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Nothing Lewd, just the prequel intro to Story of YOU's.

Trust me. Really." and gave me the beer.

The wind picked up and the lake started to get all wavy, causing the light to reflect in all different kinds of ways. I sat there and took a drink of my beer and it was hot. I spit it out and yelled at Kyle for giving me a hot beer.

Kyle started laughing so hard he fell off his chair. I started laughing at that and asked "What's was so damn funny?"

He just pointed at me and laughed even harder.

Finally, in short gasps interrupted by hysterics, he explained that I had been sitting there staring at the water for about 40 min before I started talking about the cows on the other side of the lake. That doubled him over again and he started rolling around on the dock helpless because he was laughing so hard.

His laughter was infectious and soon I was laughing as hard as he was until I remember him saying something about cows and I curled up and rolled over on my side in hysterics! A few minutes later, we both regained some measure of control and in between gasps for air and sudden fits of the giggles, we sat up.

I leaned back against the rail on one side of the dock and Kyle leaned back against the other. Man I felt good. I opened my eyes and smiled and started to tell him thank you. Kyle was leaning back his hand over his eyes and then a fit of laughter caused him to sprawl on his back. That's when I noticed that in all the laughter and all the rolling around, that he was naked. And hairless. And large.

I stared.

All my laughter was gone.

I was focused on his crotch even as he sat up. I continued to stare.

He just sat there.

I saw it start to grow. Expand. Rise. I was mesmerized. It looked so beautiful. It was heavy looking and, oddly, it seemed to be pointing at me! It also was being supported by an impressive set of balls. The head continued to grow and changed to a deep shade of purple and the slit at the end seemed to open slightly and a clear drop of fluid leaked out and then, like sap from a tree, the drop slowly began to descend. I swear it seemed to glisten and sparkle as it got closer to the deck. Then it just touched the dry wood and was absorbed. There was this long strand connected to the head of Kyle's cock and the other end looked as if it was being drawn into the wood. I had never seen anything as stunning.

Kyle coughed and I looked up suddenly realizing that I was on my hands and knees between my best friends legs. I had apparently been so caught up in the sight that I had crawled closer to get a better look. A glance showed me that I was about ten inches away from the head.

My face flushed and my throat got even drier and I became acutely aware that I was dripping a large amount of liquid from my painfully erect penis.

Still on my hands and knees, I put my head down and I could see my dick jerk and twitch. I looked back up at Kyle and he smiled saying "Creeper man!" then fell back laughing.

When he fell back, his cock rose and while still not fully erect, it did reared up, demanding my attention! I couldn't help it. I had to get closer. My world shrunk, if that's the right way to describe it, so that nothing else was visible but the majestic tower of flesh that was still sort of pointing towards me.

I wasn't in control of myself.

It was like an out of body experience and I wasn't conscious of what I was doing. I saw my hand reach up and tentatively form an arch around it.

I was terrified to touch it but I couldn't stop.

Suddenly it twitched and bumped the palm of my hand. My fingers reflexively closed around the smooth shaft and squeezed. The head grew and turned an angry shade of red and on some level I knew what was about to happen but the experience was so captivating that I couldn't pull back; I needed to see whatever happened next.

I had watched myself masturbate but I had never truly watched myself as I orgasm. I felt my nipples go rock hard and my balls tightened painfully in anticipation.

To me, it happened in slow motion.

The head swelled and the slit at the top opened.

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