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Sydney explores her other side.

He groaned in pleasure, thrusting hard into her waiting pussy, His hot cum jetting into her milking depths. He held her tight against him as his cock pulsed against her slickly gripping inner walls. He hungrily pressed his lips to hers as the watching gathering of slaves quickly found themselves with urgent business to attend to elsewhere in the palace.

Messalina's chest heaved as she leaned back against the pillar, feeling the smooth marble warmed by her flesh sliding against her pale glistening flesh. Silius slowly lowered her to her feet as the pulsing of his cock slowed and stilled. She slid her hands into his hair and pulled her lips to hers, kissing him with an unsated passion that he eagerly returned.

After a few moments he pulled his lips from hers. "Come, my Empress. Let us go to the Imperial couch. I have a surprise for you."

Messalina's full lips parted in a wide smile. "Of course, my Emperor." She sighed as he stepped back and his spent shaft slipped from her still quivering tunnel. He quickly doffed his tunic and left it with the remains of the dress as he walked over and pulled the double doors closed with a loud thud. He turned back to her, pausing to let his eyes roam her soft body slowly before walking back over to her, taking her hand and walking towards the partitioned off sleeping area.

Silius stepped behind the screen hiding the couch, still leading Messalina by the hand. He gestured her over to the couch and watched as she walked over and crawled onto the soft mattress supported by wide leather bands. She turned to face him, laying herself out sensuously knowing that the eyes of her man were on her. Her green eyes sparkled in the soft light of the oil lamps as she smiled at him, her body exposed to his view fully. "You said that you have a surprise for me, Gaius?"

Silius nodded, his eyes feasting on the delicious sight of his wife lying seductively on the couch before him. "Oh yes my dear. I have a surprise for you." He looked over to the heavy curtain shielding part of the room and clapped his hands. "Lavinia, come out here." He looked back over at Messalina as the curtain moved, a nude young woman with long black hair and eyes stepping out from behind them. "Dear, you remember Lavinia. I remembered you expressed an interest in her when she was serving at the Quaestor's dinner party. So, after a talk with Quaestor Cotta, I purchased the girl and brought her here, stashing her away until now. Cotta demanded a high price for her, but from talking to her she seems to be well worth it."

Messalina rose up on one elbow, her green eyes glowing in the light of the oil lamps as they roamed the dark haired beauty's gracious curves. "How much did she cost you Gaius?"

The Consul Designate of Rome smiled. "I paid him four thousand five hundred denarii. If her skills are as wondrous as Cotta claims I think you will enjoy her thoroughly. She apparently is as eager to please women as she is to please men." Silius smiled and reached over to cup one of Lavinia's breasts, his thumb slowly circling the soft flesh as her nipple hardened from his caress. Lavinia smiled at him, her dark eyes closing slowly at his touch. He smiled and lightly stroked her hard nipple. "Lavinia, clean me and then go tend to your new mistress."

The dark haired slave smiled and nodded. "Yes, master." She lowered herself to her knees, leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to the tip of his cock, her lips and breath warm against it. Her tongue slid out and she slowly swirled it around the tip, licking away the remains of his and Messalina's pleasure. Her tongue slipped along it slowly before sucking it between her lips. Her head moved ever so slightly along it as her tongue swirled around the slowly stiffening shaft.

Silius moaned, one hand resting on Lavinia's head as he looked at his bride with a smile on his face.

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