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She simply had to have her fiancée's room-mate.

Catherine was being fully satisfied; I found out later Kayla was eating the earliest cream pies I had deposited during the night, Susan having eaten the freshly delivered swimmers.

Kayla was now, finally, being satisfied by a hungry (and fearful) Susan.

But with her actions, Susan was now literally begging me to plow her fertile field.

To put my pipe into her plumbing.

Finally, in desperation, and frustration, Susan reached down and grabbed my erection, and pulled it to her pussy.

Following through, I plowed into that very tight, only used once pussy like a hot knife through butter.

As I entered her, as my cock head slipped into the gap between her tight lips, as my cock separated those tiny lips, Susan came.

She groaned in extreme pleasure.

It was a muffled scream.

But she kept her mouth locked onto Kayla's pussy.

I am sure the vibration was well received by Kayla.

Susan bucked up onto my cock and shook.

I stood still as Susan's tight pussy accommodated my intrusion.

It was almost comical to watch Susan trying to impale herself deeper and deeper onto my cock, all the while her movements were restricted because she needed to focus on pleasuring Kayla.

Her body responded with another shaking, her second orgasm as I plowed deeper into the long fallowed female tunnel.

She fit me like those very tight black yoga pants I had seen her wearing.

Hot, wet, steaming, slick and tight, oh so tight.

It was like taking a virgin but the virgin knew somehow, how to fuck.

For the next ten minutes, I fucked Susan King to what was about an orgasm a minute.

My God she got wet; the dam broke and she was sopping wet as I pounded her.

Her clit stood up right away and Susan took her right hand down from Kayla's ass and moved to start rubbing her clit but I beat her to it with my right thumb.

I cautioned her "Focus totally on pleasing Kayla. Let yourself go Susan."

My hard thumb on her stiff clit drove her nuts, all the while I was pounding her with long smooth strokes, all the way in and all the way out.

Then I pulled completely out and re-penetrated her, time after time, her lips now inflamed with blood and her pussy dripping.

The river flowed.

Susan shook, time after time, orgasm following orgasm.

I could tell each time Susan came.

While it felt great on my cock, I could see Kayla lower her hips to Susan's mouth in search of a tongue that should have been satisfying Kayla's pussy.

Susan would come and she would pull away from Kayla's pussy to cry out in pleasure.

Finally, in orgasmic exhaustion, Susan pushed Kayla up and away and then she pushed my cock out of her and literally, after falling to the floor, rolled into a ball on the bedroom carpet.

Susan muttered "Too much, too much" as in, way, way too much pleasure from fucking.

Catherine looked at me, saw my cock still bobbing and said "Can you take care of Kayla honey?"

So, with Susan lying exhausted on the carpet, I grabbed Kayla by the hips and entered her very wet pussy from behind.

Kayla growled at my initial penetration.

I entered her slowly, very slowly, much like when I took her ass.

I was teasing Kayla, letting her get used to my cock.

Kayla loved it when I fucked her, and this time was no different.

Taking Kayla got Susan's attention; she had never seen a man fucking a woman before.

As I held Kayla by the waist, pumping in and out, slowly, deliberately, Susan got off the floor and came up behind me, her arms slipping under mine, her hard nipples and big breasts crushed against my back and her hands wandered down to my belly.

Susan said to me "I want your cum in my pussy Master."

"Is that how you ask your Master for such a great gift Susan?" Catherine asked from the bed, Kayla gently licking away as I fucked away.

"Master, May I have the honor of receiving your cum on your birthday?" cooed Susan, her hands roaming my belly and below.

"In my pussy, the pussy that has only had one man in it. The cock of my Master."

Susan had made me an offer I couldn't refus

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