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The slut extinguishes the father in law - consumes him.

The stand-off between Debbie, and Rachel and Troy, continued, but as the latter two scanned the eyes of the other adults they could see they were not going to get any support for their belligerence. To my surprise it was Troy who buckled in first. Nervously he lowered his boxer shorts and, given I was standing beside him naked, I was not surprised to see his penis was semi erect. Embarrassed by his arousal he cupped his hands over his privates.

With Troy and I now both naked Rachel's defiance capitulated, and with a heavy sigh of reluctance she began to remove her sports bra. She was clearly mortified by the experience of having to undress in front of several people, and I knew only too well the emotions she was experiencing. Removing her bra she revealed she was surprisingly well endowed for such a slim framed young female. Her breasts had the milky-white perfection of youth. Rachel was blushing profusely as her fumbling fingers lowered her boxing shorts, revealing a pair of simple cotton briefs underneath.

In search of some sort of last second reprieve her eyes desperately scanned the adults, pleading for support. It was no surprise to me that none was forthcoming. With a pained look on her face she slipped her fingers into her waistband and slowly lowered her panties and stepped out of them so she was totally naked. When she stood up her hands quickly covered her breasts and pubic region, but not before she revealed a triangle a jet black, tightly-curled hair, which contrasted starkly with my own smoothly shaven pubs.
Now that all three of us were naked we were dismissed with a wave of the hand and we needed no second bidding to seek the security of the water where we would at least, temporarily, be hidden from prying eyes.

Despite our apprehensiveness of what lay before us, the water felt crisp and cool on our naked bodies as we frolicked around playfully. But after twenty minutes or so the cold mountain spring water of the small lake began to take a toll on Rachel and me as we began shivering. I suggested to her and Troy it was time to get out, but Rachel doggedly refused to leave, fearing having to reveal her nakedness again, plus whatever else the others may have in store for us. We all held out for another fifteen minutes, but by this time we were in danger of getting hyperthermia as our skins were turning blue. It would have been obvious to the adults on the shore what was happening to us, and I suspect they were privately enjoying our little conundrum.

Finally common sense prevailed and all three of us exited the lake together, united hand in hand. As we got closer to the adults several of them began smiling and giggling. When we looked down at our own bodies we could see the reason why. The chilly water had taken a toll on our bodies. We were shivering, covered in goose bumps, Rachel and my nipples were shrivelled into tight, tiny little marbles, whilst Troy's penis and scrotum had sought refuge somewhere in his mat of black pubic hair.

The adults were using our towels as cushions and made no attempt to give them to us so we could dry ourselves. Shivering, bedraggled and self-conscious, the three of us stood before my Parents in Law Jane and Ben, our hosts Debbie and John, plus my husband Michael.

Not surprisingly, it was my Mother in Law who spoke first. "After careful discussion we have decided that all three of you deserve to be punished severely for your conduct on Friday night, when we found the three of you 'playing' with each other." She heavily emphasised the word 'playing'.

Rachel opened her mouth to protest but was quickly stopped by my Mother in Law raising her hand for silence. Rachel had the very good sense to keep quiet.

"Each of you is going to receive 10 swats from the five of us." My Mother in Law smiled at her fellow supporters, who all earnestly nodded in agreement. I grimaced as I did the sums. A total of 50 spanks on my poor backside, which was still somewhat tender from yesterday's bar room punishment.

"However your behaviour was so

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