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A slow seduction occurs with a young and horny college student.

As Stian makes an entrance into the room and steps and marches towards me, I quietly and smoothly and properly haul and wrest my G-string off and downwards for an instant and little while so that he can sight and eye my scarlet, unshaven, stubbly and undisturbed in-the-pink vulva and clitoris. His mouth plummets and slumps open at that scene and sighting solely, his tongue stirring and wiggling and oscillating in sheer and thoroughgoing exhilaration and ado and elation. He looks like he is going to gorge and enjoy and guzzle me real crackers and crazed. Will he? I imagine and expect so, don't you?

If you have been meditating and was so curious on what Stian himself is wearing, then now is squarely and smack on the precise and literal time to take the wraps and let slip off as pertains to that. Yes! He looks yummy and lekker and nectareous. Just by making sheep's eyes and giving him the glad eye, my vagina and pussy gets waterlogged and all drenched and soggy indeed. Imagine? Holy goodness! Tonight seems like it will be the best fuckery night ever, don't you reckon so?

Cramped and snug and hence close-fitting, his underwear and smalls are fixed tight and fast so that his great, heavy, and whacking bulge penis and testes are taken the wraps off and laid bare and uncovered to coherent and obvious and recognizable and incontrovertible view. Just the seeing and eyeballing of this bulky and irresistible swell and puff out of his makes me slurp and swallow hard. I would give my eyeteeth just to sleep and have sex with him right now; I would do just about anything that is withinmy capabilities on the face of this Earth if doable and de rigueur or mandatory for me to fulfill and bring off that. Oh darn yes! I would surely and without any second brainwork or cogitation do that. Wouldn't you work out the same if you happened to be in my shoes?

Whenever Stian swerves and reverses about, I get bewitched and hypnotized and I am furthermore hold spellbound greatly and transfixedly with the engrossing and enamoring and infatuating way and style and manner that his large, gigantic, and gargantuan arse and butt behind is dangling and swinging and drooping and sagging charmingly and enjoyably and pleasurably in that come-hither, arousing, and suggestive way that his underdaks or broekies are fitted and shaped. Am I the only chick and gal in the entire world who is so possessed and find irresistible and bewitching men's large, soft, curvilinear bottoms and ass and hindquarters as well as their arousing and kissable and beddable underwear and undies? Am I?

After Stian has plonked himself down and taken the weight off his feet on the sumptuous, plush, and ritzy chair, I carry on to stir and budge myself after him, and with a leery and heedful and chary hand, I nab and seize his underwear; and doing apace and at high speed, I remove and take them off marginally and a shade speck so as to strip naked and peel off from its liar and hiding place his extensive, humungous, and ginormous cock and penis. Having fondled and caressed and stroked and petted it tenderly and charily so that it straightens up and picks itself up erect and firm and uptight, I pull down my Gee-string too, and having stroked and patted and caressed my sopping and wringing wet pussy as well, I at last and in the fullness of time perch and settle and ensconce myself on his perpendicular and elevated and standing John Thomas so that it inchmeal and gradually and steadily ghosts and sidles into my pussy and cunt, tickling and contenting me.

I revere and cherish the feel and sense and impression that the conk and cranium or head or noddle of his elevated and pricked-up cock and joystick whisks and spurs and kindles about inside of me.

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