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Dr. Wu makes an urgent house call to cure Charles' willie ag

I turn to face you again and as I sway in time with the music, I begin to unbutton the shirt. One by one the buttons loosen until the whole shirt is open. I let it slide from my shoulders and fall to the floor.

Now you can see more of me: the contrast of the black bra, pants, suspender belt and stockings against my olive skin. My body moves, sexily, seductively; I'm dancing for you. My hands run all over my skin, brushing across my breasts and over my stomach, stroking the smooth fabric of my pants. Laying my left hand on your left shoulder, I walk behind you; my hand runs across your back to the other shoulder and I reappear on your right side. Turning, I lower myself onto your lap, side-saddle, and lean back; my back arches and I raise my right leg over your head. Swinging around, I drop my leg onto your left shoulder and raise the left leg onto the right shoulder; my hands on the floor for support. I let my hips rise and fall in front of you; you can see the damp patch already forming and know that my pussy is wet. I move my body backwards and slide my legs down your arms and onto the floor. My arms wrap around your neck and I grind against you, feeling the bulge in your shorts press against me. Letting go, I reach behind my back and unfasten my bra. I throw it to one side and you get and eyeful of my naked tits. Leaning forward you fasten your lips around a nipple and suck hard. I push you back: there's time for that later.

Rising again I dance some more for you, giving you the chance to watch my body from every angle. You can feel the pulsing of your cock as it strains against your shorts, but you can't touch yourself as your hands are still cuffed behind your back. My eyes are heavier now; I feel so turned on dancing for you that I want to touch myself. I move to the other chair and sit down. My hand slides down between my thighs and start to caress my clitoris through the fabric of my pants. The other hand runs across my tits and plays with the nipples. I bite my lip; your eyes are still fixed on me and I love watching you watch. Feeling more aroused, I raise myself from the chair and slip the pants down my legs, leaving the stockings, suspenders and heels in place. My fingers slide into my pussy: it's soaking wet and you can see the juices glistening at the tops of my thighs. Leaning back, I finger myself slowly, enjoying every inward stroke. I lick my lips and then I lick my fingers. You ask me to let you taste my pussy too, but I stay put and carry on pleasuring myself.

After a few minutes, I stop and lean over towards the floor. You see me opening the box. Out comes a dildo. I bring it up to my mouth and suck the end, making it nice and wet. You imagine me sucking your cock like that and you're overcome with desire again. As you think about my lips wrapped around the swollen head, I run the dildo down my body and then pause, holding it just at the edge of my pussy. Looking you right in the eye, I push; a long moan escapes my lips as it enters me. It feels so good; I imagine it's your cock sliding deep inside me. With this thought, I start to fuck myself, moving the dildo in and out in a slow, steady rhythm. My other hand circles my clit. I open my legs as wide as I can so you can clearly see the shaft moving in and out. The pleasure on my face is easy to read and every few strokes my back arches and I let out a little cry. I talk to you: "Oh God, this feels so good. Don't you wish it was your cock fucking me so hard? Don't you want to come over here, grab my hair and push me onto my knees on the floor so you can fuck me hard? Don't you want to slam in and out of me until you're ready to cum all over my arse? You love watching me don't you? Watching me fingering myself; fucking myself with my toys. You love the fact that I'm a fucking dirty bitch who'll do whatever it takes to make you cum."

Within minutes I am in ecstasy, riding the plastic like a real cock, my hips rolling so the tip can hit my G spot.

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