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Tanning for vacation man finds nympho filled salon.

I saw him admitting my shapely thighs.

"So", I said, "do have a package for me?" He leaned in close and said, "Yes, I have a package for you. I have a big black cock I want to put in your pussy!" I smiled coyly and said, "Now that is a package I'd love to take delivery of!"

I told him that my husband and I were swingers, and that he could get to fuck me, but that my husband would have to be there to watch maybe take pictures. Ron said that would be okay with him.

We made arrangements to meet that weekend at a bar for a few drinks. I was wearing a black lace bodysuit with a halter top and spaghetti straps to the leggings. That left my ass and pussy totally exposed! I wore a black wrap-around skirt, a black jacket and high heels.

As we set at the bar, I took Ron's hand and put it between my legs. He quickly found my exposed pussy and began to finger my wet cunt. The thought of him doing that in public turned me on a lot! I put my hand in his lap and rubbed his huge cock through his pants. It was enormous!

After a few drinks, we all went to a nearby motel. When we were inside the room, I turned and gave Ron a long, wet kiss. He pulled me into him and massaged my ass as we made out. I removed my jacket and pulled down the halter top, giving full access to my tits and hard nipples. He dropped his mouth and began sucking on them. It felt so good! His hand went under my skirt and began to finger my pussy again! I released the catch on my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Ron backed me up so I could sit on the edge of the bed, and I undid his pants and removed his hard prick. I took it in my mouth and began to suck on this monster! He guided my head onto his shaft. He leaned down and played with my nipples.

I was ready to get serious, so I moved up to lie on the bed on my back. Ron moved in between my legs and began to eat and finger my wet pussy. I rubbed my clit and came with in seconds!

"Come fuck me now," I purred. He moved up and kissed me as I guided his rod to my pussy lips. I rubbed the head in my cum and pulled him inside me. He was so large I could only take a little at a time. He pushed slowly into me, allowing my pussy to adjust to his size. Soon he was deep inside me. He brought my legs up, bending me in half, and pushed his entire cock into my stretched pussy! He began to thrust into me, getting deeper and harder with each stroke. He was really fucking me good!

He slid his hands under my butt and pulled me onto his cock with each stroke. It was a good thing I was really wet or he would have split me in half!

After minutes of good hard fucking, I could tell he was about to cum. I wrapped my legs around him, put my hands on his ass and pulled him deep inside me. "Fuck me hard!" I cried. "Deliver that package of cum deep inside my pussy!"

I heard him moan and felt his cock throb as he filled my waiting pussy with warm spunk. I could feel it overflowing from my cunt and running down my ass.

Ron pulled out leaving my pussy dripping with cum. I moved to kneeling where I could suck and clean the black monster! As I throated his rod, I could feel it start to stiffen again. I kept him on his back and moved to straddle him. I sat so that his dick would rub against my pussy lips, but not enter me, as I rocked back and forth. I was still leaking his cum, so there was plenty of lubrication! As I bounced up and down I massaged my tits, squeezing my hard nipples and giving Ron quite a show! "You little fucking slut!" he said, "I want to fuck you some more!"

I rocked forward until I felt the head of his prick slide to my cunt opening, then I sat down on it hard! I felt him hit the deepest part of my pussy! He grabbed my waist and started bouncing me hard on his dick. I could feel his balls against my ass with every thrust.

He rolled me off of him and put me on my knees at the end of the bed. He stood behind me and rubbed his cock in my slit. He grabbed the waist band of my lingerie and pulled me unto his cock as he drove into me hard and deep! My pussy quivered and squirted juice all over him.


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