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Callie Northagen from HSN gets revenge on her husband.

As we caressed, I had one hand across the middle of her back, touching that clasp again. My other hand wandered up into her hair - stroking through it again and again. She liked that. She leaned her head on my shoulder so I could reach more of her hair. I stroked longer and longer. To tell the truth, I started with her hair as a delaying tactic because I was hesitant to attempt her bra. And when she seemed to enjoy the hair so much - she was beginning to sigh - I knew I had done something right.

I needed something to do, so I began unbuttoning her blouse. As I unfastened each one, I lowered myself. I was on my knees by the time I pulled her blouse out at her waist. In the background I heard the music stop. Stephanie grimaced and got up to restart it. I watched her walk across the room. Bare above the waist except her bra, she seemed so graceful and calm.

"Didn't want to wake the baby," she said as she knelt back down. We began to kiss. This time was different. Her lips were soft and full from the start.

With my right hand still going through her hair, my left started down the small of her back. I felt that the waist of her slacks had gapped away from her back. My fingers slipped in and found the elastic and satin of her panties. I paused for just a moment. Already I was well past my fantasies for the evening. A kiss would have sent me reeling, let alone touching a woman=s panties without any protest. I took a chance and slid my fingers inside the elastic. I was trying to distract her with her hair, but as soon as my fingertips reached the top of her behind she moaned out loud and I knew I was okay. I ran my hand across the separation in her behind several times and felt her pressing against my hand. I couldn't believe it.

She leaned back and kissed me again. One firm, wet kiss. Then she undid her slacks and slid them off. I threw my jeans aside also and took off my shirt. And then we were lying side by side on the floor. For all the time I knew her I had dreamed about the treasures hidden beneath that bra. But now, with the perfect opportunity to fulfill those dreams, I was so distracted by her nakedness below her waist that I left her bra on. After a quick look into her eyes, I hooked my thumb into the back of her panties and pulled them down. The last bit to move was the little flower in the front. The sight of her dark bush brought me to a full erection. I traced the pink indentation where her panty top had been. I felt her reach into my boxers and hold me as I ran my fingers through her curly hair. She was surprisingly wet. My fingers entered her - feeling warm and wet. One finger, then two. Her thighs parted as I thrust over and over with my hand. Her squeezing hand became more urgent.

Stephanie reached out and pulled me over on top of her. My hand came out slick and fragrant. She had me in her hand and out of my boxers. I was so ready. She guided me in and I couldn't believe how good she felt. Not just hot - but moving, grasping my cock as I thrust. It was my first time and I didn't last long. I felt my balls tighten and I couldn't time the cascade with my thrusts. After I came I could barely hold myself up. What a dream. As we were lying on the floor together, I was still horny enough to stare at her. I traced her curves with my fingertips and was rewarded with a couple of shudders. Across her thigh and up, I found my way back. My fingers swam in her juices. I even tasted a little bit. She laughed in a husky way and licked my fingers clean. When I had dressed, she walked me to the door wearing only her bra and panties. We shared a few long kisses before I took my hands from her waist and walked with shaky legs to my car.


She sang:

I came home on Friday frustrated with my ex for being late to pick up our child.

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