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My sexy Asian mistress Evita comes to my office party.

"Who gets to watch the fireworks?"

"Both of us" was all it took for Greg to otherwise answer by his actions.

Lifting me up off his lap he sort of tossed me over into a hands and knees stance facing down towards the main part of the beach where the fireworks would be. Then, bringing himself up onto his knees between my legs, his hand were instantly back over my thigh and down the front of my pants again where he continued to extract a stream of pleasurable moans from me as he played with my clit even as he bent over and tenderly kissed the skin of my back.

OK, so that was the obvious answer to my question and it just showed how much we were still learning this game of sex that I hadn't thought of it, nor even done it doggy style before. Still I preferred having sex with Greg face to face; but for one night I figured I could compromise.

His erection was pushing into my bum crack, folding my bikini bottoms into it in the process. I put my hands between my legs, grabbed the base of his shaft and bent it down to come between my legs and along the valley of my slot; only Greg's fingers stopping it from pushing hard up against my clit. One at a time Greg pulled the side tie knots of my bikini bottoms until they fell off me and draped themselves across the length of Greg's shaft. Pulling them aside Greg bought his erection into direct contact with my clit; moving himself back and forwards to stimulate it.

The radio told us it was only a few minutes to midnight. I grabbed Greg's shaft and guided it into the entrance to my body; it was time to make sure we straddled the New Year with our love making. At first he was slow and deliberate; pushing himself deeply into me with every stroke. And then as the clock struck midnight and the first firework left a stream of light as it flew skywards, his pattern changed. As the firework exploded into my eyes, Greg slammed himself into me (or at least as much of a slam as Greg's concern about hurting me would allow him). His love making kept time to the fireworks and music from the radio -- which even in this small town ran a specially designed synchronised 'accompaniment' to the fireworks; all the while his fingers till playing with my clit.

It wasn't that long before what must have been a particularly large firework streaked upwards, cascades of light falling from it as it went, Greg's shaft starting to push into me, almost following its path and timing. It exploded, its light filling the sky and almost hurting my eyes, Greg accelerated his thrust and slammed me again as it did. Then as the noise of it hit us, I felt a feeling in my stomach - that funny rumbling feeling that a loud bass noise induces -- which instantly caused my climax to break upon me; a wow climax if ever there was one. I contracted hard on Greg, my arms folded under me and I went down face on the ground, bum still up as my body instinctively sought to draw every ounce of pleasure from it and the now hurried almost desperate thrusts Greg hit me with as he looked for his own climax.

As he draped himself over my back and nuzzled my ear, he whispered --

"Happy New Year beautiful, and may we enjoy many more like it together."

I fought back a tear as the full significance of his words hit me. It was a wish that had a future; a wish that reaffirmed the love he expressed for me was, in his mind, something more than a brief sex filled fling with an out of towner. I know, I knew Greg well enough to be confident of that already; but it's still nice to have it said in words.

Now I know why I prefer making love face to face. Awkwardly, in a single action I pulled him out of me by swaying forward, rose upright on my knees, turned around to face him, straddled the still impressive residue of his erection between my legs, put my arms around him and hugged him tightly and as I kissed him replied --

"I hope it's many, many more."

Then even as his cum oozed out of me I put a hand between my legs and reinserted him, contracting on him to see if I could induc

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