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Busty Harriet's basketball coach plays with her boobies.

For some reason, Johnny couldn't seem to stop smiling.

"What's so funny?" he finally asks. "And where's Carter?"

Johnny just shrugs. "I don't know, he left right before you got here." He snorted lightly, not caring much for the young Indian boy sitting in front of him. His cock was lodged deep in the ass of his cumdumpster of a mother not twenty minutes ago, so Johnny had a difficult time taking the nerd seriously.

"Did you guys skip school again today? You're supposed to go to class if you want to be any good at the material you know," Rohith chastises. "Besides, if you guys don't improve, I won't get that extra credit Mrs. Leone promised me."

Johnny just smirked at Rohith's pathetic musings. Fuck this kid, he thought. Thinking he can get favors from that bitch of teacher just cuz they're related! Johnny looked up from his boring textbook and looked behind Rohith, his face breaking out into a smile.

He was sitting on the dining table facing the front door, and he just spotted Priya sneak Carter-still naked-back into the house, and then drag him up the stairs, probably to finally get the cum she wanted out of him. Rohith was sitting opposite of Johnny, and couldn't understand what he found so amusing. He looks behind and him and asks "What are you looking at?"

Johnny gets up and tells Rohith he had use the bathroom. As soon as he gets behind Rohith, he makes a beeline for the stairs, and heads up to where Priya and Carter were inevitably fucking.

He steps lightly, and hears them before he gets close. Priya was panting so loudly Johnny was slightly concerned Rohith might hear her downstairs. Then he decided he didn't really care. If the wimp caught them treating his mother like the slut she is, so be it. He could hear her moaning and chanting "Daddy" over and over again, gasping and whining like a wild pornstar. He arrives at Rohith's room, and finally finds what he was looking for.

Priya was sprawled out in her son's room, her hair laid out on his space-themed carpet, in the piledriver position with her back on the floor and her legs up in the air against the side of her son's bed. Carter is standing above her, his sweat dripping on the sheet and his thick white dick drilling down into the Indian mom's asshole.

"Oooooh fffffUCK baby. Your big white fucking dick is so big in my ass!" Priya was at the complete mercy of Carter at this point, who showed no signs of slowing down.

Johnny silently watched them aggressively fuck for a few moments, appreciating Priya's tiny cocoa frame in contrast to Carter's enormous white body nearly eclipsing her entire form.

Tired of watching, Johnny walks over to them, making Priya look up at him from the ground. She shyly smiles at him as she slides a finger into her mouth, sucking on it, her body shaking from Carter's relentless pounding. Johnny smiles back, and unbuckles his pants.


Rohith felt like they jocks were being exceptionally dickish today, not really caring about whether Rohith helped them or not. He was sure they didn't give much thought to their grades, but he had a vested interest in helping them, so he would. Besides, Aunty Leone would probably like him a lot more if it succeeded, and she could tell his mom how well he was doing. The mere thought of it made him giddy. He'd give anything to make the two of them happy, as they were his absolute two favorite people in the world.

He looked around, questioning why Johnny had not come back yet, realizing it was nearly 3 o'clock and they still had a lot to go through.

Did he just leave? he wonders, Carter's not here either, so maybe they both decided to skip. Fucking losers. He chuckles to himself, and then gets up to grab his own textbook from his room.

On his way up the stairs, he trips on something wet on the top step, landing with a thud on the upstairs floor. Groaning, he gets up and limps his way to his room.

Rohith walks over to his desk and shuffles through his binders looking for his Calculus textbook.

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