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The Black Widow falls into an infinite orgy of lesbian sex.

" Riley retorted. The way she emphasized her words made him look at her, instantly noticing her flirtatious smile. "But I'll make you a deal." She continued, "I'll call you James if you'll call me Riley. Miss Andrews makes me feel like I'm in trouble."

"I think I can handle that, Riley." James replied quietly. "But how do you know that you're not in trouble?" He leaned in, kissing her again. Riley shivered at the way his lips felt on hers. "I've got a lot in store for you."

She whimpered quietly as his hands caressed her face, before moving down over her breasts. Riley's right hand reached over, gently stroking the length of his hard cock, which was again straining for release.

"Undress for me." The Professor asked, sitting back to watch her. Slowly, Riley stood, pulling her shirt up over her head once again, dropping it to the floor, before stepping out of her black dress pants. She stood before him, biting her lip anxiously, wearing only her gray bra and purple lace panties.

"Such a sight." he sighed, as he looked her over. "Arousal looks good on you." He said quietly, noticing the faint pink blush that had come across her cheeks. "Come here." He requested his voice dropping.

As Riley stepped forward, James reached out, pulling her down onto his lap. She could feel his hardness as she straddled him. "Would you like me to tease you, Riley?" He asked quietly, reaching behind her to unhook her bra. She blinked slowly as he tossed it aside, pulling her close enough so that he could take her breast into his mouth.

She gasped at the feeling of his mouth on her breast. His tongue flicked around, gently biting at her nipple before pulling it between his lips, suckling it. He groaned as his cock twitched beneath her. "Your skin is so soft." He admired, pausing to look at her with burning hazel eyes before switching to her other breast.

Riley moaned as he continued. She had never enjoyed someone teasing her like this before. As James moved up, he pulled her forward into a kiss. His tongue once again found its way into her mouth as his hands moved down, over her breasts, skimming over her sides, to her thighs.

She drew a sharp breath as she felt his hands slowly moving closer. She couldn't deny that she wanted him, that she wanted to feel his fingers teasing and exploring her, pushing her to release.

"Want more?" He asked, his voice rough as his hand slipped under the lace of her panties once again. She whimpered as he traced his fingers over her skin softly, feeling how warm and wet she was already becoming. The anticipation was torture. He groaned at the slick wetness that covered his fingers. "I take that as a yes." He whispered into her ear.

"Yes." Riley replied, her voice quivering with need. She couldn't hide the fact that James had some strange control over her that called to her deepest, most intimate places.

As James slipped his finger inside of her, Riley sighed, her body shuddering as his finger found her spot. Smiling at her response, he slid a second finger into her. The way his fingers moved drove her wild. Her hips jerked, and Riley whimpered, leaning her head back as she slowly started rocking back against his hand as continued to tease and explore her.

"Miss Andrews," James said, his tone becoming serious. "I believe it's time for me to fuck you."

Riley looked at him, her eyes begging with need. Her anticipation had hit a fever pitch. The feeling of his fingers inside of her, teasing her, playing her, was becoming too much. She wanted him. She needed him. "Please." she pleaded. "Please, yes."

"Stand up." He said, removing his fingers from her. As she stood, he removed his pants, revealing his cock, hard and standing, ready for her attention. "Now, " he smiled, looking at her lustfully, "Let me feel that wet, eager pussy."

He placed his hands on her hips, feeling her trembling with anticipation as he pushed her over onto the couch.

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