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The Huntsman demands a reward for the saving Little Red.

"Feel better, Susan?" Steve asked.

I nodded and smiled "Much."

"Good, how about that titty fuck we talked about?" Steve asked.

"Right now?" I asked smiling.

Steve just kept staring at me and nodded.

"What about Tony?" I asked.

"He will be busy for while." Steve said. Just then as on que I heard the bell on the door ring alerting everyone that a customer had came in.

Steve walked over to the door and locked it. He then walked to the video monitor and turned it on. There was a customer looking at some baseball equipment with Tony. The customer was a guy about my age asking Tony some questions about the equipment. Tony's hard on and his efforts to hide it was obvious.

Steve turned back to me and said "Take that shirt off." He then started to unbutton his shorts.

I unbuttoned my blouse and shrugged it off then unclasp my bra and pulled it off my shoulders.

Steve then went to his closet and pulled out an air mattress that was half inflated. Quickly he uncorked the air intake and started to blow it up more. Within seconds he had it inflated and laying on the floor after kicking a couple piles of papers out of the way.

I got up from the chair and knelt on the mattress. Steve walked closer to me with his cock dangling between his thighs. When he got close enough I lowered my head and sucked him in without using my hands. His hands went to the back of my head and forced me to deep throat his 6 inch semi erection. I did easily and instantly he started to get hard. I could feel his cock grow to the full 8 inches while in my throat. He did not allow my face up until he became fully hard.

"God damn, this is the best." Steve said.

I glanced sideways at the monitor and Tony was still showing some catching gloves to the store's lone customer. I started to get excited knowing that only a flimsy wall separated us from Tony and that customer.

Steve allowed me to pull my head away. "Be quiet, or this will end." I said.

While staring in my eyes Steve nodded and pulled me back on him. I sucked hard, hallowing my cheeks on his young cock. Steve watched the whole time I bobbed my head up and down his shaft.

"Shit, you can give a good blow job, keep sucking but I want to titty fuck you." He said.

I sucked his cock deep for a few minutes. I was sure he wasn't going to be able to hold it in when suddenly he stopped.

Steve pulled his cock from my mouth. "Lay down."

I got on my back and slipped a hand into my shorts and could feel my wetness.

"You want me to fuck you?" Steve asked.

"No I am on my period." I lied no wanting any more pussy abuse.

"Ok, hold them tits together." Steve demanded.

I pulled my hand from my shorts and pushed the sides of my tits together. Steve knelt over my stomach and straddled my chest. He slide his cock between my tits and started fucking them.

Steve wide eyes watched my face and tits as his cock slide back and forth. I could feel my pussy get wetter and was surprised at how turned on I was getting.

A few minutes into this I heard the bell on the door and turned to look at the monitor. The customer had left and I could see Tony half running to the office door. Two seconds later I heard the door knob rattle and right then cum erupted from Steve's cock. Cum coated my neck and he pulled away a bit and kept pulling on his cock which in turn kept spurting cum. Cum hit my forehead , cheeks and lips. My face was totally glazed with his young cum.

"Come on." I heard Tony yell.

"One sec." Steve replied still enjoying his orgasm.

I sucked him back into my mouth savory the final few drops of cum. Steve shuddered and was able to reach for the door lock. He turned it to unlock it and the door burst open.

Tony seemed surprised to see me laying on the air mattress with my face covered in cum and Steve's cock in my mouth. I was still sucking cum out of it.

"I will take one of those. Keep your money." Tony said.

Steve smiling said "well she hasn't really agreed to our deal yet."

"Come on Susa

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