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Hard times on the farm.

"Give these a try."

Oscar took shots of her as she rolled the stockings, inserted her toes and foot and then unrolled them the length of her tanned legs. She glanced at the monitor repeatedly as she put the other stocking on to check the images; she approved of the addition.

"Okay, we'll go along at any pace you are comfortable with. Since you've asked Derek to pose with you I guess you're ready to forge ahead?"

"Yes, yes, let's get going."

"Great. Let's just get started here, sit down on the couch, and sort of lay back into the corner on the pillow between the arm and the back. Good, good. Raise your right knee a bit and turn your hips out." The pose left Jenn's sex portal wide open with the exception of the sheer black negligee covering it. "Ok, open the nightie at the neck a bit more, there, hold it, perfect." Oscar directed her through more and more positions each getting a bit more revealing, if that were possible. Soon the robe was pushed completely aside and he had her posing for wide open spread shots of her pussy.

"Now, let's get physical. Left hand spreads your lower lips, look into the camera, good. Now, rub yourself down there, slow, again, slow, great. There's some lubricant there in that squeeze bottle on the table if you need it," Oscar offered.

"No, no, I'm just fine," Jennifer replied as she felt the slimy wetness of her folds increasing with each pose as he instructed her to touch herself.

"Are you comfortable with some close ups now? I need to get a little closer."

"Sure, sure, you've seen everything I have to offer already anyhow."

"I guess I have," and the big man pulled his camera and its attached computer cable to the edge of the coffee table.

"Spread those legs, now rub yourself, can you lift one of your nipples up to where you can lick it?" Jennifer complied with the instructions not really giving it much thought. She was still wondering how Troy had managed to sneak the photos of her and the two boys at the beach, Randal and Adam. "How about a finger or two inside? Can you show me how wet you are inside? Pull your fingers out a bit, are they shiny? Hold yourself open and just dip your middle finger inside...zooming in, great, great, looks really hot. Troy's going to love these."

" Nice, very nice, now, up on your hands and knees. Time for a little "doggy" posing. Rest your chest up on the arm of the couch, throw the robe to the side, the side of the couch, butt right at the camera. Fabulous, how about reaching back between your legs and running your hand down your slit? Perfect! Now, how about a little penetration, middle finger only, turn your hand just a bit so we can see that finger missing, great! Now, reach over the top of your ass with that hand," Jennifer noticed Oscar's language was getting more and more crude as the poses became more and more revealing. "Index finger and ring finger spread those lips, let's see some pink."
Oscar ordered her to reposition and digitally stimulate herself in all sorts of poses; lying atop the back of the couch, face down, with her legs on either side of the back. The pose had her ass fully spread and her pussy gaping and glistening in the photographic light. "Time to use some of the toys on the table Jenn. Derek will buzz in soon and we'll need to move on then. Grab a toy or two and lay back on the couch. " The young wife pondered a moment and then selected three vibrators from the eight or ten laid out on the table.

"Pick your favorite, oh, you want some of this lubricant before we begin?"

"No, I'm positive," she replied laughingly as she ran her middle finger across her seam and rubbed her middle finger and thumb together feeling the viscous secretion she was producing. She could feel her juices already starting to run down the crack of her ass. "Any more lubrication and I'll slide right off the couch."

"Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself."

Oscar instructed her to run the tip of the ridged, emerald green vibe the length of her slit using just the tip.

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