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I cleaned my windshield, bought a couple snacks and water. I used the bathroom and washed my hands real good. Back to the car and on my way I went.

The road was not very busy...maybe a car or two every 10-20 miles so far. I love this drive. It always makes me feel alive. The freedom of the highway, the smell of the desert air, the beauty of the landscape was all very captivating to me. I loved how the mountains and hills meet with the skyline and cast a variety of colors throughout the sky. I often photographed my drives. The sun was starting to make its way for the horizon but still had a few hours to go to get there. I drank water and I could tell I was already dry from my river dip. Ahhhh my river dip. My brain was flooded again with the pleasure I felt at the river. I could feel a burning inside myself as I thought of my pussy...That familiar feeling deep inside came to me with a compulsion I had learned would always have its way with me and would always win.

Without thinking much about it I decided to take my bathing suit top off. Even if a car passed me on the other side of the road it would be so fast they couldn't see my breasts. How nice it felt to have my Breasts freely hang as I drive. The desert air felt so damn good on my bare tits. I bent the review mirror down so as to see my reflection. It was so pretty. I could see my own breasts in the mirror slightly jiggling as I hit random small divots in the road. I thought to myself, why not take my bottoms off? With great agility I slipped off my old torn jean shorts and had only my bathing suit bottoms on. I then thought how crazy would it be if I loose the bathing suit bottoms too! So I took them off and there I was driving complete naked in my car across the desert.

Of course this is such an erotic moment for me, not only sexually but mentally. I remember thinking how I love myself and how I am so free. I can not begin to explain how it felt to have that hot desert air blowing all over my body in my car that day. I admired myself in the mirror. I enjoyed the warmth as my thoughts were all over the place while cars passed every so often and I didn't care.

I was feeling extremely aroused by now. I felt my boobs with one free hand. They felt so soft and full. I tickled my own breast and stomach for a few moments. My nipples were erect and extremely noticeable as I caught myself in the mirror. I kept sneaking peeks at myself. I moved down to my pussy area. I softly felt my outer lips and faint patch of pubic hair. I spread my thick outer lips apart and oh there was that swollen clit again begging me for a touch. So I gave her a little soft swipe, she jolted with enthusiasm and begged for more. I gave her another slight touch as I moved deeper into the territory of my hot swollen wet pussy. I was oozing wetness already. I brought a little of my wetness from inside my pussy to my clit. I could tell she was thankful. OH GOD THIS FELT SO GOOD. I had a couple fingers in on the action. I then brought my fingers up to my face. I smelt myself. Aahhhhh, I then slipped my middle finger into my mouth. I could taste my pussy, so nice and clean. I can smell my scent. So familiar and unique in its own way. GOD I LOVE THIS!

I started to hit the Rumble Strips that were on the side of the road. I had to pay attention to the road more carefully now. Cars were still passing once in awhile. I didn't want to hurt anyone or get hurt. So I put my hands back on the wheel and tried to forget my urges.

My mind kept drifting back to the river, back to the feeling of how good my pussy felt all warm, soft, swollen, wet, and inviting. I silently screamed to myself to STOP drifting into sexual thoughts and concentrate on the road. My inner screaming is pointless. I knew this.

The seat was warm against my bare bottom, the air was fast blowing through my car.

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