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I'd never dreamed that this could happen to me, that a sexy lady like her would want to wash me like this, but I was going to enjoy it while it lasted. She had said something about being under orders to behave herself with me, but from the way the sponge was now circling over my arse cheeks and trying to slip between my thighs, I didn't know how well she was carrying out those orders. I was squirming underneath her touch again, and I heard her slightly breathless voice asking if I was ticklish there too.

'No, it feels very nice actually. I thought you weren't allowed to do this though?'

'I was told not to lay a finger on you, and I'm not. Master didn't say anything about sponges though. Lean forwards a little for me sweetie, let me see if I can get you really clean.'

She pushed me forwards against the shower wall. The hot water was pounding on my back as she nudged my legs apart, being oh so very careful not to touch me with her hands. I felt the sponge slide between my thighs and up to my pussy. My breath caught in my throat as she pushed it gently on my clit, moving in tiny circles that got harder and harder as she felt my body shuddering under her. I had the strangest feeling of detachment almost, here was I, in a shower with a woman I had known for a couple of hours and she was making me cum in a most delicious way without laying a finger on my body. I could feel her hot breath on the back of my neck, and feel her hand shaking between my legs as she came closer to cuming herself. Knowing what effect I was having on her was such a turn on, so much so that it tipped me over the edge and I pressed down on her hand as I came, flooding the sponge with all my juices. My gasps of pleasure were soon joined by hers as she squeaked in my ear and came on her own hand. I slid a hand back from where I was pushing up off the wall and pushed it between her legs, feeling her jump with surprise at my bravery.

'Your Master never said I couldn't lay a finger on you, did He?'

'No,' she said with a smile. 'If you're sure?'

I bit my lip and nodded my head.

'Can I taste you?'

'Oh God, sweetie, of course you can.'

Suzi moved back til she was braced against the wall and opened up her lips to show me her pussy. I knelt in front of her, resting my shoulder on her leg as I studied the wet juices that were leaking from her. She stood there watching me, a look of pure lust in her eyes as I licked very softly over her bare pussy lips. She was shaven like me, but instead of the little square patch of hair I left at the top of my pussy, she had a little love heart. I traced my fingers round it, over and over, finally letting them slip down over her hot wet clit. I brushed my thumb over it gently, I didn't know how sensitive it would be just after she had cum. With me it was like a hot coal, only to be touched very gently; instead Suzi pushed down, trying to increase the sensation. Her reaction gave me the confidence to wiggle my thumb more forcefully while I slipped my middle finger inside her. I remembered all of Sir's careful tutoring when we had talked and played online and bent my finger upwards to find her G-spot.

It felt very strange to be playing with a pussy, but not to experience any of the sensations that normally went with it.

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