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Jenn offers me a job, with great benefits.

t much easier for me, speaking about what happened last night"

"You don't need to explain for me, sis. It's ok. "

"No it's not. God knows what you've thought of me. I was dying with embarrassment and didn't know how to bring it up with you"

"It's ok if you enjoyed being with Sarah"

"What do you mean? I'm not lesbian, Jack"

"You're not! But I saw you yesterday; you were naked and the dildo she used to fuck you"

"Oh my Goodness, I knew you would think that. I told you I'm not lesbian. We girls do different things when we sleep over in each other's house. "

"I don't understand"

"You guys, don't you speak about sex and talk dirty when you sleep in Billy's or Sam's houses?"

"Yes, but we don't strip naked in front of each other"

"Well, we girls feel more comfortable with each other. We show each other our bodies, we talk dirty, and sometimes we even masturbate together. This was what happened yesterday; I told Sarah about my green dildo and she wanted me to show her how I used it. We were carried away in our playing, when you happened to enter during the worst part"

"I'm sorry"

"You don't need to apologize"

"I'm happy you're not lesbian, sis. I was worried about you"

Nikki smiled kindly at me, "Now tell me, what the fuck were you thinking; filling my pajama and underwear with your cum?"

I searched for excuses and found nothing. I stood there, silent, feeling awkward.

"Do you like dressing up like a girl?"

"Noooooooooo..," I screamed at her, feeling offended.

"Then, why did you do this to my clothes?"

No answer from me.

"Is it because they're my clothes?"

I kept silent.

"You started desiring me after you saw me naked. Am I right? Answer my question, Jack!"

"Yes, I did" I stammered with my shameful confession. Nikki smiled.

"It's ok, brother. I feel flattered, knowing that a strong, muscular man like you desires me. To tell the truth, I felt excited when you walked in and caught me naked, last night. I became all excited and wet yesterday, that I dampened my panty"

"I know."

"You know!"

"I picked it up and played with it. Was it the purple, satin thong?"

"Yes, it was. You know what; I'm flattered I have this strong effect on you, but you need to stop playing with my stuff or I would end up with no underwear. "

"That would serve me well"

Nikki smiled again.

"You horny dog, look how hard your dick is now. Do you get horny thinking about your older sister? Do you want to see her naked, again?"

"There's nothing I would wish more"

"You got it, horny dog"


It's a pleasure when you walk in on an innocent girl and find her naked. But, it's a totally different pleasure when this girl strip her clothes off, one by one, just for you; to feel your hungry eyes violating her private creases and hidden holes. Many girls live just for this moment; to enjoy watching cocks getting hard with every cloth item they take off.

Nikki pulled her white shirt over her head. Her nice breasts bounced lazily when she dropped her arms. They were large indeed, large enough to fill the cups of her camisole. A wild, brown nipple, in the size of a dollar, covered the centre of each breast. Her tummy was flat. Her bellybutton was cute. She hooked her fingers around her grey skirt and slipped it down, to stand there, in front of me, in nothing except cotton, white panties with small black hearts.

I marveled at her body; her mature curves, her large breasts, her full thighs. She was my older sister, and she wanted to show me herself.

"I left the panties for you since you love them so much"

"You won't take your panties off?" I asked in dismay.

"No silly, you're the one who would pull them off for me"

I walked towards her and dropped on my knees. I couldn't believe myself. Nothing separated me from my sister's forbidden slit except these cotton panties. It was up to me to remove them or keep them. It was my decision to expose my older sister, to remove her protective cottons, to enjoy her forbidden fruit.

I inserted my hand below the leg's band.

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