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.. by popping a DVD into the player last night. I still didn't have the words, but I would have been in control and hopefully the anger that you felt initially wouldn't have arisen."

"Do you want to do it again?"

"Yeah, I do, but if any of you don't want me to, I'll just say no right away and forget it. As I told you, it was a bit of an ego trip. I felt like a princess, plus I felt very empowered because this was something I chose to do in my own way. This was uniquely mine, and I was in control."

"If you were to do it again, when would you do it?"

"Not for a couple of months. Wes wanted to release the films we did and see how I'm received in the porn market. If I sell well, I'll then become a hot model, make more money, and be in demand. So, most likely, assuming things were to go well, it'd be the end of the summer or fall."

I said, "From that I conclude that we don't have to make any rapid decisions about what we'd like you to do. We can talk about this some more ... and right now, I'd like to see the second film you did."

Sheila nodded and went to put the DVD into the player. As she worked she said, "Tonight, I think I'll show mom and dad one of the videos to get their reaction." The unspoken part of her statement was: 'So, I hope you'll support me if they go ballistic.'

We watched Film 2, although I hadn't seen all of Film 1. Predictably, watching the film made us all horny, and before a third of the video had played we were in two groups in the living room fucking up a storm. Aidan had his cock in Sheila as he ate out Ally, and tried to keep one eye on the TV screen. Fran rode me as we both watched her sister doing sexy things.

Film 2 started with a supposed innocent girl coming for a job interview. The interviewer obviously took a liking to Sheila or rather Cindy Cockfield. He made some subtle moves on her and she responded, and the next you knew the pair were fucking on his desk. Another man comes into the room, acts surprised, and Cindy starts to suck on his cock while getting fucked, and then the two men change places a couple of times as the positions change. The scene ended when Sheila/Cindy took two loads to her mouth and face.

The video continued with a new scene where Cindy went home and told her roommate, Em (whose porn name was Pearl Peters) about her interview. The two women start to get it on, but after a while Pearl's boyfriend and another friend come to visit and so the women jump them, and soon the four of them were fucking like rabbits, trading off partners frequently. That scene ended with the guys cuming in the girls' pussies, and the two women getting in a sixty-nine to eat the cum from each other's cunts.

A subsequent scene, which didn't flow from the other two showed Sheila and Em with two new men getting naked and fucking. In that scene, the men took turns double teaming each girl while they supposedly felt the DP was the most orgasmic thing that had ever happened to them.

The video ended, and we were all exhausted. Aidan and I had each cum twice, and I couldn't begin to enumerate the number of orgasms the women had. I'd ended with Sheila, dumping a huge load into her cunt. As we lay there, Ally was trying to suck every last drop of my organic juice from Sheila's pussy. Sheila reclined in my arms as she got eaten, and I was stroking and tweaking her breasts as she occasionally moaned in delight at what the two of us were doing to her.

I glanced over at Fran and Aidan, and he was down on her recovering his own protein deposit, as she had another orgasm. Great sex was wet sex, and wet sex requires a super-tolerant attitude about what you do with your mouth and tongue. Aidan was slow to learn that adage, but he seemed fully onboard with the concept that afternoon.

* * * * *

The four of us pulled into the Henson's driveway about five-thirty on Saturday afternoon.

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