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Hanging out in the dorm leads to streaking.

Her bare ass waved invitingly at Brown, the swollen slit of her sex clearly visible, the lips spread apart and streaked with drying cum.

It was just too much for the virgin male. With a growl he pounced atop her back. Glow released a livid scream and in a flash, Pitch was on his feet and throwing the youth off her. Brown landed in an undignified heap at the edge of the camp and scampered away before his leader could punish him for his insolence in a way that would make the ache at his groin seem normal. With his tail between his legs, he raced through the woods, his ears flat against his head and disappeared into the night.

His body a vortex of whirling emotions, shame and anger the most prominent, he stopped at a stream the pack used for bathing and shape-shifted into his human form, stepping into the cold depths with a pained hiss as the water caressed his still aroused shaft. It helped to lessen his desire and he sat down on a submerged rock and stared up at the moon in exasperation. He howled once, a plea to those back at camp that he was sorry and waited breathlessly for an answering call. There was none. Until he was invited back, he was banished from the camp.

Snorting in frustration, he dipped his head into the chilling water and shook out his long mane of hair. He then scrubbed at his skin with a handful of sand, trying to do anything to get his mind off of the moon and the breeding season it evoked this time of the year. It was the only time that lycanthrope females went into heat and emotions, like hormones, were running wild tonight.

There was a light breeze that brought gooseflesh to his already-chilled flesh and he instinctively scented the breeze. Even here, he could smell the heady aroma of an excited female and his eyes suddenly dilated in surprise. The wind was coming from the opposite direction of the camp! He scrambled out of the water and ran through the forest, led by that unmistakable odor and letting it eclipse all logic, only slowing down when he caught sight of a campfire. Proceeding silently through the undergrowth, he hunkered cautiously down when he caught sight of a lone female lying on a blanket. She was on her back, naked, with her legs deliberately propped up to let the wind carry the scent of her sex into the forest.

Sheila knew that she was no longer alone but remained as she was, intent to wait him out. She was no longer wearing the neutralizer but had lathered on a lycanthrope musk that helped to disguise her human scent and possibly make her more acceptable. This was obviously not something that Mitch would condone but her scientific curiosity outweighed the possible ramifications. She knew from studying the logbooks that single males had a higher mortality rate than bonded pairs, specifically around rutting season. With their instincts scrambled by the sensory overload they tended to die stupid, needless deaths. Lycanthropes were rare, and Sheila knew from her studies that Brown was too special to lose by an unrequited heat. She wanted to help him and herself, too, in the bargain...

After almost an hour, Brown finally appeared at the edge of the camp, his dark eyes suspicious and eager.

Sheila mimicked Glow's earlier behavior and rubbed her hand against her excited pussy and held her hand up towards him, the juices from her snatch coating her fingers. Scenting the arousal, Brown snorted impatiently and studied her for a few moments longer, his muscled form shivering with need and unease. His earlier excitement prevailed and he cautiously crept over to where she was laying, his dark eyes darting about for any sign that this might be some kind of a trap.

Sheila knew that Brown, like the rest of his pack-mates, were not unaccustomed to humans. She would never have tried this in any other place than the Reserve, where Pitch led his small pack in relative peace with only the occasional study group keeping tabs on their supernatural behavior. As a result, they were tamer than their wild counterparts up north.

"It's alright," Sheila whispered, dipping her h

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