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Kin comes together, as all sides of the triangle meet.

Each time that she changed positions, the mesh of her blouse forced her nipples into different holes in the mesh and held them captive to be while to scraped against the sheets. Unable to use her hands to either protect or console them, several times she was close to tears before she resigned herself to her fate and fell back to sleep.

The following day began in much the same way as the first had. Mary appeared carrying her breakfast as soon as she woke, and after a cursory inspection of her body, told Amanda to relieve herself before eating. When she had finished breakfast, Mary escorted her back into the bathroom and stood so that she was facing the full length mirror mirror hanging on the wall next to the sink. Mary then turned on the bathtub taps before approaching Amanda from the rear, removing the blouse, and reaching around to cup Amanda's breasts in her hands. Pressing their undersides to thrust Amanda's breasts forward, Mary placed the thumb-pads on the tip of each nipple. Having spent an entire day being stimulated, Amanda's nipples were so sensitive that even this ephemeral contact was sufficient to arouse them. As she and Mary watched their image in the mirror, they blossomed on her breasts like the buds of small pink flowers in the spring. Once they were rigidly erect, Mary strummed them with her thumbs, alternately bending them up and down or to the side and then releasing them so that they would snap back to attention like little sentinels.

"I am very pleased to see how quickly your nipples have learned their lesson. Of course they will require further training, but they already know their duty and are able to perform on demand. However, they will not be the focus of your training session today. Instead, the center of attention will be lower down. To be sure that that region is ready for its lesson, I must prepare it. The preparation will entail my taking considerable liberties with the most intimate portions of your anatomy, but by now you should have overcome your inhibitions sufficiently to both allow and enjoy my ministrations. You may continue to take narcissistic pleasure in your reflection while I ready your bathtub."

When the tub was full, Mary poured a cup of scented bath oil into it and bade Amanda immerse herself in the water. Because the water was quite hot, she hesitated for several seconds to give her skin time to adjust to the temperature before fully lowering her body into it. Intoxicated by the scent and warmth of the bathwater, Amanda found herself re-experiencing the dreamy state that her visit to the sauna had induced. As a result, she raised no objection when Mary began maneuvering her body into a kneeling position in which her buttock and nether regions rose above water level. Nor did she object when Mary turned her attention to this exposed region. Mary began by thoroughly scrubbing the backs of Amanda's upper thighs and buttock with a washcloth. She then replaced the washcloth with a pumice stone which, as it rubbed over Amanda's skin, scoured the blemishes missed by less astringent cleansing methods and replaced them with a pink glow usually seen only on a baby.

Having completed her scrubbing, Mary dropped the pumice and leaned forward until her face was inches from Amanda's crotch.

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