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Getting comfortable on campus.

Ashlee stood still; unable to move. Her eyes fixed on the creatures that surrounded them.

Janell tugged Ashlee's shirt and tried dragging her to car.

"Ashlee, come on! We gotta move!" Janell pleaded.

One of the creatures started approaching the girls, walking at a fast pace. Ashlee and Janell started crying out and retreated back to the cabin. When they reached the steps, the white one, let out a deep bellow! The other creatures, as if under command, started running to the girls.

The girls screamed and frantically ran to the door of the cabin; they nearly tripped when they opened the door and ran inside. The girls turned around and saw one of the creatures running to the doorway. They slammed the door shut, just when the creature reached the porch.

The creature collided with the door with great force!

As if a battering ram had just hit it; the girls buried their shoulders into the door, hoping to stop the beast from getting in.

The creature pounded on the door; trying to get in. Janell and Ashlee bounced off the door with each hit.

The creature roared and huffed in frustration; eventually giving up and walking away from the door.

The girls sat against the door; trembling and whimpering.

"What are we gonna do?" Ashlee sobbed.

Janell was speechless, shaking from fright.

"We just gotta wait them out. Maybe they'll leave and we can try to get the car, then.

"If they can't get in, maybe they'll lose interest." Janell explained.

"What do you think they want?"

"Do you think they wanna kill us?" Ashlee asked.

"Why? What have we done?

"They're just some kind of dumb animals. Probably pissed because we're on their territory or something." Janell cried out.

"No. They're not dumb. I think they were communicating.

"That white one seems to be the leader. The others reacted, when he made those calls." Ashlee explained.

"Whatever! I don't care.

"I just wanna get out of here. I say we wait them out, and try for the car when they're not around." Janell said angrily.


The girls spent the day hunkered in the cabin. Trying to stay calm and and thinking of a way to escape. The creatures roamed around the cabin; hitting random parts of the foundation. Ashlee peeked out a window, curious of what they were doing and what they were. She was able to spot one, the black one stood idle a few yards away from the window, as if he was inspecting the structure.

Ashlee was able to get a good look at the beast. A huge monster that stood at least seven foot tall; his body was very built and had broad shoulders. It was covered in thick hair, all over its body, but its face was visible. Its skin was dark brown and appeared very rough; deep scars, as if claw marks, lead down from its left abdomen down its leg.

Ashlee discovered something else as well; there between its legs. A large cock hung down, nestled in the thick fur. The beast suddenly stopped moving and went still, Ashlee looked up to see what had caught his interest. She squealed when she realized he was staring at her, his eyes met with hers. His expression seemed peaceful, but in an instant, he charged at the window with great speed.

Ashlee gasped and jumped away from the window.

The beast hit the side of the cabin with tremendous force and the window shattered into pieces.

Ashlee crawled to the center of the living room and Janell frantically crawled over next to her. The beast reached in through the window; trying to climb through, but the opening was too small.

He was able to fit his head through the window and he could see the girls, he growled and huffed; wriggling in the window frame.

The girls screamed and cried, hysterically.

The beast went into a frenzy; trying to get in.

He snapped his mouth; growling loudly. He eventually shook free and stomped off; punching the side of the cabin and roaring in rage.

"Oh, thank god!" Ashlee sighed.

"Don't thank him, thank my dad.

He was always worried about bears tearing into the cabin and had small windows installed." Janell said.


The nightfall was coming and the girls were still trap

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