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"I will stand, Highness," a voice called out from the darkness behind the Queen.

Talla thought that she recognized that voice.

"Come forth in to the light."

It was Atreya, resplendent in a translucent blue skirt and gold-inlaid blue blouse, who stepped forward beside the Queen's throne. Talla was relieved to see her. They hadn't spoken since she'd drunk herself to sleep two nights ago. She hadn't imagined that Atreya would do this for her. It seemed quite an honour.

"Very well," the Queen said. "Let it begin."

Somewhere high in the darkness, behind even the spectators, drums began to beat softly.

Torches were quietly snuffed so that the Queen and Sorceresses were in darkness with the rest of those gathered. Atreya slowly walked down the tiers and until she stood between the two altars. When she came to a stop, it was Talla's cue to approach.

Deep breath. She need do nothing else but follow in step and keep quiet.

Her walk was much shorter than Atreya's. Only four paces and one step up, she stood facing her tall, beautiful senior. She sparkled in the torchlight, and not just because of the jeweled crown she wore. There were tiny flecks of gold in Atreya's otherwise jet black hair.

"From me to you, sister," Atreya said quietly.

It was not part of the Protocol to say anything. Talla didn't want to be rude. She glanced aside to the guards, worried that she might do something wrong.
"Thank you," she said in the same low voice, hoping that was okay.

Atreya smiled, laughing quietly at Talla's concern.

"It's alright," she whispered. "Just relax."

Atreya's blouse was held in place by a series of toggles that went diagonally across her chest. She began undoing these one at a time. When she got to the last one, she slid the garment off her shoulders and stood bare-chested before Talla.

All Talla could think was how tiny and immature her own body was. Atreya's breasts were full, her chest so firm, and her nipples -- well, Talla well remembered how those felt. Talla felt like a child standing in front of someone so heroically perfect.

Well, not perfect.

A young girl in white came to Atreya's side, apparently conjured out of the darkness for the occasion, and took Atreya's blouse.

Now it was Talla's turn.

She had nothing so extravagant. Her top had no shoulder straps. There were no toggles, buttons or hooks of any kind. She removed it as quickly as she could, to get it over with, by pulling it over her head, and handed it to the girl. The attendant disappeared with both pieces of clothing as quickly as she had appeared.

Talla tried to hold her body steady. For the moment, Atreya was shielding her from prying eyes, but that wouldn't last. With a last comforting smile, Atreya turned toward the left altar. There were two steps at the long side of it to help her get up. She mounted the altar quite gracefully before turning her body to point her toes at Talla. She then laid on her back.

As instructed beforehand, Talla did not move during this proceeding. She was not to move until Atreya was in position. She was not even supposed to turn her head to watch. When her peripheral vision told her that Atreya wasn't moving, she turned to her right and walked to the other altar -- her altar.

The same two step stairway was there for her, though it wasn't as easy to use for someone as short as she. She made a small jump on her tiptoes to get her butt on the flat surface. Then she turned and laid herself against the angled part of the altar.

Now she could see Atreya, breasts splayed, patiently waiting just across from her.

Aplomb. That was the word. Atreya had been through this so many times -- on both sides of the aisle, as they said -- that she did it easily; calmly. Talla tried to copy that attitude. Might she find herself on the other side someday? She expected so, though she had no idea how such things were decided.

Deep breath. Relax and -

"The Conduit," the Queen called out of the darkness.

"Highness," the Officer nodded.

There was more knocki

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