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Neighbor woman teaches 18 year old boy about sex.

The cracking case had made him freeze and pulled me out of my masturbation bliss to an incredibly awkward moment.

Me laying there, ass in the air with one of 5 anal beads hanging out, 4 inches of dildo in my mouth, and dressed in stockings, cherry panties, and my cousins heels from prom 10 years prior. It was one of those big record player screeches and the whole of time seemed to slow to a crawl.

I locked up, dildo in hand just staring at my Uncles large frame in the doorway. 1000 things ran through my head in seconds, and I was convinced I would be hitch hiking to Dallas with an embarrassing conversation awaiting me. Thanksgivings would be forever ruined, as the anal bead kid passed the turkey and stuffing.

I jumped in to movement, and flew to a stance next to the on the opposite side from the door, anal beads still in my ass. Dropping the dildo beside the bed I began moving my mouth and trying to stammer out some sort of explanation.

Mostly it was just "ah, ah, ah, I, uh, uh, I, ah, uh, uh" dripping from my pie hole, but no substance at all. I was brain dead, flat lined, and unable to summon more than a monkey's vocabulary.

My Uncle deep southern voice broke the air with a booming "Stop now!" He lifted his open palmed hands as if he was trying to talk a jumper from a ledge.

Slowly he began "Just what do you think you are doing boy?"

Dumbfounded I looked back at him. I was clearly wearing girl clothes and playing doctor with myself, but could only muster the kid answer of "I dunno." The feeble response was followed by an exaggerated shoulder shrug.

It was at this point I notice my Uncle Bob's massive hard on showing through the front of this overall. It was a good nine inches, with a wet spot of precum showing through already. Apparently he had been the longer than I had thought, and it aroused his monster trouser snake. It looked like he had a hammer in his overalls and it was about to shove through the front.

He caught me zeroed in on his bulge. Seeing that I was clearly fixated on the recent added element to what was already a strange afternoon. "You do this a lot?" asking in a lower toned whisper of a voice.

"I guess so" I said back.

"You like dressing like that?" He again used the very quiet tone.

I muttered "Yeah, I guess I do."

Uncle Bob began to walk around the edge of the bed towards me. "Turn around." Leaning to the side, "What do you have going on back there?"

I hung my head and slowly turned around. Knowing my Uncle would get a full view of remaining bright pink anal beads hanging between my ass cheeks just to the side of the little cherry covered thong. I looked at the floor, thinking this was going to be a pretty shitty situation when my Aunt got home.

Looking down it dawned on me in that moment 'My Uncle has a bonner!' He was excited by the site of me sucking and fucking myself.' I thought 'Holy crap his dick is huge!' I was still semi hard from playing with myself, but felt the blood almost gush to my little dick at this revelation.

Uncle Bob was behind me then and reached down to the end of the string hanging from the anal beads. He got very quite, and I began to get nervous. Thinking "He may be even madder it made his dick hard!"

I was sure I was screwed when he grabbed the hanging anal bead firmly with his fingers and seemed to tense up. I was looking at the wall still, and began to turn when his massive hand clasped firmly on the back of my neck. With my neck in one hand and the anal bead in the other he quickly cocked me over the edge of the dresser next to my bed. The things on the dresser were spilled left and right in a big crash as he pinned me down. I moved my hands trying to grasp his wrist to free myself, but it was of little use. Uncle Bob is 6' 4" and almost 300 lbs, strong as a horse, and did not even slow at my feeble attempts to stay his hand.

Pushing me hard against the dressed I could feel his massive boner up against my ass.

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