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The clues that bring us together.


As I inserted the tip of my tongue into her tight pussy, she cried out as she started to cum. I could feel her tremble all over as she threw her pussy at me, trying to impale herself on my hot tongue, as her whole body shook. I felt her take my cock deep into her mouth as she moaned, the sound coming over the head of my cock as took more of me into her hot little mouth, moaning as she came.

She kept cumming as she worked her hips to me, humping her smooth pussy to my probing tongue as I too, started to shoot my load. I made her pull my cock out as I blew my hot cum over her lips as she continued to lick at the swollen head.

We slowed to a stop as she reached up to me and kissed me again, saying " That was so good. I have never even made myself cum like that".

My cock was flaccid as she again took it into her tiny hand and started slowly jacking it up and down. I lay back and let her play with it as she pumped on it, while it started to rise up once again.

"Now it's my turn. I want this big cock in my tight pussy. I think you have gotten it wet enough".

She lay back and rolled over on top of me, her tiny pussy brushed against my hard dick as she started to rub herself against it. I felt her small slit open up as she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her smooth lips. She was wet & slick from all of her cumming while I was eating her cunt.

She eased herself down onto the big head as her tiny pussy opened up like a flower, the head staring to enter her as she moaned out loud. I watched as the head slowly sank into her tiny, smooth pussy. She grasped my cock with her hand and guided me to her as she rotated her small hips, pushing downward as she took the entire head into her tiny pussy.

"Oh, Yes! Yes! Oh my God. I can feel it going so deep. Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! I want it all the way in my tight pussy. Fuck me! ", she cried out loudly.

I put my hands on her tiny hips and helped her rotate them as she still pushed downwards onto my massive cock. She started to take more of it into her as she moaned, asking me to fuck her. I saw my cock as it slide into her tiny, slick pussy, so hot now with the fire burning inside her. I felt her tiny pussy around my cock and could feel how tight she was. I was trying not to hurt her as I eased more of my dick to her. She kept bucking and twisting her little body as she took it deeper into her smooth pussy.

Her small pussy was so hot and tight. It was taking everything I could do hold back to keep from slamming the entire length of my huge cock to her tiny pussy. I wanted her to enjoy it and for it not to hurt her. I was succeeding in what I wanted as she worked her hips, pushing more dick into her. I was letting her take all the cock she wanted as she fucked me.

She started to slam her tiny pussy to my cock, thrusting her hips to get more of it into her. I was sucking on her tiny breasts as she fucked my cock, now twisting her body to accept most of my big dick. She could not take all of it, as I felt it hit bottom. Each time she pushed down and my cock struck bottom, she would cum. Over and over again she came. I felt her whole body tremble and shake as she continued to cum.

She was getting the first fucking of her young life and I could tell she was thrilled to have me taking her. This was what she had wanted for a long time and now she was getting a first class fucking and loving every minute of it.

Her body continued to tremble as she came, over and over again, till I felt my hot load start to erupt into her tight pussy. This set her off again as she really started to thrust her pussy to me, feeling my hot cum as it flooded the insides of her tiny pussy. She moaned loudly, saying, " Oh, yes. I feel your hot cum spurting inside me. It is so hot in my pussy. Fuck me harder. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, God it is so good!"

I watched as she sank down and threw her smooth little pussy to my massive cock, her pussy engulfing most of me as she shouted for me to fuck her harder.

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