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.. that I was still following your instructions. Your note did not say I had to wear the... undergarments."

He looked more angry than appeased by her answer. "You are my property while you are on my ship, do you understand that? I choose what you wear, what you eat, when you sleep... everything. If you do not want to pay for your trip, I can throw you overboard. You knew what my letter meant, and you chose to disobey."

"No, sir... no that's not it! I really..."

"Do not talk back to me! You stupid, stupid girl."

"Yes, sir." She whispered, scared.

"Call me Master."

"Yes, Master."

"Katy, I have to punish you. If I don't, you will never learn."

She looked at him with wide eyes. "No... please..." the look on his face silenced her pleading, and she looked to the ground, defeated, and said, "yes, Master."

"That's better. I know you can learn. You are a smart girl. You are my dirty little slut. Remember how I made you moan last night, Katy?"

'Oh, not this' she thought, but said, "Yes, Master."

He opened his pants and pulled out his already hard member. "Now, come lay over my knees to take your punishment."

She obeyed, and lay over his knees with her back facing up. He laughed, and adjusted her so that her ass was further up and his penis was on her stomach. She could feel his dick rubbing slimy pre cum on her dress, and she started to feel sick. He pulled up her dress. The thong and garter belt left her cheeks nicely displayed. Naively, she still had no idea what he was going to do, just knew that it would be unpleasant.

Her master brought his hand down hard on her ass, and she yelped with the stinging blow. His hands were large and rough, and he hit hard. He waited a moment before he struck again, enjoying her fearful anticipation. He hit her several more times, each one stinging more and more. He adjusted her so that she was bent at almost a 90 degree angle and spread her legs a little to expose her cunt. A silky fabric covered her pussy, and he traced the outlines of her cunt gently several times.

He spread her legs and pulled her ass up further to have access to her clit. She was uncomfortable and terrified, and her ass still stung. As he continued to rub over her pussy, teasing her clit, she began to feel herself become slightly aroused, and she internally chastised herself. She could surely not so easily succumb to the touch of this horrible man!

He lightly smacked her clit with his hand, making her jump and gasp. Liking her response, he started lightly smacking her over and over, stimulating her despite her strong desire to refrain from feeling pleasure at his hands. As he smacked her clit over and over, occasionally stopping to rub it, her body began to quiver with pleasure. She could not stop herself. She moaned softly, and began to push her clit out further to give him better access. She did not even realize she was doing it.

She came back to reality when she felt something trickled down her inner thigh and drop on the Captain's leg. Was that... her? Was she really that wet? When the captain realized how wet she was, he said, "Oh, my... look at that, you dirty little whore! And look at you push yourself into my hand. You want it bad, don't you? You're dripping all over the place." He shoved a finger into her dripping hole and began pumping it in and out, using his other hand to rub her clit. Before long she was back in her pleasure stupor, urgently moving her hips to meet his fingers, hungry to feel more. His fingers made a sloshing sound as they continuously pushed in and back out, hard and fast. Because of how she lay over his lap, her pussy juices dripped down onto her clit, where his other hand furiously rubbed circles. Her moisture made the feeling even better. She felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm building, and this time, knowing what it was, craved the feeling and moaned loudly in anticipation. The captain felt her pussy tighten on his fingers, and cruelly pulled his hand away from her clit, and moved his fingers more slowly. She whimpered in frustration.

"Beg me for

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