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Two hot girls, one defective A.I, and lots of slimy aliens.

Nell chose to sit with Danny, while Beatrice was almost glued to Darren from the beginning. Troy found himself in the enviable position of being sandwiched between Kaila and her best friend. He was aware that Genevieve was flirting with him, she would bend and stretch and give him little shots of her body, yet it didn't seem to bother Kaila one bit. He just stopped worrying about it, figuring it was the attitude of the younger generation and he really didn't need to worry about it.

"Daddy," Beatrice said to her father as they were finishing up their dinner and the bills were being presented. "The guys would like to take us dancing, you don't mind, do you?" Her eyes were pleading with him. He remembered Kaila's earlier comment about treating them as adults and shook his head.

"Go ahead girls, have a good time and I'll see both of you tomorrow," Troy told them. There was a part of him that wanted to tell them to be home by a certain hour, but he pushed that down. The sisters hugged him and went off with their dates.

"Smart move," Kaila smiled as he paid the bill.

"Very smart," Genevieve echoed her girlfriend's sentiments. "Now we can get on with the rest of the evening."

"Rest of the evening?" Troy asked. "Am I supposed to know what the heck she's talking about?" He asked Kaila.

"Nope," Kaila giggled as the three of them went out to Troy's car. "Just smile and go along for the ride."

Instead of going back to his home, Kaila insisted that they go back to her place. Genevieve went upstairs, Troy assumed that she was tired. Once her friend was out of sight, his sexy young girlfriend began unbuttoning his shirt. "You can't even wait until she's asleep?" He chuckled.

"Nope," Kaila smiled. "You and I haven't been together in a few days lover, that's far too long for this girl." She pulled him off the couch and started leading him upstairs to her bedroom. He could see that she had dimmed the lights and he knew the kind of night he was in for when Kaila did that. She loved it slow and sensual, he would be tired in the morning, but it would all be worth it.

When he entered the bedroom, Genevieve was stretched out on the bed in peach-colored lingerie. He looked back at Kaila, who was already undressing and revealing the sexy lingerie she had worn under her clothes. He had to know what was going on.

"I've always wanted a threesome," Kaila explained, kissing him sweetly. From behind him, he could feel Genevieve tugging at the rest of his clothes. "Genevieve's always wanted a threesome and you're a man, so of course, you've always wanted a threesome. Genevieve and I always said if one of us found the right guy, we'd go for it and I just happened to find him first. Get your clothes off lover, you're in for the night of your life."

"Don't get me wrong, this is great, but won't you two feel a bit self-conscious?" Troy asked the women. Both of them had the sweetest smiles on their pretty, young faces.

"You mean about our doing it together?" Genevieve asked him. Troy nodded.

"Not really," Kaila grinned. "We used to tease each other all the time that if we didn't find a decent guy by the time we were 25, we'd marry each other. I've been with other women before, Genevieve's last relationship was with a girl, so we're pretty comfortable with that. The only thing holding this up is my slowpoke boyfriend who still has far too many clothes on, get naked, dammit!"

Troy laughed, he was not at all put off by Kaila's aggression, it was one of the sexiest things about her. She shoved him back on the bed and as he looked up at Genevieve, the saucy redhead leaned down and kissed him. She had full, soft lips and sparkling emerald eyes and a lovely, lightly-freckled face. A pretty Irish colleen with a French first name, that was Genevieve O'Hara. Her mouth continued kissing him sweetly as her best friend deftly removed the rest of Troy's clothing. "Finally!" Genevieve laughed as she broke the kiss.

Kaila climbed on top of her boyfriend and began massaging him, she used her strong, yet gentle, hands to

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