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Now it's time to heal.

They turned off the lights as we left. The street traffic was practically nil a wet fog had descended on the city. We made our way over to the historic Fairfax Hotel; it was just a couple of blocks away. I guess the wine had affected me because walking uphill in my high-heels didn't seem to be as painful as it had been before I started drinking.

Walking in the damp night air sobered us some and I clung to Daddy's arm. I felt goose-bumps rise on my skin. I wasn't sure if it was from the cool air or the teasing touch of his arm on my breast. We walked silently enjoying the presence of the other. Each lost in thought.

I was curious so I asked Daddy, "When was the last time you and mother had sex?"

"Good sex about 18 months ago." He grimaced, "about six months ago we tried it again and it was a disaster. It was physically painful for her so we had to stop that left me even more frustrated. We had big fight and she started sleeping in the guest room the next night."

We stopped in front of the Fairfax Hotel. I looked at my father and the sadness in his eyes. I stroked my hand along his cheek. "I'm sorry you're so miserable, Daddy."

He closed his eyes seeming to enjoy my touch, "I know. You're my good girl."

We entered the Fairfax and Daddy checked us into adjoining rooms. Daddy looked at me. I smiled back at him. We got into the elevator to go up to the room. The sudden upward jolt of the elevator shoved me into Daddy. He caught me in his strong arms and helped me rebalance myself. He said, "You smell good Baby-girl, what's that perfume?"

"Secret of Venus," I whispered realizing that my father had just squeezed my breasts when he up-righted me.

The elevator door opened, I stepped out and led the way down the hall. I turned and caught Daddy ogling my derri__re. He said hoarsely, "You are a beautiful woman Mallory."

He opened my door and handed me the key card. I walked inside and gave a little squeal as Daddy patted my ass. The door snapped shut. I fumbled with it until it opened again but Daddy had entered his room and the hall was empty.

I didn't know how to feel about getting felt up by my own father. Part of me thought it was no big deal he was just lonely and drunk. Another part of me was horrified at the taboo nature of it and yet another part of me was excited that a good looking man like my father desired me.

My feet seemed to give a sigh of relief as I pulled my shoes off. I rubbed my soles and wiggled my toes enjoying the freedom. I stripped off my jacket and threw it on a chair. My pants followed and then my blouse and bra. I cupped my breasts and caressed them. They seemed as happy as my toes to escape confinement. My nipples harden in the cool air so I ripped the covers down the bed and climbed into it with just my panties on.

I shut off the light and lay on my back and tried to process all that I had learned tonight. I felt so bad for my parents especially my father. He loved my mother yet needed more physically and emotionally than she was able to give him. I worried their marriage was doomed and the thought of that made me sad.

First I tried sleeping on my back then I rolled over onto my stomach and then my side. Finally I gave up and threw the covers off and got up. I went into the bathroom and got a glass of water. I noticed the flickering light coming from under the door between Daddy's room and mine. I put my ear to it and caught the muted sounds from his television. I put my blouse on and buttoned a couple of buttons before lightly knocking on the door.

My stomach fluttered with fear and excitement as Daddy opened the door. He stood shirtless before me. I was surprised by the outline of his pectorals and instinctively I ran my fingers through his chest hair and cooed.

Daddy's muscles quivered beneath my touch and he moaned.

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