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A story about one girl's introduction to becoming a hotwife.

Nodding, Marla put the car in motion knowing her answer...

"Hey," shouted Alex, "did you get broken by the bitch Reed or what?"

"Nah," Marla said elbowing Reed before he could speak, "Most girls there didn't have the skills for that."

"A few girls did..." Alex said with some reverie in his voice eyes half closed. Marla's smile widened as they drove out of the parking lot of the apartment and drove up towards the intersection. A column of half-drunk partiers made their wobbling way towards the campus. Among the throng was the female Reed danced with - and she was walking alone...

"Why we stop?" Alex asked still lying down.

"Cause they herding the kids back to-" Marla stopped midsentence as Reed got out of the car. "Hey, where you going?" she called out to him surprised and a little annoyed. "What now Marla? What's going on?" Alex slurred still laying on his back unaware.

Impulses on automatic, Reed joined the herded kids as they walked (well, as best as one can do while tired with sore feet and drunk as a sailor) along the sidewalk that lead into an entrance into the school. He pushed his way past groups of kids smelling a weird mixture of aromas (alcohol, sweat, sex, vomit to name a few) searching for his mysterious dance partner....

There. She was not far from him and she was still alone. Her arms folded across her chest trying to keep her warm, she looked so sexy to Reed. Still on impulse, he approached her as they crossed another intersection (a patrol car driving alongside keeping an eye on things) and ended up walking next to her. He didn't speak for the first few yards they walked alongside - she didn't acknowledge he was there until she turned to see where some loud yelling was coming from. Partly startled by his presence, a small smile appeared making Reed relieved he made the right impulsive move.

Again on impulse (his mind long ago shut off), Reed spoke first, "Want my shirt?"

She looked at him puzzled at first, then nodded slowly. Reed unbuttoned and took off the long sleeve shirt (now I know why I wore it, he mused) and draped it over her shoulders. Clutching it, the young female stepped toward him then surprised Reed by leaning against him. Wrapping an arm around her, they both continued the slow walk back onto campus in silence.

Before Reed knew it, he was standing in front of a girls' dormitory - an old Victorian-style building built. From what he remembered from Orientation (and that wasn't a damn lot), these buildings were for upperclassmen females. It was almost 4 am; it was past visitation hours so he really was not allowed to go any farther. Yet, he saw groups of guys following girls into the dorm laughing and talking pretty loudly for the early morning.

"Coming or not?" Her question started Reed. Turning to her, he stammered, "Uh.... Uh, yeah. I guess so. You have my shirt." His attempt at humor did not register with the girl. She turned and headed for the entrance. Shrugging, Reed followed his actions still impulsive (his brain now locked out from making ANY decisions).

Three flights later (felt like ten to Reed), Reed and his companion were standing in front of her door. "Coming in?" She asked her eyes locked onto his. Again Reed was mesmerized by them; alert, circular and set her face into a wonderfully pleasing pose. He didn't realize he was nodding until she opened the door and stepped in waiting for him. His hesitation was momentary; he charged in like a bull before she (or him) could change minds.

Turning on the lights, he took in the dorm room - two beds, two dressers splitting the room in half, two desks by the double windows, and posters. A typical college dorm room; Reed noticed that both beds were empty.

"Where's your roommate?" he asked.

"Nope," she replied heading to the bed on the left, "she went home for the weekend. She lives nearby..."

She sat down and began taking off her shoes.

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