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The insidious seed is planted by a married colleague.

What were you thinking about?'

'Nothing, sir,' Sam said, blushing furiously.

'Nothing? I don't believe that for a second. You're blushing, could that mean you were thinking about me?'

'No!' Sam cried back, humiliated. He realised too late that he had forgotten to add Sir, but James didn't seem to notice. Or perhaps he didn't care, as he grinned at Sam, beckoning him forward as he leaned over the partition wall towards him.

Sam moved forward reluctantly and James took his face in his hands, gently kissing him, so tenderly. Sam closed his eyes, expecting more, but opened them again to see James just smiling at him. He stroked his wet hair affectionately.

'I look forward to the day I can fuck you in these showers Sammy, I think you'll like that.'

Sam shook his head, James hands still holding his head tightened slightly.

'No? Well that's because you don't know what you're missing. We'll change that, maybe tonight?' he said, leaning in and planting another kiss on his wet lips.

'Well well well,' said a low gruff voice through the mist. 'if we haven't got ourselves a couple of faggots making out in the shower.'

Sam watched as James face contorted into anger, and then overly calm, although as Sam saw him turn to their newcomer he could see a vein jumping in his neck, suggesting the fury bubbling beneath.

'Tony,' James said in a forced cheerful voice, 'pleasure as always to see you in such little clothing. The belly rolls really compliment your chins.'

The figure walked forward, their feet slapping against the wet tiles and Sam finally was able to make them out. They were enormous, almost wider than he was tall, with a toadish ugly face and dark curls, coating not only his head but his chest, legs, and arms in a thick woodland of hair.

Tony laughed, a deep laugh that made Sam's bones vibrate.

'Always a joker aren't you James. But you know the rules, we say no faggots in our showers.' Sam saw through the mist the figures of at least three more men watching them from behind Tony.

'And I told you to shove your rules up your fat arse, if you can reach that far that is,' James scowled.

Tony cocked his head towards Sam, 'who's the kid? I don't recognise him.'

'He's new, not that it's any of your concern. You shouldn't even be in this block.'

Tony shrugged, 'better water pressure here.'

James scoffed, 'sure. Well, if you don't mind Sammy and I will be just-'

'Going?' Tony said his singular hairy eyebrow raised. 'Oh no, that wont do, I need the kid to learn what happens to fags like him that come into our showers.'

'You don't get to touch a hair on his head,' James said, moving to stand between Sam and Tony, his fists clenched. Sam was painfully aware of how much bigger Tony was, broad shouldered and brutish, it didn't seem a fair match against James.

'Who's going to stop me. You?' Tony laughed, 'I'd break you like a twig, and you know it.'

'I'm warning you Tony, let Sammy and I leave now and we wont have to resort to violence.' Sam marvelled in how James managed to control his fear. His voice didn't quiver as he stared Tony down.

'Oh but violence is exactly what I want,' Tony smiled.

Tony lunged towards James who managed to block his surprise attack, turning his own offence against him and landing a punch to the side of his face. Tony roared in anger, reminding Sam of an ogre as he grabbed for James, who slipped free, dancing around him with ease.

'Get the kid!' Tony yelled to his comrades through the mist and Sam watched as they began to move towards him.

'No!' James spat, hesitating a moment too long as he saw Tony's approaching gang, allowing Tony to get the upper-hand.

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