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She seduces shy art professor.

It was sweeter, thinner, but tasty. He went back for more, again and again until Jo could no longer take it.

Jo moved her legs up and placed her feet onto Mike's shoulders. Jo pushed Mike away from her pussy, "I can't take anymore Mike. I am way too sensitive."

Mike reluctantly pulled back and flopped next to Jo. Mike's hard dripping cock stuck up like a flag pole. Jo couldn't let him go to sleep like that so she spun around and engulfed his cock into her mouth. The moment Mike felt the heat of Jo's mouth around his cock he began to pump his seed into her. Jo wasn't ready as she quickly pulled back and let her mouth fill. She released the pressure of her suction and let his cum dribble down his shaft, over his balls, and down the crack of his ass. Jo used her hand to stop the flow of his cum at the entrance of his ass. She used his cum as lubricant as she pushed her finger into him. His cum began to collect in her hand as she finger fucked him with his own cum. Jo moved up to Mike's mouth and they kissed while she continued her assault on his ass.

Mike felt Jo push his cum into his mouth. Moaning into Jo's mouth from the taste of his cum and the feeling in his ass. He and Jo kissed as she continued to finger fuck him. Mike was in heaven. They shared a nice cum kiss. Jo continued to feed his cum into his ass until they final fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning was going to be the first day of the seminar. Jo was showered and dressed. Mike was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes trying to wake up. Mike slipped on a pair of shorts and followed Jo down to the kitchen. Tom was already up and ready, sipping on a cup of coffee. Tom didn't know what to expect after last night. How did that change their relationship? Will Mike kick his ass after he realized what he'd done? Tom sat on the sofa looking out the window watching the morning evolve.

Mike and Jo came up behind Tom. Tom froze not knowing what to expect. Jo leaned over the couch and planted a kiss on the side of Tom's face. Jo leaped over the couch and sat next to Tom. Luckily Tom was nearly done with his coffee so he was able to control the cup from spilling onto his lap.

Mike gripped his hands around Tom's neck and gently massaged it, "Relax buddy. Oh good coffee is ready. Jo do you want a cup before you two take off?"

Tom's body melted into Mike's hands as the grip slowly eased the tension in his muscles. Snuggled next to Tom, "Coffee sounds great, thanks babe."

Mike went to the kitchen and poured the coffee. Mike looked out at the heavy snow fall, "Looks worse than yesterday. Glad I'm staying in."

Mike handed Jo her coffee before he sat on the chair opposite of Jo and Tom. Mike propped his foot up on the coffee table, which was between them, giving them a clear shot of his exposed cock up his baggy shorts leg. Tom shifted as his eyes stayed glued to Mike's cock. Jo licked her lips, "Maybe it would be best that we stay in today and skip the seminar? I'm not comfortable driving in snow, are you Tom?"

Tom continued to look up Mike's pants leg and didn't hear a word Jo said until she finally had to shout at him, "EARTH TO TOM! Did you hear me? Do you want to drive in the snow or skip the seminar?"

Tom shook his head, "What? Um, no I don't want to drive in the snow. I hate driving period. You know I'm not a great driver anyway, why do you think I have you drive everywhere? I'm good with hanging out. I mean staying here." Tom blushed.

Mike dropped his foot onto the floor and stood up. His cock was half hard and pushing against his loose fitting shorts, "Great! I'm going to shower and get dressed. Give me a few minutes and then we can make plans for the day." Mike ran off to the master suite upstairs, caring his cup of coffee.

Tom took this opportunity to talk with Jo about the day before, "Um Jo, about yesterday? I don't want things to get weird between us.

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