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Live-in assignment proves exciting for lusty RN.

She stopped at the head of the stairs, but she couldn't see much. They were as Dan described them: black males, probably less than six feet tall, with slender builds. Walking slowly down the stairs she surveyed them as closely as she could without being blatant. They were good looking for black men, but they were black men.

All she could think about on the way to her apartment was having sex with two blacks. She wasn't hungry, so she went to her computer and looked for porn sites. It took her several hours to find a site with video's on interracial sex. She was appalled. They all had cocks like stallions, and in most cases used them as weapons.

Very few of the woman involved seemed to enjoy themselves. They appeared relatively normal sucking long, thick cocks, and relieved when they were done fucking. Some of them even seemed to enjoying having jism ejected on to their breasts, faces, and mouths. But during the sex act itself most of them seemed to be in agony, especially the petit females who couldn't take more than a few inches of the long, black shafts.

By midnight she was sure she couldn't go through with what they wanted. Sex was supposed to be enjoyable as it had been with Ben, but she wasn't going to be sexually tortured. In addition, she'd never known a black man well enough to have a conversation, let alone have one invade her most intimate space, her most precious asset. Her decision was made.

* * *

She hurried out of the house the next morning, and stopped along the way to buy a newspaper to begin looking for another job. It wasn't until she walked into the lobby she remembered her identification badge was laying on her dresser.

Darn, she thought to herself. I'm going to have to get a temporary badge from security. She gritted her teeth, walked stoically to the desk, and stopped at the counter.

"May I help you Ms.? A pleasant well spoken black man asked.

Looking down she said, "I forgot my ID and need a temporary.

"Yes ma'me right away," he said turning to a cubby with the temporary ID forms. "May I have you name and company affiliation?"

"I'm Cindy Wright and I work for ABC Communications," she said as quietly as possible, but noticing his name, Clifford, on his name tag.

He smiled at her, filled out the form, and had her sign a separate form. "There you are Ms. Wright, your all fixed up. Is there anything else I can do for you," he asked in a perfectly innocent way. There were no leering or suggestive remarks; he simply worked in a professional way.

As she walked away trembling she heard, "Have a nice day."

He didn't seem too bad.

That afternoon she followed the same procedure as on Monday. She more closely observed the two black men behind the counter. Aside from the fact they were black they seemed just ordinary guys in their forties.

At home on the internet, she looked for true or fictional stories about white females having sex with black men. The true stories, if they were true, made the experience seem pleasurable. As was stated over and over in the sources she read, "If you go black, you'll never go back."

However, many of the fictional stories showed for the most part a different side of how a black man treated a white woman. In some cases, it was rather rough, but in a majority of the stories the woman like being fucked and looked pleased and willing to doing it again.

Both "fact" and fiction showed women enjoying sex with black men even if they did have gigantic cocks. Her search of the internet gave her two different perspectives. In the videos the woman usually seemed in pain and didn't enjoy being rammed by a large, black rod, but in the home made videos and stories she read the perspective was different.

On Wednesday, she purposively left her ID badge in the care, and waited until she could get a temporary one from the other man.

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