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Sue takes on her co-workers.

" She smiled up at him as his hands slipped down her front to push the white robe off of her shoulders and down to her waist exposing her tiny tits. Her nipples stiffened and jutted out like two small fingers. She sucked in her breath as he gently rolled and twisted them.

"Oh Jim, we're under orders to wait until after breakfast to have sex," Jennifer moaned, her eyes closing as the memories of him first entering her coursed through her mind.

"Are we?" Jim said, "but surely we can play a little." He lifted her up allowing the loose robe to tumble to the floor. He pulled her naked body against him as his tongue parted her lips and slipped into her mouth. He set her on the top of the vanity counter and forced his body in between her legs.

Jennifer admired the beautiful young rippling body under the light clothing and succumbed to the desire to surrender to a man whose eyes spoke volumes of his need for her. How can you not want a man who desires you so intensely? She loosened his belt and un-zippered his fly to expose a bulging pair of shorts. "Oh God," she murmured as she rubbed his shaft before sliding her hand down under the waistband to pull his cock out.

"I guess we could play a little," she moaned. "You have the most beautiful big cock." The cock was rock hard, bent upward and to one side in its stiffness. The knob was purple with blood and seemed ready to explode, a little pre-cum seeping from the pee hole. Jim pushed his shorts down as she continued to stroke his shaft before pulling her ass closer to the edge of the vanity top.

"And you know this how?" he said kissing her softly, "Have you seen a lot of cocks?" Said with a teasing grin.

"Quite a few yes, I was a bad girl before I married. Dated a lot of guys and they all got lucky. And I did see one even bigger than yours." She hastened to add, "Just saw it, didn't fuck it." Why had she told him that in the first place?

He moved more closely, his knob rubbing her inner thighs and dangerously close to her spread pussy lips. "Explain please," he kissed her again, "you have to tell me how you saw it but didn't fuck it."

Jennifer closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she slid her hand back and forth slowly along his hot burning shaft. She fondled his big balls and allowed her mind to drift back almost 25 years to an event that she had often recalled as her sex life dried up during marriage.

She was highly aroused now and decided to expand on her hurried response. "It was at a party with my three closest girlfriends just before my marriage, just the four of us at my best friend's home. We were all in a pool sipping wine when a young Jamaican male stripper appeared and began to dance and strip.

We had seen a lot of male strippers during "Ladies Nights" at our favorite hangout. Like many women there we had fantasized about bringing one home and obviously my friends had followed through on our drunken thoughts.

We all moved to the edge of the pool as he stripped naked except for a nylon sheath covering his cock. He sat down on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water and we all gasped as his big long sheathed cock dangled down between his legs.

We were giggling and laughing, making snide remarks about what we would like to do with it when he said, 'Why not have the bride-to-be take the sock off.' I shook my head but my friends pushed me closer to him and demanded that I do it."

Jennifer peered into Jim's eyes now to see if she had gone too far. This was turning him on; his eyes were dull and lusty. She stroked him more quickly and his knob was getting wet as it brushed her red gash of a slit. He wet his finger and began to toy with her clit.

She continued, "He was getting hard, the shaft straightening as I was pushed closer to him.

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