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Tina has 'hands on' experience at gallery.

You look up at me to make sure I'm still ok, then lean forward, nestling your face in my well defined cleavage.

I slide down, kissing you as I go. You're smiling and kissing me right back. I'm so sweet and make you feel so good. I pull back for just a moment before going in for the lips. Our energies connect. Mmmm I melt into your warmth. This gets me so hot!

I feel your hard cock through your pants and start slowly rubbing my panty clad pelvis against your hot crotch. You cup your hand around the side of my dazed face, stroking my cheek with your thumb. Your hand feels a strange combination of rough and tender.

You need to stop the dry humping, in order to show me other pleasures. "I've got other things in store for you, little bit," you tease as you go to separate my crotch from your cock.

Now you have that dazed look on your face too. What is it? Ohhhh... Your hand is now on my cotton covered pussy, that's what it is! You're feeling just how excited I am by the wetness I'm now sharing with your fingers. I press against your hand. "Mmmm." Feels good. You are cupping me with your warm hand and oscillating your fingers to play with the wetness.

You grunt and shove your tongue in my mouth before wrapping your arms around me, grabbing my ass and pulling me tight against you. You pick me up with an animalistic quickness and deposit me on the end of the massage table in the center of the darkened room.

Watching my chest rise and fall, exclaim say, "Magnificent!" You lean into my bosom, inhale and kiss my cleavage, before guiding me to lay down on the table. "Ah!" I whine with a giggle because the table's cold. My nipples stand even more erect through my sheer bra.

You place my feet in stirrups that fold out from the table. You pick up one leg, put it on your shoulder; and begin to untie my shoe, removing it and the sock. You do the same with the other, revealing my little feet and toes polished pink, just for you. "Oh wow," you bellow, "these are the cutest feet I've ever seen."

Placing my right leg back into the stirrup, you begin working on the left. You rub your thumb up along my arch. I moan with delight. You pay special attention to each area, the ball, the heel, the toes and spaces between them. You pull my other leg up again, and treat my right foot to this tender play. "Mmm." You love hearing the little moans escape my lips. You kiss the arch of my foot and I squeal and giggle.

One leg back down, you massage the calf of the ankle resting on your shoulder. You delight in my reaction. You may be rubbing my leg, but your gaze is fixed on the growing wet spot on my panties. Proceeding to work your way up my thigh, you rub the crease along my hip flexor and my little "ham hock." "Oh!" I exclaim with a shudder! You grunt back at me, whilst playing with the edge of my panty line. On the other leg, you move much faster, quickening to reach your goal. You replace both legs back into their stirrups, and look down at me with a devilish lust in your eye.

You run your fingers and thumb along the creases where my lower limbs lead you to my honey pot, enjoying my writhing beneath your touch. I'm not sure if you're teasing me or yourself as you play with the edge of my panties. I shudder, as your thumbs rub my pussy lips through my wet cotton barrier. Smiling, you run your thumbs just under the edge of my cottony sheath and watch me writhe and shiver, before leaning down and surrounding my mons with your hot mouth. "Mmmmm," I revel at the sensation. When you let a thunderous moan vibrating into my labia, I answer back with the same.

I love the feeling of the breath on my pussy, as you're inhaling the sweet sensation of my juice soaked cotton. You let me relax a little and then slice your tongue up my crevice, catching and pressing on my clit. "UMNGH!" I buck up, raising your head into the air. You laugh and dive in for another flick.

"Are you ready for this, little one?"

"Um hmm"

Teasingly, you tug at the edges of my panties, sliding yo

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