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Indie Comes to Jesus - Indie opens his mouth, drama ensues

"Truth is, I'm generally shy of girls," Rick announced, abruptly breaking the silence. "But with Fran here - I feel I know her. She's been in films, I've seen her. Guess she denies it because she shuns publicity."

"Fran's not even interested in acting," Tom ascertained. "She works in natural history."

"You don't have to act to be in films not in the kind of films I mean and I can teach her a lot about natural history," Rick intervened with that wicked smile again.

"Now you are insulting Fran," Tom yelled angrily. "She would never do that for a living"

Then, perhaps, Tom-tom, there's something you don't know about," suggested Rick. "I've seen her and what she did and that's fine with me."

Tom turned to Fran but she just sat quietly, putting her finger against her lips and gently nodding her head sideways. She went along with the idea that there just had to be a way out and considered she could only go along with this and wait for an opportunity to escape. She'd find his weakness then she'd pounce with all her feminine know how.

Tom was thinking on similar lines. Keep the guy calm and take it from there. But the thought of him touching Fran would be too much; he'd have to do something, even kill the guy if necessary.

He heard Fran's words in his mind concerning his reluctance to kill even a snail. Now he was thinking about killing a human being!

Fan broke the silence now. She needed to relieve herself urgently. Asked Rick what the arrangement was.

"The arrangement is for you to struggle behind the aperture in those rocks behind, and do the necessary. There's an underground stream below from which I get fresh water so it's fairly hygienic. It also avoids the shaft getting flooded at this level."

"You're quite an intelligent guy, Rick," complimented Tom in his quest to find a solution through the process of conversation. But his efforts were ignored. He noticed with some concern that Rick's head was turned facing the area where Fran had moved.

"Rick!" Tom tried again to attract his attention.

"Sorry Tom. I guess it is something to do with living out here in the wilds. Watching animals pay so much attention to bodily functions. I guess I must have Sweetie Pie now."

"You can't do that, she's my wife. You are flirting with death, fella!"

Tom was really enraged.. Standing up and trying to bend the steel canopy above him in his endeavour to find a way through.

Rick just looked at him open mouthed: "Sorry, mate. It's just the call of nature after all. Like Sweetie going for a pee. That's what got me thinking about it in fact. Look, you can either watch or go away for a few minutes because me and she are going to be busy.

"Think of it this way, mate. You had yours last night and it's been twelve months since I had a woman."

In a frail attempt to stop Rick Tom threw a large rock aiming for the head. It slammed into the steel caging and fell heavily to the ground.

Rick just stood there and laughed: "Well, you've certainly got guts, Tom-tom but I would not suggest you try that again because I may decide to be really nasty to Sweetie. I'm simply going to have a nice cosy time with her so take it easy".

"What makes you think she wants you?"

"She will, I've seen it in her eyes. A guy knows these things, you know that - or perhaps you don't. Besides she knows it's for her own good."

Fran knew the score. Knew what she must endure. If there was a way out of it she would find it. She would try. But failing all else she gesticulated to Tom just to be calm and wait. There was simply no other solution.

It was hard but he would stay. He certainly couldn't leave her now. At least he would be there.

As Rick started to kiss her gently and find the zip of her top Fran tried all the things women do to avoid an unwanted union.

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