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Couple gets lost in uptown Miami.

I had the distinct feeling that would change over the next month. Alex noticed my gaze straying down to his hard-on and laughed. "We've got plenty of time to get to know each other tonight--I know you would like to get settled in here. Make yourselves at home. In about an hour we'll meet for drinks and the tour in the living room." He grinned, and I was pretty sure he was reading my mind. "Jack can show you the other toys in the chest, but let me know if you need some special help with them," he said, looking at me teasingly as he departed.

Jack came up behind me, and embraced me. His hard cock pressed against my ass, and he peeled down my dress to my waist and cupped my bare breasts, feeling their heft and rolling my erect nipples between his fingers. Shock waves of pleasure went through me, and I leaned back against his chest, grinding my ass against his cock. "I think you've made a conquest," Jack murmured into my neck as he nuzzled me. "You want him, too, don't you?" he added, tugging my nipples a bit harder. "I want to see you suck his fat cock while I fuck your pretty ass. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Oh yes, please" I answered, as Jack moved me toward the bed.

My pussy was already so wet that when Jack positioned me on the bed on all fours, I was dripping with anticipation. Jack teased me a bit, rubbing his cock around the outside of my pussy and asshole, spreading my lubrication around, before he plunged--hard--into my cunt, causing me to gasp in pleasure. "You're still going to like this best, aren't you, you little slut?" he growled, pounding into me. I moaned my agreement, and thrust back against him, pushing him deeply inside me. I liked it when he took me roughly like this--he never actually hurt me, but the tiny edge of pain added to my arousal. I squeezed hard with my pussy muscles as I welcomed his cock filling me, bringing me close to the edge of orgasm. My tits were leaking in excitement. "Come for me, you little whore. You know you want it. I want to hear you come like the little cow you are."

"Moo," I moaned, coming hard, and feeling Jack's explosion inside me.

Afterward, we lay on the bed, relaxing in our afterglow. Jack began to suckle me, licking my nipples and teasing them between sucks. "I'm going to keep you horny all night," Jack informed me as he tantalized my clit with his fingers. "I want everyone to see how hot you look when you need fucking."

Jack left me half milked and fully aroused, and took me to the shower. He washed me carefully, refusing to allow me the orgasm I desperately wanted. "One's enough for right now, we'll make sure you get more before the evening's over."

While I was drying off and applying my make-up, Jack began to go through my suitcase, choosing what I would wear for the evening. He had packed for me, and I knew that much of what he'd packed was new, so I was eager to see what he'd chosen. Jack held up a deep red silk sarong: "I think this will make a good first impression, don't you?" as he began to arrange the soft and slinky silk around me, wrapping it just below my breasts and bring the ends up to form a halter top that tied behind my neck. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties, and the whisper of silk against my long nipples and ass further aroused me. Jack, still naked, led me over to the mirror that lined one wall of our room. I looked into it, admiring the job that Jack had done dressing me. I did look hot: my heavy breasts were barely covered by the red silk, and my roundness was emphasized by the lightweight fabric wrapped above my waist. Jack's cock was hard again, and he stroked it against my silk-covered ass. "You're going to be the hottest woman in the room. Alex won't be able to keep his eyes off you, and nobody else will, either."

We descended into the living room, where most of the others had already assembled.

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