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A married woman craves a master.

Parting my legs even further, I press my hands to my sensitive mound causing a sigh to escape my lips.

I open my eyes, and see a man directly opposite me completely transfixed by my display. His mouth is parted and is obviously enjoying the show I am providing.

I slowly raise one leg and put my right foot on the chair, keeping my left one on the floor. I use it to slowly turn the chair around in a circle. My hands are now roaming around my body at random. I let my head fall back, arching my back; pushing my chest out. I slowly unbutton my white shirt as I turn slowly around the stage. I hear murmurs of approval from the men as I expose more of my body to their gaze.

As I finally open my shirt, pulling it out from my tight jeans, my breasts are now fully exposed to all. I hear murmurs of approval from the men watching. I play with both of them now, letting my fingertips caress my swollen nipples, causing them to grow and get hard. I can see the men are getting turned on too, as I let myself look at each one in turn. They are shifting in their chairs, and all eyes are watching my display. I notice some of them have already gotten very large bulges in their pants.

I stand up and unbutton my jeans oh so slowly. I turn around and kneel on the chair, raising my ass in the air. I wiggle my rear and pull the waistband of the jeans over my thin hips. The man opposite me is staring into my eyes and I give him a big wink as my pants are pulled down my legs. Turning around on the chair, sitting down now, I raise up both legs high into the air and rid myself of the restrictive pants. The air feels good on my legs. I watch the men as I let my legs scissor open slowly. Their eyes watch my every move, one of them doesn't realize that his mouth in now hanging open.

I'm now only wearing my black thong and my white shirt, hanging open. I slip my right hand down under my underwear and shudder as the tips of my fingers caress the hot bud between my legs. My left hand continues to massage both my small breasts, paying special attention to my swollen nipples as I explore my hot box with my right hand.

Some of the men have started to rub themselves, my display has gotten them too excited and it has overcome their normal reticence. One has even opened his fly and pulled it out, his 9 inches pointed straight up, swollen and purple with excitement.

I've gotten too hot, and reach down under the seat to get a bottle of water placed under there. I raise the bottle to my mouth, and let the cool water flow past my hot lips. All the while, my hand is still between my legs raising my core temperature even higher.

I tease the men unmercifully. I pull my thong a little to show a hint of my swollen lips only to hide them again. Every time I do this they lean forward with anticipation only to slump back as I play my little game of peek-a-boo.

Finally I can't stand it anymore. I put down the bottle, take off the shirt and again raise my legs to the lights. This time, I can't wait the time it takes to do it slowly as I rip my thong off quickly. I'm now completely naked; the showpiece for these men's viewing. My body, on display, is completely exposed.

Now I spread my legs on either side of the chair fully exposing the core of my being to these men. I can feel my fluids flowing down across my swollen lips. My hand is wet too, and I bring it to my mouth and slowly stick my fingers in, licking them clean. I smell the musky sent of my excitement. I let my eyes sweep across my audience and see that they all have their manhood exposed. Several are pumping away furiously. I'm sure they are imaging what it would be like to stick their manhood into my wet chasm, to feel my undulating body pumping beneath theirs.

I go back to pleasuring myself with my hands. My hips are swaying on the chair and my breath is coming fast. My heart is pounding in my chest and my breasts are swollen and excited. I take the water bottle and pour the cooling water over my chest; it splashes and drains down over my hard body.

I can feel the org

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