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Lynda and Ian take a shower together.

ch I'll stick up your ass!"

Mad with lust, but bound as described, you're trying to fuck my bedclothes to relieve the unbelievable pressure in your cock.

I take control by first pulling on a pair of black rubber gloves and dipping my hands in a bucket of iced water to make them really cold then gently cupping your balls with one hand and slowly wanking your dick with the other. You melt under my touch and turn towards me, lying on your back which is exactly where I want you. Now I can lie face down on top of you but with my feet at your face.

"Now do as I commanded!" I say and, interrupted only by involuntary moans and grunts, you start to lick my shoes like they were the first meal you'd had in days, sucking the whole foot into your mouth from the toe end, gagging as you try to deep throat it and pushing your pelvis up so that your cock rubs wetly against my belly.

"Naughty, dirty boy!" I say "I'll have to get that swelling down."

So I rise up again and cross to the bucket of iced water. Reaching in with my rubber gloved hand, I extract four ice cubes and place them in my mouth. Crossing to the bed, I again lie flat on top of you, smothering your face with my tummy (still sticky from your pre-cum) and with my mouth level with your big fat rock hard cock. Taking the hint you greedily start to lick your own gooey juice off my perfumed tummy and I lower my ice filled mouth over your cock. Delirious with lust, you start to buck your pelvis thereby fucking my ice-filled mouth but again I use a cold rubber clad hand to grip and gently squeeze the base of your shaft which together with the cold ice on your dick, soon has you calming down and softening again.

"That's better. Perhaps you'll control yourself a little better as you complete the tasks I set you!" I say sternly, gently helping you to stand up beside the bed this time.

"My back, neck, chest fingers and holes still need licking, and to give you something to look forward to, I'll excuse myself for a minute." I whisper right into your ear, just before I head for the door.

I disappear from the room for only a minute, returning to stand facing you. Your cock has been re-stiffening just with the lustful thoughts which you can't clear from your head, and, prompted by "his" desire to be once again fully erect, you lean forward and start once again lapping at my body like a good little puppy. You trace a line all the way from just behind my ears down to each nipple, erecting your tongue like a surrogate penis to stiffen each nipple to full arousal, then sucking as much of each breast as you can into your mouth, then back up to my neck, licking and slobbering faster as your cock responds to the waves of passion coursing through you again.

Still aroused myself, I raise my hands to bring the fingertips within reaching distance of your mouth and you eagerly divert your attention to the brightly polished nails, nibbling at each fingertip before hungrily sucking each little digit into your mouth attempting to give each finger an unforgettable "blowjob". This gets me going nicely so I raise my hands behind my head, exposing the smooth and sensitive white skin of my underarms. Because of our height difference, it's now easier for you to drop to your knees beside me and lap teasingly at my ticklishly sensitive armpit.

The touch of your tongue sends a bolt of electricity through me - a mixture of a ticklish reaction and wanton lust and after only a few seconds I turn to face you, spread my legs to stand before you and lift my pussy to your head height.

"Pussy, pussy." I moan and spread my lips wide for you with my well licked fingers.

Now you can sense my lustful desperation to come, so you blow a gentle stream of cool air onto my pussy. Shuddering with ecstasy, I nevertheless remove one hand from my pussy lips and, steadying myself with that hand on your head, I raise one foot from its resting place to first nuzzle, then more aggressively prod, your anus and balls with the toe of my shoe.

"Don't get any ideas, my little slave animal.

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