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" The two rode the bus back to James' flat in silence. James had a good look at her in the elevator, her face was really beautiful and she had large full pouting lips and smooth dark brown skin. She was tall about 5'8" and had two large breasts that James guessed were at least 38DDs as she stripped naked she revealed a flat well toned stomach and a cute pussy topped with a neatly trimmed brazilian above her slightly puffy pussy lips, as she bent over to slide off her pop socks James got a view of her full round ass cheeks pert and round like only a black woman could have.

James knew he didn't have to work the next day so wasn't worried about sleep, but knew he wouldn't be up to much sexually without some rest. As a sexual partner James usually ensured his partners came although admittedly for selfish reasons; firstly he loved hearing a girl come and couldn't stand watching silent porn; secondly he always wanted a good review he was more likely to bag a repeat performance or to get a previous conquests friend if the girl had a good time; thirdly having a larger member meant a lot of girls needed to be very wet to accommodate him.

"What's your name?" he asked, "tell me about yourself."

"I'm Jamelia I am 27 and I work as a teller in a bank, I'm recently divorced."

"Jamelia you are going to spend the night in bed with me in the morning you won't know why but you'll know that you really want to have sex with me you won't be able to leave till I'm fully satisfied, you'll want to do whatever I suggest and will cum whenever I tell you to."

In the morning they both showered and Jamelia dried her body smiling at the naked woman he told her to lie back and masturbate till she came.

She started kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples rubbing under her breasts and pulling on her long erect nipples, she ran a hand down her stomach and started to rub on her mons before sliding two fingers along her outer pussy lips and then brought her left hand to her mouth and sucked on her finger tips. She pushed a finger into her pussy and began to rub her clit and push her fingers into her hot hole, soon she was humping her own hand and grinding her fingers onto her clit. Her pussy was drenched and juices were leaking down her ass crack and coating the inside of her thighs.

Jamelia had a shuddering orgasm, gasping and moaning she pinched her clit and rolled it between her fingertips. The smell of her pussy filled the room. She opened her eyes, despite the intense pleasure she had received from the orgasm she still felt horny, desperate to cum again, as she began to push fingers back into her choot. James leant forward and kissed her, she all but deep throated his tongue sucking it into her mouth, as he began to lightly run his fingers over her arms and down her sides he pressed harder as he passed over her hip and then lightened the pressure of his fingers as they ran down the out side of her thighs. Just above the knees he brought his hand across and slid his whole hand fingertips and palm up the top of her thighs his thumbs rough skin grazing the silken softness of her inner thighs as they neared her groin she elicited a soft groan, he gripped her waist and pulled her down the bed so her ass rested on the edge.

James loved how her pussy looked: shaved bald but for a neat trimmed brazillian he loved how her dark pussy lips parted to show a delicious soft pink inside that smelt sweet and exotic. With his left hand flittering across her stomach just above her groin and his right hand compressing the flesh just above her swollen clit, James started to tongue her outer pussy lips, lapping gently at her labia he would occasionally rub his tongue over her clit causing her to gasp or plunge his tongue into her pussy licking up her juices and making her squeal with pleasure.

As Jamelia neared her second orgasm, his left hands first two finger speared into her she shrieked in pleasure and started to groan, just before she took off he pushed his right thumb into her cl

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