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Chel came hard, her juices flooding into Bianca's mouth and dripping down onto Jenn's face. Raven was getting faster but not going as deep, trying to make himself cum. He was so ready to fill her ass full his hot thick cum. Jenn was trying to keep pace with Raven as he pounded away. She continued pulling and playing with Bianca's nipples as she thrust the strap on into the vamp's pussy. Raven moaned and pushed his cock in deep, but not near as hard as he would have in her cunt, releasing his load, his hot cum filling her ass. He pulled his cock out of her ass as Jenn did the same with the toy in her pussy, letting Bianca get up.

"Bianca I want you to feed off Jenn and then stand over by the wall so they can leave."

Bianca shot him a fiery glare and took the other woman by the hand, leading her toward the bathroom. Raven tried to block their passage but she brushed him aside.

"You said feed. You did not specify where." He grunted and moved, letting them pass.

Bianca reached into the marble shower and turned on the steaming water. She turned to the human woman and took her hand, helping her into the shower. Once under the pounding, steaming water she lathered up her hands and began running them over Jenn's body, gently washing between her legs and pausing to stroke her tender bud, drawing a small gasp from her lips. Bianca smiled and slipped a finger inside her, pumping it in and out while flicking her clit gently with her thumb. She continued to wash the other woman's body with the other hand, pausing to gently caress each breast in turn. She met her lips in a deep kiss, pulling away to move down her neck as her hand steadily pumped in and out of her sex. Bianca plunged her fangs into her jugular and wrapped her free arm around her to keep her from falling. Moans began to rise from the human's throat in time with Bianca's pumping fingers. She shuddered as she came her heart pounding and her blood flowing down the vampire's throat. Bianca withdrew her fangs and fingers, steadying the girl as she rinsed the soap off. She quickly cleaned herself off as well before helping Jenn out and toweling them both off. She guided the slightly dazed girl back out to the bedroom to Raven and Chel.

Bianca quirked an eyebrow at Raven, daring him to say something. He simply smiled and escorted the other two to the door.

After they both left, Raven turned and looked at Bianca, "Are you ready for our one on one fun?" Bianca licked the last of the blood from her lips,

" What does it matter if I am ready or not? For the next few hours you are my master and I am at your command."

Raven opened a door to a small room she had assumed was a closet. There was a small table that fit her belly when Raven bent her over it. He then chained her feet to the legs, spreading them out wide and her hands as well so she was bent over the little table and could nothing about it. He moved in front of, dropping to his knees and kissed her deeply, his finger playing with her nipple as he did. Before she knew what was going on he had a clamp on each one with a weight attached, pulling her nipples down. He moved back behind her slapping her roughly on her ass before moving in beside her biting her hard on the back of her neck. He moved down her sides leaving little bite marks here and there and then one on each ass cheek. He stepped away and she could hear him begin to shift, the sound of his skin ripping reminded her of the sound of wet silk tearing. She heard him growl as bones popped and reformed, transforming into the beautiful lycan form she loved.

Claws raked lightly down her back not drawing blood but leaving little pink lines.

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