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My family doesn't approve of Kyle.

The air system came back on, and with the press of a button, the fireplace glowed brightly again. I watched the flames for a moment, and then turned the tree back on. I slipped out of my heels and pulled my feet up under me on the couch. I slipped a few code changes into the tree's interface and the whole thing started to slowly rotate. I had planned to show it to Tyce in the morning, but it seemed like a shame to waste it now.

The more that I drank from the bottle the more I felt like I wanted to hate what had happened to us, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I couldn't make the desire outweigh the warm bubbly glow I felt from the champagne. I'd never thought of myself as an angry drunk, more...flirtatious. And I could certainly feel the warmth radiating from the fireplace now. I thought about turning down the thermostat, but the light from the flames dancing in time with the glow of the tree was too beautiful to interrupt. With the bottle empty, I leaned back against the soft cushions and felt my eyes get heavy.

I think I must have drifted off for a moment, because I suddenly felt a warm sensation press against the side of my face. It lingered for a moment and then slowly slid down my neck to my collarbone. I opened my eyes slowly, still feeling that full-body warmth that the champagne had filled me with. I could see the tree shimmering and suddenly smelled pine. It was deep woodland pine like the kind in the richest forests back on earth. It smelled timeless and powerful. The more I stared at the tree, the stronger the smell became. I felt another warm sensation on my other cheek and it too lingered for a moment before dropping to my neck and settling against my collarbone. The feeling faded and the smell of the forest was slowly joined by gingerbread, baking apples, and nutmeg. It was as if every scent of Christmas was filling my lungs. It created a heady sensation thicker than anything you could possibly pour into a glass.

Warmth spread from my forehead to my cheeks and then moved down to my neck again. It caressed me, and then changed direction and moved to the back of my neck. I felt it seep into my muscles, moving in slow circles against my spine and then it moved out toward my shoulders and upper back. I lowered my head and closed my eyes. I'd never enjoyed a sensation like it before. The warmth moved back and forth for what must have been half an hour or longer while my mind drifted on the scents in the air. I breathed deep, deeper, and then I noticed something new, a smell closer to the fireplace, like the wood from a hearth on Christmas morning. It was the perfect addition that made everything else complete.

The warmth at my neck spread out to my shoulders again, but instead of returning to my spine, it started to spread down over the top of my shoulders and drift over my arms. It moved just as slowly as before, as if time was inconsequential. It lingered and seeped into my muscles making me fall deeper into the trance I enjoyed. I remembered moaning lightly, but like on the edge of dream where I didn't know If I'd actually done it or not. Further down my arms and back up, lower down my arms, and then back to my shoulders. The feeling drifted down my back and stopped at the edge of my dress and pooled over the zipper in the back. The warmth hesitated there and I arched my back just enough to open a space. I felt the fabric shift as I moved and then I stretched it tight and the zipper parted a fraction. It was all it took. The warmth seeped down over my back and as I pressed against the couch cushions the zipper parted even further. The more skin that I exposed the more that delicious warmth touched me. The more I enjoyed it, the stronger the scents filling the room became.

When the zipper finally stopped at my waist, I could feel the movement spread over my exposed back.

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