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An ex gets revenge for her sudden departure.

When she looked out at them they were in the pool. She could not believe her eyes as he was behind her caressing her breast, her arms wrapped around his neck, their bodies were moving. She looked to see their suits on the ground. Dropping the meat on the floor feeling the tears burning her eyes she walked out to the pool grabbing the bowl of ice. Finding her husband having sex with this slut who invaded her house and her marriage.

"Oh you two will have to cook for your selves I am leaving. "She told them as they were next to edge of the pool totally oblivious to her; she dumped the ice over their heads which had started to melt." Thought you needed cooling off!" she yelled running from the pool area grabbing her keys to her car.
The shock of the ice broke the spell that Selena had on Ken. "Oh my God what have I done?" he cried out as he tried getting out of the pool.

"I have not been satisfied yet." She grabbed him looking in his eyes casting her spell again, wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him.

"Oh please you're making me ill." A female's voice told them.

As the two in the pool looked up to see Jada caster in her warrior uniform standing with her hands on her hips. Standing next to her was Coral shadow. "Go save his wife before she goes over the cliff that this dumb bitch arranged." She told her then Coral shadow vanished.

"You're the dumb bitch! Do you know who I am?" she asked Jada caster.

"Yes, Selena the slut." She said dryly, she thought of the wolf witch who helped to kill Mystic Shadow." Well, I am Jada Caster, warrior of the white light and I am going to kick your ass!" she yelled looking at the man still kissing the back of her neck fondling her breast.

Jada caster lifted him from the pool while she froze the witch. Holding his body in mid air she chanted. " I Jada Caster sister Of Mystic Shadow reversing the spell cast on this man from the witch I am soon sending to hell!" she said reversing Salena's spell.

The man was still in the air looking down at Jada Caster. "Who are, what you are?" he asked seeing that he and Selena were naked.

"ok lets make this quick, I am the good witch, she is the bad witch, I am going to kick the shit out of her before sending her to hell, you were having sex with her. Your wife caught you ran out is about to go over a cliff and die." She told him.

He looked horrified by her words. "Die? Go save her!" he yelled still floating in the air.

Jada Caster sat him down on the ground slowly. "Already taking care of it stud, Coral shadow should be catching the car right now, setting it back on the ground. Now you stand here behind me so I can finish this before your wife gets back here, and put your clothes on." She told him looking down at him then smiling as she looked back up to face." Nice." She told him with a wink as he quickly pulled his pants on feeling the blood rush to his face from embarrassment.

Jada caster unfroze the wicked witch pulling her up out of the water with her powers she slammed her down on the ground hard and quick, Jada caster jumping through the air landed on her face with her boots. She beat the witch severely. She could see Mystic Shadow's face and body, when they returned her from being attacked. The angrier she got hot tears ran down her face as she used her martial arts to beat her to her a bloody pulp. Holding her up by the back of neck she looked at the man. "Find her hard to resist now?" she asked him full of rage then releasing the witch watching her falling to the ground." This is for you Mystic Shadow." She said blowing the witch up, it felt as if a nuclear bomb went off. Jada Caster fell to the ground on her knees holding her one hand over her mouth crying. "Mystic Shadow I miss you so much! I don't know if I can continue on without you!" she cried as the man stood still not knowing what to do for her.

The spirit warriors saw her pain over the loss of her fallen sister as they took the screaming witch to be delivered to hell.

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