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A Genie will take Lenny down a path he didn't exactly intend.

Every sound magnified now. Straining to hear any movement or word while still playing the dozing innocent girl. With each passing minute, doubting that I am fooling them or me.

Nipples at full attention, they must either know that I'm aware of them or they must think I'm having a very naughty dream. I chance another peek of my own and stifle a gasp. Sandra's hand now caressing the upper part of Peggy's thigh and Peggy's displaying obviously enjoyment of same while her eyes move from my legs to my breasts.

I decide that I can take it anymore and stretch as if stirring from a deep slumber. This to give them a moment to compose themselves if they wished. Blinking my eyes as I extend an arm up, a movement that only serves to accentuate the hardness of my nipples, I give them a smile.

A smile that widens when Peggy looks to my face while Sandra maintains her caress of her leg.

"I hope I didn't snore."

Peggy giggles, "I didn't notice if you did." and her eyes dip down to Sandra's hand. Sandra seems to then realize what she is doing and casually removes it.

After another pause, each of us pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had happened and I ask the time. Sandra comments that we have another 45 minutes and stands. She tells Peggy that she's going to stretch her legs a bit and go to the club car. Offering to return with drinks before she goes.

"She's embarrassed, I think."

"Oh, about?"

"About you catching her hand on my leg."

"She has no need to be."

"Thanks, I'll tell her. This is our first trip together and she's a bit nervous about it."

"Well, be sure to let her know that I approve," finishing my sentence with a soft smile then excusing myself to use the restroom. Its worse than I could have ever imagined of something made entirely of stainless steel and I finish quickly.

Sandra is back when I resume my seat, a look of relief on her features as she nods to me. Peggy gets up and retraces my steps. I look at Sandra, "She won't be long, the smell is terrible."

We both laugh and relax. She begins gathering up her belongings then offers me a diet coke. As I sip from it, she glances back and forth several times. Clearly, she has something to say but hasn't decided whether or not to do so.

As the restroom door clicks locked, she asks if I have any free time planned and would I care to meet them. Caught by surprise by the sudden embarrassment turned bold, I can only shake my head in a "no." Then finding my voice with the words expelled in a rush, "I'm sorry but I have a full weekend planned. You see...I'm meeting my lover and I don't think either she or I will allow the other out of our sight."

"Well, if you change your mind, here's my cell number."

Sandra hands me a card with a number scribbled on the back. I take it and turn it over several times, finding myself unsure of how to respond.

"Um mm, thanks. I can't promise anything but you never know."

We trade glances and awkward smiles just as Peggy returns. I slip the card into my purse as Peggy picks her magazine up. The remainder of the trip occupied with small talk before the announcement of Grand Central Station.

Standing to leave, I move into the aisle with Peggy then Sandra behind. I feel a hand on my hip and turn to find Peggy's face close to my ear.

"She asked you, didn't she?"

I nod.

"It could be fun." Peggy's hand moves lightly, her fingertips trailing over my hip and onto the upper part of my ass.

"Thanks, but I can't. Not this trip."

"Well, how about when you return to Boston?"

I give her a smile, letting her know that I will think about it and then I step away. We exit closely together and Peggy takes my hand and turns me to give me a hug. Sandra follows suit, adding a soft kiss on my cheek.

I promise to keep in touch and thank them for allowing me to sit with them. With a wave, I turn and look about the station. A hand on my hip again, "Be sure you do," but I'm not paying attention. All my focus on the faces of the milling crowd as I seek you out.

Its then I find you.

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