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A ceremony is interrupted.

She slowly undressed him, paying attention to his nipples and cock the same way she had to mine, and just like earlier in the evening Marc allowed her to perform her duties all the while ignoring her body, letting her wait and anticipate what pleasures would be forthcoming to her later on as the events unfolded.

If you thought the description of his massive erection was impressive before, it was even more vivid uncovered and unrestrained. It was definitely longer than mine, about 8 __ inches compared to my 7 __ but both being comparable in thickness which to say is she had trouble wrapping her hands around the fullness of either. His was circumcised with a large bulbous dark head while my uncut one had a smaller head that could disappear behind its sheath which together made for a nice variance for her.

Once Belinda had finished undressing Marc and warmed him up, I again took control and ordered her to her knees between my thighs and she crawled over, using just her mouth as she had been instructed throughout our relationship began to show off her oral skills on my cock for our friend.

Belinda's head bobbed up and down her mouth trying to engulf my erect prick but to no avail for she still could only get about __ of it down her throat without gagging on it. With my hand firmly entangled in her hair, I forced her deeper on to it, making her choke and attempt in vain to pull away. Belinda loved to be forced, it was definitely one of her fetishes, used and dominated so that she had no choice but to accept whatever the master or masters of the moment wanted, and pleasuring his desires before her own is what sets her apart.

I consider myself a skilled lover and Dom and setting the guidelines about what we expect from the chosen ones is what I did next. Lifting my legs up and holding my calves, Belinda moved her head down to my anus without hesitation, her tongue licking my wrinkled bud, her tongue trying to enter my tight hole so that Marc could see she had no reservations and would perform whatever was necessary to please her men without question. As she savored my asshole her hands travelled up, one stroking my cock with its pre-cum now dripping onto my stomach, her other twisting and pulling on one of my nipples. I watched Marc as his eyes travelled back and forth to mine and to what our slave was doing to me, watching the anticipation of what he was soon to experience. I was pulling her head deeper into my ass cheeks, forcing her tongue deeper and soon Marc knelt behind her squeezing her sexy medium sized tits, twisting her nipples with force causing her to moan into my now wet stretched brown hole.

Marc pulled away and from the angle of his arms and the sighs and eye rolling on Belinda's face I knew one set of fingers had to be buried in her wet cunt and the other had to be stroking his meat.

Not wanting my expectations of events to get side railed I pushed Belinda's head away and pulled her up to her feet. I asked Marc to stand on the side of the bed and I placed Belinda on her back and I positioned myself between her open legs. Putting my arms under her knees I raised her legs so that her thighs almost touched her chest and I entered her hard and deep with no thought to if she was ready for me or not. Her pussy was already soaked and I had no problem driving myself to the very depths of her spasming gash. Without fail her hips rose to meet me, her mouth starting to spew filth as she urged me to fuck her, to fuck her hard without mercy and to use my slave as I seemed fit. Once Belinda's inner slut gets unleashed she lets go with total abandonment.

I grabbed both her tits from around her legs and squeezed them as hard as I could twisting the tit meat leaving finger prints in the soft pliable white meat.

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