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Expected Turn of Events by Wife.


I wanted to fuck Laney more than anything else. I had to have her.

Slowly I reached for Andre's member. I had never seen another man hard before outside of porn, let alone touched one. My hand found his throbbing slab of cock. It finally sunk in exactly how much bigger he was. No wonder Laney had seemed unimpressed: she was used to riding Andre's monster dick.

My fingers wrapped around Andre's cock and I gave it a few strokes. I gripped his fleshy steel for a moment, settling into a nice, easy rhythm a moment later. I worked his cock while maintaining my assault on Laney's slit. It was tiring, but knowing her fiery, velvety cunt would soon be mine made it all worth it.

Andre grunted and moaned and Laney groaned through a chewed lower lip. "I think he's earned a bit, baby," Andre said.

On cue, as though they had done this a million times before, they repositioned themselves. Laney guided me to my back, with my head near the foot of their bed. She straddled my face, letting her pussy fall onto my waiting mouth, before leaning for for my cock. Finally, I thought, some dick sucking.

But i was wrong.

Despite feeling her hot breath on my shaft, she only twisted her hand around it. No licking. No sucking. I wanted to die. She threw me a small bone though, she nudged my dick aside and licked my balls with her sloppy-wet tongue until I thought they were gonna pop.

I stared up at her swollen lips. My tongue lashed her clit. Andre stepped closer to the bed, hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it to attention. He sidled until his knees were nearly touching the mattress.

Was he going to fuck Laney? While I was eating her pussy?

I thought about moving, but was intrigued. I wondered what her pussy would look with my cock splitting it open. Now, I had the chance to see her petite body seriously split in half.

Andre pressed the tip of his massive member against his finance's waiting hole. She gasped at the sudden intrusion and squeezed my dick like a vice. I could smell the musk from Andre's plum-sized balls as they dangled over my face. He pushed the first few inches into Laney's pussy and took a moment, letting her accept his cock. An eternity passed with his dick inches from my tongue before he slowly, steadily drove his hips.

To this day I've never again seen anything like it. Laney moaned and moaned and just about whined in pleasure as inch by inch, Andre's mammoth cock invaded her tiny pussy and split it wide open. Soon, Andre had worked his rhythm to a hustled pace, hips pounding into Laney's ass as he buried his dick deep inside of her.

I watched her poor pussy take the beating I had wanted to give it so badly for so long. Deep down I knew that given the chance, she probably wouldn't even be able to feel me. Not after Andre. Not after having her pussy torn apart on the regular.

A moment later, Andre slowed to a rock, then stopped altogether. He pulled his member out of Laney's hot slit. It dragged across my lips and cheek as he backed away. I was mortified for a moment, until I realized how hard my own cock was throbbing.

"Again?" Laney asked, disappointment flowing in her voice.

"Sorry babe. You know how it is," Andre replied.

Laney pulled her pussy off of my mouth and leaned onto the bed. "I'm aware that you need something tighter than I can give you, yes. I'll take care of it. Again." Her sapphire eyes flashed at me. "Now I know this probably wasn't what you had in mind. And we don't want you to feel uncomfortable, but would you suck Andre's cock? I'd do it myself but I'll be busy-"

Laney swallowed the length of my cock in a single gulp and bobbed her head a few times. My nuts almost exploded then and there. She pulled her mouth off. "Busy sucking yours."

In a billion years I would have never imagined agreeing to such a ridiculous notion. But I had to get back inside her mouth. I said nothing, just nodded my head.

Laney nodded to her fiance and he stepped back to the bed.

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