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She takes cock reluctantly.


Jane was in pain. She scrambled to get away from Evan. He watched her naked backside as she scampered away. He smiled. He had to admit, she had a nice ass. Jane was a frightened girl desperately trying to escape. Evan let her think that she might get away and then he pounced on her. He tackled her and brought her to the ground hard.

"Ahhh," Jane exhaled quickly.

Evan had knocked the wind out of her. It took her a moment to gather enough oxygen so she could shout,

"Leave me alone!"

Evan turned her to face him and he shouted,

"Be quiet!"

Then he punched her on the chin knocking her unconscious.


Joan looked at Jimmy. She hoped she was getting through to him. She continued her declaration.

"Evan is a dangerous person. I have seen him hurt girls before. He may have kill Stephanie Glasgow. She's a girl that disappeared last year. The police never found her or her body. If Evan's with Jane, I am afraid she is in grave danger."

"If that's true then you should be calling the police, not driving aimlessly around with me," Jimmy said angrily.

"I have no proof to give the cops. I just have a bad feeling in my gut. You said Evan mentioned his 'special spot'. That's where we're going. It's where we took Stephanie. It's just a little bit further."


When Jane woke she discovered she was tied spread-eagle fashion between two stout trees. She was in a standing position with her ankles and wrist extended from her body. She was nude, defenseless and scared. She would have screamed, but her panties had been stuffed in her mouth.

Evan sat on a fallen tree in front of her playing with a large hunting knife.

"You know, not many people know how to sharpen a blade. I mean really sharpen a knife."

Evan rubbed the blade against his honing steel.

"The secret is to use one of these and to be sure you are going with the blade. A grinding wheel would ruin it."

Evan ran the blade lightly across his forearm drawing blood.

"See that, I put no pressure at all on the knife. It is so sharp it cut me. Can you imagine what I could do to you with his knife if I put some effort into it?"

Jane attempted to scream again. The sound went nowhere. She lost control of her bladder and peed herself. Evan chuckled enjoying the look of terror in her eyes. Evan walked up to her.

"It looks like you had a little accident. Oh dear, I don't have a tissue. Does this help?"

Evan stuck the knife between Jane's legs. He brought it up and rubbed the backside of the blade across her vagina. His action frightened Jane.

"You know one way to test how sharp a knife is? See if you can shave with it."

Evan pulled the instrument away from Jane. He started to shave the hair on his arm, but then stopped.

"Silly me, we have a much better test area than my arm. Let's see how it does on your wonderfully thick hair."

Evan grabbed a handful of her long black hair and hacked it off. Jane sobbed in terror. Evan grabbed a second handful of hair and sliced off another big chunk. Jane strained against her restrains. She feared for her life.

Then Evan knelt before her and pulled on her pubic hair. He cut some off dragging the blade across her skin. He repeated the process pulling and cutting. He gave her sex a rough shave.

Jane had found the process painful and extremely frightening. She was not able to keep still. He nicked her a few times and blood ran down her thighs. Evan liked that.

"Ugg,' Jane cried out as Evan shoved a finger inside her dry cunt.


"THERE!" Joan shouted. Up ahead they could see Evan's car parked beside the road. Jo pulled in next to it, got out of the car and started running.

"Follow me," she cried out.

Jimmy ran after her into the woods.

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