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Losing my virginity as an 18-year-old on holiday.

"Little girls can't be dirty down there, can they?" Pat asked.

"No ma'am." Amy replied with a moan.

"Good girl. Now bring your leg down and bend over." Pat told her.

Amy complied and then Pat took her soapy right hand and slid her middle finger up Amy's butthole.

"Little girls can't have a dirty butthole can they? Pat asked.

"No Ma'am" Amy replied as Pat's finger slid in and out.

"I bet your mama checked your panties every day?"

"Yes ma'am." Amy replied with a groan.

"What was your mama looking for Amy?"

"She would have me stand in front of her and have me pull my panties down to my knees so she could see the crotch. Mama looked for tinkle, skid marks, spooge and cootchie cum." Amy replied in an embarrassing tone.

"What happened if they were dirt Amy?"

"Mama would punish me. With skid marks, she would drag me to the bathroom and give me a big enema and beat my ass while holding it in. She would watch me on the potty telling me what a dirty little girl I was. With tinkle marks, she would watch me go tinkle then have me wipe myself with my fingers and suck them clean. Mama would take a belt to my cootchie is she saw cootchie cum."

Hearing this made Pat very aroused and wet.

"I'm sure there are many mamas out there that don't like have dirty little girls around. My mama did the same." Pat replied as she slid the finger out of Amy's butt hole.

"Let's rinse off and I'll get you a robe to wear while I wash your clothes."

"Ok." Amy replied.

Pat shut off the shower and both stepped off to dry. Pat handed Amy a robe and told her she would get her an iced tea. Pat walked into the kitchen with a towel around her waist and poured Amy an iced tea. Pat then opened a cabinet drawer opened a prescription bottle and poured out three Valium. She crushed the pills and then stirred them in the iced tea.

Pat called Amy into the kitchen. Amy sat at the table and Pat handed her the iced tea. While Amy drank it, Pat gathered up Amy's clothes to be put into the trash. She noticed Amy's bra size was a 34B and her panties a size 5. Pat did take a sniff of the panties and smelled Amy's young cootchie in them. She thought about eating her and having Amy eat her as well.

When Pat returned to the kitchen, Amy was groggy and Pat suggested they go to the living room. Pat helped Amy get up and then had her sit in a chair. About ten minutes later, Amy was out cold. Pat went down to the basement and came back up with some rope and a knife.

She pulled Amy up from the chair and removed the robe. Pat admired the young girl's body and then proceeded to put Amy face down over an ottoman. She tied Amy down good and make sure her legs were wide open giving her boys easy access. Pat went into the linen closet and removed a bed sheet. She took the sheet back to the living room and covered Amy with it.

Pat then proceeded to the boy's room and knocked.

"May I come in?" Pat asked.

"Yea Ma." Billy replied.

Pat opened the door and the boys looked right at Pat's tits. Pat knew what they were looking at when she pulled the towel down showing the boys her bush.

"Mama has a treat for you boys. I've got a cute piece of ass for the both of you. Now get undressed so I can show you the hussy." Pat said with a smile.

The boys were stumbling trying to get out of their clothes. Once naked, Pat noticed the two sporting erections.

"Let's go meet the slut boys. No more hand jacking those nice peckers any more. Mama has a slut for you boys to use. Don't worry if she screams or cries when you shove those big peckers inside her butt hole or cootchie. Mama will make sure the slut behaves for you boys."

The boys followed mom into the living room and she had the boys stand near the covered ottoman when she pulled back the sheet, showing Amy's naked exposed body.

"Damn she's pretty one Mama." Billy said with a squeal in his voice.

"She even has a bald cootchie." Tommy added.

"She's a tight one boys. I'm gonna get a can of lard you can use to grease of those peckers with before shoving them in her butt hole."

Pat returned

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