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Light is shone on a dark past in a centre that force-breeds.

They were talking but I couldn't hear them as I was back in the crowd and adjusting my camera. I looked up again and they were standing by the wine table both with a glass to their lips. Then they walked back in front of the class and the instructor asked if anyone would like to see our model in a bathing suit. Of course they all said yes. Did I mention that the two females didn't show up that day?

So my girlfriend smiled and acted shy and gracefully moved off behind the screen to change. We all readied our cameras in anticipation for what was next. I noticed the instructor back at the wine table, he wasn't drinking just standing there looking towards the stage. When a few minutes had passed my girlfriend tentatively moved out from behind the screen. She had on a two piece bathing suit that was a blue color and it showed off her body well. She didn't have huge tits but what she did have were very sexy in shape. Her nipples were at that perfect point and pointed up on her perky tits. Any bikini I ever saw her in always looked like they just barely cover her nipples. This suit was no exception. The bottoms fit her ass very well making her look very hot.

The guys started snapping pictures right away. They had her pose on her knees and place her hands behind her head. She ran her hands through her hair and she would raise her arms up in air. She turned sideways and posed on all fours arching her back and she would throw her head back to make her long black hair fly up and land on to her back. This looked hot. Then she turned towards us and sat back on her heels and placed her elbows on the flow between her knees. She was getting into it.

By this time most of us needed to change film so we asked for a break and possible costume change. The instructor agreed and she got up off the floor and stepped over to her wine glass. As I was changing my film I watched the instructor move over to her and place his hand at the small of her back. He said something to her and they both laughed. He was rubbing her back and the top of her ass. They filled their glasses again and she stepped away and back around the screen. The instructor stood next to the wine table and sipped his wine.

She took a little more time behind that screen to change. When she stepped out she was wearing the teddy and bare feet. She looked amazing. When she stepped into the light it was obvious that the garment was mostly see through. The instructor moved an over stuffed chair into the lights and had her sit on it. Then he positioned her body with her shoulder on an arm of the chair and he reached down to her thigh and lifted it up on to the other arm. I could see he was taking the opportunity to slide his hand up and down her thigh. He was caressing her thigh pretty good. He positioned her just right as he straightened out her hair and put her hands and arms in the right positions. Everyone was taking pictures even before he was done.

I could see her nipples were hard. I was positive that the combination of the heat of the lights and the wine in conjunction with the touch from his hands had her more then a little turned on. We could see the outline of her pussy through the shear panties and her tits were just about exposed by the low neck line of her outfit.

After just a couple of minutes the instructors moved to her and had her stand up and bend over the arm of the chair.

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