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Sydd's escapades with her client, Binaca Trevors.

Carol was wet now, wetter than I had ever seen her. I slid two fingers inside her and itched her g-spot, another new experience for her to be sure. The earlier whimpers had turned to grunts now and there was no pretence of resistance anymore. For the once, Carol wasn't merely doing her wifely duty she was participating.

Debbie was now up on the table with Carol's head in her hands, it was interesting how she gently stroked her face as one would a sick child. Her words were soft and meant to comfort and encourage, "That's it Honey relax and enjoy it," Debbie whispered soothingly.
My wife's feet were firmly planted on the edge of the table enabling her to raise her lower torso to meet the furious thrusts of my fingers. Carol started to quiver and convulse, I could tell even with my limited experience this was gonna be a gusher.

"Oooh god," she moaned, as her muscles twitched. Her breathing was shallow and ragged as she exploded.

It may have been selfish of me but I rolled Carol to her stomach before she could catch her breath. I plunged my neglected cock into her in one stroke. Pulling all the way out, I put everything I had into the next, and the next, and the next. Carol was in another world, muttering to herself. She rarely if ever swore but the one word I understood was "fuck" so I did.

Debbie had crawled down the table on her knees to where the action was. She had her head right down in the thick of things so to speak. That was probably my fault, I was the one that insisted she stay. Her face took a wicked gleam as she rose and discarded her dress. Debbie seemed to have no shame as she started to rub her own pussy while she watched me fuck the hell out of my wife.

I resisted the urge to reach for Deb's massive tits and instead used my hands to grab Carol's waist. I thrust even harder and deeper, if that were possible. Feeling Carol's cunt squeezing the life out of my cock was exhilarating and brought me closer the edge. Debbie was so close, I swore I could feel her hot breath on my cock each time I withdrew.

Not knowing where or how the idea came to me, I knew the timing would have to be perfect. Carol's climax started in waves, I held on to my own as long as possible. Just one more stroke, one last thrust. Carol screamed in ecstasy as her third orgasm washed over her. I couldn't hold back any more, it was now or never.

As if it had been planned from the start, I pulled out in the nick of time and plastered Debbie right between the eyes. The second shot was a glancing blow to her cheek, the bulk of which landed on her shoulder. The third and fourth spurts were not as powerful but the aim was dead on. Right into her open mouth, bulls-eye. The utter shock and humiliation on her dripping face was priceless.

My work was done. Carol lay drenched in sweat, recovering from being taken for a long overdue hard ride. Her friend, Deb, was left frustrated and covered in the gooey result of said hard ride. Me, well, I went upstairs for a well-earned cold beer.

I sat naked at the table enjoying my Homo-Sapien status again, the clothes I'd been wearing were ripped to shreds and useless. "What comes next?" I thought. I was not proud of what I'd done but conversely I was full of myself for the way I had done it.

It's something that should have happened a long time ago. I should have stood up to Carol and shown her what she'd been missing all along. If I read her body language correctly, she'd had as good a time as I had. I was sorry though, I regretted the way it had all happened. I knew Carol was going to be pissed for finding me in a compromising situation with Debbie.

Deb was the first to come up from the basement. I calmly sat and drank my beer. She had her dress on but I could clearly make out the stains where she had used it to wipe my cum off her face. I handed my beer to her and she took a drink, a kind of peace offering in a strange way.

She reached for me, "Bill," she said expectantly.

Shaking my head, I calmly said, "Go home Deb."

Carol was still i

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