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Moving on to college with the Asian ladies of my life.

this again or are you going to pleasure me?"

He shook his head. "I can't measure up to that monster, Ma'am."

The old woman nodded. "But there's a lot more warmth and drive in a man's cock than in a piece of plastic. There's a world of difference if you know how to use it."

Peters shrugged. "I've had no complaints."

"I bet you could give this old bod a hell of a ride." She patted the empty space beside her. "Climb aboard. Let me play with that dong."

Peters eased onto the bed. He reached out and cradled one of her sagging tits in his palm and flicked the rubbery nipple with his tongue.

The old woman's hips writhed on the bed. "Oh God!," she breathed. "That's so fucking good."

Peters continued to tease the erectile flesh with the tip of his tongue.

Samantha captured his expanding penis with her fingers and moved the loose skin up and down, over and off the bulbous cockhead. "So very nice." she breathed.

Peters moved his lips to the other sagging breast. His hand wandered to her lower belly and the triangle of sparse brown and gray curls that outlined the thick, brownish lips of her vagina. He inserted a finger into the moist crack as the old woman parted her legs. "Oh Yes!" she gasped, "Tickle it. Play with my snatch." Her hand worked his cock until it stood hard.

Peters' fingers fingered the woman's opening until there was a flowing of her juices.

"You keep that up," giggled Samantha, "you'll make this old lady come."

Peters gritted his teeth. "Might say the same about you."

"You mean you're about to spout?"

"Any minute now, if you keep doing that."

Samantha stopped and squeezed the hard cock at the base. She raised onto her elbow and turned quickly, for an old person, so that she faced the foot of the bed and brought her face close to his erect member. "Got to have a good look at this beauty up close."

Peters felt her breath then her lips encircle him. Her tongue laved the smooth cock head as professionally an any whore ever had ever. He pressured further into her mouth. She absorbed him until her chin rested in his pubes. She raised her head until just the glans remained between her lips then reversed direction.

"You're gonna make me come," warned Peters.

Mumbling with a full mouth made the words indecipherable. Her head only bobbed faster. Peters' pecker racked shot after shot deeply into her throat.

The old lady swallowed it all.

She kept at it until the man could stand no more.

"That's enough," he moaned. "I can't take anymore."

The old woman nodded and swallowed. "In my day I gave good head."

"Ma'am, you still do. You've drained me."

The old woman spread her thin thighs and exposed the thinly landscaped cunt with the inner lips extending past the smooth outer ones. "I was hoping you'd have something left to plug my hungry pussy."

"Need get my breath before I can do that."

Samantha nodded. "I can wait. It's just fine being here with a naked man."

"Want me to lick your clit?" asked Peters.

"That would be sweet of you," beamed Samantha. She wriggled and arranged her hips to give him easy access. "Guess that's not the prettiest pussy You ever seen up close. Maybe you should close your eyes."

Peters surveyed the puffed, thick brown lips and the nub that issued from the upper portion of the groove like a little finger with the puckered foreskin extending a quarter inch beyond an extension. "If I can lick it I can look at it,"

"Never saw one like that, I'll bet."

"That's true. It looks like a baby's dick."

"So I've heard..."

He flicked it with his tongue and it expanded slightly. "You got a little hard-on down there."

The old woman winced, pleasurably. "It's very sensitive."

He took it between his lips and sucked until the firm extension rested between his teeth. He nibbled lightly at the base while his tongue worked around it until he felt the foreskin recede and his tongue found the exposed head."

Samantha moaned. "Oh God! It's been so long since a man's done that."

Peters lifted his head. "I feel like I'm sucking a kiddy cock."

The old woman's fingers worked through his hair

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