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"'" she moaned through her ragged breaths right as I was about to push her panties away and slide my dick into her pussy.

"Okay...but the first thing I'm gonna do when we get in that room is fuck you hard," I told her as we got dressed and rushed up to her hotel room, not even stopping to acknowledge any of her fans as we did.

"Take me right here and right now," she softly whispered as soon as we were inside the room, locking the door behind her as she jumped into my arms and let me pin her to the wall, not even waiting for me to get her on the bed before she started to undress me.

"You ever been fucked good and hard up against a wall before Anna?" I teased her as I removed her dress once again and ripped her panties away as I lined my dick up with her pussy and slid into her.

" feel so damn good John..." Anna moaned as I grabbed her hips and started thrusting in and out of her, throwing her head back against the wall as I pumped her pussy.

"You ain't felt nothing yet Anna, you sexy little bitch," I teased her as I started mauling her tits with my mouth as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me deeper inside of her.

"OHGOD...YES...fuck me John..." she purred, placing her hands on the back of my head as I licked and sucked on her tits while my dick tore up her tight cunt.

" cum..." she shouted, throwing her head back against the wall and arching her back as I bottomed out inside of her and felt her cunt start squeezing down on my dick.

"Anna...gonna cum baby...can I cum inside you?" I asked her as she drove her hips into mine, wrapping herself around me as my dick started to kiss her cervix, her juices shooting out all over it as she came for me.

"FUCK...YES...give it to me...cum in this sexy bitch's hot little pussy..." she cooed right as I gave her one last thrust and shot my wad into her, large gobs of my cum shooting out into her pussy and sticking to her walls as she pushed her hips into mine, finally releasing her grip on me when I shot the last of my load into her and allowing me to pull out of her.

"Get down there and suck it clean for me so we can continue our night," I told her as I pushed her to her knees, Anna looking up at me and winking as she wrapped her lips around my dick and started to suck on it.

"MMM...don't mind if I do..." she whispered as she went to work on it, her hands cupping my balls and holding my dick in place as she worked me over.

"SHIT...suck it Anna're gonna make me cum soon..." I hissed as I started to fuck her face, her eyes closing as she once again moaned around my dick, her hands running along the base of it as I snaked it to the back of her throat and held it there.

"Here it comes, you sexy bitch," I warned her as I grabbed her by the back of the head and guided her onto the full length of my dick right as I unloaded my cum down her throat, her hands holding my dick in place as she sucked away on it and greedily drank down every last drop of my cum before letting me back it out of her warm mouth.

"Let's get you on the bed," I softly whispered to her as we made out against the wall, Anna throwing her legs around me, grabbing my dick and leading back to her pussy.

"But I want you right now..." she playfully pouted, letting me wrap her up in my arms and carry her to the bed, making out with me the whole time.

"" she moaned as I drove my head between her legs and darted my tongue into her, her back arching as I thrust my tongue in and out of her just like I would soon be once again thrusting my dick in and out of her.

"It's a shame no one's giving this pussy the attention it deserves Anna," I whispered to her as I pounded on her cunt with my tongue, giving her the kind of oral pleasure she probably hadn't received in a very long time as she arched her back and writhed under me.

"Whenever you want something a little bigger to fuck, just tell me," I softly said to her as I drove m

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