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I looked back up at him, trying not to look away from his powerful gaze, "I'm sorry, Professor. I'll pay attention now."

My voice was steadier than my head, which was in a turmoil.

He held my gaze for a few more seconds, eyes stormy but unreadable from where I was sitting at the back of the room, before he turned around and continued his speech which had something to do with modern architecture and the second world war. I think.

If someone told me a few months ago that Brandon Chase was teaching architecture at Columbia, I would have laughed. Even though its just one semester-- whatever's left of it, that is-- which includes four seminars, Brandon Chase is not the kind of person you'd find teaching. And he was doing a pretty good job too. His easy grace and powerful presence capturing everyone's attention. Except mine, apparently.

He's the rich, spoilt, son of famous mogul, Harold Chase, who passed away four years ago. Since then, Brandon has been running his father's business.

The most eligible bachelor of New York, the enigmatic CEO, was standing in front of the class ranting about architecture.

And he just looked at me like I was any other student. The bastard had been best friends with my older brother since kindergarten and he doesn't even recognize me? To top it off, he'd picked on me. The initial pang of hurt was replaced by fury.

After the seminar, I gather my books and storm out of the classroom.

Brandon Chase could kiss my ass. I wasn't Katrina or Kathy Grey anymore. I was Katherine. The new, cool, composed Katherine. I had escaped the ghosts of my past. Brandon Chase just reminded me of them, I so did not need drama in my life right now.

I started at Columbia a few months ago. So far, I was loving it. The campus was beautiful, the people were nice, kept to themselves, and I'd found a perfect apartment with an amazing roommate. I was falling in love with New York.

"Hey, Kathy! Wait up!" A female voice called behind me as I rushed out of the classroom. So much for not being Kathy anymore.

I whirled to find my short, adorable roommate jogging to catch up with me.

Nikki Greene, my roommate, was a student at Columbia too. She was about five feet tall with a slim but curvy figure and shoulder length blonde hair. But her best feature were her huge, chocolate brown eyes. It would melt the coldest person's heart.

"Hey Nik," I gave her a small smile as she caught up with me and we started walking out of campus.

"Why did you run off like that?" She asked, her thin brows furrowed.

"I just..have a lot on my mind." I waved my hand dismissively, "I have a paper tomorrow."

Nikki looked skeptical but shrugged, letting it go. One of the things I loved about her. She didn't dig up dirt or hover over me.

"Oh, okay." Then her big eyes lit up, "So, how hot is Brandon Chase? I mean, I could stare at him all day." She sighed dramatically.

I forced a grin. He was the last thing I wanted to talk about.

"You are so lucky he was friends with your brother. We could totally take advantage of that." She giggled.

I'd told her about how I knew him. Not the whole story though, just the edited part.

I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously, Nikki. I know the guy's hot but I'm not gonna be another Diana Simons for him." I countered.

Jeez, I needed coffee.

Nikki snickered, "She's a whore. Did you look at her neckline today? Jeesh. It was like, in your face. And the way she was trying to get his attention, I don't know whom I feel more sorry for, Brandon Chase or her. That girl needs therapy."

I laughed out loud. Nikki was entertaining when bitching about someone.

"Let's grab some coffee before we head home." I muttered uselessly, since that was what we always did.

Caffeine is like magic elixir. It revives you from the dead. Well, it revives me from the dead. Nikki and I had instantly bonded over our love for coffee.

"Brandon Chase is like this eclair." Nikki stated as she held up a delicious eclair we'd picked up on our way with the coffee.

"Unless they sell him at starbucks,

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