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The life and times of a Black immigrant in Canada.

"No," Alex shook her head. "It's mostly about the way he spoils me, I want to make my way on my own, pay my own bills and stuff. Things like the way he tries to protect me, from my long days working on the wall to driving my car, to teaching kids in a dangerous neighborhood!"

"Why?" Lauren asked. "Why would you argue about bills?"

"I don't like handouts," Alex defended, her ire creeping up, causing her voice to sound defensive.

"Ok," Janna smiled. "I get that, but you also need to know that every Dom does something for us that is a reward."

"A reward?" Alex asked.

"Well, Jesus, I've never had to explain it before!" Janna laughed. She was finding that it was difficult to explain. "Look, Master John is like my fifth Dom. I've had some pretty shitty Doms. I mean, they are Doms in the terms that they call themselves Doms! In reality all they are, are wannabes who want is a personal slave."

"Isn't that what we are?" Lauren asked.

"Absolutely not!" Janna defended. "We are in relationships, not your traditional relationship, but it's a relationship nonetheless!"

"With any relationship," Kelly continued. "There is some give and take. How does Gavin reward you?"

"He is always buying me things," Alex told them. "Clothes, shoes, jewelry."

"No," Janna said with a shake of his head. "If he is like most good Doms, the clothing is not always one of the rewards. I mean it can be a reward, but not always. That is what he wants you to wear, so he buys them because he wants that worn." She explained.

"Exactly," Kelly agreed.

Alex nodded, that was something she remembered. He told her she couldn't wear anything he didn't approve. This made that possible because he bought it for her, she never had to question if it was approved, if he bought it.

"Tell us about your scenes," Lauren asked her.

"My scenes?" Alex asked her.

"Well, when you are playing, whether he ties you up or he uses things on you, stuff that takes if from the vanilla world to our world, that is sometimes called a scene, or a session," Janna explained.

"Oh," Alex nodded. "What do you want to know? Like what he does to me? Or what I do to him?"

"No," Kelly assured her that they didn't need details. "Dr. Steward is a fantastic Dom, we know by his reputation that he gives you what you need, but how does he act before and after?"

"Well after, he always spoils me," Alex shrugged.

"That is the reward," Janna pointed out. "See if you don't do something right, you won't get spoiled after, I mean if you disappoint him he won't encourage that behavior! A good Dom will communicate that you may have done something wrong, but it won't cause him to be angry, if he is a good Dom anyway, but it may keep him from spoiling you after."

"I see," Alex nodded. "With Gavin, he likes to massage me, and bathe me. Sometimes he pampers me with little things, like shaving my legs or rubbing lotion on me. It's always so loving."

"That's called after care," Janna told her with an approving smile. Janna had been in the life for the better part of twenty years so she had lots of knowledge and it looked like Alex needed it. "Some Doms do it, some don't. The good ones, do."

"Well, Gavin doesn't ever shirk that!" Alex told her. "He could be exhausted, but it still gets done!"

"And how do you feel when he does it?" Kelly asked with a smile.

"Loved," Alex said plainly.

"That's the emotional connection," Janna smiled nodding at Kelly. "Our lifestyle develops strong emotional connection!"

"Have you cried yet?" Lauren asked her.

"Only when we fight," Alex frowned.

"That still blows me away, that you fight!" Lauren pointed out shaking her head in disbelief.

"No, not when you fight. I have been in a scene and then right after, I cry!" Janna told her. Alex furrowed her brow in confusion.

"See the emotional side comes out," Kelly explained.

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