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He told her that if she didn't, he would tell Mom about what she did with her boyfriend. She was just about to tell him that she would tell Mom about his magazines and what he does, but then she was glued to his cock. Besides, she thought, what is a handjob? So she said, "Okay, just a handjob." He sat up on her bed as she reached around and started to jack him off. She felt how much bigger he was compared to her boyfriend and others who she did it with. She could hardly get her hand around it. As she was getting into it, she heard him give out a moan. She was getting very excited. He slowly slid his hand up under the cover and began playing with her tits. Her nipples were already rock hard and stuck out about an inch. She was getting tired because it was taking him so long. He slid his hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her. She was really wet.

He was not kneeling at a very good angle and her arm was tired. Robyn suggested that they do themselves and each could watch. He agreed. Mike stood up as she took the covers off. They could see each other by the street light shining in. He started jacking off while she rubbed her wet pussy. She was locked in on his cock and he watched her fingers go back and forth with one hand and the other pulled and pinched her nipples. It wasn't long and he shot his cum all over her. As it landed all over Robyn, she came. When they finished he left and she fell into a deep sleep. They repeated their act a few times but stopped when they went their separate ways after high school.

So, we got everything in the apartment--got the bed set up and made, couch and chairs where she wanted them, almost everything unpacked. I noticed Mike looking around corners where Robyn was at times and I would just smile to myself. We ordered pizza and a few drinks for dinner and sat in the living room to eat. Mike and I were on the couch and Robyn sat on the floor in front of us and we all used the coffee table. Mike kept leaning back to eat while I set up to the table. It wasn't until later, when I finished, that I found out why. I mentioned earlier that Robyn had on very baggy shorts, well, not only does she not wear bras but she doesn't wear panties either. She was sitting on the floor Indian style and you could see up the crease her shorts, which had her neatly trimmed pussy, exposed. The whole thing. I thought, "Holy shit." I was getting hard just thinking that two guys were looking at her pussy at the same time. What a turn on. But then the other was her brother. So we picked up and got a few more things put away.

It got late and I had to work the next day. Mike said he would take the truck back in the morning. I offered for him to stay at my place since I had a spare bedroom. But he said he could just sleep on the couch. So I said good-bye to him because he was leaving after he dropped the truck off. Robyn walked me outside and we said our goodnights. I made sure I felt her lovely tits and pulled her top up to suck on her nipples. She let out a moan and said she wished I could stay and that the breeze on her tits along with my lips felt really good. I reached under her pant leg and rubbed her pussy. It was wet already. She was getting close to a climax when a car pulled up in the parking lot. So, I told her goodnight and that I would see her after work tomorrow. I went home and she went back upstairs. Mike got the TV hooked up and was watching it when she went inside. She sat in the chair and they talked and got caught up on the family news.

They started talking about when they were growing up and how mean they were to each other and they laughed.

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