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Jeanie and the elves get down.

As she did this, she began to tense up and quiver under her fingertips. Before long she moaned loudly as she lost control and went over the edge with an intense orgasm. She lay in the tub shaking and moaning for several minutes enjoying the feel of her fucking herself.

Slowly she stood up, grabbed a towel and wrapped her hair in it. Then she took another towel and began to wipe the rest of her body. Once she had herself dried, she walked into the master bedroom. She slowly dressed in her silk see thru rose colored lingerie. She pulled her robe on over it before walking over to the vanity to fix her long silky brown hair.

Once she had finished fixing her hair, she went to her secret hide-a-way. She pulled out the needed items for the night which consisted of a pair of silk thong panties for him, black blindfold, a leather strap, and a strap on. She laid them out on the night stand. As she was attending to this, she heard his Dodge Ram truck pull into the garage. She begins to breathe in and out slowly trying to keep her heart from racing with the anticipation.

"Hun, I am home" he said as the thunder cracked in the distance.

"Back here in the master bedroom dear!" she proclaimed as she spread out in the center of the big queen size bed.

As he walked by the master bathroom, he pulled his shirt off and kicked off his boots before walking into the master bedroom. As he walked thru the door, his eyes widened as he saw his elegant wife in the center of the bed.

Taking her pointer finger she motioned for him to come to her. He obliged and walked to the bed and leaned in to kiss her gently on the lips. "I see you have something in mind," he said as his lips meet her soft luscious lips.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do!" she said. She reached over and pulled the silk throng panties from the night stand. "You need to go to the bathroom and put these on and let me know when you have them on" she demanded.

He kissed her again before turning to leave. Once in the master bath he began to unfasten and unzip his Wranglers. Then he slides them over his hips, as he did this he say that his cock was already starting to get hard. He finished pulling the jeans off and his plain cotton briefs. Then he realized exactly what he had in his hands, not just any kind of silk thong underpants. They were a pair of her red heart printed silk thong panties. His eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen. He slowly put one foot in, and then the other foot. He pulled them up his long muscular legs. He slowly adjusted his cock so that the tip of it was just verily showing.

"Sweetie, I am ready!" he said in excitement.

She slowly crawled off the bed as she reached over and got the blindfold. She walked into the master bath. And she said, "close your eyes hunny" once his eyes was closed she walked over and wrapped the blindfold around his eyes.

She took his hand as she led him back into the master bedroom. Slowly, she began to kiss him softly, running her hands down his stomach. She let her finger tips tease the head of his cock as she kissed and nibbled on his neck. He began to pant as she continued to play with his cock head. He moaned as he grabbed for her.

"No, you do not grab for me" in a scolding voice she said as she walked him toward the bed. "For that you must be punished. Now I want you to crawl on the bed on your hands and knees. That's it. Right there is good."

Taking the leather strap from the night stand, she swatted his ass several times. He moaned and groaned as the strap hit his bare ass. His ass was red from the lashes with the strap.

"Will you try to grab me without permission again?" She asks.

"No mam'" he said

Slowly, she crawled on the bed behind him. She pulled the throng aside and slowly began to lick his ass. She was licking slow gentle strokes as she reached around and played with his cock thru the thin silk material. His cock was very hard as she played with it and licked his puckered asshole.

He moaned and groaned as his breathing became heavier.

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