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She scoffed as she told me how disappointed she was to see these nations changed, mainly because of the influence of White devils. I smiled at that. White devil, I like that term. Honestly, I found this plump, hijab-wearing Somali matron quite appealing, and I told her as much. She laughed, saying that she was flattered. I have never believed in bullshit when it comes to women, so I told Farah Ibrahim what the deal was. I thought she was fine as hell and I wanted to have some fun with her. Farah Ibrahim waited a long moment to answer, then asked me where I was staying. I smiled to myself and told her to get her big shapely ass to my single-occupant bedroom located at the dormitories near the Minto Center at Carleton University.

Farah Ibrahim showed up at my place dressed all traditional and stuff. We're talking about a long dress underneath a Black leather jacket, with a long silver hijab and everything. A lot of people in western societies are making a fuss about hijab-wearing ladies, but personally, I don't mind them. I support banning the burka because ninja women are fucking scary, for real. I don't mind hijabs because, well, Christian nuns wear something similar as a sign of faith in God and personal chastity. Like I said, I believe in democracy and western values, along with upholding Christendom but I am not a hypocrite. A lot of people don't bat an eyelash if they see two gay guys groping each other on the subway but they get mad if they see some Arab chick reading the Koran on the bus. Fuck those bigots, man!

Anyhow, I welcomed Farah Ibrahim to my place, and she surprised me by asking me if I had any wine. Of course I had wine. The other day I went to the Loblaws supermarket and bought myself two bottles of Merlot, and a Dom Perignon of course because I'm a gentleman of taste. I just never expected a hijab-wearing Black Muslim woman to ask me for alcohol. Well, if Farah Ibrahim, the matronly Muslim sister with the big booty wanted to get liquored up, that was mighty fine by me. Like all good Catholics, I believe that we will be forgiven for our sins. Farah Ibrahim and I sat on the couch, and I watched her gulp one cup of wine after another. Hot damn, I didn't know that Black Muslim women got down like that. I thought they were all shy, pious and chaste, and abstained of alcohol and sex to please God and the Prophet. I guess I was wrong in Farah's case because she seemed to take to drinking wine like a cat takes to hunting mice. You should see that woman go, man. She was really something else.

Farah Ibrahim was done drinking, and now, she was looking at me the way a hungry person looks at fast food. I smiled and got close to her. We kissed, and then began undressing each other. I sat naked on the couch, stroking my thick White cock and watching Farah as she undressed. I asked her to keep the hijab on and she nodded. Her body was plump, with big tits, wide hips and a big round ass. Just the way I like my women. I've lost count of how Black Muslim women I've fucked in England. Women from places like Senegal, Gambia, Somaliland, Djibouti and Eritrea. I always go after the conservative ones who wear the hijab and act all shy and reserved around men. There's no challenge in fucking a westernized Muslim chick, they're usually bigger sluts than White women, trust me, as a White guy, I know what I'm talking about.

Farah Ibrahim and I got our freak on.

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