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"Jesus," Milly whispered. "I have a long way to go."

Matt came back and said they were off to the mall with a photographer where the Baptist Church Choir was making its first public performance after an absence of four years. "This will be hard so don't be surprised if we come away without a story with a good angle.

Jerry took a routine photo and the two guys turned to go when Milly said hold on, she thought she could see something. The guys came up to her and Jerry said were they not wearing knickers and received an elbow into the ribs from Milly.

"That tall blonde, second left back row, elderly woman center middle row very white hair and young blonde third from right on front row.

"Small tits? Jerry asked.

"You think same family - could be," Matt said. "If they are could be a better photo than what you've taken Jerry."

"Right, in you go at next break and ask Milly," said the photographer.

Matt and Jerry looked at Milly asking the question and saw the young woman nod.

"That's good spotting by Milly," said Matt, who said yeah and wondering why Milly and the younger woman were looking at the group of elderly woman seated in the audience.

Milly raced over to her colleagues. "Come Jerry, work to do. They are three generations of the one family in the choir, and two ex-choir members, the great-grandmothers are seated over there."

"Christ," Jerry said. "This photo will be taken up nationally."

Matt watched Milly and Jerry at work, with the choir leader looking so pleased as she gathered her three choristers around the two rather old ex-choir members. He wondered what they happy group would think of the photographer they were beaming at if told Jerry had alleged they all had small tits. An assault on bad-mouthed Jerry with handbags perhaps? What a photo that would make!

* * *

Dialabo was a small city so usual coverage was small-city news. Matt, Jerry and Milly were heading out of town, just beating the end of day peak traffic flow when Matt called Jerry to pull over.

He did and complained. "It's only a fucking routine inspection."

"Then why are all those council engineers there for the routine independent inspection? I can see chief engineer Larry Smith, Smokey Rimes and Erick Johansson."


"Jerry could you modify your coarse expressions and foul language when we have a lady with us?"

"Oh, sorry boss. My apologies Milly" but Milly was already out of the vehicle and walking into the cordoned off area leading down the side of the city's main river crossing.

"Jesus, it's that good looking dame from the Chronicle," Milly heard someway say and they heard a heap of bad language.

"What's up boys?"

"Ah, nothing. Just routine." said the city council's chief engineer.

"You're pulling my left tit Mr Smith."

All nine or ten guys looked at her left breast.

"I think the bridge is in danger of collapsing."

"Fucking press, they're on to us unless we drown her," someone said.

Everyone laughed nervously.

Milly pulled out her phone and hit the fast-dial for Matt.

"Get down here fast."

"Come on Larry, the truth and we publish it in tomorrow paper," Matt said. "Milly this is your story, into it."

"Mr Smith we would prefer the official explanation," she said.

"We haven't discussed it to find consensus."

"Then do that now. Those cracks up there - can someone spray around the perimeter of them so we can get close-ups that make sense?"

"Do what she wants Smokey, ask her what color she wants."

Jerry picked phosphorus lime."

Smokey jumped on to the temporary scaffold and sprayed and then jumped down to join the other engineers.

Larry Smith came back to Milly. "We cannot afford to take any risks. That main member - call it a beam - has failed. All the others are okay. It will have to be replaced and until that is done the two lanes on this side are closed to all traffic and the other two lanes will each take one-way traffic with vehicles over three tons prohibited from crossing this bridge."

"Okay, that's plain enough," Mr Smith. "What caused it?"

"We don't know.

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