper than ever. It expanded wider and started shaking before shooting load after load deep in me. $75 was placed on the toilet tank, the cock slipped out of my ass and I heard a door close.

Cum dripped from deep inside me as I continued to suck the cock in the wall.

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