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Things get a little crazy after drinks.

Lost my virginity when I was 15, with, um... Roger Finstruck. Now, you're turn."

"14. With Heather Raney." I replied.

"Oh, her? I hated her." she said with a grimace.

"You hate every girl I'm with." I replied. She nodded in agreement. "You're up." I said.

"Okay. I first did anal when I was... 16, I believe. That was with... Sean Smith." Mom said.

"So, you do it up all the holes?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, totally." Mom said with a slight laugh, as if the answer was obvious. "It's been a while, though, since I've gotten the fun stuff."

"Dad doesn't like it?" I asked.

"No, it's not that. It's... well, you know how I told you 'you couldn't handle me'? Well, your father, he definitely can't handle me." Mom said. "Alright, it's my turn. Have you ever done anal with a girl?"

"Yeah, Mom, a few times." I told her.

"Does, uh, your little..." she began.

"Yep, Carmen does it too. She really likes it." I told her. Mom nodded, slightly impressed.

"Are you gentle with them? Or do you like it... hard?" Mom asked huskily.

"Um, gentle to start, hard to finish." I replied. Mom smiled slightly.

"Mmm, just how I like it." she added with a purr. I rolled my eyes.

I know it seems weird to be talking openly about sex with my mom, but compared to some of the other things we've done, this was cake. Now that I was participating in the game, Mom wasn't being as aggressive. The tone of this conversation was pretty light.

"C'mon Mom, you can do a bit better than that." I told her, unimpressed with her lazy come-on.

"No, it's true! When I'm getting fucked up the ass, I like to feel it! I like for the guy to really go to town on me." she replied.

"Good to know." I said sarcastically.

"I know what you like." Mom began.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" I asked.

"I still remember that picture of Casey you showed me, after you were done with her. That picture of her face, covered with all that thick cum. I think about it a lot. Is that your little ritual? Is that what you do to all the pretty girls? Are there tons of nasty pictures on your phone of all your conquests? Cause if so, I wanna see em." she asked.

"Um, well, I used to be into that, but... I don't know, it's not really my thing anymore." I said.

"Don't act like you're not still into that. Trust me, once you find what you like, you keep doing it. It never gets old." Mom said with a laugh. I looked away. "Is there a picture of Carmen like that?" she asked.

"Um... yeah, I think so." I replied. Mom smiled.

"As if you don't know." Mom said, rolling her eyes. "I'm surprised Tom. She's gonna be your wife! The mother of your children! But you want to remember the time you covered her ugly face with your creamy jizz? That's your favorite, cherished memory? How disrespectful that must be, just marking your territory, defacing your true love like that? Showing her so little respect. I mean, I wouldn't know. No guy's dared try to pull that on me. They wouldn't dare. I scare them too much. With me, they don't really control where they cum. It just... happens. Guys always seem to lose control with me. I control them. They don't control me."
Mom let that statement hang in the air. Sure, I had cum on Carmen's face that first time, but I haven't done it since. It felt... wrong. Disrespectful, like Mom said. I loved her, and I didn't want to do something so arrogant, so controlling. Me and Carmen were in sync. I didn't need to do an anything like that anymore.

"Okay, you're up." Mom said. I was shaken from my regret by her voice. A thought came to mind quickly.

"Oh, uh... you ever cheated on Dad?" I asked. Mom shook her head.

"No. Believe it or not... I've been a good wife. Never cheated once. Not that I haven't been tempted..." she added, trailing off.

"You're kidding me. You never cheated?" I asked.

"No! Why would I? The only time I would cheat is if I could get something I've never had before.

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