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Lacy's first outdoor sexual encounter with her lover.

"Yes. These are your tits, this is your cunt." Her breath was becoming ragged, she apparently liked this very much. "Please, may your cunt cum?"

Without hesitation, I said, "No, I'm not ready for that yet. Keep doing what you're doing, though."

I sat back as my fabulously gorgeous wife continued her rather frantic manual work on her clit and breasts. It was pretty obvious that she was conflicted over obeying me, or obeying her body, and her body was barreling toward a crashing cum. She managed to hold off, though, and after a few minutes I told her to stop.

Again, as I watched her vibrating, hysterically horny body try to keep from plummeting over into orgasm, I softly said to her, "Suck me."

There was no hesitation this time. She fell onto my cock like a starving lion on a steak. I still could barely believe her enthusiasm for my cock, now, but the feelings her lips and tongue gave my hard-on showed she was *really* into this.

Feeling myself rising toward another cum, but not wanting to yet, I pushed Michelle to her back on the bed and grabbed her ankles. She thought I was going to put my cock in her cunt and fuck her, but instead, I dove down and locked my mouth onto her throbbing clit. She about died. I stopped long enough to remind her not to cum, but I could tell that she was having a terrible time trying to hold back.

I raised my head and said, "Don't cum, girl. Remember, it's *my* orgasm." Then I ducked back down and sucked her clit between my lips once more.

Michelle was having a hell of a time not cumming. She was on the edge for *ages*, but I wanted to do exactly what she said she wanted me to. Part of me felt like an asshole for causing her discomfort in making her withhold her orgasm, but she said she wanted to be told what to do, and in my book, that included what *not* to do.

After several minutes, I glanced up at the clock, stood up, announced that I was hungry and that we were going out to eat.

Michelle's moan of frustration echoed through the house. Here she'd been teetering on the edge of a crashing cum for what must have seemed forever, and now I was telling her she was going out in public, still horny as hell.

I turned from her stunned, desperate look and started to get dressed. A big part of me wanted to fuck the shit out of her, but I realized immediately upon taking my new role that I had to attempt to maintain some kind of control. I reasoned to myself: if I couldn't control myself, I couldn't be expected to be able to control my sub. (Looking back on it, I think I was just making excuses to draw this experience out longer. Nothing wrong with that, is there?)

It wasn't easy stuffing my hard-on into a pair of jeans, but I was careful, and was sure to make a show of my arousal to my wife. The front of my pants bulged out obscenely, but there wasn't anything I could do about it until my cock softened. Besides, Michelle's longing look at my crotch was well worth it.

While I was pulling on a T-shirt, I looked to the bed and saw that Michelle hadn't gotten up yet.

"Going like that, are we? I'd enjoy it, but I think you'd be a little uncomfortable, and I'm pretty sure not everybody would be as appreciative as I am."

I grabbed a pair of socks out of the drawer and started for the door. When I passed by my wife, I reached out and brushed my hand against her hot, horny cunt. Of course, Michelle moaned in protest, not wanting to get up until her desperate horniness was taken care of. I left the room without looking back.

As coolly as possible (I think I was as horny as Michelle was at that point), I went to the living room, put on my socks and shoes, then simply waited.

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