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Slaves abused...the finale.

"OK," I said. "But only if you're a good girl."

"I'll be good, daddy," she purred.

As soon as we were inside the house she threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I gave her ass cheeks a pinch. She giggled and wriggled her ass in my hands. Then she pulled away from me and ran upstairs. "Come on, daddy!" she called.

I ran upstairs and she was lying on my bed. I jumped onto the bed with her, and she grabbed my cock through my trousers. Then she slipped her hand down the front of my trousers and started to rub my cock. I felt the same electric shock as I had felt yesterday. She pulled my cock out and took it into her mouth.

I showed her how to use her lips and her tongue on it. Then when I was close to coming, I said. "You know, the girl in the movie swallowed all of the man's cum. Would you like to try that?"

"Ooooh, yes," she said. Soon I said "I'm cumming, sweetie," and I came in her mouth. She handled it very well, and swallowed most of my cum.

When she had recovered she said "Wow! That was great! Do men really like that?"

"Oh yes," I said. "It's not as good as sex, but it's pretty good!"

"And now," I said. "You've tasted me. It's only fair that I should get to taste you."

"You mean ...?" she giggled.

"Yes," I said.

She got up and took off her panties, and then she lay back on the bed. Slowly she pulled up her skirt until it was around her waist.

I stared at her pussy. It was the most delightful little pussy that I had ever seen. She had just a little patch of blond hair, and her pussy looked so tiny and tight.

I reached out and touched her. She shivered with anticipation. I leaned down and licked her pussy with my tongue. She giggled. Then I used my tongue to open up her lips and find her clit. She gasped as I took her clit in my mouth. I sucked her clit and her gasps turned to moans, which got faster and faster until she had her first orgasm.

"Wow!" she finally managed to gasp. "Was that an orgasm?"

"It sure was," I said. "How did it feel?"

"Wonderful," she said dreamily.

We lay together and cuddled for a while, and then Jacki got up and had a shower. Claire came home early that evening, in time for dinner. She was actually in a fairly good mood for once, and we all chatted normally while we ate.

When I went to say goodnight to Jacki, she gave me an extra big hug and whispered "I love you, daddy."

"I love you too, sweetie," I replied.

Chapter 3.

The next day as I drove Jacki home from school, there was nothing unusual in our conversation. As soon as we got home, she said that she was going to take a shower, and she disappeared upstairs.

I heard the shower stop. Then a few minutes later, Jacki called out "Daddy, could you come up here and help me with something please?"

I went upstairs and went into her room. Jacki was lying on her bed, wearing a very sexy Baby Doll nightie. As I entered the room, she lifted up her nightie. "I need help with this," she said, pointing to her pussy. "It needs your attention again."

I attended to her needs with my fingers and my tongue as I had done yesterday. As I did this, for the first time I wondered what it would be like to fuck her. No, I thought, it would be impossible. Her pussy is so tiny and so tight.

Jacki came in a gasping orgasm as she had done yesterday. When her breathing had returned to normal, she reached out, pulled my cock from my trousers, and put it into her mouth. When it was nice and hard, she stopped and undressed me. And then she said "This time I want you to cum on my titties."

She pulled the nightie over her head and was completely nude. This was the first time that I had seen her breasts. They were small, but nicely shaped, with little pink nipples that were standing erect. She took my cock, rubbed it against each nipple, and then put it in her mouth. When I was ready to cum I pulled my cock out of her mouth and came on her tits as she had asked. I rubbed the tip of my cock up against each nipple.

Jacki leaned over and rubbed her tits against by chest, coating it with my cum.

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