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He prepares for college.

"Janet is my roommate. She told me this was some sort of initiation ritual but once I was in the bathroom...they were all there and wanted me to...then you showed up."

I have to come up with a plan quickly.

"Bernadette, we are going to go to your room quickly and let you gather some things before we go to see the Dean of Students and file charges," I explained. "Can you do that?"

"Okay...Richard, do you know why this happened to me?" Bernadette mumbles.

"No clue, but I'm going help you find out," I promise. We raid her room for clothes, toiletries and a few things she says she can't live without before heading down to the first floor to the distant portion reserved for faculty. It takes some insistent knocking to get the Dean of Students, Natalie Harper, to come to the door. Her face flashes form sleepy annoyance to earnest concern.

The first time Bernadette goes through the story, Ms. Harper looks furious then things change. She has the scared freshman repeat her story several times then has me go back over my part in things a few more times. It begins dawning on me that we are well past the point where other educators should be involved and on their way. There is a soft knock at the door, the other four twins glide in sans permission.

"We heard there was a problem so we came to see what we could do to help," the lead blonde twin speaks up.

"That will be all, Richard," Ms. Harper orders me; "you may leave now. I'll deal with this." I look from her to the four other girls then to Bernadette who knows she is in the lion's den.

"Are you mental?" I shout at Harper. "Bernadette just told you that those four's best buddies engineered the attempted rape and you want me to leave her in a room with you and these freaks?"

"That's enough," Harper snaps. "Leave or face disciplinary measures." I am pretty sure Bernadette is going to lose it; the tears are already pooling in her eyes.

"Okay," I nod. "We are going. You five do whatever it is you do." I start heading out hand in hand with my new best friend.

"Don't you dare," Natalie thunders as she strides toward me.

"Bitch," I round on her. "Your authority ended with me the moment you refused to defend one of your students. Do you see the blood on my hands and pants? I'm willing to add a little more if that's what you want."

"Very well," she seethes. "You are expelled. Get out." She doesn't come any closer though.

"Cool," I shrug. "Bernadette and I will be out on the next ferry."

"Ms. Reardon (Bernadette) is not expelled; only you," Harper clarifies.

"I'm going with him," Bernadette insists desperately. I nod then head once more for the door.

One of the black-haired twins gets in my way, baring the door. At least these four have the decency to dress in support of the illusion they've been asleep, attired in night shirts plus bathrobes and cute slippers. Several options are available to me but the only real asset I have at the moment is strength. There are six of them plus at least twenty other students I'd seen in their orbit and now one member of the faculty.

I can see the wheels spinning behind their eyes, those evil twins. There is this absolute confidence about them, as if the rules of physic have changed and only I am ignorant of the fact. They are still working things out when I backhand the obstacle so hard she bounces off the wall next to the door. For a split second I feel an incredible hot flash but then it is gone. The others blink in shock. I lead Bernadette out of the room with Ms. Harper shouting my name.

"What do we do now?" Bernadette asks as we race back up the stairs to my room.

"I'm working on it," I mutter. We deviate from our normal path to swing by the East Tower. I pop a window and confine the two red-haired twins' cell phones to the crashing waves far below. My arm is good enough to clear the narrow bit of the grounds that separate the tower from the cliff side.

I am careful on my final approach to my room because there is every reason to believe that my foes of the evening know where I sleep.

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