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He accidentally falls in with them.

When I saw the raw desire in his eyes, I came, again and again and again….biting my knuckles to keep from alerting the whole household to our passion.

"God, you are a beautiful creature when you come," he said.

We lay together on the bed. "Please, I still want you inside me," I begged.

"Anything to please, you, my dear." Cupping my face in his hands, he kissed me, as he guided his hot shaft between my legs, rubbing it briefly on my clit, and then, guiding it inside. He fucked me slowly at first, our bodies intertwined, until we could scarcely tell where one ended and the other began. Finally, we were not only moving together, but our breathe came as from one being. Each could feel the tension, the heat, the energy building inside both of us, each trying to hold on as long as possible, yet carried along by the storm. I opened her eyes, to find Beau looking at me as well. As we looked into each other's eyes, we fell into each other's souls. And then we were overcome, shuddering and coming together. I felt Beau deep inside, my cunt contracting around his throbbing cock, as we melted together in a sea of hot cum.


Chapter Seven: At the Aeroodrome

Several days later, Beau and I traveled back to the farm. Beau moved his things from Archibald's house, and we lived delightfully "in sin" for several weeks. Beau helped with the chores after mornings spent riding together, and we spent the nights in each other's arms…either in the circle of stone in the garden under the magnolias when the weather permitted, or my bed, when it did not. Once or twice Beau left for a day or two. When I asked him, he said that a friend, whom he had met some time ago after finishing college, had purchased one of the new aeroplanes and was flying from a nearby airdrome. He was teaching Beau to fly, as well. When I expressed fear for his life in trying to fly like a bird, he laughed and then sought to ally my fears and invited me to accompany him on his next trip. I acquiesced and we made plans to depart the following week.

Meanwhile, we continued planning our nuptials, constantly vacillating between a vast crowd of family and friends, or a simple family-only affair. Though we had wanted the ceremony and reception at the farm, which had become "our" home, my parents' were really too infirm to travel that far. Plus, the farm held unhappy memories for them. Thus, it was determined that the ceremony would be at my family's church in Charleston, to the limit of the church's capacity, and guests would be greeted on the lawn, where refreshment would be provided by the church ladies. However, much to our chagrin, we would have to wait until the following summer, since the Rector was currently on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The day arrived for the journey to the airdrome. Beau was as excited as a little boy, about to show off a new toy or a new skill. I took some amount of pleasure in his delight. He was in high spirits throughout the drive there, and when we arrived. I comporting myself with as much dignity as possible while he was surreptitiously trying to insinuate his hand either into my bodice or under my skirt. I finally had to slap the poor boy's hand several times with my fan in an effort to make him behave in public.

The "airdrome" was more like a large field, with some large wooden buildings at one end, and several of the new-fangled machines parked in neat rows.

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