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Sam gives herself a wedgie.

I knocked again and stood waiting, expecting him to open the door on my promise to be good. It didn't move.

I called again, "Sir, please let me in, I really want this to work."

The light moved in the peep hole again. The door still did not move.

Gradually I realized what I had to do. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, looking around and nervous that someone would walk up on me. I slipped it off and knocked again. This time the door did open but again he blocked my way.

"You are a willful one aren't you?"

"Please Sir let me in, someone might come any minute," I asked as politely and pleadingly as I could as I held out the blouse to him.

"The skirt."

I stood. I froze. I stammered but could not say anything. His hand reach for the door knob and I rushed out a "Yes, yes, wait, I will."

Standing in the hallway where at any second a room door could open, a tenant could walk out, or a maid could come along I reached to my waist and freed the skirt. I knew that if he closed that door again I would be left there in my bra.

I stepped out of the skirt and held it to him. His lip curved in a small smile of victory as he stood there a little longer. Finally he moved aside and I scooted into the room.

In thigh highs, heels, bra and panties I stood in front of him and he surveyed me. I had never felt so on display. He asked me to turn for him and I did. His eyes measured me and I know he saw the tremors running through my body. I shook with fear, excitement and a new feeling for me, abandon.

"Walk to the bed and stand beside it facing the bed," he told me.

Looking at him I did as I was told. When I got to the bed he told me to bend over it and reach across the mattress. As I did he walked around the bed.

"Give me your hand," he said.

I stretched my right hand out to him and he used a scarf that was somehow attached under the bed to tie it.

"The other one."

I extended that arm too.

I was tied across the bed face down from the waist up. My legs dangled off one side. He walked around the bed again and stopped just behind me.

"Spread your legs."

I did.

"More, open them wide for me."

I strained to open my legs as far as I could. The high heels made it difficult.

His voice was smooth, slow and controlled as he talked to me.

"This is your first time so I will only introduce you to the pleasure that you seek. Any time you can stop if you like. Your safe word is redlight. Use it and everything stops immediately. You can then dress and go home, the adventure will be over. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I replied in a weak voice.

He continued, "I have not blindfolded you, I don't think that would be wise on the first night. I have not tied your legs. That is a test of your commitment. I have not gagged you. You can scream if you like but remember where you are. Unless you scream your safeword I will leave you tied and uncovered so that anyone responding to your scream will find you like this. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I mumbled.

"Yes what?" he asked in a soft tone.

"Yes Sir," I replied and suddenly felt the sting of his hand on my backside.

"Yes Sir," I almost screamed.

Again, the flat crack of his bare hand on my almost bare butt.

Again, on the other side bringing a moan from me.

Then a soft caress, a slow circle of his large hand over my flesh, across the lace of my panties.

Another crack, another moan. Now tears were streaking my face as I writhed about.

"Be still."

"Yes Sir," I got out just before the next bare handed slap hit me.

I jerked.

He rubbed and caressed.

I felt his hand on my thighs, then moving over my lower backside then across my reddened ass.

"Do you think these panties are appropriate for this?" he asked

"No Sir," I replied through trembling lips.

He reached to the night stand and took up a pair of scissors. Someplace in my mind I registered that if he had them there he knew what was going to happen. He knew he would need them.

I felt the lightest touch of them as he slipped the shears between my flesh and the offending material.

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