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Fun evening of mild punishment between man and woman.

In addition to that, the sexual repression within his faith added to the exciting naughtiness of what he was doing. He quickly took the glass of infused cum to Cheryl, shook her gently to wake her, and put the glass to her lips, saying, "Here Mrs. Thomson, you passed out pretty hard. Here is a glass of warm milk to help you."

Cheryl quickly sat up, albeit groggily, and lifted the glass up and began drinking the fluid. It had a similar taste to the cream earlier with something new in it, something almost burnt, but she was thankful she was able to swallow it without issue this time. After finishing, she looked up at Mr. White and almost sobbed, saying, "Mr. White, I must be leaving the worst first impression. Taking a nap, and just what I feel is lack of professionalism, I'm so sorry!"

"Are you sure you can handle this job Mrs. Thomson?" asked Mr. White in a concerned tone of voice. "The demands put on you, as well as moving to a new area and getting used to it all might be too much for you."

"Mr. White," pleaded Cheryl, "please give me a chance to show you what I can do. I want to..." and just then Cheryl's arm rose up with her elbow to the side and began twisting in a strange contortion. "I mean..." at that moment, her knee jerked upwards and then to the side.

Claude had the miniature doll in front of him and was adjusting it, first the arms, then the legs. He received a beep on the intercom as a signal from Mr. White that the voodoo was in fact working.

Cheryl was so embarrassed. Was she having an epileptic fit of some sort? Were her nerves telling her she was too old for this job? No, she had to go through with this. Rob would be so disappointed in her after they moved to a whole new area and uprooted everything for her and her dreams.

"Please Mr. White, I know I can do this," Cheryl again pleaded.

Mr. White smiled encouragingly and replied, "I know you can also Mrs. Thomson. Let us get you to your first class. You're taking over Miss Sharice Long's class. She's on a maternity leave. Sharice Long was dedicated. Sharice Long was firm, and... oh Harry can you stop over here for a moment?" Mr. White called out to one of the few white students in the hallway. "I was telling Mrs. Thomson here about Miss Sharice Long's class she will be taking over." He looked at Cheryl and continued, "Harry here was one of Sharice Long's favorite students. We at the administration couldn't help but notice Harry and Sharice Long." he stated, and continued and kept repeating, "Harry and Sharice Long."

Cheryl blinked and with all of the sensations going through her body, she thought her mind was playing tricks on her, it truly sounded like Mr. White was saying Harry and Harry's schlong. With an urge she could not resist, she glanced in the area of Harry's crotch. "Oh no," she thought, "now I'm a pervert looking at students and hearing things like Harry's schlong when he's saying Sharice Long. I'm such a failure. I keep thinking of Harry and Harry's schlong."

Noting the glance, Mr. White knew Cheryl was ready for the next step and he guided her towards the classroom. "Unfortunately, Harry won't be in your first class, but you may see him later today. In fact, since you're not feeling so well, if you'd like to nap again later, please feel free, but let me know so I can sub for you if need be."

Just before they entered the classroom, Mr. White said to Cheryl, "Ummm... Mrs. Thomson, do you want to maybe go to the ladies room over there and just check yourself. The classroom is right here, but, umm... nevermind, I'm going to head back to the office."
Cheryl, understanding the hint Mr.

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