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An alien pits two men against each other. good vs evil?

" she said half-interestedly. Aparna was a sub-urbs girl, who lived in the city for her job.

"Well, you could spend the night at my place." I suggested naughtily. I shared a flat with my grandma, and since she was away for a few days at my uncle's place - this was a god-sent.

"Hmmm... wouldn't you like that." Ah, she bats those eye-lids like that again. My balls stir deep within my pants.

"Hey, c'mon... no hanky-panky, I promise." I lied. "Besides you don't have anywhere else to go."

"C'mon. What's to think about? You're going." I took her by the hand towards my car. She didn't resist.

Back at home, the security guard gave me a dirty stare as I brought Aparna up to my flat. A couple of hundred bucks, ought to keep him shut. But that's tomorrow's thing. For now, I was ushering Aparna into my flat.

"I think you should change & be a little more comfortable." I fetched an old shorts of mine. She seemed a little uncomfortable now, but a little encouragement got her through.

By the time she came out, I had the drinks ready. Seeing her smooth, white legs I had a tent in my pants. She noticed. She smiled. She enjoyed the power she had over men.

"No drinks." she said. Playing hardball. I don't quite think she wanted to fuck tonight.

"Just a few shots to sleep well." I smiled.

"Absolutely not." she insisted. Oh well, I downed a couple of stiff ones. I showed her my grandma's room and she promptly walked in, locking the door from the inside.

Well, so there. I was sad. Walked into the bathroom to jerk it all off. However, I noticed a white cotton panty hanging off the hook. I took it and smelt Aparna's panty in my face. It was brilliant! I could almost taste her pussy on my tongue. My balls stirred and a current passed through my body. Damn! Couldn't let this opportunity pass on by!

A knock on her door.

"What is it?" she called out

"I need some stuff from the room, just let me in for a while."

"Can't it wait till morning?"


She opened the door. I walked in and shoved something in her hands... "Here you left this in the loo."

I took her in my arms and started kissing her. She pushed me off. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"I am going to fuck you bitch... and I am going to fuck you nasty tonight."

She took a few steps back. I walked up. "Your breath stinks of vodka." she finally said with her naughty eyes glinting.

"Too bad," I replied. "Told you to have some of that shit, didn't I?"

"And I asked you to not have it." She smiled approvingly.

I pushed her on the bed and kissed her on her soft, thin lips. She bit me back. "Ouch."

"I am a feisty one, think you can handle me." she egged me on. I dove in... removing her top and pulling down her bra-straps. Kissed her on her neck and slurped on her ear. Her ear-lobes were very soft and delectable. Moved down to neck and ravaged it within minutes.

Her fingers ran through my hair as she pushed my head further and further down. I stopped at her boobs, and sucked on her nipples. She had these really soft breasts. I held those powder-puffs in my hands and sucked on them. Licking the nipples in circular licks and licking up her cleavage.

Suddenly she yanked my hair painfully. "Ouch."

"Eat me you bastard." she growled.

I proceeded to remove her shorts straight on. She spread her legs to reveal a semi-shaven, beautiful pussy. I licked it slowly in long strokes at first. Then dove in further, with faster licks. Soon I found her clit and started sucking on it. Slowly and gently. It started turning her on. She started yelling. "Fuck... fuck... this feels so good... ummmmn."

I felt like screwing this horny bitch straight away, but I wanted to make her cum. I kept eating her out. Alternating my pace, slow and fast... her pussy was incredibly clean and sweet-smelling, so didn't mind the extra attention I was giving it. Then almost without warning... it happened.

"Aaaaagh, ouch.

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