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Aidan proves he's a man.

But my presence was unknown to were completely absorbed in the scene in the story. Your cock was slick and fat in your hand. I could hear the friction you created with each stroke. Your breathing was ragged. The moans were drawn out and husky.

Watching you inspired a shower of reactions in my body. I felt my nipples harden, and saw them pressing through my blouse. My pussy tingled, and I shifted from foot to foot to relieve the pressure. That just stimulated me more. I licked my lips more than once, so aroused by your stroking. My hand rose to my breast, cupping and caressing it.

My mind was racing: should I join you? Should I leave you to cum in private? I chewed on my lower lip while I tweaked my nipples and pondered the ideas. With a grin, I decided to join a way. I stripped silently in the hallway. Blouse, bra, shorts and panties dropped to the carpet. There I was, naked like you, excited by watching you, needing to touch myself. I held my breath, and slid down the doorway. I could see you perfectly and yet wouldn't disturb you. And I could play with you, although not 'with' you.

Now there were more pages on the bed than in your hand. Your hand was wrapped around your purpling cock. Your stroking was longer and stronger. From time to time you released it to cup your tight balls. Seeing your stiff cock jutting 'hands free' was an amazing sight.

My back rested against the door frame, and my legs were spread leisurely. My fingers found my wet pussy. I spread the wetness from my clit to my ass and massaged it in slowly. My lips and clit got special attention from one hand while my nipples were treated by the other. It was difficult to be quiet and not join you in making sexy sounds.

"Yes...ohhhhhhh" you growled as the last page slipped out of your hand. You watched it float over the bed and onto the floor....and you noticed me for the first time. The look on your face was a sexy combination of pleasure and puzzlement. Were you surprised to see me? See me naked? See me watching you? See me playing?

My lips made a wet smacking sound as they pursed and sent a kiss to you. I nodded my head, urging you to continue. I got up from the floor and walked over to the chair next to the bed. Sitting down, I draped a leg over each chair arm. Your cock pumped in and out of your fist, and you were "grrrrrr"-ing at me. "Like the closer view?" I teased.

I reached into the drawer behind me and pulled out a thick flesh-like dildo. You were already focused on my pussy, and exhaled deeply when you saw the toy slip between my lips. As I inched it deeper inside me, you stroked your cock firmly. I watched as your cockhead popped out of your fist, then some of the shaft, only to be covered again by your fist. Your ass flexed, thrusting your cock higher.

"I like watching you jack your cock...You are so hard and thick," I purred while I pushed and pulled the dildo. "See how wet you make me?" I removed the dildo, showing you the sheen of wetness on it. I spread my glistening pussy lips, showing you the juices watching you generated. Slowly I slipped the dildo over my lips and onto my tongue, tasting the hot sexy sweetness.

Your groan told me you were close to spurting your building cum. I started pumping my pussy faster, longer, deeper. You stroked your cock tighter, firmer, stronger. We built a rhythm together, even though we were feet apart. My eyes roamed over your flushed body, always coming back to your hand and cock. You gazed over my full breasts, my round tummy, and my open pussy. When our eyes met, we smiled wicked smiles.

You said one word: "Now." We began stroking, fingering, jacking, pumping faster. Our moans and words and gasps got louder. The wet sounds of hot cock and hot pussy floated between us. The speed and tension rose, creeping closer and closer to the moment of exquisite release.

I tumbled first.

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