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Alessandro explains how and why she has come to be in his be.

It's far more productive than shaving."

I tried not to panic or resist as the security guards took me by my arms and led me over to a medical examination table. Too much was happening too rapidly for me to suppress the fear response. I desperately wanted to run out of the room, but that wouldn't have been very practical. Also, the security guards would never allow me to get very far. I doubt I'd even make it to the corridor. And if by some miracle I had made it out of the building where would I go? I was naked and penniless!

"Come along," Fabi said with a cheerfulness that seemed out of place. "Let's get him up on the table and positioned for his procedure."

Seemingly without effort, the security guards lifted my naked body up off the ground and slid me onto the cold surface of the medical exam table. I wanted to complain about the sensation of cold table on my naked skin, but the grim faces of the security guards told me that I should keep my mouth shut.

Then, finally speaking to me, Fabi looked me in the eye and said, "What's your name, Pretty boy?"

I knew I must be blushing at that point, but rather than complain about how embarrassed I was, I replied, "Scott."

"Okay, Scott," she said, still sounding cheerful, "I want your little bottom sitting on the end here." And then she tapped the edge of the table.

"There, that's the way," she said encouragingly. "Just shuffle your bottom forward and let your legs hang down over the end."

I was embarrassed at the frank way that Fabi was staring at my naked body and I risked covering up my cock and balls with my hands. I assumed that she was probably going to start with my legs, so I speculated that I could probably get away with a small amount of modesty for a few minutes.

Apparently my speculation was wrong, as the security guards in short order grabbed my wrists and forcefully pulled my hands away from my groin and dragged my arms back.

"Now Scott, let's get you into position," Fabi said brightly and the security guards pulled me backwards so that my entire upper body was lying back on the cold surface of the stainless steel table. The guards of course, maintained a tight grip on my wrists even after I was lying back and in position.

The reason for this was soon made clear, as leather straps were soon produced and buckled tightly around my wrists and used to fasten my wrists down to the examination table, far from my groin.

Then, speaking to the security guards, Fabi said, "Now if you two could help me secure his ankles, I'd really appreciate it."

Much to my shock, medical stirrups (of the kind used by gynecologists) were produced from underneath the table and raised up. Using more leather straps, my ankles were soon secured to the stirrups and then in a move that I found excruciatingly humiliating, Fabi positioned the stirrups carefully so that my legs were spread widely apart and high in the air.
Alost immediately I became aware of how exposed I was. My naked bottom was completely raised from the surface of the bed as the stirrups were raised up and my legs were spread obscenely wide. Fabi gave me a flirtatious smile as she looked directly and unashamedly at my exposed anus, scrotum and the shaft and head of my cock. I'm certain I must have blushed when she shamelessly ogled my naked body like that.

"Don't be embarrassed, Scott," she said in a voice that was supposed to be soothing. "I've done this to a lot of prisoners and applicants, both male and female."

I failed to see how that knowledge was supposed to make me feel less humiliated or exposed. I had a difficult time coping with the knowledge of how openly and lewdly my body was displayed for these women. I didn't even have a contract yet with the Comstock Institute and already my naked body was being displayed like some sort of naked male model performing in a bondage porno.

Fabi gently stroked my inner thighs and my exposed anus before she moved on to the next step of my "procedure".

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