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How she came to be such a lustful monster.

And that's how it all began, and here I am, waiting in Rolanda's house. It's been a week. I was given a week to prepare to pleasure two big women whose sexual drives I have no clue on. I tried my best to prepare: running, not strength training but more muscle reinforcement like doing weights in sexual positions, lots of stretching; and plenty of fruits, juices, and water. A week, they could have at least given me a month to properly prepare.

"You still awake down there?!" Rhonda calls out.

"Yes!" I reply. Wish I knew what I should be doing before this starts. I'm sitting on this couch with blue jeans, not that skinny jean crap; a black t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I come to the house and they don't even escort me in. They just open the door and run back in the room upstairs, telling me to sit and wait. Am I excited, of course I am, but the anxiety of not performing to my utmost and beyond is getting to me more.

"You can come to the room now! Sit on the bed!" They call out. I get up and walk up the stairs. Each step seems harder than the last one. The room is fully lit and I sit on the bed. Nice room: spacious, king-size bed, earth tones, and designed for comfort and sleep.

"Ready for us?" Rolanda teases from the bathroom.

Not really. "Bring your worst." I say with inflated confidence. They both come out. Rolanda from the bathroom and Rhonda from the closet. I want to faint from such a sight. Burn and engrave this image, this moment, into my brain, and save multiple copies.

"Uhm, hi ladies. Wassup?" I tremble.

"That it? Wassup? Come on now, we surely deserve better than that." Rolanda seduces.

Right now talking isn't part of my natural skills. Here's what I'm dealing with: Rhonda is wearing an all-black lace nighty, with some very cute and sexy house slippers, her short hair is slicked back with a wet and wavy look; and Rolanda decides to go with a long sleeve buttoned shirt, booty shorts, they call them boy-shorts, that make you see her cheeks, and her hair under a pink du rag; looking more street than normal. Their outfits work well for them.

I stand up and walk over to Rolanda first. I kiss her sensually, whirling my tongue to have her release a wanting moan into my mouth. I release and watch the lust build in her eyes. I walk off with a lusting, watchful eye on her. I turn my head with sheer authority towards Rhonda. She gives me an arrogant stance. I get closer and she tries to reach for me, but I slip by it and grab her waist. She can't get out of the hold, and I kiss and lick her neck. She struggles, but I make her weaker.

She gives in and I pick her up, thank you weight lifting. I set her on the bed and I look back at Rolanda, she looks jealous. I slide over to her and scoop her up in the same motion. I stand firm and look her in her eyes. I seat her next to Rhonda. A sense of pride washes over me as I gaze upon my heavily beauties.

Rhonda gestures for me to take off my clothes. I back up a little bit and begin with my shirt. Rolanda bites her lips at my almost flat stomach. Hey, had only a week and I like my baby fat. I unzip my pants and spread the flaps first, then I adjust my dick. I hear an "mmmmm" fly out of Rhonda's mouth. I drop them to my ankles and step out. I pull off my socks and stand in my Under Armour underwear, they are good for support. Rolanda index fingers me to come to her, and I comply with a beastly stalk. She pulls down my drawls and begins massaging me. She turns to Rhonda and smiles. Rhonda grabs the underside of my testies and plays. It takes a lot for me to remain in control.

"Do not cum." Rhonda orders me.

"Or there will be a punishment." Rolanda threatens.

I'm tired of this.

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