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Mike helps Val deal with her inner turmoil.

45 Clipper from Waterloo and made for the station car park. She is really something. Just the way she walks does it for me, I found myself besotted by her, the way she walks everything, talk about poetry in motion, watching the way that hind sways so very sexually, how I needed to fuck her, to love her - everything.

She teased that she'd try anything once so we collected our cars, made for the Chinese takeaway and headed for my place.

In my mind; her saying she would try anything once, need I say more just what I was thinking, only I would like it a lot more times than once.

We'd just completed our meal with a glass of French wine and my mind was afire with amorous thoughts. But you know what they say about best laid plans. Things changed for the worst. Vanessa sneezed again but this time she grimaced with pain. Held her head down, hands clutching her tummy.

Any lecherous thoughts I had soon diminished and there was me trying to console her.

"That's not hay fever, Vanessa it's ... it's that guy on the train!"

She looked up at me. Her eyes puzzled. "What on earth do you mean, Phil?"
"That baccy tin, Vanessa. The one you found the dope in. You sniffed it didn't you?" I said using my mobile to phone the Doc. "It was no accident when he tripped like that, too pat - He was a real pain, never took his eyes off you the rat!"

"Look, Phil, he was a real nice guy. Anyway we're not sure if the tin belonged to him, and we don't know if it contained drugs as such, we found it after he got off the train, remember? - the station stop before ours."

"It was his alright, Vanessa. It fell from his pocket when he tripped and you went to his assistance. It was all an act to attract attention. Don't you see that? I saw the way he was eyeballing you beforehand and the way he held your waist as you helped him to his feet. I saw him gaping up your skirt when he allegedly tripped. It's the guy on the train - whatever's in that tin is the root of your problem."

"See what the doc says, Mr. Green eyes, okay?" Vanessa responded. " So - it reeked to high heaven, the baccy time I mean, and anyway there was no sign of any drug element, simply some tiny pieces of balsa wood looking as though they had been coated with something that's all - we mustn't get paranoid about it must we? I do believe you are jealous.

Look, Phil you have absolutely no hold on me just because I agreed to sharing a meal with you, right! Did you actually see the tin fall from his pocket?

I hesitated to find an honest reply.

"There!" she griped with a knowing look on her face reminding me of my mother who always knew best.

She'd put me in my place. I must have been insane talking like that when all she needed was a little show of concern. That bloody guy in the train!

Then she slumped in the garden chair, knees crumpled, sliding on the plastic seat and legs spreading. Now was the time to show her a did care. I lifted her from the chair and kicking open the French doors hurriedly took her through into the lounge, out of the heat of the sun, cooling her face with a wet flannel.

Soon the doctor arrived and I sighed with relief when he said Vanessa was okay. I showed him the tin of with the contents inside and explained what had happened - that guy on the train.

"Just keep her cool for a while," he advised. "Allergies come and go. Maybe the smell of the dope started it off. It wasn't hay fever. Mainly the heat. It has been a hot summer. Something in the air who knows?, perhaps even the time of the month. Look she's smiling now!"

I turned to Vanessa. She was and her whole face glowed. What a relief, I was so worried.

"Thanks Doctor, " Vanessa said, " I'm sorry to have brought you out, I feel a bit of a fraud now," she confessed.

"You did the right thing. Here's a prescription - something to help you if you have another attack," the doctor handed her the form.

"So this dope you mention will it have any lasting effect on Vanessa?" I asked as I showed hi

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