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Just as she thought it was going to be all right, she felt a hand push her in the back and she was thrown out into the hall. Even worse, someone had grabbed her towel and, as her hands automatically reached out to stop herself from falling flat on her face, her only protection was whipped away from her.

Now she sat there, naked, the door slammed shut behind her and she didn't know what to do. Her only thought was to get out of there, to run to the janitor's office, even if she was naked, and retrieve her clothes. She still hadn't thought to ask herself why he would have them in the first place. But then the bell rang.

She knew what was about to happen and she sprang to her feet, banging on the door, begging to be let in. She heard the others laughing, telling her the door was stuck and she would have to run round to the other one, at least one hundred yards away. Then the full impact of the girls' actions hit her.

All along the corridor doors burst open and students and teachers came out to find a naked Sarah cringing before them. Her blood ran cold as another crowd gathered round her, cheering and applauding her naked body. She thought she was going to die of embarrassment; she wanted to die, but she knew that the only escape, the only way to hide from their hungry eyes was to somehow reach the other door.

Her eyes were blurred with fresh tears as she started running and burst into the crowd. They were not in the least bit interested, however, in allowing her to push a way through them and, although she recognised them as the boys from her year, she was unable to identify the hands that reached out and touched her, fondled her, stroked her in ways that terrified her and excited her at the same time.

Finally she burst through and threw herself at the locker room door. The other girls had left, obviously through the door that was supposedly stuck, so she made her way to her locker, hoping that at the very least, her towel would be there. Instead, she found her clothes hanging there, exactly as she had left them an hour before. The janitor story had been a lie; she had been tricked again, used again for others' entertainment and she longed for the day she could leave this hateful school.

She quickly got dressed, and ran to her next class. Ignoring the stares and taunts of the boys still loitering in the corridor, she took her seat at the back of the class, earning herself a stern look of disapproval from the teacher as she opened her books. She had always tried to be a good student and had always felt safest during class time. That, however, was about to change.

A few moments later the door burst wide open and a very angry Headmaster strode into the room. Taking up a position in front of the teacher's desk he spoke quietly for a few moments to the teacher before turning to face the girls. He very rarely left his office but he was a huge mountain of a man and every one of the girls quivered a little at his blazing eyes and fierce reputation.

"Earlier today, the boys from this year were faced with the shameful appearance of a girl from this class running through the corridor naked. Would that girl come to the front of the class, now?!"

There were shocked looks on the faces of the girls who had not been present at Sarah's humiliation but there were also some smiles from those who had been there. They knew that it was not they who were in trouble but their victim, as Sarah slowly rose to her feet and made her way to the Headmaster's side.

"Well, girl, what have you got to say for yourself? Is there any reason why I should not punish you right here, right now?"

Sarah hung her head in shame, too afraid to inform on her classmates, too afraid of the unsympathetic look on the Headmaster's face and too afraid of what he might mean by threatening to punish her in front of the other girls. When she didn't answer, the enraged Headmaster ordered the teacher out of her chair and dragged it round the desk, sitting down on it, facing the class.

"Lie down across my lap, whatever y

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