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Friends become lovers during a camping trip.

Even through the haze of the LSD my dick was still recognizing that there was naked female flesh pressed against it and it was responding in a predictable manner. Dinah noticed the change in my arousal and moved her hand down to it to stroke as she shifted herself upwards to meld her lips with mine. My hands continued to explore and discover increasingly interesting places till Jennifer looked in the rear view mirror and complained loudly at Dinah's lustfulness, causing Dinah to ripple with naked laughter.

We made one stop to drop off Ashley, and some words were exchanged in a conversation that I was having problems concentrating on because my brain was still having problems focusing on anything. "Mike would it be OK?" Dinah was asking me about something.

"Sure" was my answer, though I knew not to what.

"Do you have a guest room?" Jennifer was asking me something now, a strange question about the architecture of my apartment.

"Uhm... no"

"Do you have a big bed?" Dinah was asking again, and grinning.

"Uhm... I guess, its a full size I think." And my focus switched to watching the street lights stream by as we drove to my apartment.

When we got to my apartment I leaped out of the car, still naked, and scurried up to my apartment door. Dinah was following me, also naked. But the door failed to open, because I had no keys. The jingle-jingle of the needed keys were behind us hanging from the finger of the laughing Jennifer. She took mercy on the naked people and unlocked the door.

I burst into my apartment, naked to find that my roommate was there with some of his friends. I waved at him as I streaked past, with Dinah close behind waving as well. We got to the security of my dark bedroom, I heard Jennifer saying something to the shocked gathering in the living room... probably some apologies.

I dove into the covers of my bed, followed soon after by Dinah, our naked flesh was rubbing deliciously, lighting my super sensitive skin afire. Jennifer walked in exclaiming something to Dinah, which caused her to scoot me to the wall and let Jennifer in on the opposite side of the bed after she had stripped down to her underwear. I was somewhat amused that she was showing this modesty now after I had already seen her surprisingly large breasts, and sparse blond pubic hair earlier in the night. Dinah rolled up against Jennifer spooning on her, and pulled on one of my hands so that I was then spooning against Dinah.

I was obviously a lot more tired than I expected and quickly fell asleep. My slumber was beset by strange dreams of the feel of female flesh, the perfume of wet pussies, the taste of an aroused clitoris, the sensation of something warm around my cock... and I was slowly waking up. I had apparently shifted to my back and Dinah had shifted to a place between my legs. One of her small hands was skimming up and down the flesh of my hard cock, she was looking up at my face with that amused little smirk. Without warning her mouth engulfed the head of my dick, and the sensation of her tongue lathing circular motion around it sent uncontrollable shivers through my body. Her hand continued a steady rhythm on my shaft bringing me closer and closer to release.

Then she moved her mouth away from the head of my cock to the soft skin where the my thigh meets my hip, and proceeded to bite and suck on the skin there.

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