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She cheats while he watches.

"Because," she snapped.

Joseph looked at her curiously.

"OK. I had other things to worry about since your father died. We had very high medical bills from his illness, and it was a struggle to keep up. I just hadn't tried to I guess," she said giving her spill.

"Do you masturbate a lot?"

"OK, enough about me, now how about you?" she tried to change the subject.

"You didn't answer my question. You said you wanted to talk," Joseph said starting to get up.

"Wait," Susan said realizing that she was about to blow it. "Yes, I do masturbate often."

Joseph sat back down. "Do the books you read help you?"

"The novels, yes," she said. "Joseph, there is nothing wrong with masturbating."

"So, there was nothing wrong with what I did, then," he said.

"It's not that it was something wrong with you masturbating," she began. "it was just that you were looking at me while you did it."

"You read your books while you do it," he replied.

"But that's different. The novels are just fantasies," she responded.

"That's what I was doing...fantasying." Susan swallowed hard. She suddenly felt sweat begin to seep through her pours. She knew he meant he was fantasying about having sex with her.

"How is that different from the books?"

"Because, I'm your mother," she said.

"It's just a fantasy. It's not like I am actually doing anything with you. That's incest, right?"

"Yeah, but..."

"Because I'm having fantasies about you instead of a book, then I'm wrong and you're right," he said standing.

"Joseph, sit down," she said pulling on his arm. "It's just as your mother it makes me feel uncomfortable. I see your point, but."

"I can only have fantasies about things that you are comfortable with, is that it?" he asked.

"No, Joseph that is not it," she said. "No one can really tell someone else that."

"Can I tell you something?" he asked.

"Of course," she replied. "I told you, you can tell me anything."

"Last night I was thinking that you came into my room while I was masturbating. You opened your robe," he said moving his hand to his crotch. "You got on my bed and put my thing between your breasts."

Susan was shocked in the way that he sound like he was reading from one of the novels she had read. In spit of herself, she was becoming aroused. She clinched her robe tighter squeezing her tits together.

"You licked the head of my thing as it slid between your breasts," he continued clinching his already protruding bulge. "Then you got on my thing." Joseph unzipped his pants and began stroking it.

Susan's eyes widened as she saw her son's thick cock up-close.

"It felt so good as you moved up and down on it," he said slowly stroking his cock. "Then you leaned forward, so I could lick your breasts."

The image seemed so real. Susan had subconsciously slid her other hand between her thighs pressing against her moistening cunt.

"O' you felt so good. Warm...soft...and wet," he continued. "Then you started moving faster....faster....and faster. You yelled that you were coming and shouted at me to do it harder. And then...and then....ahhhh!" Joseph shot two streams of cum in the air followed by several short spurts.

Susan closed her eyes tight. Her body trembled. She had pressed constantly against her clit like she had done many times at work to get herself off without anyone noticing.

Joseph was silent with his eyes shut and oozing cum flowing down the shaft of his cock to his hand. He opened his eyes and looked at his mother. He could tell by the expression on her face that she was also having an orgasm.

Susan opened her eyes after her orgasm subsided. Joseph was staring right at her, and she knew that he knew that she had cum.

"We just masturbated together thinking about the same thing," Joseph said. "Just like before, but it was much better then because I could see you."

"Yeah, but if anyone ever knew we did that, we would be in serious trouble," Susan said still reeling from her orgasm.

"Nobody has to know. Can we try it again?" he asked stroking his still hard cock.

"You can do it again?" Susan asked surprised looking at

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