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We stumbled into the room laughing and groping and my mind was racing at the thought of a great night of sex.

As we were kissing, there was a knock at the door. I peeped through the door and saw the two young guys standing there with a 12 pack held up for me to see. I told my wife she had visitors and she said to invite them in. Really? I certainly wasn't expecting that.

So after brief introductions I sent them to the ice machine down the hall and said to fill the bathroom sink with ice and cool down the beers. When that was done and they were seated in the room, I laid down some ground rules. I explained to the guys that we were really happy to have them spend some time with us but that they needed to be real gentlemen. They signaled their agreement and this seemed to excite my wife.

I whispered to my lovely hot wife that the boys were thirsty. She disappeared in to the bathroom to fetch brews. I warned that there would be no cell phone cameras and they needed to turn the phones off and hand them to me. T returned with two beers that she pressed against her breasts making the thin material of her top even more transparent. The chill of the brews caused a sensational pucker in those gorgeous brown areolae. T told the boys she needed to get comfortable and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. There she was in this sheer pink top, a pair of pink lace panties and her heels giving the boys a show they would not soon forget.

As the beers disappeared, and my wife fetched more I found a music station on the TV and we all relaxed, chatted and enjoyed our unusual circumstance. The music inspired my sexy partner to begin dancing for our pleasure. These young guys were dying with their dicks bulging in their pants and it didn't take long until they were rubbing themselves and calling encouragement to my wife. This was way beyond what I had ever expected but it was obvious she was having a great time so I just sat back on the bed and enjoyed the show.

It didn't take long before she decided to come over to me and perform a little lap dance for me. I never would have expected that and as she leaned in close to me I whispered to her that I was open to anything she wanted to do. I got a big smile and a kiss for that and she danced across the room to the first guy and began gyrating for him. When he reached out to touch her she smacked his hand playfully and said, "Look but don't touch." I told the boys that good behavior was a requirement or I would end the party now and they readily agreed.

After everyone had received their lap dance and been served more drinks, my wife decided that she was overdressed and removed her top and panties. The boys got a good look at the little landing strip. She came over to me and bent down to give me a big kiss and her moist sweet pussy was now on full display for the two appreciative guys behind her. I recognized by the way she canted her hips that the full glory of her engorged lips was presented for their enjoyment. So there she was in nothing but heels and a necklace kissing me while these two young guys leered.

Of course I too had a raging hard-on and as much as I wanted them out of there so we could screw I didn't want to see this exciting night end. I leaned over to my wife and gave her a big hug and a long wet kiss. I asked her quietly where this was heading and she shrugged with a smile like she didn't know either. So I whispered in her ear and asked if she was prepared to fuck these guys. No, she said. I suggested that she test her limits and I hoped she wasn't going to end things too soon.

As I leaned back into my seat on the bed she turned to the boys and told them that she was horny as hell and needed to get them to leave so we could fuck.

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