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Once a Lyox turns 18, they must be sorted into dom and sub.

In twenty years, who knew?

Stan looked around to see how Craig was taking it. His first thought was how nauseating it must be for the boy, to see his former friend in such a situation. Maybe the road not taken was crossing Craig's mind. The teenager was not in sight.

"Craig?" Katz was starting to worry, when he heard a sound. The young man was a few meters away, clutching a city garbage can. He was tossing his guts.

* * *

After they all made their statements - Craig's being the longest, and by far, the sweatiest - Stan made his rounds, stopping at the Stewart home first. He hopped out of the car and walked the young man a few steps toward the door.

They shook hands and pulled into an embrace.

"Why didn't you want your parents to come downtown?"

Craig shrugged. "I have to start handling my own problems. It's the story of my life these days." One side of his mouth twisted up.

"Well, you done good." Stan didn't want to get too corny, so he resisted his thought. Aw, what the hell. He went ahead and said it: "You might have saved our lives just now, you know."

Craig looked embarrassed. "What else could I do. Good night." He waved a hand and went inside. Through the sheers of the big bay window, Stan saw two shadows rise and hug their son.

While the two men were talking in the yard, David and Allison cuddled in the back seat. Lust was the last thing on their minds. Since he had caught her flirting with Craig, a distance had sprung up between them. Each had wanted to pick up the phone, but couldn't.

Now she clung to him and whispered her heart. "I love you so much." Tears stung her eyes. "I never want to lose you." She laid her face in his neck and wrapped her arms around him.

David stroked her hair. "I never want to lose you, either, Allie." He wished he had a ring in his pocket; or at least, that they were side by side on his piano bench.

Words would have to do. He pulled at her shoulders so he could see her eyes.

"Allison, will you marry me? Will you be my wife?"

"Yes! Oh, yes. David, I never want anyone else but you."

Their kisses tasted of salt.

* * *

About the same time, Hillary Fairchild was running her hands over Jacob Olaffsen's body. The scars she encountered were beyond her ken; her teenage fantasies utterly failed to consider events that had shaped her lover's personality. Had she had any idea, she might have been amazed at how mentally healthy he actually was.

Jake took her tender breast in his callused hand and laid his mouth to the sweet pink tip. Arousal burned its wildfire through her body. Wetness surged in her core and started to leak out.

Hillary wanted to bring him pleasure but was badly distracted by the firebrand of his tongue rolling around her nipple. Like a runner caught between two bases, she alternated between the two desires, chasing in one direction and then the other. She convexed her back to urge him on; then she wanted to touch him, but didn't know how, so she stroked his back and arms.

He settled this question by pinning her arms to the bed. The demonstration of control pushed a powerful ripple of pleasure through her system. "Oh god, oh god! Fuck me, Jacob, I want you to take me."

He kicked her ankles apart with his. "When I am good and ready, little girl."

She sidled under him and he commanded her to hold still. The willing captive obeyed as long as she could. Jake nibbled at her belly and hips. He established a wide perimeter. Hillary whimpered and tried to roll toward his mouth. He gave her a little smack, causing her to yelp.

"I told you to hold still!"

This time she did better, though she ached to so much as wipe the perspiration from her breasts. Jake circled closer. Eventually she could feel his hot breathing at her cleft. It was agony to wait for the kiss she craved, but the torment was sweet, and she held her breath.

Jake looked up from his vantage point. Between the hills of her lovely breasts, the beauty queen's face showed total submission. She would do anything he asked, and he knew it.

He used both thumbs to open her

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