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She becomes addicted to the fit of his cock.

He sucked her nipple again and soothed it with his tongue. Jody had never found her nipples to be terribly sensitive, but the pain was new to her.

Reaching between Jody's legs, he moved over the soft hair on her nether regions to her slit. Marcus pushed his index finger to where he instinctively knew her clit was hiding. Jody's breathing deepened as he made small circles on the protruding nub. He again bit Jody's nipple, much harder this time, and Jody responded by grinding into his hand.

Marcus wanted so badly to fuck Jody again, but he knew it would only be better the longer he dragged this teasing out. Straightening up, March moved around Jody to reach her vulva more easily. He savored the way her tits looked hanging down under her and again he ran a hand down her spine back to her ass.

Unbeknownst to either Jody or Marcus, they were watched through the half-open door by an astonished Robert Allen, Jody's boss. He frequently would spend an hour or two at the office on the weekends. In the last 4 years of working at the company, he had never encountered anything like this before.

"Could that really be Jody?" Robert wondered.

He never once thought that she, of all people, would be caught having sex in the office. Robert felt torn between his position as an authority figure and his desire to protect Jody. He really enjoyed working with her, but certainly, this was not appropriate workplace behavior, weekend or not. On the other hand, they were not hurting anyone and Robert had always hating letting go of employees for mistakes not having to do with their job performance.

Suddenly, Robert realized he was actually aroused by the sight of the two of them. Without thinking, he had instinctively taken out his own semi-hard cock and stroked it slowly. His recent divorce was partially due to a complete lack of marital relationship, so it had been a long time since Robert had any sort of gratification. Apparently, Robert's now ex-wife had been getting her needs satisfied elsewhere, but he had always remained faithful.

Marcus began kissing down Jody's back and his hand continued to massage her between her legs. Robert noticed Jody had on some sort of blindfold, which must have kept Jody from seeing him standing outside the doorway. For a moment, Robert mused that maybe she could actually see him, but only pretended not to, because she enjoyed being watched.

Kissing lower, Marcus brushed his tongue over Jody's rosebud lightly before dropping it to her pussy. He considered for a moment what her reaction would be to his presence at her backdoor, but he decided it would probably be best to save that for another time when he could plan better. Just as Marcus began to lap at Jody's dripping cunt, he sensed that they were no longer alone. He looked up to see someone watching them through the door, and from the way his hand was moving, that person was masturbating at the sight of them.

Allowing his eyes to focus more on the person's face, Marcus was astounded to see it was none other than Jody's boss, Robert. For a moment, he feared the trouble they would now be in, but as he watched Robert stroking himself, he realized this was an even better scenario than anything he could have imagined. He dove his tongue into Jody, lapping at her insides briefly before stopping again.

Robert tugged his dick with his thumb and forefinger in easy strokes. He stared at the expression on Jody's face intently, until he realized Marcus had spotted him watching them. Before he could react or try to shove his cock back into his trousers, Marcus silently motioned with his hand for Robert to enter the room. He did not think or consider the situation; Robert simply opened the door and stepped inside silently.

"Get up on your knees, Jody," Marcus commanded her.

Marcus rubbed her pussy for a few moments longer, dipping two of his fingers in a little, before he stopped complete and stepped back.

"Open your mouth."

Jody did so, realizing Marcus would probably make her suck his cock.

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