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Chunnel love: the woman in need is a whore indeed.

Before I could react she was already forcing her cunt lips on my mouth. Moment my tongue touched the inner labia, she moaned and asked me this is the way you want Kavita to suck my fanny. I was taken aback and put the whole tongue inside the swollen cunt. There was no looking back thereafter. I told her to lie on top of me, her favourite style. I told her the complete plan while she was riding my cock and milking away the complete juice. Her jumbos were hitting my chest like soft balls. Her buttocks were the only thing I could hold on to ensure that she does not jump too fast on my cock. Soon my cock filled her cunt and she cried like a kitten as orgasm neared.

We lay down like this with my cock still inside her vagina and kissed each other. She told that she was very thankful to me for such a nice orgasm after such a long time. I took this opportune moment to explain her that if fantasy about our neighbour could be so exciting the real encounter will be still better. My wife's apprehension was related to real life problem, which accrue out of it. I assured her that the advantage of such a relationship was that after one year, we will never meet each other again, therefore, nothing to worry about. While talking about future strategy to seduce our neighbours we didn't realise when my flaccid cock got hard and started making rhythmic movements in side my wife's honey pot which was soon going to be tasted by Kavita and Vijay. This time she was slow and deliberate as if rehearsing her likely encounter with Kavita in stage 1 which would be lesbian seduction. I also told her the advantages of such a fling was that no body will know as there was no one else in the floor below us and Vijay's floor was the last. Since we also had two daughters like Vijay's, they could play together and sleep together in one house and second house could be utilised for our fucking session.

The day of reckoning was not far as my wife took out the videocassette, which we had made of our lovemaking and kept it on VCR, moment children left for school. As expected Kavita came down to say hello as the day's work was to start at twelve noon and it was only ten in the morning. This gave clear two hours for lesbian seduction to my wife. Kavita as expected peeped in the bedroom but my wife was not there. She was knowingly taking bath in a half closed bathroom. Kavita peeped inside bathroom only to be surprised by my wife's naked figure dripping with water. She was foxed for a moment, she immediately stepped back from bathroom door and said 'Sorry". My wife said that there is nothing to feel shy as you also have same assets. Why don't you sit on the bed till the time I take bath? Kavita readily agreed and my wife purposely allowed the bathroom door to remain open so that Kavita could enjoy naked figure of my wife. Kavita could not take her eyes off my wife's breasts, bush between the legs and the cute buttocks.

My wife came out naked and dried herself in front of Kavita. In order to break the silence, Kavita said, "Do you have any Hindi or English movie to watch as I have two hours before my maidservant arrives". My wife said that my husband has by mistake taken the key with him; however, there is one cassette on VCR, which we watched yesterday night. Why don't you see that? Kavita got up while appreciating my wife's assets and played the cassette. The cassette contained all possible fucking sessions of self and wife. In the first scene itself the cunt of my wife was fully blown on the screen. That was too much for Kavita to take and she immediately realised that it was a plot to seduce her.

She immediately hugged my wife.

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