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I realized after a few flicks of tongue that it wasn't really her style... She was a closed mouth kisser.

I couldn't say how much time passed, with us standing there, holding on to one another, kissing, sucking one another's face, but eventually I moved my face along her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, kissing and nibbling gently.

"Please don't bite me..." she whispered. "I don't want anything that will leave a mark."

"OK," I whispered, nibbling softly at her earlobe.

She gasped at that, and I kept working. My right hand stayed just above her ass, while my other hand traveled up her arm to cup her face.

"Merry Christmas," she whispered.

"Merry Christmas," I said back.

We continued kissing. "Why don't you sit down?" she asked after a moment, before giving my ass a two handed squeeze.

"Well, when you put it that way," I said dryly, before taking a seat. I tried to hold her hand to pull her down into a chair with me, but she pulled back.

And so when I was situated in an armless chair in the conference room, a full bulge showing in my trousers, she walked slowly, and deliberately toward me. Seduction by walking. Her pace was agonizingly slow, her hips swaying as she walked. Her big eyes fixed on mine, and a sly smile on her face.

"Wow," I whispered.

She nestled onto my lap, legs crossed and draped off to one side, the short skirt showing considerable leg. Our arms wrapped around each other, and we picked up where we had left off, kissing one another. My erection, only growing bigger, was pressed hard against her ass.

"Did you plan this?" I asked her between kisses.

"I had thought about it," she replied, "but I wasn't trying to have a two person Christmas party just to make out with you."

I kissed her again, and then gave a flick of my tongue to catch her upper lip. She gave a surprised, slightly embarrassed smile. "You were cuddled on me last night," I whispered. "It was nice."

"It was," she nodded, "especially when you pulled my hair."

You can't make much more of an explicit hint than that, so my hand snaked into her thick, dark hair, and grabbed a fistful against her scalp.

She gasped, with a bit of a smile on her face. "What, like this?" I asked.

"...yes..." she said, not looking at me.

I kissed along her neck, my other hand now moving on her arm.

"What were you thinking? Last night in bed when you held my hair like this?"

"You first," I said. "What were you thinking when you laid on me?"

"I was thinking you were warm, and that I would be warm and cozy, snuggled on you." It was clear that was all she was going to say.

"I was thinking... that I wanted to touch you... and that this was relatively innocent, all things considered."

"Not that innocent..." she murmured.

I kissed over her neck, and my free hand found its way to her chest, feeling the hard shell of the strapless bra, and the delicious squish inside.

I could hear her just barely catch her breath. "More innocent than this."

"Hmm... I didn't have the good bra on last night."

"I didn't mind."

She laughed, and we continued to kiss as I gently fondled one breast, then the other. My hand went back to her shoulders, her arms.

The kisses were still mostly closed mouth, although she'd occasionally use just the very tip of her tongue. She struck me as a shy kisser.

I eventually untangled my right hand from her hair, and began caressing her side, from her hip up to breast and back down.

This time, she sighed audibly. "I can't believe what you're doing to me... the effect you're having on me..."

My left hand was touching her legs now, still folded across my lap. I kissed her a few times. "You're having a good effect on me, too," I whispered back, giving a gentle push with my hips.

"Yeah, I feel that..." she said quietly. "It's part of what you're doing to me. What is it you would say? I think you've created quite the feedback loop."

It took me a moment to catch that she was making a 'nerd' joke of sorts, and then I laughed, kissing around her neckline. She giggled, too.

My left hand was

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