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"What do you think your penalty should be?"

"I-I-I-I don't know."

"Then I must choose for you, yes?"

You muffle your soft sob with a hand and nod. She leans closer. Her eyes move around bringing yours with hers. You both see the people in the alcove with the two of you.

"Give me your panties."

A shocked gasp escapes from your mouth and you immediately look down as some of the other diners glance towards your table. You look up and see her, waiting and grab your wineglass. You take a large swallow and set the glass down. You look mournfully at her. She cannot mean what she has said, not here, with all these people here. She has leaned back and looks at you. You can sense that she will not accept anything less from you. Your face has gone pale and you sit woodenly. As you look at her still, you realize that she is waiting and refusal may result in another penalty. When that thought clicks into your mind, you lower your hands to your hips and begin to pull your dress higher on your legs. You squirm to lift it higher so you can get at your underpants. Your dress has to come higher than you had thought and as you tug it higher and higher, you glance across the room. You see a man and woman watching you squirm with curious expressions that do not leave your face. With a moan you look down and scrabble under your dress. Your fingers touch a piece of the fabric and tug down. You lift your bottom, your ass from the chair and feel your panties slipping down. With a whimper you tug harder and the panties slide below your ass. Now you sit back down and lift one thigh, pulling your panties down on that side, then lift the other leg and do the same. As you squirm back and forth, you are looking around and see that the couple that was watching you before are looking at you curiously. With a choked sob you get them to your knees and move your legs until they fall around your ankles.

You squirm your feet until you have felt them come off completely. The man and woman are still looking at you. You are trembling. Taking a deep breath, you bend over and reach for them. Your fingers scrabble on the floor, searching, and find them. You sit back up and hold them on your lap, scrunching them into as tight a ball as you can. Throughout this entire production she has been watching you and smiling as she sees the contortions you have gone through to try and keep what you are doing unknown. She leans forward and holds out one hand. Blushing deeply you lift your clenched fist and very carefully lower the ball of fabric into her palm. She lets it sit there, in the open. You blush harder and glance toward the man and woman. They are still looking. She smiles, her crocodile smile and lets the panties, your panties almost fall from her hand, catching the waistband on a finger. You look in shock as you see your underwear dangling from her finger in plain sight. Now you hear a loud laugh and your head jerks toward the sound. The man and woman are laughing and you turn scarlet. Then he lifts his glass and toasts you while you sit humiliated. You turn your head to look at her and you cannot keep your mouth shut.

"Please put them away. Please."

She frowns at you.

"Did you ask for permission to speak?"

You groan, as you know she has done this to catch you. Your stomach clenches.

"No Madam, I did not. I am truly sorry. Will you please forgive me?"

"Certainly little girl. I am most forgiving this evening. I will forgive you once you show me your lovely breast again."

She smiles that smile, that hateful smile.

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