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It was not of his choosing.

"mmmm steak and grilled corn" her mouth watering just at the thought of it. The petals led to the large rope hammock a few feet from the grill. Looking around, she still didn't see Ryan. Laughing to herself, she layed down on the hammock and closed her eyes. "Maybe he wanted me to rest?" she wondered. All of a sudden she started swaying. Jolted by the movement, her eyes fluttered open to see her handsome love before her. "Ryan, thank you so much for doing all of this, it's greatly appreciated."

"Anytime, you know I love helping you." he replied.

He stood before her, a wonderful stature of a man in her eyes. Not only was he physically attractive, but he had this aura about him. He was not ashamed to show his love for her, and she truly admired that in him.

With an outstretched hand, he placed a small box in her hands. "Open it." he said firmly.

Obliging, she tugged at the lavendar ribbon surrounding the white box. A smile came across her face as she pulled out a simple red heart he had cut out of construction paper. On it, it said simply "I Am Yours Forever". Trying to contain her emotions, she stood up and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Thank you for the gift Ryan. It is quite beautiful."

"It's just how I feel. There are no words to express it, so I thought you would like this", Ryan said with a smile.

"Oh, of course I do. And I appreciate dinner and the house being so nice. Maybe I can do something for you tonight!" she said with an spark in her eye.

Taking her by the hand, he sat her down at the picnic table and served dinner and poured them a glass of wine. After toasting to each other, they devoured the meal and cleaned up. Following him up the stairs to their bedroom, she quietly shut the door behind herself.

Flicking on the overhead fan, he shut the lights and lit another candle. "Come here next to me" he said as he pat the empty space next to him on the bed "I want to shower you with love."

Grinning broadly, Paula was hoping she knew what came next...their love making had been incredible these past few days. She wondered what else he had in mind. "I guess I'll have to wait and see" she thought to herself, quite happily "his surprises are wonderful so far."

Ryan stood up next to Paula who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and undressed her, sliding off her sweater and shorts. Gently lying her back, he knelt before her, spreading her legs wide. "I like how you shaved, it's such a turn on."
Exploring her newly shaven mound with his fingertips, he toyed with strip of hair. Kissing each side of her labia, he sent chills of pleasure through her body.

Squirming, Paula wasnt sure how much more she could take without him actually sucking. Sensing she couldnt take it anymore, Ryan flicked her clit very very lightly.

"ohhhhhh thank god" she breathed heavily. Ryan's sucking and flicking came at more of a fervor, humming as he did so, sending her into little spasms. Inserting his tongue deep inside her pussy, he lapped up her wetness. Pulling out, he lightly blew on it to tease and cool at the same time. Wrigling under his firm grasp on her thighs, Paula started to moan, hoping he would continue. "Ryan don't stop pleasssssse" she begged.

With a little chuckle, he pressed his mouth onto her clit and ate her out ferociously. Inserting two fingers into her pussy and one into her ass, he pumped them back and forth. Unable to control herself any longer, she let out a loud moan as her orgasm hit her body with force. He could feel her body twitch from within and this aroused him even more. Withdrawing his fingers, he sucked all the juices that were coming forth from her now over excited body.

With great relief, she edged her way onto the bed more and layed down. On the nightstand he had a glass of ice water, and after taking a sip, he let the cold water hit her nipples as he gently sucked on them, making them hard and erect.
With a leg on each side of her chest, he took her hands in his and had her press her breasts together.

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