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Lord Asbeey takes Elizabeth to be punished for running.

That aside, Ben Lewis is a hoodlum. Nash has some nerve taking you in for questioning when everyone knows it was probably Lewis's fault. You'd think Nash would be glad to have someone taking up for that sister of his."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dillon's voice held a rising anger that caused his father to move back a bit in his chair.

"Don't take that tone with me, young man. All I meant was, with all the gays in Megan's family, she's bound to be the subject of ridicule. Nash should be glad to have someone sticking up for her."

"The only people who would give Megan a hard time are small minded bigots whose opinions don't matter, anyway."

"Now, see here--"

Angela Carver cut her husband off with practiced ease. "Dillon, how did you get out of jail? Did the sheriff release you?"

"James Walker talked Lewis into dropping charges against me."

"Charges against you?" Dillon's father was an expert at righteous indignation. "Weren't you the one who should have been pressing charges against him? You didn't put that bruise on your own jaw, now did you?"

Dillon wasn't about to tell them about that one. Instead he said, "Not when I threw the first punch. Anyway, James talked him into dropping the charges, and I was free to go. But since I still live under your roof, I needed a parent to sign me out. I think they call it a custody release." He shrugged. "You guys were out of town, so he let me call Heath to come and fill out the paperwork."
Douglas folded his arms over his chest. "I might have known Heath was involved in this, somehow. He doesn't have time to come and see his parents, but he's conveniently on call to pick his brother up from jail."

Angela put her hand on her husband's shoulder. "Well, I for one, am glad he was home. I hate the thought of him having to spend all weekend down at the sheriff's station." She looked towards her son. "Dillon, I want you to go upstairs while your father and I discuss a suitable punishment."

Dillon started to stand, but Douglas stopped him. "That won't be necessary. There'll be no punishment this time."

His mother looked as shocked as Dillon was. "Douglas, we have to do something. This type of behavior is intolerable."

"Boys fight, Angela. And given the nature of the fight itself, I think it's safe to say it won't happen again. I'm just thankful that Dillon no longer associates with that Walker boy. I have no doubt that he was a large part of this whole fracas."

"James didn't do one thing wrong, Dad. Not a single thing. And as far as breaking off my friendship with him goes, that's the worst mistake I ever made."

Doug laughed, the mockery so thick in his voice Dillon felt ill. "Why? What did he ever do for you?"

Dillon was so tempted to tell him, but he forced himself to wait. For his plan to work, his timing had to be just right. Ignoring his father, he said, "If that's all, I'd like to be excused."

His father said, "No, that's not all. I believe I asked you a question."

Angela cut in. "Let him go, Doug. I think we've done enough talking for one night, and, Dillon, I'm sure you have homework."

He didn't, but that didn't stop Dillon from nodding his head and leaving the room. He had to get out of there before his father said another word.


Jamie cursed under his breath and pulled his coat tighter around his neck.

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