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Master releases Bliss from his control.

.. then i'd get restless and slyly poke you... and pretend I didn't do anything, until you reacted. and once you reacted, i'd keep poking you, and bothering you, and trying to tickle you....

by that point, i'd probably have pinned you down, and be torturing you with tickles, and you'd pretend to fight back, but you'd be enjoying it too much, and let me win... then we'd look at each other... and be laying side by side on my bed, the movie long forgotten... then one of us would make the first move, and we'd kiss again... i'd lay on my back, and pull you on top of me

we'd start making out a lot, and i'd probably be running my hands all over your body, up and down your back...

I might grab your ass a few times, cause butts are fun. then, i'd be all turned on. the room would be getting warmer, and i'd suggest that we didn't REALLY need our pants on. and get up, and slowly take off my pants and just be in a thong before you.. then i'd get back on the bed, and we'd kiss more.. you'd get curious, and slip a finger or two inside me, and i'd start squirming with pleasure

under you... i'd still be running my hands all over you, and you'd be turned on once you felt how wet you made me. I'd take one of my hands and slide it down in your pants, and into your undies.... i'd start slowly playing with your dick, and feeling the tip, to see if it was all wet and slippery.. soon, we'd kinda forget about making out, and then start taking off each others clothes. first,

I'd unwrap it, and glide it on your dick. Then, i'd start playing with your balls, and guide you into me. We'd start off in missionary, and then we'd slow down, and you'd tell me to put my legs over your shoulders, so i'd first lift one leg up and over your shoulders, and then the other one. You'd be like "DAMN" and start thrusting away. It'd feel tighter, and it'd be so hot and wet for both of us

then after a while, we'd switch up positions, and i'd be like "how bout doggy style?" you'd agree, and then you'd enter my pussy from behind with one big thrust. at this point, doggy style would make sense, because yeah, we'd be fucking like animals.

we'd be all sweaty, and it'd be awesome. once you're close to cumming, you'd tell me, and i'd play with your balls a bit more while we were still going at it, and it'd put you so close to the edge... at last when we were sweaty and exhausted, you'd collapse onto me, panting.

_________________a says:

Then you'd pull out, and i'd take off your condom, and throw it away, then ask you to lie on your stomach, and i'd give you a nude massage. I'd seat myself on your bum, and start rubbing your back, up near your neck and shoulders, then make my way down, stopping often, to lick and suck my way around your skin..

_________________a said (2:26 AM):

it'd be a nice slippery smooth massage, and you'd be so relaxed. if you felt the need, we'd nap for a bit, and then wake up, and i'd suggest we have a shower to rinse off. so, i'd lead you nakedly into the bathroom, and get a nice warm shower going, tell you to get in, and then i'd grab some fluffy towels for us, for afterwards, and then i'd get in the shower as well.

_________________a says:

your wet naked body would turn me on, and i'd pin you against the shower wall and start making out with you again. then, i'd stop, and move my way down the front of your body.. you'd be hard again, and i'd take you in my hand, and start licking and sucking on the tip of you..

I'd end up putting more of you in my mouth, and we'd both be so horny. I wouldn't go too far though, because i'd still have other plans for you in mind. I'd stop, when you were close to cumming, just to punish you.. and then i'd soap you up, ALL OVER... my hands would be sliding all over your body, and then i'd say "well, i've been a dirty girl too, so now you can do whatever you want to me."

_________________a says:

you'd have had more than enough of my slow torment, and you'd shove ME against the wall, under the water and nudge open my legs with your knee, and you'd just thrust into me.

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