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Beth, Amy and David discover hot sex together.

All she had was Pinot Noir. Wine wasn't a favorite of mine but I knocked back two glasses before my clothes fell away. There I was in deep red thongs and a matching bra. She said I was beautiful as she drew my bottom lip into her mouth to suck. That was the moment my inhibitions disappeared. Something I have come to know from Kyle as that delicious moment you surrender.

We didn't talk much. In fact she only asked me one question. "What is your favorite thing? Your trigger?"

" nipples." I responded, a bit nervous from the lilt in her voice.

"Alright...then I'll save those for last. That's how I'm gonna make you cum." Sam pushed me back into the pillows and straddled me.

Her bold declaration caused my sopping puss to throb. I was so wet at this point that I was dripping onto her bedspread before she even made her way down between my legs to stimulate me. We stared at each other for a moment before her long dark hair covered my face. She started to kiss and lick my chin, then my collarbone, and left a damp trail as she worked her way around the side of my neck to my throat. Her face slid torturously slow between my breasts, down my tummy and past my belly button. As Sam's tongue snaked down my apprehensive body she kept her promise and avoided my breasts with her mouth. She let out a breath then drew a line down my center with her sharp tongue and split me open. Sam mashed her face against my hot, slippery flesh then moaned into me causing deep vibrations. Soon her lips were glistening with my cum. That night she devoured my pussy, but made me cum by sucking and nibbling on my nipples. Sam grabbed a mouthful of my soft skin and inhaled it hard into her mouth. She teasingly ran her tongue around the bumpy surface of my areolas, causing my puffy swollen nipples to become hard nubs in the center. Suddenly my nails were digging into her back, drawing her closer to me. Already we were lovers.

"You like that?" she asked.

"Uh huh..." I could barely reply. "God yes...yes..." I nodded and kept grinding my clit against her thigh as worked my breasts. I was like a bitch in heat ready to cum, frantically humping her.

She was teasing me by making loud slurping noises as she suckled. My giggles were soon overpowered by moans. Hers and mine intertwined. "Mmm..."

"Keep going...keep sucking me just like that ..." I was taking in air in big gulps, drowning in ecstasy. Each flick of her tongue caused a wave of pleasure that sent me over the edge into violent spasms.

Our naked bodies were glued together by a mixture of saliva, sweat and cum as we fell asleep. And that was my first time.

THE END (or so I thought)

I knew was taking a big risk inviting her over. Kyle was out of town on a big project and I was lonely. More to the point, I was horny. That's all Sam needed to hear. You see lately I have been feeling guilty about the affair. We used to see each other a few times a week but that had tapered off to once and sometimes none since I got married a few months ago. Lately I had been feeling as though my husband deserves better then he got. I am not worthy of him or his love. Sam often tells me that when we are fucking. She calls me a slut. A common whore. How else could I cheat on the love of my life? And, why else would I have gone home with her seven minutes after we met? That's all it took for her to snare me. I had never even kissed a woman before that night but now I consider myself bisexual.

Kyle is into the dirty talk too. He doesn't go so far as to call me a whore, but he says enough to get me going. I love to feel his hot breath at my ear whispering in detail what he wants or is going to do to me. When it is my turn, I whisper my forbidden lesbian 'fantasies' to him. They never fail to get him going. As his mind wraps around my secret desires, we share something beautiful.

Now I don't want you to think that my husband is unintelligent.

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