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Roger takes Hillary to dinner.

"Get right in there," J said, and with one hand on my ass, he pushed my hips forward until Eric had his lips wrapped around the base of my dick. He held us that way, one hand on my ass and another on the back of Eric's head until Eric's face and neck began to grow red.

When J finally released us, I slid back out of Eric's mouth to let him take a breath.

"I like the look of that," J said. "I want to watch you fuck his mouth. Show me the rhythm you'll use on his ass."

Eric glanced up at me. It was a quick look and I couldn't quite read his expression. I wondered if he was trying to decide if I'd be gentle or if I'd use him the way J might.

Or was he trying to tell me something? Maybe he was trying to let me know that he'd remember everything I did to him, that we'd have a score to settle later.

Maybe, but in that moment, with my wet dick brushing against his lips and his ass in the air, I could only hold one thought in my mind at a time. After he lowered his eyes and opened his mouth again, I leaned forward and prepared to show J that I could fuck.

I started slowly, letting Eric get used to the sensation of my dick moving over his tongue and back into his throat. He took it calmly, sighing through his nose or moaning every so often when Aaron dug deep with his tongue. Each moan pulled a grunt from me as it buzzed around my dick and it wasn't long before I was chasing those sounds.

When Aaron made him moan, I drove in harder, trying to surprise a second pulse from his throat. It worked often enough that I began to lose myself in the effort, pushing deeper into his throat, crushing his nose down against my wiry hair, slapping my balls against his chin. I had just spread my feet a little wider and readjusted my grip on his hair so I could piston more efficiently in and out of his mouth, root to tip, when J put a wide hand on my stomach and pushed me back a step.

"You are full of surprises, aren't you?"

"Sorry," I said. I looked down at my shiny dick, red and pulsing just beyond Eric's lips.

I looked down into his eyes and he looked back. I almost expected him to say something, to let me know what he had in store for me next time he got me alone, but he just stared at me, panting through red and swollen lips. Then Aaron moaned into his ass and he gasped and closed his eyes. The gruff frown of concentration was gone. His face was open, unguarded, slack with pleasure. I resisted the urge to step forward again and plug his mouth.

"Nothing to be sorry for," J said. He smiled and let his loose fist glide up and down my shaft. "I enjoyed every second of that. Now," he said, turning to look at Aaron. "What do you think? Is he ready?"

Aaron sat back and wiped the shine from his jaw. "More than ready. Who's first?"

"Good question. You just did all that work. You want first plunge, or should we let our stud receptionist open him for us?"

Aaron considered me across Eric's arched back. As he did, he reached out and pressed a thumb to Eric's hole. I heard a wet sound and Eric moaned, all the air in his lungs rushing out to breeze against my wet dick.

"Depends," Aaron said. "Think this hole will know the difference?"

J took Eric by the chin and pulled his head up. "What do you think?" he asked. "Who's first."

Eric's eyes flickered to me again, then down to my dick.

"Yeah," J said, and he turned to look at me. "I'm curious too." His smile was wide and toothy. "Ok, stud. You're up first."

A felt a huge, stupid smile spread across my face. My disappointment at not being the hole faded completely.

While Aaron seated himself on the bench where I'd been standing, I took up my position behind Eric's round, hairy ass. I put both hands on his ass and squeezed, enjoying the way the dense muscle filled my hands. I pulled gently and watched his hole stretch, the wet hair all around it curling where it wasn't slicked down.

"I know it's pretty," J said, "but there's a line. Let's get going."

Still holding Eric ass apart with one hand, I held myself at the based of my dick and pressed the head gent

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