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"Jesus, don't tell me this thing has a TV and VCR in it!" he thought.

Sylvia's mother got up, made her way forward, and opened the sliding doors that covered the left-hand and center openings. Sure enough, one of the compartments contained a VCR; the center one held a small TV set. She slid open door of the right-hand compartment and began to rummage around inside it.

While Sylvia's mother was still standing and fooling with the TV and VCR, her father got in the van started the engine, put the van in gear, and they started moving. The motion of the van seemed to throw Sylvia's mother off-balance and, squealing with mirth, she stumbled backward and fell right into Jason's lap.

"Milton, why didn't you warn me you were going to start?" she gasped as she lay atop their surprised young guest.

"Jesus, Karen, you should have known I was going to start up," Sylvia's father replied. He never looked around.

Sylvia giggled softly. "I hope you didn't hurt Jason, Mother," she chuckled.

Still sitting in Jason's lap. Sylvia's mother turned and looked at the red-faced young man. "You caught me," she said. "I didn't hurt you, did I, Jason, dear? I'm sorry about this."

"Ah...I-I'm fine, Mrs....ah...Karen," Jason stammered. It felt very nice having Sylvia's mother's firm bottom in his lap. He could smell her perfume, too. He had no idea what brand it was, but it smelled wonderful - and expensive. He felt his penis stiffening again and panic swept through him. What if Sylvia's mother felt him getting a hard-on? What would she do?

"Give me a boost up, will you, Jason, dear?" Sylvia's mother asked. She sat upright and, in doing so, pressed even more firmly against the object in Jason's pants that was getting harder by the second.

"Ah...sure, Karen," Jason murmured. He would have loved it if she'd stayed on his lap, but he knew that would just lead to trouble, so he helped push her up to her feet, holding her carefully by the hips.

"Be careful this time, Mother," Sylvia warned.

"Yeah, for Christ's sake, Karen, be a little goddamn careful," Sylvia's father added.

Before she fell, Sylvia's mother had taken a videocassette out of the compartment and, after she made her way back to the front of the van, she shoved it into the machine. Then she sat down, picked up a pair of remote controls, and turned on both the TV and VCR.

"I don't believe it, it's even a color TV!" Jason thought when pictures began to show on the TV screen. Previews for a few movies played, then an announcement said the feature was about to begin.

When the music started, Sylvia groaned, "God, Mother, not 'An Officer and a Gentleman' again!"

"Honey, you know how much I love this movie," her mother replied. "I think Richard Gere is such a hunk! God, I sure wouldn't kick him out of my bed."

"Yeah, the old gerbil-master, himself," her husband snorted. "Even if you had him in your bed, it wouldn't do you any good. He ain't into girls."

"Milton, don't be such a bigot," Sylvia's mother retorted. "You don't know that's true. After all, he was married to Cindy Crawford."

"Yeah, but he's not any more, is he?" her husband responded. "Ever wonder why not?"

Jason was surprised that Sylvia's mother and father were arguing in front of him, but he figured that wasn't such a bad thing. It probably meant he was accepted, just as if he was one of the family.

Jason watched the movie. He'd seen it a more than a few times since it was one of his mother's favorite movies, too. He'd gotten her a copy for a Christmas present the year it came out in video.

He sat there, marveling at his situation. He was rolling along the highway in the most comfortable vehicle he'd ever ridden in, watching TV, headed for a weekend with his girlfriend at her cabin in the Poconos. And it seemed as if Sylvia's mother, at least, liked him.

Sylvia's mother surprised him by laying her hand on his again.

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