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Her arms tired quickly but she kept her fingers straight and spread apart as ordered, hoping she wouldn't have to use her arms or hands for anything later. She kept her eyes closed, scared that if she tried to look, it would be seen and Master informed of her disobedience.

Will was still going through the hosing and scrubbing procedure four yards away. Soon he was standing and rotating like Carson, his skin also being warmed and burned in some place as well as hers. He kept his eyes closed for the same reason as she did.

The day seemed cooler when the straps were placed back on and they were told to kneel on all fours. A leash was attached to one of the straps and they were led to another grassy area and told to ask for permission to piss. They did so, begging for approval to go and they repeated the procedure to shit as well, going like the dogs they were. They were led someplace else and told that Master wanted them to rest. They dropped where they were, feeling privileged that Master would allow them to sleep in the grass like any other dog.

The next few days became routine, with doing tricks for the voices and getting hosed down. Carson had to sniff a strange dog that sniffed her back, each wondering where the strange dog came from. Will and Carson were soon parted and thoughts of the other strange dog left their minds as soon as they went back to doing more tricks. They did the usual roll over and sit up as well as playing with themselves and finger fucking their asses. They were led to a bowl and each growled at the other as they tried to eat whatever was in the bowl and they growled and snapped at each other over the water dish. Neither liked the other strange dog for there was a chance that Master may want the other one more.

They were led back to the yard and the straps were removed. Both kept their eyes closed and both were anxious when told that they would compete with each other. The first one to open its eyes without permission would lose. The winner would be bought by Master and go home with him. The loser would be punished and not as lightly as they had been. In effect, both considered the order an act of war against the other one.

They were lined up, ass to ass and a double-headed dildo was placed between the ass holes. A line was drawn in the middle and the one that got more than half up their ass was the winner. They both speared the dildo, ignoring the pain as it entered and they met cheek to cheek. They heard that the line was still visible and they grunted and tried to squeeze the muscles to take in more while removing from the other's ass. Since they were not allowed to move from the spot they were kneeling on, it was all down to who had the better ass muscles and eventually they were told to stop, they had a winner. What bothered them was that no one told them who won!

Then the dildo was suspended in air and they had to clean the end off and the winner was the first one that cleaned their end. They moved the dildo around so much that neither could get it very clean and Will finally grabbed it with his teeth and sucked on it while moving his head to prevent the other dog from getting it. Carson soon got her mouth on it and tried to suck on her end as she tried to pull it away from the other dog. It was a bitter tug of war and they would have bitten each other if they didn't need their mouths busy to win.

They did have a dogfight over the food dish later and both were bitten.

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