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Journey continues with a few twists.

First you watch the tension in her face disappear. A smile starts to play on her lips. Her shoulders let go, and she starts to move her head to allow you easy access to her neck. Her skin is smooth under your tongue, and you continue your sucking caresses until her breathing starts to speed up, and suddenly you hear a low moan, and you know you've made her ready to begin. You smile with satisfaction as she gasps with the sudden sting of your teeth. You smile partly because that small gasp sends shivers through you, but also because you know what is to come.

"With every pleasure, comes a pain," you remind her. Her response is a small whimper, but she keeps her eyes closed, and waits. "Open your eyes." She looks into your face. In her gaze you see devotion, and pleading. Already. Another shiver goes through you. She seems so naive. It will be a pleasure to train her to your will.

As I look into your eyes, you lift your hand and slowly - agonizingly slowly - draw your fingers from my elbow, down my bound arm, along the side of my breast (pausing there, because you know that drives me wild), and down along my waist. And I ache for those fingers to keep moving down, to touch me. God, I could cum right now. But I know that it's wishful thinking, and the look in your eyes confirms it. Instead your fingers trail up my flat stomach and cup my breast. Squeezing gently, but gradually increasing the pressure, harder and harder. My breath becomes ragged, but I hold your gaze. My lips part and I groan, but you do not ease the pressure. Instead your other hand reaches towards my other breast, and you take my nipple between your fingers. You start gently, rolling it back and forth until it becomes rigid in under your touch. Then you squeeze more tightly, and more tightly still.

And I gasp as you lean down and take the other nipple in you mouth, your hand still cupping (and squeezing) my breast. My head spins, and my senses are confused. You listen to the moans you cause, and again you fight the urge to take me. As you suck, and squeeze, and bite, I strain against the bonds that hold me down. I want so badly to feel you. To grab your hair in my fingers. To pull your head away from my tortured breasts (and yet to push it forward, harder). But there is no escape.

You lift your head. "Stop struggling." you command. And I do, but it's difficult. But suddenly you move away, and I feel your hand roughly grip my chin. I open my eyes as you turn my head - none too gently - to look at you. "It would seem you need a lesson in manners." you state. And I swallow, not sure what you mean. Not sure what I have done to displease you. Nervous at this sudden turn of events. "Obedience alone is not enough." you explain. "You must be happy, - no, eager, to obey and to please me. Therefore, each time I give you a command, you must acknowledge it. You will answer me with a yes or a no. But beware if you say no to me. There WILL be consequences. Do you understand?"

I swallow again, and feel an thrill run through me as I whisper "Yes."

"I'm not sure you do." You reply. "And I want to make sure this lesson sticks." Suddenly I'm aware of a wetness between my legs, and I realize how your words have effected me. I gaze at your body - you're still wearing your jeans, but I see you bulging with desire for me, and I feel a throbbing in my cunt. Suddenly I want nothing more than to feel you plunging deep and hard inside of me. As I imagine your cock hammering into my body, and your lips grazing my nipples (a shudder runs through me), you unbind me and say "Turn over." I do, but so caught up in my fantasy, I forget to speak. You re-bind my wrists and my ankles are rebound too, but instead of the shackles, I feel the weight of a spacer between my feet, forcing my legs apart, and exposing me to you utterly.

"It would seem I was right," you state, "you haven't understood.

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