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Her dreams of an English garden bring a surprise.

A quick glance around told me that we were the only cars out on this stretch of highway, but I wondered how long that would hold true. She lifted her ass just enough to allow me to pull her jeans down below her waist. She was wearing a pair of lacy black underwear, and her member was straining against it. Pulling on the band, I slid the front down enough to allow her cock to burst free. It was just as big as it had been this morning, easily topping the eight inch barrier.

Without being told, I took it in my hand and started working it. She smiled. "That's nice." I worked her flesh pole slowly, secretly delighting in the looks of subtle pleasure on Natalie's face. Not that I'd ever let her know I enjoyed this on any level though. "That's right," she said, "Work it."

This went on for a few minutes, and I'd developed a pretty steady rhythm, matching it on my own dick. Her next words made me freeze in place.

"Kiss it," she said softly, clearly lost in the moment.

"Um," I offered up. Not one of my better retorts I'll admit.

"Come on," she pleaded. "I promise you'll like it." She'd turned her attention on me just long enough to offer up her best attempt at puppy dog eyes. "Please..."

They toppled my defenses.

I was already holding it. Besides, as I'd reminded myself so many times this morning, this was all in my head anyway, right? I was really behind the wheel, driving to work, paying just enough attention to the road to avoid wrecking. That was when I was reminded of the uncanny realness of these fantasies with her. I was feeling everything. Her dick had weight and heat in my hand, and I could feel the wind over the right side of my face from the passenger window.

"Okay," I finally relented.

"Yay!" she shouted gleefully.

Taking a deep breath, I shifted my weight so I could lean over the center console and get into a better position. It took a moment, but finally I was on my knees on the seat, ass up, leaning in toward her. I'd definitely fantasized about this before, but I'd always been on the receiving end. My descent seemed to take an eternity, the growth between her legs seeming bigger and bigger the closer I got. Speaking toward the reality of the experience, I could smell the sweat and sex coming from between her legs.

About an inch or so away from kissing it, I stopped to really look at it. Not that I could really see much in the dark, but there was enough of a visual to get my heart racing. My imaginary lover had only asked me to kiss it, but I could see where this was going, and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It was long, and a little thinner than it had looked from afar. Probably her petite body had made it look wider than it was. In the dark I could see how dark the curly hair surrounding the base of her shaft was. My little Natalie was definitely a natural brunette. At least in this messed up fantasy of mine she was.

Finally, I gently pressed my lips against the sensitive head. Her body shook lightly beneath the soft touch, and I could feel the vehicle speeding up. When I turned to look, all I could see was steering wheel. I'd momentarily forgotten my position. It moved slightly beneath the touch of my lips as I kissed it again, this time with a little more pressure. Turning my gaze up at her, I wondered how far she was going to make me go. There was a pleased smile on her lips.

"You're a good kisser," she smirked, turning her eyes down toward me, no doubt admiring how much she liked the sight of me with my head between her legs. I took hold of it and started pumping the muscle slowly again. "Kiss your way down my dick," she directed, "slowly."

Lost in the moment, and not really sure how I felt about anything anymore, I complied. I held Natalie's stiffy up with my hand and slowly started kissing my way down the shaft, the odor growing fiercer in my nostrils. I worked my way slowly toward her balls, and stopped where they met her penis. She was breathing slowly and deeply now.

"Lick your way back up," she whispered.

Sticking my tongue out, I trailed my way up, leaving a

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