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Lady M takes Mox to a BDSM club where he is shared.

Her Master kept her in that state for five minutes. Gabby was completely gone with no coming back. Her master released her and waited for her to get up when she did not he got a pair of nipple clamps and placed them on her and Gabby sat straight up noticed her Master and jumped up and struck a sexy pose.

"Do not be late again bitch! Do you hear me?"

"Yes sir, sorry sir I promise I won't be late again,"

"Ok then Rink will take you to your room where your assignment has been waiting for you. You will do whatever they say and if you refuse, you will be severely punished. Now go."

"Yes sir, thank you sir," Gabby walked out of the room following Rink up the steps. Farther down the hallway then she has been to yet. Rink stopped in front of a black door, turned around, grabbed hold of Gabby's arm, and pushed her in the room. Gabby did not have time to react as soon as she was in the room somebody grabbed her and forced her in a chair, and strapped her ankles and wrists in leather handcuffs.

"Your late bitch," gabby looked up into the man's face and he spit in her face. "Do not stare at me you cunt. You look at down at all times."

"Yes sir,"

"Don't call me sir you may address me as Master Taylor and nothing else. If I hear you call me sir I will smack you so hard you won't be able walk."

"Yes Master Taylor, of course Master Taylor," Gabby looked up when Master Taylor walked to the end of the room. She was in a padded room she noticed Master Taylor talking to a young woman. She was dressed in a black leather bra and skirt. She was holding a whip. The young woman started to walk towards her. She released her wrists and took off her shirt and bra. She cuffed her wrists again, released her ankles, and pulled down her skirt rather forceful. Then pulled out the dildo without the dildo her juices started to run down her legs.

"Master Taylor she is ready for you all ready," Said the young woman with a glint in her eye.

"Right then stand her up with her legs wide open," The young woman did as she was told. She grabbed hold on Gabby and pulled her up. Master Taylor came towards Gabby he took the whip from the woman. "Are you ready cunt?" Asked Master Taylor not caring if she was ready or not.

"Yes Master Taylor," With a shiver in her voice she braced herself for the first hit. It came down with no warning at all. "Owww!" Yelled Gabby when she was done yelling she was whipped again harder then the first time.

"You will not yell do you hear me,"

"Yes Master Taylor I'm sorry Master Taylor,"

Master Taylor whipped her ten more times until her ass was completely red. Gabby stopped feeling the hits after the fifth one. The young woman released her and Master Taylor laid down his whip on the bed. Master Taylor grabbed Gabby and moved her towards the bed. He motioned her to lie down and strapped her ankles and wrist to the four-poster bed. Gabby laid there looking up at Master Taylor he did not seem to notice. He grabbed another smaller whip and hit her directly on her clit she moaned in pain. He hit her again and she realized it actually felt good. He hit her a few more times.

"Oh yes Master Taylor harder yes that feels amazing," Yelled Gabby the Master had a look of pure pleasure on his face he was glad his new sex slave loved her treatment. He noticed how wet she was he stood up and took of his clothes and climbed back on the bed with his cock jutting out from his body.

"You will not come until I give you permission or you will get the earlier treatment again but harder. Do you understand cunt?"

"Yes Master Taylor please I don't want to be whipped again please no." Gabby begged with tears in her eyes.

"Beg me to fuck you and it better be good or you will be tied up until I return and that might be hours,"

Gabby did not know how good her begging was so she really had to make this good or she would be here forever. Oh god.

"Oh Master Taylor fuck me until I cry out.

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