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While under the knife.

I never felt satisfied. Like there was something missing from it all. It wasn't interesting enough. I would much rather be drawing than rolling around clumsily with someone grabbing my chest and humping me for 20 seconds before getting cum on my belly.

Shawn opened my mind. Things I had heard about, things I didn't even know, things that just talking about made me start to tingle. He lived on the other side of the country though, and all I could do was listen while he found every sensitive spot in my mind.

He said he needed to come see me. To teach me how sex was supposed to be, show me how I was supposed to be treated. He said after a night together I would never be shy again.

I guess I'm attractive, 6 feet tall, curvy, DDD's. I never really thought about it, no one paid much attention to me. I was average to everyone but him. He scares me like no one else in the world. The 5'4'' 39 year old man scares me, yes.

I'm lost in thought when he comes out of the bathroom, leaning against the door frame of the bathroom in nothing but a clean pair of shorts. His lip ring quirks slightly as he smiles at me. I blush again brightly.

"You know at some point you are going to have to be able to look at me without turning the color of a beat at some point." he points out. I know this but it does not make it any easier. "Or not. There are ways to make you talk though."

I hid in the corner of the couch even though I knew what was coming. He walked over, crossing the room and stood above me. I look up at him chuckling at me. He leans down and holds my head still, kissing me deeply. I moan just a little bit into his mouth, betraying how much I really love what he does to me. He's slowly pulling me up by my head gently and walking me towards the bedroom. I don't know how he makes me feel so small when I am standing almost a foot above him but it is amazing.

As we enter my bedroom he turns me around quickly and lets me fall onto the bed.

"Take off your shirt angel." he says. I do as he says and throw it over into my hamper. I wore my black lacy bra and black lacy boy cut panties, just like he asked. He leaned over, almost on top of me, and kissed me, opening my mouth slightly with his and exploring it with his tongue. His hands were tracing circles around my belly, lowering to the edge of my pants and unbuttoning them expertly.

His kisses trailed down my neck, biting softly, down between my breasts and across each one, stopping for just a second to unhook my bra. When it pulled off my nipples hit the chilled air and immediately hardened into two tiny pink mountains, my right one only visible for a second before it was captured in his mouth. For a second there was nothing, and then he bit. Hard. I moaned and whimpered, scared that it hurt and yet felt so good. His head floated over to my left and did the same, so the same effect. I was starting to get wet, just from this small amount of attention he was giving me.

He looked up at me suddenly. "Do you trust me?" he asked. I nodded. He got up off of me and I pouted a little, feeling empty and lost all of a sudden. He walked to his backpack and brought out a long piece of plain black cloth. He comes back and puts it over my eyes, lifting my head and tying a knot in the back. Everything was now pitch black. I can hear him moving, barely on the carpet. I think he's on my right side by my headboard. But why would he be up there?

I hear clicking, a kind I don't recognize, and then something cold and metal encircles my wrist. I tug and I can move farther than an inch.

"I thought you said you would wait for the handcuffs?" I ask, confused. We had agreed he didn't really need them, that I was going to be a good girl and let him do exactly what he wanted. Except...

I realize what he is planning as the other handcuff closes around my left wrist.

"Shawn no, you can't do that! I don't know what to do with myself I won't like it!" I am pulling at the cuffs and they're not budging at all.

"Just relax angel.

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