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Two people are stranded on a desert island.

"But let's smoke first."

I hoisted myself up onto the deck and ran back to my towel and shades on the lawn, where I'd packed a few joints into a ziploc bag. Once we were good and roasted, I helped Matt lug a big cooler full of beer down to the dock to await the arrival of our boat.

"The Chief" was in charge of the volunteer Marine Patrol. The lake was no dainty puddle in the woods; it ran nearly ten miles north to south and was nearly five miles wide in the middle. There were hundreds of cabins dotting the shores, but huge swaths of the shore line were covered up to the water's edge in forest. Given the size of the lake, it was good to have someone out on the water with a spare gas can and a tow line in case someone's boat broke down. But over the years, the Chief had transformed the Marine Patrol's primary objective into more of a recreational one. If some adventurous young couple was new to the lake a volunteer Marine Patrol couple might introduce them to some of the exiting opportunities at various locations, and with various like-minded adventurous couples and groups. That was how we'd been introduced the Jack and Sophie a few years back, and their friends Will and Eva just last year.

Matt and I cracked our first beers of the summer and tapped our cans together.

"One month of fun in the sun," he said with a satisfied sigh after a few gulps of brew.

"Hey you two!" Amber chided. "Don't forget we have to work while we're up here. I want to get at least two or three scenes shot per week. We have a hungry website to feed and people love the outdoorsy stuff this time of year."

"Bummer," I said. "You mean when we're not having sex for fun we have to have sex for work?"

My wife stuck her tongue out at me, but she accepted a beer and gave me a kiss. It wasn't like we had to get a scene done on our first day. "Why don't you shut up and fuck me," she growled in my ear.

"Right here on the dock?"

"Let's give The Chief a good show," she said.

* * *


"You have a really nice cock," Laura said. I was lying on one of the pool tables, while Laura sat above me with my cock stuffed all the way inside her pussy. I pawed at her tits, smaller than most of the others in the room, but a pleasant handful either way. "So how do you guys know Tina?"

She was making conversation while we fucked. Okay, I could get into this.

"I met her a couple weeks ago at work," I said. "I'm a cable guy. She came out of the shower while I was working on her TV and dropped her towel and sucked my cock. Then she invited me back after my shift was over and we fucked all night, along with Stacy. Do you know Stacy?"

"Of course," Laura said. "Tina, Claire, Stacy and I all shared an apartment our sophomore year, but then Stacy and Tina went and transferred to this county bumpkin town. What about you, sweety?"

Sandra climbed up onto the pool table with me and Laura and lowered her pussy onto my face. I dragged my tongue up over her dripping wet opening, and she gasped before answering Laura. "I just met her tonight," she said. "But I know Heidi from school. I didn't think she and I had anything in common, but boy was I wrong about that."

Laura shifted her hips and squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles, and I groaned into Sandra's pussy. Above me I saw Laura's pale while hands slip around Sandra's body to squeeze her dark brown boobs. We moved slowly, giving each other pleasure, but not fucking with the frantic abandon the whole room had been swimming in after Luke and Rebekah kicked off the orgy.

"You guys wouldn't believe how different Tina was before she started hanging out with Matt," Laura said.

That got my attention.

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