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Guy takes his pleasure from his willing girlfriend.

"How do you feel now that you no longer trust and obey me, Greta?"

The blonde girl subtly tests her bonds, finds them unyielding, and makes an involuntary noise in the back of her throat.

"Confused? Trapped? Terrified?" Kytophon walks around and crouches down in front of the blonde girl's immobilized face with a squeak of leather. She smiles, pearlescent teeth and a single eye gleaming from beneath her fringe. "I almost wish I served the House of Despair right now. The fear you're releasing smells... intriguing."

Greta found her voice, weak and tremulous. "Bitte, mein gotte, bitte - P-please. Please, just let me go."

"Let you go?" Kaye frowns. "Don't be ungrateful, Greta. Didn't that orgasm feel good, just then?" She stands and walks around behind the girl, looking down at her exposed rump. Her pussy is slightly pink and freshly shaved, completely exposed. She runs the tip of the crop along it tenderly, making Greta wriggle. "Doesn't that feel good?" Kytophon asks, stroking up over the blonde's clitoral hood with the dexterity of a surgeon.

Greta doesn't say anything, but her heart rate screams her answer.

Kaye teases her labia a little more with the crop, almost gently enough to tickle, before lifting it away teasingly. "I'm going to make you feel better than you can believe," she whispers to the girl.

Then she slaps the crop hard across Greta's exposed mound.

The blonde girl shrieks, calms herself, and starts desperately pleading in German as Kaye watches her pussy redden with a connoisseur's eye. The welt is clear and bright on virgin flesh. So beautiful.

"And I'm going to hurt you worse than you can imagine," she says, and adds another five marks.

Greta's screams dance in her ears. They're actually too compelling; Kytophon could lose herself in the music of her cries, and she needs to remain detached for the next few days. Sex is mostly instinct, but sexual torture, spiritual breaking and ritual preparation require a certain amount of concentration. She kneels down once more in front of Greta's face, running the crop's tip gently down the girl's cheek.

"Sshh, shh," she whispers, and kisses her. Greta moans softly in fear, then her blue eyes open wide. Kytophon's lips turn black. After a moment, so do Greta's.

When the kiss ends, the German is yelling and crying frantically, but no sound emerges from her blackened lips, nor any light. Her mouth is filled with silent shadows.

Kaye places a couple of fingers against Greta's throat so she can at least feel her desperate cries vibrating. The girl's eyes are so blue and wide, helplessly locked on the dominatrix's face. "You're going to be mine," Kaye tells her softly, "and you're going to be Hers. And then, when She wills it, won't even be you anymore." She brushes a finger over the girl's cursed lips. "I can't wait."

She has to, though, when the door bursts open.

"Ma'am!" The man bows reflexively at the sight of Kaye, but his voice is forceful with fear. He's an older, soft-edged man, dressed in a pale robe marked with strange symbols. His throat is leather-bound in a collar, studded with white gold. "Ma'am, we need you! The summoning - "

"What happened?"

"The vessel, she - " The robed man looks down the corridor his her right and cuts himself off with a strangled cry.

Through the doorway, someone else steps into view. "Told you I'd catch up," a little girl says, reaching for the man's hand as she opens her mouth.

He screams as he catches fire. Greta tries to scream too, but Kytophon's curse traps her terror inside her.

The dominatrix gives a long-suffering sigh and waits until the little girl finishes eating. Once the hallway is quiet again, she nods to the child casually. "Chelor."

The girl closes her mouth and swallows. The process takes too long. Finally, she steps into the room with Greta and Kytophon and waves. "Hi, Kytophon! I haven't seen you bound and incarnate since Solomon."

Greta's eyes bug as the little girl steps within a dozen paces of them.

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