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little kiss?''

Pushing at Josh's chest Trisha tried to wiggle out of his grasp. '' God Josh let me go, you're being an ass. If you don't go in 2 seconds I'm going to beat the crap outta you and you can forget about me ever sleeping with you."

Surrendering with a sigh Josh reluctently let Trisha go. "Ok you win, can I at least get a goodnight kiss?" Pouting and holding out the flowers, "look I even got you flowers, the least you can do is give me a little peck on the lips."

"Fine one kiss and you're outta here."

Smiling deviously Josh stepped closer to Trisha and put his arms around her. Getting on tiptoes Trish placed a soft-friendly kiss on his lips, when she was about to pull away Josh pressed he closer to him for a deeper kiss. Gasping in suprize Trisha hit his shoulders with her fists in a pathetic attempt to fight him off, but when Joshe's tongue entered her mouth and touch and caress her tongue, Trisha melted agains him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Moaning softly Trisha threw her self in to the kiss.

Closing the door with his foot, he pinned Trisha in a corner and kissed her for all he was worth, massaging her mouth with his tongue and gently bitting on her lips. Through her thin nighty Josh could feel her nipples harden against his chest, and he new that he was turning her on. His hand crept slowly up her stomach and rested on her breast Josh gave it a gentle squeez to see how she would react, Trisha moaned and leaned closer in to his hand.

Josh took her nipple and rolled it back and forth betweenbetween his thumb and index finger. He lowerd his head and kissed her throat and down her brest, clamping his mouth on her nipple, Josh sucked greedily. Trisha leaned against the wall and breathed heavily as moans of pleasures escape her lips, she ran her fingers in to Josh's hair and pressed his head closer to her breast.

" Yes yes thats feels so good Josh, I need you in me please fuck me."

They moved in to the dinning room and Trisha laid back on the kitchen table and Josh got between her open legs. Spreading the lips of her wet pussy with his fingers Josh positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and watched it disapear in her love hole.

"Oh yess thats soo good I love your cock Josh, if I've know it would be this good I would have fucked u years ago." Trisha wrapped her legs high around his hips and rocked her body to the rythm of his thrust. Grabbing both of her breast with his hands, Josh squeezed them together and pinched her nipples while she bucked under him. " Ohh thats it Josh fuck me harder Oh Yeahh."

Josh fucked her madly for a few more minutes "Shit baby I'm about to cum, where do u want it?" Trisha reashed down and grabbed his cock and Jacked him off, he cummed all over her tits in a few seconds.

Josh collasped beside her and smeared the cum all over her tits like lotion. "God baby that was so good, you have a great pussy Trisha.

"Yeah I know I'm good, but damn Josh when did you get such a big cock, I remember last time I saw it, it was like only 6 inches it must have grown another foot or something." She bent down and gave his cock a loud kiss.

"Hahaha you're really something you know that."

"I'm ready for another round of that wonderful cock of yours" With that she pushed him on his back and took his cock between her hands as she gided it to her mouth. She gave his cock a couple of hard suck as she caressed his balls. Then Trisha starts to lick Josh's cock for tip all the way down to the base of the cock and then licked his balls, then licked back up again. Climbing on top of him, Trisha settled herself slowly down on his cock and bounced up and down. Josh reached up to pinch her nipples. "Ohhh I love it when you play with my tits Josh, you know exactly what I want."

"Yeahh ohhh thats it baby fuck me harder, fuck my cock baby. Harder uuhhh god you're so tight." Trisha rode him harder and faster. Josh could feel her pussy quivering around his cock as she near her orgasm. "Ohhh yeah baby come on cum for me."

Trisha screamed out loud as she reached her orgasm, and fell

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